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Landscape Photography: Start to Finish

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Matt Klowskowski - My Story

Matt Kloskowski

Landscape Photography: Start to Finish

Matt Kloskowski

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9. Matt Klowskowski - My Story


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1 Course Introduction 08:52 2 5 Things Every Landscape Photographer Should Know 23:32 3 Camera Gear 11:26 4 Gear Q & A 33:04 5 On Location: Weather & Safety 18:55 6 On Location Pre-Visualzation Sutro Baths 07:29 7 On Location: Camera Settings 21:59 8 On Location: Composition 27:09
9 Matt Klowskowski - My Story 06:28 10 On Location: Bracketing 15:15 11 On Location: Artistic Choices 16:12 12 On Location: Pre-Visualzation Marshall's Beach 06:09 13 On Location: Long Exposure 15:05 14 On Location: iPhone 17:31 15 On Location: Wrap Location 02:15 16 Location Challenges: How to Shoot in Open Sun with No Clouds 01:52 17 Location Challenges: How to shoot Cloudy, Stormy, & Blah Weather 01:50 18 Location Challenges: How to shoot Beaches 01:27 19 Location Challenges: How to shoot Waterfalls 01:40 20 Location Challenges: How to shoot Panorama Vista Scenes 01:38 21 Location Challenges: How to shoot Lakes 02:11 22 Location Challenges: How to shoot Mountains 02:24 23 Location Challenges: How to shoot Deserts 01:29 24 Location Challenges: How to shoot City Skylines 01:44 25 Location Challenges: How to shoot Snow 02:53 26 Location Challenges: How to shoot Backlit Situations 06:56 27 Outdoor Landscape Workflow & Organization 31:38 28 Basic Editing in Lightroom: Part 1 44:17 29 Basic Editing in Lightroom: Part 2 26:52 30 Lightroom and Photoshop: Intermediate Techniques Pt. 1 30:35 31 Lightroom and Photoshop: Intermediate Techniques Pt. 2 12:31 32 HDR for Landscape Photography 07:54 33 Panoramas for Landscape Photography 18:14 34 How to shoot Landscape with Adobe Photoshop in Mind 21:14 35 Sky Replacement in Photoshop 18:48 36 Processing Project: Stormy Mountains 09:12 37 Processing Project: Crashing Waves on the Rocks 10:01 38 Processing Student Raw Images 41:03 39 Final Q&A 14:17

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Matt Klowskowski - My Story

I've never really told my story in a public venue like this and partially because the story's almost kind of still being written in my mind. It's not until now that I look at it and I can see back this chain of events that happened. So, I wanna, I'll start out really quick. How did I get into photography? I graduated a marketing degree. I sold construction equipment. I got a copy of Photoshop because I had to make fliers. I got into Photoshop. High school and college, I always had a film camera. Liked it, just kind of lost interest in it, never really did much after that. Fast forward to 2001, I'm good at Photoshop, my first son is being born and I'm like, I went to Best Buy and I got a Canon Rebel. So I'm like, I can know Photoshop. All this digital camera stuff's out now. I can do something with this. So that's when I got back into photography and then just kind of started writing articles. I guess I just like to teach, so I started writing free articles on the web and doing all kind...

s of stuff. And one thing led to another and I was able to get a job in the industry. So, I got a job back in 2004 at Kelby Media Group. This is where I think the story gets interesting and hopefully you guys can get something from it. So I'm at Kelby Media Group and you gotta imagine, it'd almost be like working here, right? You've got these photographer after photographer coming into the office every week to do classes and training and articles. And we go to Photoshop where we get to meet all these people. And one week there's a great wildlife photographer. The next week there's a great wedding photographer. Then next week there's an awesome fashion lighting photographer. The next week there's a great landscape, automotive, whatever. And what I found early in my career as I was starting to form as a photographer was I was going in every direction because I kept thinking I was missing something. I kept thinking, okay, I should do this. Okay, I should do this. And throughout the years, I shot weddings. I did a lot of portrait work. I did studio work. I did macro, like I did all these things and years ago it kind of just hit me. I need to figure out what kind of photographer I am because I'm really not happy. Like I said, I was missing that spark for a lot of things, but I felt like I should. So, one day I was talking to somebody and they're like, "Well, what do you like to shoot?" I'm like, "The shoots that really get me up in the morning, "literally get me up in the morning, is landscapes." I went to a couple landscape workshops to teach Photoshop. I had never really done a lot of landscape work, but I found myself like, it sounds stupid, but I found myself like not sleeping the night before very well because I was excited. So I was like that's really what gets me moving. My office had a stack of DVDs from people who did lighting that they'd just give me and they'd say, "Hey, check out my DVD." I'm like, "Okay," put it down in the thing. I never went and watched them and I always felt bad. So, I'm like, you know what, this is the space I'm gonna own. I'm gonna make my decision, like this is what I want to be. And once I did that, everything got frames around that. When I'd go on a trip, now I knew, rather than trying to look for a model to shoot somewhere, whatever like that, it's like I had a path. I had a path and I had some, okay, let me Google what's near San Francisco. Let me Google what's near Minneapolis. Whenever I went somewhere, I Googled it, found something to go shoot and it was at that point that I think my photography really started to improve as I got more serious about just figuring out who I was. The other thing is is it kind of took the heat off of me because I didn't feel bad anymore about not watching the lighting DVD, you know. So I'm like, the next time somebody said, "Hey, I got a lighting DVD," "I'm good. "It's great, I believe you. "You're an awesome photographer, "I just don't wanna watch it." But here's the next step. So the next step why I think, I think that I'm a good person to teach this for you is I can be real about this stuff and tell you guys I don't make my living as a photographer. At the end of the year, when I look at my finance analysis of where I made my money during the year, that much of it came from being a professional photographer. So, nobody hired to go to all those places that you see pictures of. Nobody hired me to go there and pay me a ton of money and say, "Go take pretty pictures. "Commission you to go take 'em, just give us your pictures." Nobody paid me to go do that. I went to those places for work or on my personal time, which meant I was either working or I was spending time away from my family, my friends, my kids, my home and I went and I did those things. So, I think that's important 'cause I think that's like most people that are watching this right now. I don't wanna tell you you're not gonna be able to make a career in landscape photography. If you want to, you'll be able to do it. We can talk about places that'll pay you to do some of this stuff, but it's gonna be a tough go and I think most people watching just love photography and are in the same boat as me and that's why I think I'm good for you guys is that we're leaving behind family, we're leaving behind kids, we're leaving behind our house, we have a job. When we leave to go shoot somewhere, that job's not being done. When I come over to go shoot somewhere, education is not being done somewhere on my website or something because I'm out shooting. So, hopefully, that kind of resonates with you guys as some of the situations that you're in. I don't have unlimited time. I don't have unlimited budget. Kind of on the same page that you guys are. So, it's a little bit about how I came to be here. I will be totally honest about it in that I make my money from education. I'm lucky enough that I get to shoot for that, so I don't wanna totally like... The deck is stacked in my favor, I won't lie, but still, I make my money from education. Don't be mistaken. I don't make my money from going out there and taking pictures of places.

Class Description

It’s one thing to learn how your camera works and study the theory behind landscape photography; it’s quite another to put your knowledge into practice out in the field. Take this class, and you will learn everything you need to know about taking amazing photos of the great outdoors - and turn them into beautiful display-worthy masterpieces.

Join professional landscape and outdoor photographer Matt Kloskowski for this class, and you’ll learn:

  • How to use composition and proper lighting to shoot landscape and outdoor photographs.
  • How to get your images from camera to computer, and how to pick out the best of them.
  • How to enhance your images through Lightroom® and Photoshop®
Matt Kloskowski is a Sony® Artisan of Imagery, and the author of 15 books on post-processing in Adobe® Lightroom® and Photoshop®. In this class, he will walk you through everything that he does to plan his outdoor shoots, select his gear, capture great shots, and post-process his images to evoke the beauty and grandeur of the outdoors.


Christian Ruvolo

Mat Kloskowski class is really amazing, full of very useful tipps and inspiration. Wonderful pictures by him help to understand the explanations an I am learning A LOT from him!!! Thank you for the class!!! TOP!!!!


I love Matt's teaching style, humor, honesty, friendliness. I love On1 and all the other demos and critiques he does. He makes me enjoy the craft/art of photography much more and is a great inspiration.

a Creativelive Student

This class was for beginners and I believe Matt did a great job of giving students an great introduction to landscape photography. More on the practical than technical side, but that seems appropriate for an intro class. He comes across as a "real" guy who loves what he does and is eager to share his knowledge. Those new to photography will get a lot of helpful information and tips in this course.