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Starting Your Business Today!

What we're going to talk about today is validation and starting a business so I want to start off with that with spare ease I'm wearing my yellow ones and we could see these but I want to figure out well anyone pay me ten dollars to tie their shoes right now come on bro no alright bummer okay so maybe let's let's change that up a bit exactly no one would do it and why do you think no one would do that? Why would anybody pay me to tie their shoes alex they're already tied man not an agent or a time and sure I'm a really good tire around but it's not high high on my totem pole of value to me so when you guys were going out and doing your business you're asking to tie people shoes you like man no one wants my greeting cards but everyone was excited about your pies and you like to cook so the really fascinating thing is you're stuck on one idea which is fine explore it validated and that's what validation is so important people may not want it ok, what can I do that they do want they didn'...

t want shoes let's let's change that question what about hiring me a day for ten dollars to stay with you to do your marketing and starting your business? Who here would would pay for that? You got to do it behind their total fool anybody online ten dollars come here with your full day will start a business thanks so few s so that is so like there's a year for sure for sure people um exactly what's the difference don't look at me for the answer I'm asking you value huge about what does that mean going? Because you have experience doing that but I don't you have knowledge that I don't have you have experience, you've done that been there done that stuff I don't know how does that really to you with what you're doing because you you've done something that I haven't done let's turn it to you like in terms of what you're providing, are you trying to sort of business? Yes, okay, and so in terms of you being a shoe tire but maybe in some parts the world you will pay for, um but how do you put yourself high on a totem pole and specifically, you know what we're teaching in our monthly one k course is that when you put yourself hide the totem poll people want to pay, they're excited to give you money when we do you guys feel energy levels, you can we can feel him do you see how hard it was to sell pies for dan, not be shooting the greeting cards with kevin? It was it is like you're like no no I don't really, um greeting cards and remember when smooth seats now island greeting cards love box that's ok, right when we talked about five dollars pies, everyone online got excited I know adam got disappointed uh you got excited by two and so okay there's something interesting with the piping and you are chef and we can explore that a little bit and so with your own business word where you trying to say make sure that you're high on someone's totem pole totem pole is basically how valuable you are to the customer you want to be with okay, so I'm an instructor for fitness so my is pretty niche down to that, so I want to help other fitness instructors be able to take their business of being into one stream of of teaching say they're at a gym or I think we're all zoning out there not in any way okay, what problem are you talking and trying to get them into more business models, then just one going? So what? What problem when you're solving so like I was making more money like I'ma pallotti's teacher yeah, we'll save enough left bodies or that you just that your fitness instructor and you're just teaching in a gym so it's just teaching in a gym and making twenty five dollars an hour you start teaching masters classes and couldn't make it three thousand dollars in ninety minutes ok, so let's the problem you're solving is that I'm teaching at a gym and I want to make more money yes without a lot clear right? So on a teacher for in a gym like an instructor probably pretty I don't know I don't make the assumption that's why validate so I could save money in time to see if it's important do you want to make more money right right or do you want to sell you like athletic gear and different people have different totem poles of what's important them so how have you validated that idea? I've spoken to a lot of teachers that different conferences and they like my ideas of course of marketing and how to reach out to more their students and because I see how they mark it on facebook and other social media and it's like they just shout outs to their students but they don't really talk about how to get into other venues and stuff like that ok, so the whole point of validation is to save time and money to make sure you're solving problem that people want to give you money for that's it what have you done? Basically you've gone to people and said do you like this idea right? And they said sure, right, right well I would challenge you is how many of you actually helped make more money is you brew I knew the answer. E did you read my apologies? I skimmed him. Okay, but you actually do make any money? I didn't even see that part of your email. Okay, you know, how long have you been doing? Well, I have been stuck. I've been like this. I want to do this, but I don't feel expert enough smart enough. Ready enough fit enough to talk to this audience, so I just feel stuck. Okay, what do you think I make you feel unstuck? I'm I'm working through this the self worth stuff, so I'm trying to get through that and I'm also just I'm getting myself out there. I just started my blogged just last week, and I have an experimental blogged that where I'm working with my students and I'm using that kind of a a way to test the market, and then they're not that way. I can work with clients and other people, instructors that can say, ok, this is what's working for me. So now, like we can see if it's going to work with you kind of a thing so it's avoiding actually doing it, okay, right? I'm not sure I'm not your thing, kevin said, some really fascinating we're outside of break, he was like it's, very uncomfortable like some of things you put me on the spot and there's a lot of people watching and all of the people in the room like it's uncomfortable, right? And those are the moments that were actually finding like, oh, yeah, I've been doing it this way, it's not working. What is some new way? I can look at it, right? So what do you think that could be possibly with being with helping people make more money specifically with fitness with those instructors? What is something let's? Just say you only have twenty four hours. What would you do in the next twenty four hours? I don't know. Okay? We're going to some practices so you guys can see how to practice it. But let me just let me throw you a challenge. You've made no people more money. So do you think something that could be interesting would be, could you let me challenge, you know, it's okay. Could you help someone in the next twenty four hours? I could. I would love to do you have a fitness person that you could call? Absolutely. And what have you been doing that person? I do a lot of things for free with people. I mean, I absolutely give them tons of ideas about how how they can build their business, but I've everything I do I do for free because I don't think I just like you I don't think my information don't put on everything that you I know it is it's you I know it's me to same things that they're talking about some of the stuff with the course like tonight I feel comfortable and it takes time to get to that point right? So you have you help people make money it sounds like you're with them but haven't actually helped him I have actually helped a lot of people become an instructor and start there start their businesses but not not build their businesses so let's think about you've helped people already start and do they make money? Absolutely but you want help them grow which you haven't done correct anybody else feel that it was here that it's very common that's very common so how did you find the people that you could help start usually in my classes so and then you have never charged any of those people, so I think what I would challenge you to do is either to things is there any way you could go to one of those people that you've helped start and ask them for money to grow their business could sure can you do it right now on the phone or something? Yes someone's heart kind of waiting having hours I can wait for me yeah, I can sure sure what? Sure what? Sure. Yes. I mean, what will you do exactly what will I do? Yeah, I will call them and and ask call home was the person I will call what's the name miranda's miranda miranda's golden and so you help this person started business absolutely even give her some of my classes and how much does she made from what you've helped her with? She probably makes more money than I do. All right, let's go to you let's go a little hurtful I know my you go it will be like I made you right, right, so what can you do with her? Teaches classes she doesn't do masters classes, she doesn't do some of the other stuff that I know she could even make more money doing. Ok, so what can you do today? I can call her say she wants more. I mean, what do you say? I think this is this is the part that's the value right? You've helped people, you've created her thousands of dollars if not hundreds. And now it's time for you to actually feel it's ok that you deserve it, you've earned it. So what do you think you want to say to practice? What do you want to say? See if she's interested in doing some coaching with me teo learn how to actually do more we do that today? Yeah. Do you have your phone with you it's in the keep the cut the area during the time that calm will keep going. Come back the thing with this and I want to just remind everyone who's watching everyone here live start with one you don't want to you feel self conscious about it make it free and she's actually help people make hundreds of dollars like you got to get to a point where you start feeling like wow how much they made from it I deserve it as kind of the wrong word but I've earned it I'm creating value for these other people it's ok for me to be to be appreciated validation well, we just kind of did there she's played business and you know I should've blawg we go to sort of block because eventually someone will read it no one cares and maybe you'll make some money about it now go right to the route go to the court let's solve a problem he's the validation in forty eight hours to do it why forty eight hours could it have decent at a time? If you are having a tough time finding customers in the beginning it will only get harder with the second thing is can you get three paying customers right and lastly what's the actual problem you know, she kind of like the problem is that it's like what do you really solving and the whole point of validation like when we have seen this I've seen over two thousand businesses tried and started with our monthly one k dot com course and when people are struggling with this it's only gonna get harder and when you actually find so bridget who's one of our members whose amazing she didn't realize that she's really great at helping people to relationships so just go help one person start a relationship and then she found out actually she's really good at hr and now she's a full business I think it's I mean we'll post in the chat room health h r up h r dot com which is a full business perfect life full time now just helping people find people because that's what she loves to do so I just really want you to remember this is that if it's taking you really long to find a customer or you can't get people to pay you or not really something you know that probably actually solving it's only gonna be harder and I've done this twice I've had two businesses where I spent a lot of money at least fifty thousand each one and a lot of times six months minimum on both and they both didn't pan out and that is what's got me to start up sumo for sixty bucks and that's what's got me to be able to help people and that's what I've been doing so these are the key things I really want to do um to remember this is make sense why to validate right and so this is kind of the story I liketo helped drive the point home I was in india and I like this story I was visiting I was with susan this is my house I guess that doesn't look like a house that looks like me ok and so that this is me on like a scooter right? I don't have a horrible jar right and so let's say you want this to you represent a business like this represents a let's a passive income that's that's a that's a lie all income takes active work let's just say this creates a business that you want and this is you you can go get funding you could go to business cards you can go make the website you can go what other things that we've done all that equipment you could start a blogger could start tweeting social media thing that every word yeah we'll make it in the real world you could do all those things right and guess what you might get you guess what you actually get to that that business right? So this is a story in india where I wanted to go home and I don't really know how to get there and so trying to get home took me sixty minutes at night, so eventually got home, right? I had my business perfect, it works and I'm not discouraging if someone out there is done funding and all that stuff are you bottle the criminal? Guess what? It worked like props to you? I don't I'm not going to say that this is the only way I'm just saying from my experience and from helping enough people I've seen this be the best way, and what I did is the next day, I just looked at a map I said, you know what? This is what I went where I want to get this is where I am, and it took me fifteen minutes and so the key takeaways you guys going to eventually get to the business you want, you can do all that mumbo jumbo playing business when you start focusing on the fundamentals. And this is what we teach in this what's worked for people in our monthly one k class that's what actually help people start their businesses, going back to helping one person and doing validation to make sure people want your business. So we're a new practice, so you guys can actually do it all right? Does anybody here know airbnb everybody, anybody? Not it's, okay, airbnb is it's like ebay for houses so you can go like rent people's houses, I guess it's not like it, but it's an online marketplace where you go find people's houses to rent so, like let's say you have a house, I can come to new orleans and then rent your house if you're not there. Everyone's familiar? Yeah, good. All right, so I am going to give you guys about two minutes if you're at home, don't zone out. This is a good challenge. Is this practice and then we'll start live businesses. We got about an hour. So I want you to take two minutes, everyone. You guys get in groups of three right here. And a group of two. How would you start airbnb with the method I'm talking about? Yeah, right now. So what? I really want you to just reiterate how would you validate airbnb? How would you go about seeing if you could make that business within forty eight hours? Does that make sense? Is anything unclear your forty dollars to validate? What would you actually do? So I want you three to get together being teams, you three, and you too, and you at home to take a quick pause, get up his paper, get out of techs, maybe doing the chat room, how would you validate you don't have the funding. You don't have anything. How would you validate that? People actually want a place to go rent other people's houses and stay over. Is this clear? All right, jump his teams. And if you at home, do it as well, it will come back and explore how to validate airbnb. So one before we jump in airbnb that she made a phone call. What happened? Oh, it went to voice mail, but oh, my gosh. It was so nerve racking destroyed for the phone to ring and ring and ring and ring. But in my heart is still racing. Yeah, just because he had a whole fear of rejection and everything. Let's, give it up for betsy that theme, here's, the here's. The bigger thing. So, what can we take from that? Look in the audience? Take from that what all of us take from that experience, you know, breathe any of us, like sometimes before I get nervous for come on stage big, nice cleansing the other. The chat room went hard and supported me. You had somebody wanted to contact you, so we'll have t o people contact you. Sure. It's, betsy, b e t s e y at dance, dodo, dot com, nighttime joo and bridget also right in and said, well, no aurora right in and said what you need to do is get testimonials from all the people that you helped absolutely and put those out front. So what is the exact problem going to sell it for people? How did they get started making money being a fitness instructor that's always been my quandary I've done the get people started and there's there's people out there getting started but there's nobody really out there building the business so the name of my the one that I haven't launched yet is group x empire dot com and it's it's not launched its not ready it's not ready to be launched and let's pause it's so fascinating yes, you've had a lot of success helping people start yes, you haven't had any success yet I'm not sure knock it growing right, right? So which one seems to be the more obvious? Just a than put more energy into? Yeah, yeah, the other one just getting people started just seems so it seems more like, well, I guess I've done it more like his mentor like and being a mentor just doesn't seem like something that it seems more tip tip tips and trick tricks like and how to get started and doesn't seem like something I could build into into an information product, whereas build into it business models ok, here's, how you do this business model here's, how you do this business model who hears a seat more like we don't give her a feedback on how this sounds outside the fishable. Maybe alex. So you mentioned information product? Yes, and I love if a measure products on the message of consumer of information products, but I think where you're at is you just need to sit down and talk to people, yes, and help them with their business, and over time you'll be alberto, put something together that you'll be alberto and I send out to people or, you know, replicate or has no loves to say scale or hate scale. So just to reiterate for everyone watching and for us all here, the key thing that betsy is, uh, is challenged with is that you're so focused on creating info product, and this is yours. So not common, everyone, I can't tell you the people have applied a monthly one k dot com, but I've got the most unique business idea you've ever heard, right? I get everyone has that right? No one thinks. Oh, man, I've got an idea that's not gonna be profitable I love for somebody like man might, he is definitely gonna fail. But everyone gets so obsessed this is what I discourage has to be an app has to be a website it has to have some social media has to be an info product and so I started that jerky business an absolute dot com slash sumo dash jerky and most will be like well that's not a business that's passive income that's in a business that could be growing right so that business made six hundred dollars over three months I made about thirteen hundred profit right I could easily now knowing that I could get customers put that on a website now knowing which method they're going to be most effective I can now buy ads all right can now go back to office managers but in the beginning you need to do it manually you need to go instead of creating an infant products help people so you know what will help be helpful and knowing that you can get them you need to know what will help them and how you can get them like this course I I'll tell you about because it was challenging I spent a year working with people trying to start a business and in the beginning we mean my friend neville brought six people to a room one hundred dollars each full day we spent every single person there business every single person and I was like hominum so awesome good job nella hey mom I'm awesome and I was like all right, I'm gonna check back with you all in two weeks to see how things are going and I was just ready to get more ego juice to myself and what you think happened after two weeks nothing nothing so if I was so obsessed with creating a website and with creating aps and creating info products I would have never been aware that people didn't actually do any pooh pooh that is that appropriate cancer that words they didn't do anything so because I figured I found something that was psychologically like fundamental for them stopping trading business that's why start adding failure olympics to the course that's why I started adding accountability so we actually checked in with people because guess what in two weeks is too late they were gone that's why you provided a support group of other people for them to talk to when they're alone in iowa or estonia or canada right and was on ly from doing it manually for such a long time could I then build a product that would center of them ok, so what was that? What happened right there? I think what you're saying is true and I think even hearing her I think so many people are in that case you're you're out here but you haven't just done the like what is in your hand have you grown what's in your hand and she already has mo mentum or has had success in that but even yet there's another step that she could take which is getting people to pay for what she's doing successfully I personally want to pay people that have done it right like I have started successful businesses so I feel comfortable teaching because I know what a thousand words I mean what does work and so I would encourage you to go back and anyone betsy it dance studio charge people to start that's what's worked but you just need to go help one person just one and then it's like all right, well let me see how do I get to we're gonna come back we were talking about airbnb we're good on this nice little tick tock election uncomfortable comfortable is ok, I'll leave that up um so airbnb how would we get it started forty eight hours and here's the thing this is one of things I really want to get across airbnb is a multi billion dollar company right? And everyone's well I want to build a big company I don't wanna do jerky right right all companies start small every single one maybe ok that emerging bought there's always that guy in the corner that's like oh no it's actually no you're wrong most of them start small facebook and harvard delon a doorman austin microsoft in harvard and a little bit in texas and then back in washington they all started small but were so consumed with any of this info prior need all these things in the future if you actually broke down to what I needed today and how do I get support accountability around you probably make it happen so that's what I really want to do there being the example so you can see ok well how would I try to start this business today without funding without a lot of time so what did you guys come up with way to go to our local network we go to our friends or family say hey you know anybody that wants to rent a house where do you want to rent it and then we'd find a house for him okay go on a little bit that's what I mean like let's say you had till the end of today or you not there you're going to die like I won't kill you but you have until it's three o'clock and you until twelve to make this really what would you do right now go on facebook and say does anybody have any trips planned can I find you a place to rent perfect so one I think that's exactly right that's exactly right one of the key things especially with marketplace businesses like ebay airbnb a lot of these ones you go to the people of what's chicken and egg no it's not you go to the people who have money go to the people who want to pay to rent a house because think about airbnb. You want to pay to sleep in someone else's bed that is weird. I don't care. That is weird. That is creepy like someone else in your bed, right? Maybe the changes she's may they don't want us to do in your place. I don't know if that's gonna work that's why? When people ask me about how their ideas are, I'm like it's going to fail? I don't know, but what you should do is validate to see if people will actually pay you for it. That's it. I think all ideas are bad until you actually get customers to tell you the truth, so exactly right you could go on your social networks. I actually discourage facebook and twitter. I prefer phone calls in person um, email is ok, but the more active, the better. What happens with a lot of businesses when they're starting invalidating? They put up an ad, someone clicks the website no one buys and then they blame the ad. Does anybody done at her anyway? The chat room done that you bought an ad do have I bought it? I've read it in the book is supposed to work this guy made ten thousand I didn't make anything. And so I want to reduce the barriers and reduce anything besides court which is will people pay money to sleep in some bus this place so exactly that just repeat what kevin said I would go find someone traveling in any place and then people well how do you get a place to find then you could solve that that's a lot easier than trying to see if I get customers right another thing you could do what you did you have anything else dad we said craigslist ad go on perfect so craigslist ad take a bunch of photos of the place that they'll be staying what place would they be saying make it sound so easy if you've got a friend who's got a make it super easy do you have a place I did catch it catch it was a nice catch I'm just saying could you not bring out your own apartment right? You see it's kind of come back to kim kevin it's good to go and see who will do it but put it on craigslist under your own this is my place I'm renting it and seeing if you get people that are interested and if not maybe go a little more the direct route right a lot of people wanted play other things but when you come down to the core very b and b it's well people pay to rent other places you have a place your friends were traveling you get their money and both ways can work do you see that no websites no funding no business cards and we don't have a domain name yet no one's been in breakfast dot com maybe hannah don't buy that rob I have a friend who lives by my anything I say is a dot com but you say you see what we did which is more than the traditional ways we have to do all these there's all these other things I need you don't need any of it you need to make sure that people really want what you're solving good good we got more facebook my favorite marquis baby I would you guys validate facebook you got forty eight hours no money how would you validate this is a business and it will go crazy you guys pair twos to to to do another two minutes on it yeah we're playing for keeps come on out sure well people are doing that at home perhaps we can take some questions yes so let's take a look do you want my dio one that america has been riding for a while from america I failed recently and it has me completely off my game and event I've held two times in the past of great success but I've had to cancel the third one and lost two thousand dollars and now I'm paralyzed and I don't know what to do fearful full okay, tosh it is really harsh so does she know what what happened in the previous events so I asked him what maybe had changed what she said got back okay, so let's let's reverse that so if you're doing an event I'm actually holding an event on I've held events have done conferences in the past if you want to hold an event I think a lot of people what they first are doing I've got to get a venue I got it by flyers I've got to get the cater I got to get the food I got to spend money based on what we just talked about what actually the host what do you think that you could do instead of trying to get all this stuff infrastructure what's actually the morning find places for a no and friendly come back on it do you think I'm looking for the questions? Okay, I know you're you're wrong I'm say that loving way no perfectly so if you're doing an event, see if you can sell those tickets if you can't sell those tickets, who cares where the venue or any of that stuff right on I guess what she says something's changed obviously hasn't it it's what I think and I think she needs understand what changed and right that's fine that's number one thing that's critical but second if you're going to an event come on but also tickets if I could get enough tickets then I put the event on and a lot of people say this is the next becoming excuse. Well, I don't want to know something that it's not really I don't something that's not gonna happen right now. Yeah, and I was in a I was in a urinal and I looked at a poster one day for an event happening in three months and it dawned on me that I'm paying for a ticket now for a concert happening in the future. You see, I'm saying they could cancel the show, refund the money and then I start thinking, well, what else am I paying for now? But I don't get for the next month flights, hotels, right events, right? A lot of things that are like we paid that we don't use right away. And so the big thing is that if you set the expectation hey, this is happening in three months and here's the value on providing people let them choose to pay or not, and then you have that validation no one pays guess what, you didn't lose two thousand bucks, and so what? I would encourage you to do something something small to build up your confidence, I would do a little like tea party like what I did for fun, I love tacos I love it so in austin, completely free, I invited fifteen people, my closest friends. I said we're gonna do a bicycle taco tour and everyone loved it way drink when it counted auto market video, I showed him all the different taco places and that's something if I want to turn it into a business. Ok, now I've already seen that people want to do it next time make to hate ten bucks taco tour doesn't cost anything I'll show you the best tacos in town so erica tried to expand. She said she went away from home, cook a whole group plus and she started there and animal people doing this, I'm sort of event so as it might be trying to reinvent that event, you know, I think also she want to be doing events. It sounds like there's something where she didn't necessarily want to be doing what was working. I think that, you know, adam and I talk about it, talk about it in the big leap, that book is a huge thing we give up what works like this is really like with betsy, this is working no let's go over here because that's not I, won't fail at this one. And if I feel I can blame that versus something I'm actually good at so I would probably come back to the basics for her um and then try to focus a little more on the validation versus just spending money and putting a lot more risk in time into it that's great thank you. Watch your head that's crazy right there all right, facebook well really breath okay um how do we start facebook today like how do we do this was starting a gmail fred you're going and put your picture on there and send it to the one person and tell him hit reply all of interested in sharing your photos ok, so what's the problem that you think so I think one of things when we're starting a business what's the problem yourself right? And then we could validate around what's the phone we're selling um people feel isolated yeah or one of make connections they want to keep in touch maybe what else would you get going it's good. So is usually the village there's not like this is the method that always works but I like pre cells like we talked about starting an event you priest on event before you actually have it or you actually see if people engage with with your assumption so see if people will respond with their photos what did you guys come up with? They were saying that with I mean, they obviously love it for their health. Facebook makes money, but they make money run ads. So how do you basically gather people around a common interest? And is there? Ah, um, some sort of, you know, revenue that could be generated around that. So he's, you know, I said, okay, we'll invite ten friends over twenty friends over and to share their all their vacation photos and then there's a you invite, look and local not that there's really travel agents, but was thinking something along the line. Somebody you could provide a service for their next vacation and, like, see if that is a draw enough to people tio, eh, communicate, share and then obviously provide some sort of value on ge also value to the to the business owner middle. Yeah, we had a tough time with this because we came to the same conclusion. Facebook makes money by selling your eyeballs to advertisers. You'd have to get a bunch of people to sign up for something very quickly. So if we step away from that business model and start talking about people, just wanted to connect around common interests, maybe just deciding to pick a topic may be that you have some expertise in and then putting an event, right? Post out and say if you want to come hang out and drink beer and talk about this thing could pay for it and coming out it's kind of kind of going away yeah so I think here's the key things with the facebook example one of like someone came up with this a few workshops ago why not put out a google doc so let's let's talk about the problem the problem is connecting people and in the beginning I'm talking about the beginning of facebook cuddy validate begin your facebook connecting people ok, so how can you connect? Couldn't you do with the google doc? Everyone upload your photo your name, interest book favorite books and all it out to the people within a local area let's say san francisco let's see if people actually do it or not like I think way don't actually do you realize that you give facebook all this information and like I had a friend's dad one of the best ones marty his dad didn't want you want to do online banking for years he didn't trust it and even facebook it's a big you know I think we take for granted like yeah yeah I'll share everything kids, whatever doesn't matter and so that was it what will people actually share it so that's part one well they shared on the boondocks let's see, we find out free and cost anything then secondly, kind of coming back to a little bit your points is that who would want to connect them so let's say we focus just on berkeley go bears where I went um or stanford governor it's nice can I get a local person that wants to reach called shoots? Can I get a local business that wants to get the attention of people in san francisco? Even ten dollars that so much flyers cost them getting now they're called facebook adds one of things I worked on can I just go to a business to be like, hey, I've got thirty people I loved it just tell me about your pizza place it's only ten bucks and see if you get three businesses that's it right? And so the whole mentality is how do I reduce the time? And I reduced the money to validate I'm doing something people want yeah makes sense good and this is from new know who says that how do we overcome the fear of looking like a salesman by always asking our friends, would you buy this? Would you do that? How about that? Yeah, that's a very common thing and I think what happens, what I've noticed is a pattern is that when they're doing that they're selling something they don't want and they're just trying to make money, so I started the jerky business and I was very excited to talk to my friends about the jerky business, and I and I said to the people that were my friends, I know eat healthy and that work in offices I said, hey, you really should buy jerky. I love jerky, I know it's gonna be great and it's going to be good for you, and generally what I've seen is that the things that people are uncomfortable with is why they're promoting that, um, so he feels like a salesman because he's, actually not selling something he wants to sell, he just wants to make money, and I relate that top sumo is that I've noticed this with myself, where the deals that we promote that I tweet and facebook about are the ones where I'm like that's an awesome deal, but there's other ones where I'm like that's good, I could see some people liking it. And what it taught me, though, is that when you're actually really proud of something and you think it's really valuable for other people, you don't you don't feel bad about telling him like, how many times is anybody here recommended a restaurant to some money that is selling, you're selling them shame on you. You've done it you know I haven't no I have done that it's just going to put in on on that comment is I think it can also be cultural because I noticed you know we've got people watching from all over the world and alex might agree with me in australia if you sell to hot culturally we have thing called told puppy syndrome so you saw too hot you let us down and have it into the ground with my little country you have the place but it is why life because I saw their you know businesses in australia there are businesses not strongly but that selling to your friend saying that model has never like traditionally and it's right it hasn't it's been a hard one well that's what you think a lot of people are saying well I do want to sell to my friends right and it's not really just your friend that your network and what you have available to you right so now they have the you have the facebook group as well as in our monthly one k dot com course a lot of people are helping each other and starting business that way but what I want people to recognize is how do you sell something that you have access to and is interesting to you what most people do because then they can't fail is they go outside the network they go door to door they cold call because when they get rejected, they're like, well, I don't know that guy. I don't care to be rejected, but if you actually went in, explored selling something like let's say w p curve dot com, do you would you go to your brother and say, man, you need to buy this? Wow, what's that because that guy is not going to be mild deal client. Okay? That's good, but do you feel comfortable? Like, who would you feel comfortable selling to? I'd feel comfortable selling tio betty, for example. I'd say I could add some value to what she don't so I could help her out. You could help update our website, I guess the way that I've always fundamentally, cassell says I'm not a hard sales person and when I have something that I really love it's like, I'm excited to share and it's, not a cell. If you're selling your feeling, it probably was uncomfortable. They're probably something off. The other thing I think is not just sharing something you really love actually got his education. I look, it is an education. I'm nodding in, agreeing as e I actually like good restaurants is the same as a good sell. Like you have to do this like it is bad for you not to be part of it and if you don't feel that way about what you're doing there's probably something wrong right? That's what I say to noona I for myself I mean I think I think most people know that I I love my job here at creative live and part of that though is suggesting facility in the sales of these courses but when I I love what we do here so much and believe in it so much that I don't feel like it's selling I'm just talking about how excited you know I am about people getting this education and knowledge for them too move forward in their own lives but I think that going back tio then photography I think for me a switch was when I realized you just said that you're educating people when I realized that I was, um giving people solutions to what they wanted and needed and not just like oh, I wonder if they'll like me but hearing back from them how I'm actually helping them and like they don't have the time this busy mom doesn't have the time to go you know create this album or what have you but you've got to educate our clients how do you feel you have your felt uncomfortable selling one of the critical of course is you've done thirty, two hundred thirty two we're like one hundred fifty s o how did you feel when there was one that maybe didn't feel right about her? What happened with that? I know your bosses are watching I think that yeah, I mean get rid awful for honesty if there was if there was a course that I didn't see the value in it for myself or then then because I don't because I do see sales as um it's harder for me to come across as genuine, but what? And I feel like when I see the value in something that it's I don't feel like I'm selling I'm just talking about it you want to talk about it it's like when you have a kid like you gonna talk about this thing is it's awesome hopefully right there you like we've got someone watching from ireland so they're probably going after are in there for you will the island, she says, told poppy syndrome is huge here in ireland to and people want you to file because you think they're your above them it's a fine it's just a funny thing, but I think you're right when you call it sharing I love the idea of sharing well I'm sure there's a lot of things you share right now and that's any fundamental of what happened when our comments it's like I'm we gotta find the coolest tools and then share with people yeah, that's. What we get paid somehow to do that, right? Um, I think also, it kind of like what we talked about in that love section in part two, is that if you're around people that are gonna hate in like that, start exploring online groups. The group we talked to on facebook monthly one k dot com for starting a business group. Or just your circle of friends like who's influencing you.

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