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Creating Gold Effect

So we showed you a lot of cool effects on how to dio all these awesome things one of these things that I actually learned on wass credit cards okay no, I wasn't making credit parts okay, what we would do is we have to create these credit cards you know, for doing some credit card ad would have to go ahead and create some fake number and back then back in the day this was like seventeen forty when we're just starting to use computers it was very difficult to photograph a credit card because you'd have to have a credit card made with a gold stamping and everything so we had to create our own credit cards and so trying to make the gold letters look really realistic is really hard you know, I was just doing a bevel and in boss because it's not just like a little rounded thing there's all these complex highlights that go on with one of these things okay, so all we did is put the type in here and I realized that this was years ago this wasn't like it was like three years old I realize that t...

his is where I found out about the whole contour thing so if I go into my effects here and I do the bevel on boss and I just do the normal bevel on in boss on there it's like ok that's what it is and yeah, okay, that kind of looks like kind of, you know, plastic melty type, but that isn't good enough. So when I go into the bell on in boss, what I did was on the contour here is I started messing with the different contour surfaces to see which one was going to actually give me kind of that highly reflective gold effect, okay, the ones with too many surfaces there really didn't work, but I noticed that some of these actually with these kind of irregular contours on there kind of gave that interesting effect, and I would try one like this, and we begin to adjust it. And with this, I've got this, and I think I want tio soften this ever so slightly, I would go and do that, and then he would see and it's like, oh, now we begin to see how this actually works, and then if you did other stuff like a slight little shadow around there all around there and actually would make it look like he was coming up out of the plastic a little bit. So with this, I'd go back into my effects, and then I would put kind of an outer glow around here and an outer glow because its screen note and white shows up on this background. What they would do is you throw a little bit of noise in there and then kind of control the size and it's a very, very very subtle effect okay and I'll show you how subtle it is up close you can see it but you do that and it's amazing that when you look at it back here how it just very suddenly changes the effect these are the kind of things that you can go online and learn from tens of thousands of people that do all this kind of thing and now once I have this formula for gold I could totally forget about it because now I couldjust option click and drag and put it on monetary is name like that and I realize it's like oh this doesn't look is good which is why I would go in and I would have just the scale of this in here so I'd click on there and I would scale the effects and they would scale them up or down to see where I'm going to get that right amount of kind of in boss look to make it look like it's actually working and if I were to go in and they were to change the type here is well I would notice that when I change the type it's also going to change the entire effect so I'd have to adjust accordingly yep and it's just those little teeny things that you learn about

Class Description

You might know how to add a drop shadow to a layer or add a bevel and emboss to type, but what about more complex layer effects? Join Jason Hoppe for Layer Effects and advance your Photoshop layering skills.

The tips, tricks, and tools you learn in this course will help you create water droplets, gold embossed type, and ghost drop shadows. You’ll also explore troubleshooting strategies for removing background from logos and scaling layer effects when images change size. By the end of this course, you’ll be layering like a pro.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2


nancy marckus

Jason's teaching style is staight forward and easy to understand. My first, but not going to be my last, course with Jason.