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Lose Weight Without Dieting

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Tips to Eat Healthy at Restaurants

Darya Rose

Lose Weight Without Dieting

Darya Rose

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29. Tips to Eat Healthy at Restaurants


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Tips to Eat Healthy at Restaurants

Ordering terroristic so these air just like I got I think for I think four simple rules that just when I sit down in a restaurant this is the thought process I go through so if the food just isn't that good prioritized health, you know, get the best tasting thing you can sure but go for health it is not gonna be that good no matter what even the indulgence isn't gonna be that good when you're at very unhealthy restaurants where there's really nothing on the menu that's healthy don't be afraid to ask for substitution cz or even just ordered an extra side of vegetables just for if it's necessary chances are it's not going to be very expensive to order an extra site officials because it's probably not a very expensive restaurant if it's just really really unhealthy if the food is excellent and you eat there rarely have whatever you want completely unapologetically enjoy it it's slowly eat mindfully and savor it and like that's those are the those are the reasons that those are the times w...

hen indulgences worth it that's what makes life awesome that's what special occasions air for however a note of caution if you go to an excellent restaurant but you eat there all the time it's we're finding things on the menu that are a little healthier but also they're probably going to be pretty good and then everyone so I'll go ahead and have your favorite thing that's a little more indulgent but it's important to understand that there is a frequency factor here and more than once or twice a month in a very indulgent place is going to catch up with you menu pitfalls so sometimes we can get to a place and we think we're doing good things we think we're ordering something healthy like a salad, but there might be like that they don't always tell you everything it's in a dish, right, though they'll give you a menu and it'll have maybe a few of the ingredients, but it won't say, and three sticks of butter that's not going to be on the description of of the menu and so there's certain things you should look out for and and hidden ingredients and healthy dishes is one of them. So I mean one example is when we were I mean, I guess actually one one great example I says anybody ever gone to like, ah chain restaurant, where there was like a thai chicken salad or something like that on the menu? Yeah, they're pretty common. There is a particular restaurant that is very popular that has a tide thai chicken salad on the menu and the salad because of the dressing that's on it has over fifty grams of sugar in it and just to give you this is a salad and just to give you an idea of how much that is a glazed krispy kreme doughnut has eleven grams of sugar in it so you go in and you order a healthy chicken salad u I granted you get all your vegetables and that's good you know that's a good choice but would you have assumed that you were getting the equivalent of more than four doughnuts were there sugar or would you have thought hey, I was so good I ordered a salad I deserve some dessert and then you double down on dessert so you have to be really, really careful and this is one of the tricks when places that don't emphasize real food when they emphasize industrial food they often need to make up for the lack of flavor in that food with things like sugar with things like processed oils with things like excessive salt so be be aware that these air some major pitfalls and I will show you ah in the next couple sides how to avoid that also has anybody ever been to ah restaurant where it's there's actually a label on the menu that says this dish is heart healthy ignore those their lives pure life it's mainly because it's outdated it's outdated nutrition information you know from the era of saturated fat is bad for you of cholesterol is bad for you these air you know it's like because there's no yolks and it is better for you as if you didn't need all those vitamins yeah lenny, does there any data in yet on having calorie counts on menus and the impact that it's having or is it just not at all quite a bit? Actually they've been studying er it does most people ignore it completely um it but the studies have been mixed sometimes it shows a little bit of a benefit sometimes it shows not a benefit and actually sometimes it does something worse it actually creates a health halo around the restaurant is a whole and makes people more likely to order the fattening thing crazy, huh? On and that's sort of what heart healthy label on the menu does as well so it creates a health halo around a dish so you think if I'm eating something heart healthy, it doesn't necessarily mean low calorie you know doesn't necessarily and often it'll be low fat at the expense of having a lot more sugar in there so I don't know and like restaurants aren't nutritionists like I don't know how they decide these things, but go ahead and ignore those and or and listen to the food ist plate instead of what the restaurant tells you is good for you so another menu pitfall and I hear this a lot actually as unsatisfying vegetarian dishes so often times people me like if I go somewhere and I'm like really just not impressed with the menu all often order vegetarian to just get the healthiest thing I can get but often it will be very unsatisfying like there won't be enough protein there there won't be enough oil in there or other kind of fat to make me feel full and if that happens to you enough times you just start thinking eating healthy isn't satisfying and that's that's that's that's bad right? You want to make sure that if you are choosing a vegetable based meal which I totally encourage you to d'oh that it's satisfying so sometimes if I see if I can tell I can look and say like this arugula salad with a couple of beats on it sounds delicious, but that's it appetizer but they're serving it is an entree all order an extra avocado on top maybe order some fish on top just something else to give it a little more you know and like like mary was saying earlier, maybe even some seeds or not so you can bring with you to make it a little more satisfying so that you don't you aren't stuck in a place where you always associate vegetables with not satisfying meals because that's that's like then you start every news willpower and then it's all downhill from there anchor pricing you guys know about anchor pricing so restaurants have all these crazy tricks to spend get you to spend more money and so what they'll do is they'll they'll put things on the menu and, uh we'll have bill being all different price points and often there's like a special box it's like some special thing like special steak or the special lobster and it'll be like twice as expensive as anything else they do that intentionally to get youto by the second most expensive thing because you feel like you're nobody, they don't really want anybody to buy the most expensive thing they want that but they do want youto spend you know they don't want you in this spirit suddenly necessarily spend fifty eight dollars on your entree but suddenly and we're likely to spend thirty eight as opposed to the one that's twenty four right below it and this is it's, a very well documented psychological effect ical anchoring and it's important to be aware of because you don't even think about it and you'll go in and you'll be like you'll think you're thinking about health and like you actually were just totally manipulated by the restaurant to buy the second most expensive thing on the menu to just be aware that like not everybody is your best interest in heart at heart and that all these little tricks and psychological nudges can people are aware of them and they will use them against you so and, you know, it's, not necessarily always intentional. The glasses of wine and menus of the same thing that always one that's really expensive, usually their best sellers, the one right below that just fun facts about restaurants. Another thing restaurants are really good at doing is what we talked about the other day, with seasoning, with words, right, using descriptive language on the menu to makes food sound really good and this is great. But keep in mind that can also overly entice you to get teo derail your best efforts. Tio shoes something healthy and remember that you were a you taste what you expect to taste. So if you read about the crunchy, chewy, gooey macaroni and cheese and you order it, no matter how it actually taste, if you were sucked in by that language, you're going to think it tastes really good, even if it's only a mediocre mac and cheese. So just be aware of all the influences that that just reading the menu will have on your choices and on your perception of your food. So this is ahh, just a little sheet I put together. This is actually from my book, but there are key words on menus that can hints. What you might get, you know, it's hard to get a complete description and if you really really do wanted to complete description it's worth talking your server and you know to see exactly what they're using in a dish. But in general, these air some good rules of thumb, the word glazed you could just assume that means sugar like teriyaki glaze, honey glazed serb glaze and why that why that's? Fine occasionally, you know, keep in mind it's like that the salad example, whereas it could be a lot of sugar and you might be getting two or three servings of desert with your dinner. Crispy, of course, is synonymous with breaded fried, usually low quality bread, low quality oil, usually not the best choice. Melted usually means cheesy, which I have nothing against cheese, but a lot of it is obviously going to be very high calorie smothered, breaded, creamy, all these air code words for very, very indulgent, high quality foods. On the other hand, words like roasted, baked, spoiled rubbed our and I'm seared, grilled, steamed, sauteed, spiced, unseasoned these words also in really tasty, too, but you could see that they lack the cream sugar and, uh, fried bread and flour that the other ones do, so keep in mind that you can sort of dissect was actually going on in the menu with the words they're on there, and so I I have focused on the right side and and wary of what's going on on the left, and then you can find all this in my book and on my web site is it might even be in that a book. I'm not sure all right? So one of the more powerful tools you can use when you end up in a place, especially in a place where there aren't a lot of healthy options on the menu or there are healthy options on the menu, but you'd like them to taste a little better, so you don't hate yourself, substitution czar, a great alternative, and I know people get weird about this. I'm not I I'm like shameless, like all all makes institutions all day long, but there is sort of like a perceived obnoxiousness with people who do that, but I would argue that that your health is more important and not to worry too much about that and make sure you get what you want, and often a very simple substitution that the restaurant is more than happy to make for you will really, really elevate your dish, either in a health way or or a taste way and it's totally worth it, so let's, talk about a few it's one of my favorites that I used all the time and I used to do this when I usedto order from a cafe and my near where I used to work in the lab, I would go get a salad and instead of getting the chops like chopped greens that would come with either like iceberg or romaine lettuce I would always ask them to just swap it out for mixed greens like the seasonal greens kind of like we had lunch today very colorful, very beautiful typically they're more than happy to do this for free and it's funny I would do this and then we would all get our food and I would get that somebody would get the same salad but without the upgraded greens and then why does yours look so good that had all that color in there? And the answer was I just upgraded the lettuce and it's sweeter tasted better and this morning trish iscause you get that variety that we talked about yesterday so it's a great one highly recommended especially I often I often get cobb salad as well and they typically come with either remain an iceberg, but if I upgrade to the mix screens and it's like it really feels like a full delicious meal and there's bacon on it a couple times very often actually I will go to brunch and they'll be like, ok, so you're going to get the eggs with the pancakes and the hash browns what toasted you want and I'm like there's already pancakes and hash browns on my plate but I really need like another process food on my plate and like you know, I'm cool it on toast language like fruit instead like heck yeah that's one of the best upgrade your bread cost like a penny and fruit is like four bucks a pound, so take that upgrade if it's offered to you it's a good one salad for potatoes is great, so when you're when you're thinking about the restaurant often often things will come with a side of fries, potatoes or something else but try to always no matter what you're ordering even if you are getting the burger keep the food is played in mind and try to get half that plate still vegetables so I often swap out potatoes for salad not because I think potatoes or bad just because I want some greens on my plate and I'm already ordering something pretty indulgent on the side so I don't really need more starch so highly recommended I think that's a pretty common one that it's worth pointing out and another of my favorites is avocado I've mentioned this a few times now um avocado is a great substitute for me oh and I have no problem again with the oil and if it's a homemade a only that's made with you know egg yolk and olive oil and they made it from scratch I wouldn't change that out for the world I love that stuff but if it's sort of an industrial man is also about avocado and it's even taste here anybody else have any favorite favorite substitution is that you feel like a genius for figuring out now the basics like you look like you'd have us more one now I just will opt out of going to the restaurants really I wish I was that brave sean was simple one for me um it's not I guess the most tasty but I use olive oil instead of most dressings when I go out um I love olive oil and I've become so familiar with it I can taste a good one so that works for me that's good actually sometimes ask for both oil and vinegar spraying my own vinaigrette yeah don't just remind me actually when I am in those situations when I'm forced um always always get lemons and put it on everything for a flavor especially salads I will never ever get cell addressing because they're just generally there's just sugar so oh is doing the lemons brilliant so uh lemons and olive oil and vinegar for salad dressing one of the things I love about france is that you khun without any shame in all order a cheese plate instead of desert love it one of my favorites I love cheese. Um beans remember we talked about beans earlier if I see beans anywhere on the menu and there's something I'm not that excited about on the dish I ordered I'll see if they'll substituted out for beans and I think this is an unusual request cause waiter's like what like just germany beans and but it's actually really delicious and really filling and really good for you so it's a strong one if you can find it and pull it off if it's appropriate I'll take brown rice instead of white rice who this is a good one cocktails it's easy to forget I love cocktails but they're easily four to five hundred calories per drink I mean there women with alcohol plus this sugar they all of sugar in them with very few exceptions I for me cocktails are a very, very very special occasion at this point I mean it's just it's got to be a really good cocktail so when I'm a dinner I don't skip the cocktail menu and I usually opt for either white wine or red wine I usually put white wine because it has lower alcohol on so I make better decisions throughout the day and it doesn't stay in my teeth but but either line or or even beer is a better choice and cocktails out here it is olive oil and vinegar instead of syrupy salad dressing thing and oh gosh never ever, ever in american jews it is not she's a kid you know it is made out of like corn starch and like soy oil and like the view breathe and start the ingredients for some of them at the bottom it said may contain milk just any donated but have nothing but then you can't have animal style fries it in an hour wait don't go there anymore well you got to choose your value systems I just I want to take you guys just threw a quick menu tear down um just I don't I don't I think we went over this enough but I just want to show you what I would look for I mean we went through the lunch line and this is gonna be a similar exercise but maybe you guys can do this one for me actually have it that so um can you got to see this can you see the menu decently? Well so basically it's like so we have soups and salads at the top we have a spinach and pea salad and a chops spring chopped salad pretty good options in a ruthless salad and then we have a bunch of sandwiches so let's say this is this is a place that you eat at weekly for lunch um what would you what what what first jumps out at you is what to lean toward versus lean away from I'm going calling someone nikki I wouldn't mean towards salad first great why's that because, you know, like, I actually looked at soap, but in the first one is potato, then I was like, no, I just I just don't want to eat carbs because I think I look at sleepy how interesting that's a good reason. So, like I said a little bit during lunch, I'm not too worried about potatoes there's still a real food, so I wouldn't necessarily immediately cross that off the list. But if you're worried about your performance levels and you know for you that potatoes make you a little sleep here, that's a great observation, I also see a little note here that you can add a side salad, grilled cheese sandwich if you wanted a round that out to a more complete meal. So my issue with the with the soup would be that it's just not a lot of greens says, but it seems like they have the option at that for you on and then why would you avoid the sandwiches? Because the same thing is that car, like know what? San ish like it immediately, I you know, I think about the bread and whatever and I don't want to do that so the fact that there's bread so I so I I have nothing against bread, I love bread, but if I'm eating bread every single day I will be able to tell without my pants fit at the end of the month it just if its daily it depending on who you are, what your metabolism metabolism is like what your exercise routine is like and what your goals are some people can get away with more or less but that's definitely the first place toe look if if you are if you do have a goal of weight loss and or if you're having trouble just feeling really good about yourself if you're getting groggy in the middle of the day bread is a good culprit on but there's a lot of theories about why some people play including but I think it's just it can be just gets your head really fast I think you get the blood sugar rush really fast it's great. So let's look at the salads than what they actually this looks like a pretty fancy salads. Does anybody have something? What would grant what would you gravitate toward for salads? Yeah, lenny funnel shaped u p s oh, this one so shaved fennel care of snap snapped his shall address that sounds delicious those those sounds delicious and lavash crackers. Some people would order it without the lavash crackers I wouldn't be one of those people in such a small amount I wouldn't worry too much about it I bet it adds deliciousness um my biggest concern without salad would be I don't see a lot of protein on it, and I would worry that if I ate that that around to her three o'clock, I would get really, really hungry, and so I would maybe, uh, you know, I don't see it on here, but I know for a fact that this place would let you put prosciutto on that or an egg salad on, and you can always ask if there's anything else on the menu that you could maybe add for an extra couple bucks to make sure it's a more satisfying meal. So this is what I was talking about when I said unsatisfying vegetarian dishes as delicious and healthy as it looks. I want to make sure that you don't regret choosing that selling, because that means the next day I'll choose the ham and cheese damage or the girl she's, great good job, guys. So I was just a quick one. You want to give you double anybody? Any questions? I noticed that I've seen is a side that seems pretty healthy. It does sound healthy. I'm going to guess that's just sort of a grain based al it's, similar similar to what kimberly made us yesterday, probably some herbs and and maybe some veggies in there with, uh, was just but very green based I found that menu actually quite confusing I mean you you interpreted that probably correctly as being a grilled cheese sandwich I was trying to imagine soup with like a layer of grilled cheese like a crust what do you think? Yeah like a like a french onion soup I think you're probably right but that's how I was picturing on then I wouldn't order that it'll just because it sounds that is really funny I wonder if that's just american thing when you think of me like you like the french onion soup he's saying that this is his comes the salads soups is it comes with grilled cheese and he didn't interpret the word sandwich after that I was imagining you know thick crust of grilled cheese on top of the soup I think we have I mean the squirrel cheese and in europe you can actually get grilled cheese so when I moved here was like what eyes the gruccis everywhere and there were realized it's actually sandwich lettuce a question about the egg salad yeah so is that an ok option because you know it's from a good place where they're probably making their own mail yeah ok but if it if you're at just some chain you maybe wouldn't order the egg salad I really like egg salad so I don't I don't freak out about the male it's just like if it's an option like I would just rather have an avocado I think it tastes better I don't think it's like I don't freak out about any of this stuff and I don't encourage anyone to freak out about any of the stuff the goal there just to find the veggies to find the healthiest options but if that sounds good to you, I love that it comes with kale chips you know you're getting some greens um you're getting plenty of protein I imagine at this place even the bread is probably pretty good for you they're very minimally processed bread low higher quality bread but that's a great great point you know it's like do I need to completely avoid industrial man is for the rest of my life no, you know what I want you to have is a some vegetables every day it's enough protein and they're afraid to be satisfying and you know, on the minimal side process things especially when you're talking about a place to eat regularly you know if it's something you do less often who cares and like one you know, one scoop of man is cover a couple weeks not going to do anything at all like nothing at all and and I feel sorry for people who get hung up on stuff like that restaurant triggers so um obviously it's easier to over eat in restaurants and as a home if you guys experiences do you typically get more full at restaurants yeah, like a lot on this one this was actually really hard, so for me in my life, I've had tio adjust teo, you know, various different times in my life, things change right when I was a graduate student and I was working in the lab and building my web site, I had no time to go out, and even if I did have time to go out, I had no money to spend, and so I went to restaurants very rarely, and so for me, it was a very special occasion, and so if I went teo, you know, one of our local amazing places I would order an appetizer, I would get the cocktail I would get on entre anyone get deserved and we need everything and I would be full, but it was fine because I didn't do it very often, maybe once a month, as you know, after I graduated it as my life circumstances changed and my like, right now, my social obligations air like much, much greater. So I'm I actually ended up going to restaurants a lot more than I'm actually could even comfortable with, but a huge adjustment that I had to make in making that transition with even how I eats while I'm in the restaurant, so I had tio learn that it you know, even though it feels like a special occasion if I'm doing it three times a week it's not anymore and I had to learn teo the number one skill I had to learn was tilling learned to leave food on my plate because it's it's really hard to do I grew up in a house repeat my implant would say, you know they're starving kids all over the world and you're going to sit here and not in your food you're a little spoiled brat and while that's true there are starving children us overeating is not going to solve that problem and it's a really you know what happens is we, you know, restaurants serve these incredible portions and when we have thie mental script that we need to finish our plate, we end up way over eating for no benefit at all and so what I've had to do it is really, really focused down on mindful eating, you know, really double down on chewing and restaurants were just hard but it's easier than in a cafeteria, you know, I used to move on a napkin and I try to really really enjoy myself and then I try to play close attention to my body and how full I feel and to stop when I'm done with keeping in mind two things I can either take it home and I often dio I work at home so I can eat a lunch or if I if I really feel bad if I'm living in a lot of food and even traveling the next day, you know, there's, always somebody on the street who wants food, you know what? I'm gonna leave it on a garbage can somewhere, and somebody lied it, and like, that was just a mental shift, I had to make that, like it's, ok, not to leave food on my plate and that, you know, I'm not going to mail my food's toe like south africa, like it just happened. Eso eso there's other ways to make up the food waste, and, you know, to get over that and it's hard, it takes training, and so just be aware that you don't have to finish your plate, you can take it home, but you are triggered to take it into your triggered to finish so it's, actually, you acted after actively break that with mindfulness, and then, I think, is the fact that there's also often a lot of course, is so the appetizers air come and you're starving, and so you eat all of it really fast, and then your entree will come and you need a lot of that, and then maybe your friend will have something to give you a little bite, and then dessert time comes around and you even though you're full you sort of make room you know you're going to make room for extra stuff because you're curious and you want to eat more food and that's why I encourage you to try many different foods of course just keep in mind as you're going through your meal that that does trigger of reading and to actually be before you get to the third course remember in your second course you shouldn't maybe be all the way full I mean slow down and remember this pause a little earlier doesn't mean you can't eat more but take every course and just keep in mind they're going to be trying for things you don't need to stuff yourself on the first pass and that again is one of the things that really takes training and practice it's hard it's hard to do and you get better I give your eating out a lot is get it gets easier alcohol restaurants have alcohol and uh it's delicious and it's fun and um but what it does is it shuts down this part of your brain that does makes good decisions the frontal lobes and so what happens is you start drinking suddenly that mindfulness goes away and you do it your whole plate and eat all the dessert and after dinner you go out for more drinks and then you have for a burrito then there think it's been there so just keep in mind that this is another triggered one of the reasons why I'm very careful now I tried to order very low alcohol drinks if I do drink at center and that godforsaken breadbasket why did they do this to us it's like you already get your menu you decide what worth eating and then they plop down this like warm plate of like buttery bready goodness and it's amazing looking and you're starving and it's really hard to not just eat the whole thing and this is one of the few places in my life I still exercise quite a bit of will power because I either if I'm not if I'm not starving I will do my best not to touch it if I am pretty hungry I'll have I'll tryto limit myself to one piece which is sometimes really hard but it's just unfortunate because they give you a lot like I went to aa restaurant a couple a couple months ago where there's three of us at the restaurant and they literally plopped down a half a giant loafer bread with like it was like eleven twelve slices of bread and the tadich grill is amazing and and we were just like looking at it like what if we ate all this like it's literally it was enough for lunch for the three of us just the bread alone and you know, I just I don't know why they have to do that, but they dio so I use real power for that and you don't you don't need all those extra calories you know, a little bread with your meal is great, you know I'm not saying never eat bread but just keep in mind that that is a trigger that is cruel and unusual punishment torture all right and then dessert of course, so desert is worth it sometimes and again I don't I don't like moralizing food I don't like demonizing food, but one thing to keep in mind is that dessert tends to be very, very, very rich in the sense that it has both a lot of sugar and a lot of fat and so it can often be upto like fifty to one hundred calories per bite, so while I often do like dessert, I'll have a couple bites keep in mind that there's a huge difference between four bites and ten bites when you're talking about dessert it's not a huge difference in talking about it vegetables that is a huge difference when you're talking about dessert, so eat what you want enjoy it love it but you know, keep in mind that volume matters with things like dessert especially of weight loss is a goal, you know? I don't think you should say you can't have it but definitely keep in mind that there's an issue does it? Graveney had online guys seem to be something you only do now when you go out, I think very few people really desert at home. I feel that way. Yeah, yeah, maybe I'm completely wrong about that, but, I mean, I know people keep ice cream and things like that in the freezer, but is that it tends to be something I think you just order because it's there on the menu, right? So again, it comes down to how often you're actually eating in a restaurant, and if you're eating in restaurants often and they're offering you desert, you say yes, every time that will add up in a hurry. How the online people, what are they thinking? Are they are they like different discussions going on to venus? Just coming? She says, my husband and I usually share is a desert if if we have one. Well, that's, great to see I I encourage that's a great option actually is sharing with other people, uh, actually, what we're getting to next. So how to take control? You know, although you have all those triggers, like, how do you take control first, don't order more than you need or agree to share, so you know, sometimes I will share an appetizer if I want to try it or else sometimes even sharing entree there's portions or so big that if you get appetizers and you maybe you're planning to get dessert later you sometimes don't need an entire on trade to yourself in it it feels weird at first but a lot most restaurants if you tell them you're gonna share they'll just split it for you so you have your own separate plates you actually fill it out a little more to it feels like a good meal and then you're not in this awkward situation we're like I want to keep eating because it's delicious but I really shouldn't over because I wanted dessert later it's just handled for you that's a great option well power for the bread basket hate those bread baskets eat mindfully very very important restaurants it comes it becomes more important of restaurants because mindful eating is really the only way to get past when you're being triggered to do something that you would rather probably not dio future self wishes you hadn't done mind flick it mindfulness can help you with that choosing the low alcohol it'll drinks and generally skip dessert I think I'm most occasions if it's a special occasion go for it or if you over your favorite dessert spot that's fine too but keep in mind that desserts not always the best trace you guys have any questions you look like a question let me lose of comments I think it's sort of like I need to start a block all the confessions of a food blogger significant other do it again I think you know, we get premium ice cream sent to the house we were like ten gallons of premium ice cream and sometimes my strategy is to eat as much as a a cz much of it as fast as I can so I can get it out of the house. Wow, right? And I have dessert every night and she's listening e so yeah, so it's kind of tough that's that's. So my house is a restaurant and I eat at a restaurant every night must be nice kind off. I would encourage the mindfulness that's on me. I'll take ownership of that for sure. Yeah, I know it's really it's really just I mean, you're you're joking and stuff, but in the city and when? When? When you have a lot of delicious options it's hard and and you feel like you should appreciate it, you know, gosh, was amazing. Food is here. Yeah, I should. I should really enjoy this. Not everybody has access to this. I should take advantage the problem is it it takes its toll, so um maybe you know, there's that it is it really going to get out of the house if you eat at all, you should have more dinner party to shag me over you're more than welcome you're more I've banned uh pastry sort of online pastry like tuesdays with dori I think was that big one and I said you just have to leave that group I just can't have this stuff around house all the time and it's my own self control I need to take control I'm cool with that, but it's not so easy, no that's really tough and you say what you're just what you're basically saying is you have a lot more triggers were more then probably average person and so you're going to have to have extra strategic plans to deal with those one of which might be spending an extra hour day at the yeah it's hard anyone else have anyone else you think think my advice is crazy? Or am I missing something essential? I eat out at restaurants that are horrible tio frequently, but I I feel like I have just as money if not more triggers at home because my husband could eat like five thousand more times than I can, so we need, like, keep feeding him all day and extra food around and then, um, my twelve year old steps I'm like, you know, having a a teen in the house and the way that I have toe prepare food and what I have to make for them and um there's always more around than I would operate mean and different things around that I would ever want around totally we're dealing with how home and family next yeah, that that's going to be really, really tough? Um one thing that I was going to bring up is one thing that I find very interesting and I'm curious if you guys have the same experience when I am sometimes when I'm forced in a situation where a meeting pretty low quality food but I'm really hungry, I will overeat that me miss mindful eating food ist will overheat the crappy food on by my hypothesis about why this is is because it's so unsatisfying has anybody ever find that like they'll eat something kind of unsatisfying? Others overeat it because your body is like expecting nourishment and not getting it. Anybody have this, everybody getting some not going to get a story from erica well, but even even like a doughnut let's say I would eat it and then it would be gone, and even if I did eat it mindfully, I'd want another one so just something simple like that? Yeah, for sure, cheryl friend's father is a food scientist, and he said they didn't experiment with movie popcorn but they did it with americans and europeans, and he said the movie popcorn for the americans, they tended to eat even that was crap, because it was a bargain. But he said the europeans would need it because it didn't taste good, but they weren't indoctrinated to well. It was two for five dollars or whatever. The bargain wass way seemed to want to extract every penny out of crappy food. Um, even though it's it's still crappy and there's probably a better alternative available, but it cost more. Great. So the person who did that experiment was one of the people who did. The exam was brain wincing, who we discussed. Ah, remember what day that was before, on the guy who did the where we changed the atmosphere and all that he's, the one who does that stuff, and yeah, there was people would eat depending on well, it depends on the size of the container. And it depends on whether you have the habit of eating popcorn regularly. But they did to experiments, one where they gave people fresh popcorn and saw how much they and then one where they gave people like five day old, nasty, stale popcorn. And what happened is people would just eat it anyway. And then they'd say it was bad, and it would be. It was described as, like squeaky styrofoam on dh, just really bad, but they would eat it anyway, and they don't need. They couldn't explain why, and, oh, by the way, if you ask them how much they thought they eat, they ate. It was always way, way, way, underestimating what they actually eight. So, yeah, it's and it's, exactly what you're pointing out is that there, if you have the trigger, to overeat in a situation, we're in the movie theater, you're expecting the popcorn, and you're just going to eat it, whether you're aware of it or not, even if it's totally gross and not worth it. Um, yeah, it's were funny as humans, a lot of funny traits.

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