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Starting Business Today w/ Reshanda

What was the problem you're solving the problem solving is communicating positive comments to others when the situation is awkward or potentially embarrassing okay and so how could we validate that as a business um that's something that I've been struggling with? I I thought you know I could cheaply make its via cards these little car do you have anything give me, uh, yes, I didn't you got it. And how much money have you spent so far? Um, five bucks for a card stock. Good. Yeah. So here. So like, what would be awkward for me? Um I don't know about you, but for me it would be it's like going up to you if I thought, you know, you're cute, you know, and being like, hey, you know, can I have your number so I could write on this card? You know, you you're really cute give me a call, you know? And I could leave the car there, like, on your coffee table or something like that without, um, if you're of you being like you're a dog, you know, get away from your whatever, ok, and so one of the I ...

mean, this is this is cool, huh, it's really think your house because you put on your coffee table, which way have about four minutes and I've never done it this fast. What so what's been holding you back with this? You know, you came up with recently but what's been holding you back from validating this is a successful business. The thing is asking for money for it and that's been with I've actually tried to validate several businesses, and but I always get hung up that part where I talked to a potential customer, ok, I've never actually validated a business only what's going back from actually asking a friend or you're talking to someone close to you, it's just them being it's just the fear of rejection really that's what it comes down to them saying no. So the cards just to make sure we have a closer, he says a little compliment and I just want to say, and then you could write something if you don't feel comfortable saying it's so awkward cards um, you know, one of things I think in terms of you been spending money, you haven't been a lot of time and asking for money is hard that's why we have the coffee challenge that's, why and monthly when k dot com we have some other challenges that I want don't want to spoil all of it um, what do you think you can do right now? Uh to push your comforts of challenger coming so maybe the people here like you have these people who have been all day with them what if you could do right now I guess it the thing that I need to do is ask someone if they will pay me for this o okay um shouldn't you someone specifically what I choose nita anita, would you like to buy some compliment cards for me? I would love to you how much I hung on each other and on their way the several it's like thirty of them um for twenty dollars, twenty dollars o tio actually actually don't let me don't you stay with her? Yeah so they have a lot of press are they letter pressed like they can be but along the way so I shouldn't want I'm sorry for distracting because that person is willing to pay twenty that's the point secondly, do you hear what did you just say? Are they letter pressed and then what you just are talking instead of is that important to you? I think just the quality like a I think I love compliments and I love the idea I love the name like awkward cards like I think it could be really funny um and I just but it then at the same time it's like it if if I'm going to do this kind of like funny thing on the side it's like I wanted to be like a textural experience or somebody's opening in and like, this is a really nice card that they said this really simple thing I think that then you get until like, ass twenty bucks for and you have your purse with you, teo, and I'm willing to pay twenty dollars or twenty dollars, and you get your person can't people promising to pay is not paying uh and so the promise of it it is one thing. So you have the network here. What did you experience right now? Um it wass uh, you know, nervous, tense, awkward situation for me, but I'm was fine, okay, this actually entering much as dan to see if you want then um, dan, would you like to buy compliment cards from me? But I I love the idea, but I actually love approaching people personally and giving them compliments, so it does it wouldn't really make sense for me. I wouldn't buy those cards, but if he had a blank business cards that I could write my name and my a melon, that would be something that I would buy, ok, ok, so that was going to light up no, it certainly doesn't want to come in my car, so I think I wanted things is with the problem solving people who are introverts fuel her injury dhs secondly maybe it's the female audience I think if you understood the problem then you couldn't find out who the customer is and I think the interesting is you don't always want to just give in to what they want has to stay true to yourself how did you but what I really wanted to feel because I knew you'd to know how did you feel when he said no, it wasn't that bad actually you know yeah there was but it wasn't that ok what I want to do your live your life and hopefully you'll get twenty dollars she may she may have left the building came back you know I'm not given twenty amount here um no we're gonna collect alive if you're willing to pay and how can people buy more of awkward arts? Um they can um email me at lashanda billy at gmail dot people but they do have yet it's rush on the billy actually but if you want to get awkward card so what do you know here's the thing it's a nice were operative live it's obviously a lot of people but what do you do next? So it's rashad r e s h a n d a the island alive that um it's uh pay power what's your gmail dot com this is your paper yeah it's my it's also respond to billy whatever weight now paypal twenty bucks if you want awkward cards here's the thing though obviously were included life so it's a little you're going from covering the twenty bucks up let's put it together that's cool that's cool I think the thing is well she got rejected as well live right one of the key things those what do you do next so you obviously you know shonda billy a juvenile combine if you want to get awkward cards to give compliments if you're maybe introvert or a little more uncomfortable or want something unique but what do you do next though because this is the this is the easy one we're all excited we're all motivated what do you do next? Um my first thought is to make sure that need is happy with what she gets for me I'm and then asked another person I guess who's gonna ask that this is the part I want to really make sure we drive home um I will ask um someone who fits what you're talking about in my network so you know a friend or a family member who I think will be interested in it please let him go like I don't know there's so many great little spit iki shops in the city card shops and stuff what if you made like five ten and then just dropped him off and said hey you know can you well, you guys I'll give it to you when you sell these are, you know, half price or whatever like taken to a shop and see if there's traction there because those are the kind of people that are already looking for something kind of unique and you know, you don't have to have a set up a shop or set up a web site you can see like, do that will they sell? Ok, thank you so I think that's good, you can also go to stores, take one pack and say, hey, would you guys wanna buy this or I mean that you have to go out to stores that actually just call friends or next time you have lunch with people and as well, you can ask, you're going to try to be like, hey, do you have other friends you think would be interested in just like, like you did on stage? And what was the takeaway for you what's the big takeaway? Um, I think the major takeaway is to get past what I'm so afraid of because now I realize that it's probably not that well, you got rejected a dance troupe, yeah, techno, I think that's the biggest takeaway I'm sorry facing rejection, good, awesome coming good, put it together couldn't get a big time online, everyone, so I will say this is what we do at up someone one of the letters products we help people with accountability if you need someone support, we have a group of customers as well as the blueprint from going to like I don't know anything to at least make it a thousand dollars a month business, check it out monthly one k dot com if you're interested service and need help or have questions I just want some support on I want to leave it, I want to leave strong so we've got a few little things left here's ten small win today to go do sometimes you don't need to do some massive big things I really would encourage you to build momentum start small have fun that you only live once. There's no pause there's number wine have fun notice the words you use there's a lot of self limiting words with want preneurs and people in their lives like aa lot of things we're seeing yesterday was like I could have done this right I could have done this needed was saying I could have it's like what can you do? So don't limit yourself gaby gratitude exercise breakfast you remove one piece of clothing not not in public, but something from your wardrobe make your bed get a small victory every morning I make my bed every morning even in most hotels like us, except today, I was little nervous. Uh, make your bed it's a little, win every day, morning song, starting to habit, move about habit out of back rooms, like talked about and call one friend that just makes you feel good. What I want everyone to do at home. Review your framework, wealth, health, love what you need to pick up what's already good, and we can you focus on, and as we all wrap up, I need to have this slide. Have a great day. That's, you. I got you, bro, thank you very much.

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Fear holds you back. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of what you don’t know: these potential threats to your status quo can cripple your confidence and make you avoid the unknown. In order to realize your dreams, you must first learn how to confront your fears.

Join prolific entrepreneur Noah Kagan, creator of, for a workshop on moving past fear to get what you really want. Noah will teach you how to see what is holding you back, explain how fear manifests physically and psychologically, and reveal his own battles with fear.

Whether you want to start your a business, take your relationship to the next level, or go skydiving, this course will help you identify the steps you need to take to break through what you’re afraid of and claim the life you want.


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Absolutely awesome! As usual, and congruent with everything Noah does, he delivers wayyy beyond your expectations with this course. Noah is uniquely brilliant at understanding what it takes to be wildly successful in today's world of entrepreneurialism, AND he's gifted at being able to teach what he knows to others in a way that's simple, easy for them to grasp and take swift action on. On top of everything, he never fails to deliver his content/lessons with genuine presence, warmth and light-hearted humor. can be FUN, especially with Noah. I can't recommend this course and his other work enough. If you want to learn from someone who truly cares, he's your guy.