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Being Best Self w/ Adam Gilbert

So this section we're going talk about self health and which is health and love uh has anybody ever not felt really good about themselves I know we talked about that everyone raising their hand how about in the chat room not feel good about yourselves yeah we're raising her hands yeah I'm raising my hand teo and it's kind of awkward honestly because my mom is watching and so I don't know if she knows a lot of this kind of stuff it's it's weird for me to kind of share that sells my grandmother she figured out the tv um and what I realized about my life is that when I was with my with my health was um you know I was kind of lazy right like I actually broke up with my girlfriend on a bike ride because she said I was I was crappy uh I was it was normally I've been a spike in four hours but it took me eight hours the second time right I was just I was hungover on have really exercised on I didn't realize how much that was impacting my energy my overall fulfillment in life um about twenty po...

unds overweight I was feeling depressed um sounds like an infomercial yeah that took a pill and it cured it on I actually did try to take pills I bought like fake pills on the internet supposedly makes make you feel better I went to doctors because it wasn't feeling better on a lot of it was identifying you know how can I improve my health how can I control that stuff? How can I start small having oatmeal every morning having egg whites every morning start improving the things in my health uh that would make me feel a lot better um you know with my business is well, I literally you know, I had this business that a lot of people aspire to five million dollars a year sixteen people big office in austin and I'll tell you I'll go a little more detail on that but I pretty much just went to the website went toe to toe absolutely common just refreshed our revenue page and just software making money and it was just very like I didn't want to go to work most days and I really care to and I know with one of the guys anton who's on our team I would talk to and he's like I can't wait to go to work tomorrow I was like, dude on this chief sumo I don't want to go all right that's a really strange feeling and there was love you know, I had some people in my life romantically who I took care of and I never really got a chance until recently to have someone take care of me and it wasn't until I started exploring and removing some relationships and adding new relationships uh that I was able to live the life that I want right now and I'm actually feeling really fulfilled and feeling good about myself so it's all connected and we're going to get into, um tactic stories about how do you improve your health? How do you improve your loving relationships to make them a lot better so we have a whole section on wealth I'm not gonna spend a ton of time on that but I want to say I was I was outside during the break and I know there's like a lot of comments in the chat I know a lot of you guys shouldn't feel better about yourself starting think all right the things I can do and I may feel really special so I should say thank you to the people in the chat room who are for me my satisfaction comes from you guys improving your own lines and if you know if I can insolence that in some way that is it's really feeling I was like almost got me all nervous again. I like being that for your thing I thought I got rid of it in part one so thank you guys and you know a pretty good stick around and have fun with us and so a lot of last year this is I cooked a lot and I was getting healthier and yeah, I was at home too started crying one day um mostly just felt very lonely because I didn't have these negative relationships around I'd rather have negative people with me then just be by myself. It was very uncomfortable, right? Like like dan was talking about right? Like you had that girl who just wasn't suited for you and it was hard to get three years right and it's not that they're not bad people, right? It's just she's she's actually amazing person just that us together in the same places, sometimes people are they feed off of the worst parts of each other, has anybody in the chat room or live had a person, their life that didn't necessarily add yeah, one two a few, maybe it takes a little more we'll go into that exploring that, but I'm sure a lot of you if you actually started exploring your friends will go into it, which ones? They're making you a lot better um, so I just felt really low on it took a lot of time a lot of small things like making breakfast took like being, well, it's not going to feel easy it's like go in the gym, you actually get bigger muscles when your pain and sore when you finish the exercise, not when it feels easy uh, this is actually growing a beard and I didn't feel like a man that's actually, I don't feel really manly didn't feel good about myself, so I thought of being that's, a taco and the chicken, the sumo um but I didn't feel really good about myself, so I thought a beard make you feel tough. It didn't, but I had a beard is really itchy. Uh, you know, and a lot of these things are all right. How do I start working on my health? How do I start working on my love so that I can actually start feeling really good about myself and as well relate that all day making a better business that I want to be in on we're gonna spend the whole time talking about business at the end, so if you're like, oh, but I want to start a business. No, I thought you're gonna tell me how to start a business it's really hard to start a business if you don't feel good about yourself and we'll monthly one k is the course, and I'll talk about that in a little bit. I encourage you guys if you want to sort of business to check it out, but we have a whole section on it and we will get you there, but if you're not feeling good about yourself, if you're feeling low energy, if you don't have good people around you I promise you that it is your business will suck it doesn't matter if you know if your people around you suck if your health sex will be very very challenging that so I'm reiterating that point so health andi I told you I got dumped uh on a bike ride not dumped was a mutual that's what guys say it's like when you go to vegas and you break even um doesn't even have been dumped here no one is like the most loved crowd ever see mostly want a minute is there anything the chapmans been dumped? Anybody else know divorces this is the most perfect crowd ever I don't know how you guys got them. Uh but in the chat room sure some guys have broken up and you know when you felt lost and so this is where I was at that point in my life which is pretty very sig uh so that's chubb they're called love handles you can put like, a little inner tube around it. Um and so I started making can change right? And it didn't feel good, right? Like when I was doing these changes it never feels good during it right it's kind like this presentation like I avoided it for so long and now that I got a chance to share this moment with you guys and the online audience like it feels amazing all my audience you guys feeling good? Well they're all just telling us how they got dumped saying I just give it a moment takes time you know I will say it's like once you've gotten dumped you actually I always think of it as a step function and so the real key thing is when you've gotten dumped I went to a relationship therapist and I asked him I said you know I got done what can I learn from that experience so think of it it's like a step function where if you have any experience in life in your health and your love and your relate and your work how can you take that experience and then make the next step higher and for me with love it was when my friends are saying something that I should be aware of like hey, this is not a healthy relationship for you listen to your I need to listen to my friends more and now I did uh so I was able to you know I got dumped on the bike ride in the next day I called one of my good buddies adam gilbert and uh and I thought this guy is really annoying he's really, really annoying like a jewish mother and in a male format no offense mom I guess it's a little offensive so I was like, you know, he's been bugging me for seven years to get healthy and live a life that that's really healthy and tight body and all these things and I was like, it doesn't matter I don't really want to work in that stuff I want to just work on business I'm fine with all this other stuff and over about a year of working together this is awkward uh sorry I know the mustache don't worry about the mustache um I was feeling weird I want a mustache and I feel like don juan you know, sometimes make dress better makes you feel better you go out feeling stronger on dso working together I was able to this is actually in the hotel before creative life seattle with tim ferriss um and so I started working on my health and I noticed that other things started improving one of the greatest times that I've ever felt in my life. Yes, I did a marathon and I had this big goal and I wanted my marathon to be done so I started exercising more. I started just working better. That whole thing united a lot of other pieces of my life. So one gold, maybe it's a marathon maybe it's a five k maybe something so I want to bring adam on stage so we could start exploring like tactics and strategies so that you guys can have more energy feel better after work feel better during work and then make a better businesses and have good relationships. Let's put it together for adam gilbert. I don't know good, eh? So before we get to, uh, good do you bring oil today, it's just now, after after for anybody online, one of oil about him, I actually brought a bottle. You mind if we brought you up? Okay, um, and so one of things I learned when I, uh uh consulted for company was starting the day with little winds, so I want everyone to stand up. If you're at home, stand up. If you're in a cubicle, stand up. If you're at a cafe, stand up host stand up on this is something we do it up sumo dot com every monday morning and it's, you could do it every day and starting your day with little winds, and we're going to have the app sumo calista nicks and this is actually comes from japanese companies where I don't know if they do it every day, but almost, uh, it's really hard to do good work if you're lazy, in fact, and so this is kind of a good way to get things going good way to get some small winds, and I would encourage every one of you to do it maybe every day or once a week. By yourselves with your company and so I'll teach you the absolute the way we do ten jumping jacks and what I always like to do is if you got a plus one because of you plus one that you gotta push a little bit more than everyone else will like I want also is not watching this and not participating in not actually standing up that's you are you and where the cameras are uh does the people behind you plus one it so we do ten jumping jacks then on the eleventh we say my app sumo altogether we do this every monday on then we do ten crunches we'll do planks ten crunches and on the eleventh u c f sumo and then ten push ups on the eleventh we say up soon and we'll do some arm stretches that I could just talk a lot already have you written and I think this is the second time they've ever done live callous tannic ce possibly we'll see how it goes all right so everyone on home get on the computer for a second put down the bagels the coffee's so when a new ten on the eleven were scream out up see most loud as we can guys ready you guys ready online ready guide going one two three four five six seven eight nine, ten absolute good all right now sit ups we're planting this yeah, well plank we think we're gonna yeah we can plant to see oh I'm getting old at him I think this is not okay so I'm gonna just hold it what thirty seconds so planking do this if you do ten crunches I don't know just doing all this seemed a lot easier that's some tight oh gosh oh milk was a bad choice all right s so we're gonna do another ten seconds come on everyone you could hold it difference between good and great right now three to one absolutely all right now we do push ups we got ten stay down stay down I know my mom is doing for sure but only thirty seconds plank noah please she works out a lot all right we're gonna do ten pushups on the eleventh you do have soon ready down one altogether down two down three for them five them six down seven a down nine down down hold it, hold it, hold it come on now don't do it if you embrace it baby if you do what everybody else is doing it you're gonna get the same results you guys got to do a little bit more than everyone else hold it on the count of one two three absolute oh, cup that idea good job everybody at home we're gonna do a little arm stretching make sure for your computer arms for your type in the chat room hands right on the cross right on across I'm glad you're doing it to the guys behind the scenes okay get a good stretch left arm across hi guys feel a little winded it's good good get that blood going right how you doing been a while you have a baby hold sorry my bad alright right tryson okay oh mom left choice of every monday morning guys and girls and babies aliens whatever all right write him back this is good you're typing on that computer is all day come on now all right hand down up down left right hand don't matter well you know it's something left hand up your left hand down taking off your head rolls and sit down let's go crop on three one two three guys really cloud this is the worst plan you get well next workshop is clapping just clap right clap on three one two three throw everyone watching as well we're going to clap on three everyone all right you already won two three perfect so I want to interview at him and I want to get you guys tactics strategies tips uh you know adam just to tell the story he you know literally message me for seven years with eight seven nine seven doesn't stop can't stop wants to you know he does not stop and I think that's one of the true test of you guys starting a business is it if something is that you want and adam's goal is to help people with their health and fitness and that's what he does with my body tutor um if that's what you want right? Like he don't give up and he's persistent for seven years and finally when I was ready that's one of the most fascinating things about the monthly one k dot com courses that some people aren't ready for help and until you hit a point where you can actually are open to help when I was actually at a low was I open to having adam help me or open actually getting help starting a business are open to getting a trainer, which is still was still embarrassing for me and very uncomfortable he looks like a mini arnold michael so we're gonna talk about with adam today uh just some of things that you guys can do yourselves to get more energy and have a better health and overall feel better about yourself you want to introduce yourself doing guys? I'm adam gilbert I'm the founder of my body through dot com appreciate the annoying introduction um I eat, sleep and breathe health and fitness I really believe that health and fitness is not just about tactics it's really about the psychology of it um I think in this day and age people know what to do for the most part it's just about actually doing it um and this is my life I I quit my full time job seven years ago started this and I'm lucky to have some awesome clients like noah will become, you know, really, really close friends. Yeah, I mean, you know it, it blows my mind I want don't go do this right away. But if you look at the top forty books on amazon, right on the best sellers, about five to ten to fifteen percent our health and fitness, you cannot blow you away it's like, okay, let's, one of the two things for health and fitness to be have a healthy life where the two major right exercise and do those two things consistently but it's, just what the book is going to finally tell someone that, like, so what is separating people's psychology, where there they keep wanting to buy books that keep winning a magic answer, but the answer those what's happening there? Well, I just think, you know, they're able to start getting excited, but after a while and you know they're losing momentum and you know they're not able to stick with it. I think the plan part of the plan is they need something can actually stick with something that's actually sustainable, okay with important, so what things have you found to get people started, um yeah, so I think for us and how when we first started working the others baby steps so I consider trying toe change your entire diet all once try to change just one thing right? So focus on breakfast, right? So instead of just having the bagel in the morning with coffee, maybe have some protein like egg whites or yogurt or greek or cottage cheese or a protein shake, right? So I think a lot of people fall into this trap of gonna change everything at once and it's too overwhelming, so you want to try to change a little bit of the time and create, you know, small win, but I'm really busy, adam, I've got a baby or I've got my husband who cooks food or whatever it is. So how do I still control, like the morning or how do if I don't have a lot of time, what can I do? So I think you can make, like, hardball legs, right? So when you're less busy, right, make horrible thanks to greek yogurt I mean, you literally take out of the frigid cottage cheese protein shake those things take a few seconds literally, right? You know, I think the thing is also just about focusing your priorities, so for you, you've realized of focus and your health allows you do everything else better so when I think when you change that mindset of just you know shorts nice to look good when you focus on feeling better and how it's going to impact every other facet of your life it makes it a lot easier to get motivated to you know spend a few minutes for, you know, making hard boiled eggs or buying greek yogurt or whatever it is does anyone have the food coma you know you're like a big ass dinner and after day like moving anywhere right? Because they're not saying right and so that's the thing that kind of sort of fascinating me with food where you know, you know, after lunch today I would encourage a lot of people have a light lunch because when you have that heavy lunch you come back and just like well he's still talking you know I can't leave I have three hot pockets I was a bad idea um what? You know what I'd like to encourage some of the audience online is just asking questions about what they want improved with their health and we'll address him live with adam could you have in here now is one of the best people I know about this so how does someone get more energy? How does someone or some of the things during the day you know that dan can feel good and have more energy throughout his day? Yes so I mean just focus on drinking water things like that having more protein having you know good quality fats right? Like avocados, olive oil nuts things like that um you want to stay away from the refined carbohydrates like pipe red or white pasta and try to move to complex carbohydrates if you know why can't have I love pasta, bro, I love booking a beppo my birthdays you know they bring out the big okay, you know saying in america is like they bring big fatty portions awesome why can't I have plus any more you could have pasta and we could talk about that a little bit in terms of how to incorporate your favorite foods but it's just the type of pasta, right? So if you could possibly wanna make it whole wheat pasta right or whole grain pasta what's the difference it just doesn't impact your blood sugar as much on when it impacts your blood sugar your insulin levels spike because there'd be excess fat, you excess fat and it just really drops then your energy levels so I think we won well the one of the things I love about adam and why we've become such close friends it's never negative it's never oh, you ate like what what I did a lot uh can't be all that case so plus two martinis and all that are mixing martinis it's positive it's like how do you positively move forward with that and for the thing about pasta it's not that pause is bad it's like how do you balance that lifestyle that gives you the energy so you can eat pasta once in a while but not all the time um so coming back to it like why does it matter? Why should anyone care about their health right? Why not just focus on certain business focus like hey, look, I got a girl already I got a guy already I don't need to be healthy as much and married people know I'm talking about gain some weight off to get married yeah what's that tom brady looked like my favorite so what I think I mean, going back it really ultimate comes out to energy, right? Like, why do you want certain things it's? Because the energy went with your health, right? And when you're more healthy mean you khun, you know you'll be able to think more clearly you're more focus on more productive you can work better and harder for longer hours you've more endurance I mean those role key things to be agro business and start a business you need that? So what did give us some examples because it's like for a lot of people yeah, uh got ed wood asks, what do you think of sleep one of the best ways to improve sleep so it's not about healthy? Yeah, I mean sleep like diet impacts everything right? So one of things I really right recommend is setting an alarm in night for sleep. So it's a good trigger, you know, reminds you to start getting ready for bed, whereas you know if you don't have that alarm clock, it's it's, very easy to keep working into the wee hours in the morning. So one of things I started doing I encourage my client to do is setting an alarm clock and night, right? So once eleven thirty pm hits computers off a shower, I wind down with little tv and it really sets me off on, you know, good bedtime ritual there any other tips online or any of the suggestions and questions were more than happy to have them. I think two things that adams taught me that I've become aware of her when I was an app called sleep cycle, I think it's free might be like a few bucks on what it does. You just put it by your bed, and it helps monitor how you're sleeping at night, and what I've noticed is that helps me figure out how many hours do I need to sleep every day? Because it's actually changed now we get up like seven a m so it's called sleep cycle and get on itunes and android and I'll help you show you where you're on you're sleeping and another thing that's really impactful is like when you guys woke up this morning online in the chat room and hear how did you guys feel this morning? How do you feel like that? You say why do you think you felt well I I'm insomniac so I have a rolled problems sleeping for long I went to bed last night actually was pretty good because I knew I had to wake up early I have two kids, so I have to get them to go to sleep I went to bed last night at eleven. Thirty I woke up at five. Thirty okay? And I guess one of the things I want to highlight is that when you feel different in the morning it's figuring out what affected that one of the biggest impacts for me over this year is that figuring out when I have drinks the night before I generally feel depressed the next day right? I used up all my fun sells the night before and so there's no fun cells left with sad cells that's very scientific my brother's a doctor but that's the point, though, is that if you can actually start exploring when you're waking up in the morning seeing what you've done like a lot of times with adam, what we've explored is let's say you go and have a pizza one night, which is fine, but what was the root of that? Especially with your health? Right? Like, am I eating now? And you talk about emotional eating versus sizzle, physical hunger, and so we were listening to the story about that or share what that actually means to some of the audience. Sure. So there's there's a client help their lose over one hundred fifty pounds she's actually feature is a success story on dh she's tried diet after diet, program of the program and nothing actually work for. Like what programs like atkins literally every program weight watchers actions, you know, p ninety x all these different weight loss exercise programs nothing worked for. She was able to stay with it for a few months, but after a while, something would happen. And the reason was she never realized how much he was using food as a crutch. It was she was really emotional eating s o is that going to anyone else? So, like, what do you emotionally, uh, caught a lot of carbs, like what's your what's, your go to thing be naughty peanut butter and jelly alone, but our peanut butter? I just paid by old school yeah what? You're emotionally so love french bread like any kind of white worlds it's awful and I love craft beer which is just like a a loaf of bread and a bottle that's good. How about online? What you're like a you're like guilty pleasures of emotional eating so so she had an emotional thing where it's just like her what's happening what's going on so it's never you know when you crave junk food it's never about the junk food it's what the junk food allows you to avoid right? So like betsy like morning things that with you guys just here that what he just said damn dog that was money right there and I said, damn dog whatever we're gonna do it say that more time so it's never about the food you crave it's about what the food allows you to avoid, right and that's the key right and that's one of the things I mean no really worked on right? So like when he was eating on healthfully that was just a symptom of something else so he keeps talking talking about this health wealth in love so there are other things that are impacting that and the eating was just a way to deal with that all right? So one of things I would encourage you to do is before you eat focused on pausing all right really pause and ask yourself am I hungry or my eating to change the way I feel right and we'll realize that ninety five times out of one hundred it's never about the food it's about something else we're hungry for something else and by identifying that's for identifying the root cause what happens amazingly is the cravings and the urge is start to go away what are things that people want what they actually so I think what's what some people really wanted to maybe they will really want to start a business right and they get this feeling it's uncomfortable mental tension and instead of dealing with that and taking the hardest doing the hardest thing of all which is taking action and say signing off your awesome course they just deal with it by eating and then they wind up feeling bad about that so it distracts them from what they really really want and just basically they're choosing distain over discomfort right? So they'd rather feel bad about eating poorly then about their life about their lack of potential that they're not realizing it's also look I mean I think one thing that adams really courage is embracing discomfort in the short term like a recent peanut butter cup which I love are really good you know I'm saying anybody else you know we speak about a consolation there they're like crack rocks they're great uh but in the long term it's like you know, I'm going to feel worse that day I might feel slower and it's up to say I could never have him but it's to balance it out like the short term benefit isn't is not as great as your long term benefit, one of things that it's kind of a nice tactic that I've used and I'm actually now I don't even think about anymore as I write every one of my meals, right? So everyone of my meals I write one through five and it's something that adam taught me and after the meal I always think what was I had basically a three, which means content you always were named for three four is you know, I probably didn't need to have those extra bites I actually was done I was actually in five game over like you win it's your birthday, you could do that, but basically being aware of the food, I was any after the fact on and even sometimes during the eating processed like, oh, man, I'm kind of a three and I'm actually pretty good I'm going to stop and so just rating your dishes made it really easy on things like, uh, structure in the day I mean something is that you've encouraged me so like breakfast and like one of the things that people should do to structure some of the meals to make it easier I think it's easier really I'd like to say it's always easier to avoid the dragon and it's a slight what I mean by that is it's really hard to make your choices in the moment when you're really hungry when you're irrational so one of things I always encourage clients do is really think through their day in the morning, you know, what's going to be for lunch what's going to be for my mid afternoon snack what's going to be for dinner rather than waiting until you're actually physically hungry, right? Because after a long day you're stressed you're exhausted you know you have all these things going on does that sound familiar to anyone you had a long day you come home you're like I earned that beer that cheesecake is mike well that's I mean that it's on a really powerful point of just cite the psychology of eating right so what a lot of people do is on some level you know, we all feel that we worked really hard, we deserve it and we're using food as a reward so one of the attackers I would encourage you all out there doing you guys too is think about other ways you can reward yourself right? How much going to reward yourself? Maybe for you I mean for you getting massages, right that something you really enjoy buy a new shirt buying a book buying of course something like that using that as a reward you reward yourself actually love massages to so that's like one of things I you know that's my indulgences and it's great because it's a lot more satisfying and you know a very fleeting cookie I mean the thing is when you meet a cookie literally the second you dont eating the cookie the pleasure goes away and by nature pleasure is very fleeting where satisfaction is very lasting for adam from caylee about the work outside of things she says do you have to switch up your workouts to see success? Yes so one of these I just want to say before that is, you know, seventy eight, eighty percent of weight loss is really your diet it's about what? Why and how you eat. So one of things you hear from a lot of people you know when they want to lose weight is I need to get to the gym more but they're totally neglecting their diet, which is really the most important part um so unless she is really, really consistent which is really the hard part then I would encourage if she is then I would encourage you to switch up for workouts but I would really ask you to work backwards and focus on your diet first because that is really where you see the results you see people working the gym month after month, even with a personal trainer, and they don't look any different that's because what they're doing between jim sessions is entirely wrong. So what should what should we be eating your today? So you want to focus on having proteins, right? So chicken, but what I want, protein just because it doesn't impact your blood shuras much gives you energy it's more satiating helps you prevent cravings um so lean proteins so chicken, fish, eggs, turkey, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, lean beef on and if you could have carbohydrates is a lot of diets out there that's carbs of the enemy and I don't think that's sustainable to never have a sandwich again never have pizza again, whatever it is that's not sustainable in the only way the best guy in the world is one you can stick with. So instead of having on let's let's, just reiterate that that's a really, really strong point. Anyone here is really powerful to do anything for day you could fast for day, you could eat watermelon for day like my mom uh, you could do anything. I'm sure a lot of you guys have tried atkins or paleo or some new things, and then after a month you're kind of like a, you know, office party and then, you know, already cheating going keep going off with it. So I think that's really key, right? So, like, you enjoy peanut butter and jelly, right? So I would encourage you instead of, you know, having it on white bread, having on whole grain bread or ezekiel bread arrive better pumpernickel bread instead of having regular peanut butter have natural peanut butter, right? So that's a great compromise, and you could still actually of your favorite food. So just if you're gonna have carbohydrates, make them complex heart writer it's, they don't impact your blood sugar is much you won't feel tired lethargic afterward on then I think the secret food that a lot of people forget his vegetables. Um, you know, a lot of people don't like the feeling of being hungry, so if you allow yourself to eat a big salad or a lot of vegetables, it allows you to feel full for really hardly any calories. So a few more things. What is what's? The one simple thing that everyone in the chat room and everyone here can you should go do today with the easiest thing for all of us to go get a win, um, I would really plan your next meal and then also start with less. Right, so it's a lot easier if you take away lesson the beginning, like, for example, someone who eats a lot of food at lunch, they're going to feel very tired, lethargic, going back to the hunger scale of one to five star with less food today because it's a lot harder to leave food on your plate as opposed to, you know, starting with less to try that just that lunch when your next launch star with less food, perfect there's a book that we're gonna giveaway in today's in this section's quote contest called mindless eating, which has phenomenal advice on don't change reading just use psychology to do it, which is you smaller plates. I actually just use my place any smaller forks on dh I find that really helpful or one of things that I think is well could help you guys in the future, which is another tactic is pre committing, you know, adam touched on that briefly, but let's say you're going to go somewhere to eat dinner a lot of times off we'll look at the menu on ahead of time, I'm gonna get this. I'm gonna drink this. I mean this or I like drinking alcohol of whiskey, so I'll say, I'm gonna goto barnum have two drinks. And just being able to say, like, all right already said, I'm gonna do this when I get there. It's, not really as much of a decision. I don't have to face that willpower. When people are tired when they come home, how can they actually like use that will power for their advantage? So I think again pre committee is helpful, so instead of waiting until you're in the moment, try to plan ahead as much as possible. So you know exactly what you're gonna eat this way. You don't have to think willpower is very, very limited, right? So you want to really take that to account and decide where you wanna eat before you're in the moment? Good. Is there any questions online? Anybody? Anyone here about calories? Marcus j carey is saying, what about calories? If I'm under my calories, why does it matter if I eat hallway or regular pasta? Well, it just impacts your blood sugar less. Um, so I mean, ideally, you want to keep your blood sugar in your insulin level stable? Um, so that that is why does it make sense with the whole blood sugar level different here? Because get everything. Okay, so explain the blitzer why actually care about this or not? We'll just cause when you're there's access when your blood for your spicer's excess insulin your blood when there's excess instantly brought your body stores fat but does that mean for normal people your energy levels going crash? Thank you so eat the bread you eat two sugars right? Car so you feel good for two minutes, right? You have that high sugar high but then of course there's a crash after that night his white only by justin a diet with no excessive absolutely helped countless clients who only only through diet um in fact, one of the things I do is focus on diet first cause that's without that foundation you know, one of things going back to you that see like, you know you're saying you exercise a lot no one gains weight from my exercising people gain weight from overeating so you know it's really important to focus on the diet first absolutely say yes, absolutely I kind of a surprise for him he didn't millis uh what uh what are you most afraid of? You know, it's funny I don't love public speaking um so this is, you know, in the spirit of, you know, overcoming your fears I mean there's no question I don't love public speaking to me I love much I'd much rather be in the background and letting all my clients shine yeah um then be you know one stage ok that's not the one I wanted so uh what I really wanted his adam is afraid of letting go of his blackberry wow and now you have thousands of people so this has taken me a year to work with him on letting go of his blackberry is anybody here still in the black and I want I want to figure out how do we break through er to get you a big boy phone you thought we're going talk about this you know it's fine I mean I think there's a really uh reason I think I love being reliable for my clients and for me it's really about being able to type fast and like I've tried the iphone I really have my wife has an iphone I mean I've tried with her I've tried using I can't type vest um so for me that like I think it also comes down to like you have to want to change right so I mean I'm kind of have you on my phone I know you're not you've been literally working on on this with for years on this so that's really what it comes out so I really think I'm not going to type test so people in horse and carriages didn't like cars right like why would I want a car when I got a horse so this is interesting, right? Like not all change you guys have to dio what I encourage people to do is try it out, see how it feels, see how your life is and then you can go back to something else or you could stick with it and finally caved. I faced a fear, but I don't really want to do it that way. So adam is scared, right? You could see how he talks about he's like because of types about right there's a reason no one else is still on a blackberry, right? So how do you face that fear? How do you face that? Uncomfortable? Because you've been avoiding it for a long time. You make it kind of make excuses and you're live in front of thousands of people continuing that I just, you know, go for it. I guess I just need to, you know, try it out for a month again. Um I understand there's no question that the blackberry is, you know, a thing of the past, um and see where it takes me the monster, the monsters never scary is the team that it never is. It never is the monsters never scared as it seems when you finally face, so can I put you up for a challenge at him? Absolutely. Are you game game all right, what do I put my clients of challenges and you get them this comfortable income is this comfortable going this comfortable is a new one. Um if you're willing to feel accountable I'm gonna let the audience vote whether you should smash your blackberry today and we go right offensive for out by you I will pay for the iphone five s or if you want to see like the pink one or the yellow one whatever, bro I got you um you want thirty two gigs I got you want to get an android phone, would you? Android nokia maybe um yes you see you see how it's like throat enough breathing has stopped he's shaking broke now I'm good. So do you want to let it up the audience vote whether we do this right now with this I will commit to getting a new phone today but I cannot smash this because I have a lot of notes on this that I need like I can't I need what's on this phone but I will get island notes we sink into your cuter than smash it right now. Well, this is a library you can't do that that's the problem I promise you I will get a new phone here's what we're gonna do here's what you do is it that is the notes the thing holding you back well just stuff I need what's on this morning's I'm trying to understand what is holding you back on it because I'm gonna remove him I need I need the information on this phone life we sings are on the phone that you need my notes a lot of notes a lot of important lots of notes lots of and can you email that doesn't have email life does have you know good email those notes during lunch to your email so you have it saved sure can use back up your contacts yeah can we smash that friggin phone after lunch if we can get everything assuming that's because it's very you know he's got important stuff I've been doing this for years assuming we get everything off of it assuming again but I'm committing into in front of thousands of you guys you guys that I will get a new phone today okay that's you've told me that before they're not going to see you up today because after four o'clock there like peace and I was like I'm out of here back to blackberry could push I need to push yeah I know what we should get everyone in creative live and do these kind of challenges all right so will you commit if we could get everything off that sensitive that you will come back smash it four o'clock we will go and buy your new phone I will pay thank you you know you could do this, bro commode. Welcome to the family. S o adams. Ok, so adam is facing a fear that's a huge fear, honestly months buying the phone doesn't matter. Get him a phone. Let it takes. Offered to buy me this phone for years now and I appreciate it's very nice, but it's, it's and it's not ok, look let's, tie this back to the overall concept. If you're online one having better tools, having better health makes overall all the life better. You type faster, it's better, you know, faster computer, you get more done, you upgrade your equipment, you invest in yourself, which will start talking about it's, the greatest return you'll have. And so I don't want everyone it's not about going out and getting the latest iphone, but making sure that you're investing in yourself, getting a better phone, investing in your health, investing in your relationships, and then you get greater returns. That's just what I want to clarify for people in the chat room, some of them are still a little bit unsure about what is it that we're trying to do here over adam? Is it that his phone isn't good enough? Or is it that he's giving up a habit or way that's a great question, thank you, where were you ever said that? It's not about oh, I don't have anything against blackberry it's about upgrading your equipment and upgrading yourself and investing yourself and so it's proven and it's very significant that you'll have like you can't even take a photo, he can't take photos, he can't read things online it can't really view a lot of pictures and so that investment himself what enable him to do more and it's not about blackberry it's just more about looking at the things around you, not about getting the fastest car but my laptop man, I have a slow laptop or I had it I'll tell you a story this is it sounds silly, but I had locked up, but I started deleting images because I never know space, so I spent hours fifteen hours maybe plus deleting images so I'd have more space. And so finally, one day I was like, I'm just going to buy a new computer that has a better hard drive, right and it's that continual evaluation of what is in our lives that we can improve to make our lives better doesn't mean you always have to spend money, but this is a tool that I want adam to upgrade so that his life is better, his clients are better and maybe he should be also consider maybe I don't to be e mailing people all the time, maybe be more president it's another hole another topic is that help with the audience? Yeah, yeah. You go through your checklist. You know, when people ask me what's the number one thing to do this sort of business, I say improve your typing speed. By the way, three eighteen media has given us a link for how tio sink the blackberry notes and memos way after thanks for eighteen media, uh, car s we'll come back after lunch smashes phone what's going to get so moving forward let's put it together, adam that was big. I know it's hard to know what? Dude, I know it's hard hardman. We go out to lunch and you thought you had the same. You're consistent, which is great it's very hard to be consistent. We got to lunch at the same thing every day. Q two results. Uh, it's funny. Sometimes with success, it seems boring never noticed that sometimes when it's like this just working it's boring at that point and that's when you start maybe one of self sabotage, so maybe be aware the next I mean, like off. Dude, this is getting kind of boring. It's like don't give up that's actually part you need to push forward through and get a little more uncomfortable like one of my challenges I love change I love things changing and breaking, so I keep moving, and now my challenge is staying still that's, my child, that I'm risk staying in austin not always traveling, reduce singh speaking, focusing just on absolute, um coming here from emily l says we all carry this kind of attachment, tio like you, adam, to non important devices, but just having this isn't a decision. So mrs gilbert, you know, I think one of the key things that emily just highlighted, that I've gone through a big breakthrough in the past two months without sumo, specifically and with my personal life is removing things, and it sounds so cliche you're like, yeah, okay, we'll move things, whatever, specifically, like, anything I haven't used in six months, I throw away because you're frankly all gonna be buried in the ground just like me, and you can't take it with you, right? So what? Things are actually important to you? What things really, really matter what things in your life. So, like, I have had two don't were thrown away or an absolute we have deals that weren't really they weren't selling really well, but we just left him there because they've always been there removed and what's fascinating is when you focus on less things, you do them better. So think about what things in your life you're doing that don't really add value people wise, you know, products or even stuff in your house start really simple start really throwing one piece of clothing today there's not one piece of clothing it's really, really simple and I started feeling free because now I just I'm like all right, everything in my place are the things I really, really want and so I want to move forward um to positive triggers so we've talked about talked about your you know, how'd it work on your health? But I like positive sugars because it reduces your thinking is just an automatic behavior, right? It's when you have to use your willpower and start thinking about things that gets tired so I want to go through some of the positive things that I've done that helped me and I want to ask the audience online what are positive triggers that I've helped you so like one of things on that um does is that you put the post it notes on his door when he's exiting you could always remember stuff uh one of the things that that I've done I do this every single week without it we do it together with mutual and I encourage all of you to get accountability buddy on we call it the week it's called the weak and so the way that work um you have work work out and personal and I try not to put more than three things in there no more than three in each category so like work this week was being creative life wait halfway halfway um so what this is pre committee right? So every sunday clockwork or sometimes monday clockwork here the three things I wanna work on this week here the three maybe five things I'm gonna do for working out and here the three personal things I'm doing for myself like planning this weekend we're going to a wedding or getting ice cream or enjoying a pbj or hosting a taco party whatever it is and then I use a service this is one of my favorite stories always recommended it's called followup dot cc and having accountability buddy if you're in the line will get you guys one if you don't have one if you like oh I'm alone don't worry we'll get you someone but you follow that sisi it's free and you just email I generally until sunday and follow up dot cc so email this to adam to adam and then I'll be cc followup cc and I keep it on my desktop too and so this has been very significant and it makes me even if I don't really look at it ever again it makes me think about what do I want accomplish this week what you know coming back to dan what is that life you want to live? What does that look like and don't do too much? I generally most days just right accomplish three things. So what does this week look like? And then every week that before I write my next when I e mailed my results to adam and I have to face it, I have to face the fear of like, what did you call me out? And I didn't use ah, this lifehacker articles was finished and it's ok, because it's do I pushed it back, but it's like it's. Ok, I have to face it and that is very helpful. So I encourage all of you to get a accountability buddy and we'll get you one if you don't have one day where I got you a little bit and then email it every sunday and every sunday you check and say you did the previous week and set up your next week for success uh, next thing, gaby, this was a shock and so you will tell the story of how good he came to be. Yes. So when we know where started working together, we started working together just on his diet, right? You think it's just very simple, but then very quickly and really there's other things behind the scenes that were impacting his diet so thiss whole self you know, health, wealth in love, right so way started talking about other things hey wasn't feeling good, so we started focusing just became started as breakfast and then exercise, and then we started focus and gratitude. Gratitude changes your attitude and when he was feeling really down, I know it's cheesy but is feeling down there. We really started to focus on what he really was grateful for his life. It's really it's, impossible to be unhappy and grateful at the same time. So we started doing good because on twitter, write that down like it's. Impossible. What is that it's? Impossible to be unhappy and grateful at the same time? Possibly happy and grateful this in time it's like, and this is when you were really down and out, right? So we're really focusing on that I mean, that's also when we started talking about relationships energy, but we started focused and gratitude, and there was also like he had this thriving business. A lot of people aspire to be like him, but he still wasn't happy and like he was putting so much energy, you know, into this business, and then was like, dude, what are you doing for yourself? So then we started adding the u right for the job, the white so every day I was like, what are you doing for yourself? Like you're playing? You know, you love this gulf? Are you getting a massage? Are you hanging out with your buddies something like that rather than just focusing on, you know, all work and no play and you know what we talked about if you think about it, we broke out your weekly thing, this is a daily thing, so every morning and if I didn't even let my accountability friend and we'll get you guys some if you don't have it would be like, you know, what do you have to and gratitude could be a simple is like one I remember this one time I was like, I'm so happy for hot water right there that seems silly, but just so I felt so nice in my hands, right? And I felt really happy about that or exercised what am I gonna do day, maybe bicycling and I think a lot of it you think through what you want, it's a lot easier to accomplish it versus like, oh, I hope things just happen and sometimes certain to be will happen that's great, but also planning it out or breakfast, whatever, and you for breakfast, I love oatmeal all right, I'm gonna open and then you it's simple could be anything that you want and that's something kind of coming back to feeling good about your like your lives and feeling fulfilled and feeling strong like what do I want to do that make me feel good today and it could be anything read a book we have a taco it could be have a drink it could be hanging out the friend you could do anything but just what do you enjoy and it's for you to set that precedent, I will put it up for the chat room like what are their positive triggers? Are people doing to improve their days? Like one thing that I've done in the past is that like I put my shoes and my workout gear in the middle of my hallway so whenever I walk to the door and like, all right, I'll go run or I have of my clothing my pull a bar so but mike, whenever I try to get even closer to my pullup arm like all right, right and I don't do it every time, but it is a positive trigger that I don't have to think as much about one of the last ones I want to go to the child to see if there's other ones that we can share one of the things I did is this is my myself on lock screen right, so I was this is uh in texas and I was feeling really glow about myself it's actually it's what I have now it's you know it's what I used today and then on the inside screen this a little more embarrassing is I have a picture of my body and if you can see it but it's a picture my body so that when I eat or a check my phone it's a nice little reminder so I would encourage all of you you know, maybe it's words maybe it's aspirational maybe it's a love one maybe it's a child maybe it's mean adam cobra whatever it is I don't care this is a positive trigger. So every time when I was feeling low about myself that made me feel a little bit stronger and it's just a little wind it didn't take a lot of action, so update your home screen up to your background screen on your laptop things like that what are some of the ones that you guys have done or may be online that they have to share? A lot of people are looking for accountability friends now and offering speed of that ok, we got very coal we're gonna kind of accountability yes, ok, because people are still saying way got about fifteen minutes so I'm gonna grab it with that and we'll get to accountability so here's what what I want to offer and adam was very generous he's not it's not it's not cheap right? But if your health and your like having more energy and living a better life is important to you, you know then you invest in yourselves and so adam is graciously offered six months of personal training with him at my body tutor dot com and that's normally what is that like fifty hundred bucks forty nine a month that's only five bucks with people that I know eight bucks a day to have more energy feel better about yourself so what I want to do is tweet your best rocky pose right and what I want to come on stage and clearly brian we're going to iraqi pose on stage come on dear rocky pose yeah you too brian come on bro don't feel left out you tweeted I'm going to choose the winner when we come back and he'll announce it so I would come on stage so I'll just do a quick rocky pose what is rocky? Do you see this? Not everybody did and everyone don't take a photo come on, sally no that's that's an angry rocky boom doing in your office you're at home don't feel not know fear keep going boney thank you all right, adam let's uh put it together for adam adam gilbert every for my body cuter dot com

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