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Creating Video Insets

Okay, so when we left off, we were looking at the folder number five, the portrait sitting video idea, and we looked at the difference between using filters with smart objects on video clips and not using them with smart objects versus er the filter affecting one frame rather than all the frames in the clip. And we also looked at applying adjustment layers to a few clips in the layers panel as well as the whole project, but now what I want to do is on a dip into folder number six here, and we're going to look at the wedding video now when you buy the course and get the extras files, I've given you a slew more files than we're ever going to have time to get through today and that's on purpose, I want you to have a lot to play with here, so in the wedding shoot video folder in particular, you're going to find three different psd files, so let's, just pop those open really quickly here. The first one is pretty cut and dry, a similar to what we've been building together all day. If I just ...

scrubbed through it, you kind of see what we've got going on here and this little dark fade behind the text that's actually a really big drop shadow. So you can kind of re engineer what I did in some of these projects simply by looking at the layers panel the only other thing I want to point out about this particular project is that do give it a spin to get ideas if you are shooting wedding so what we've got here is we've got some video of the beautiful bride and then we cross fade into a pan and zoom of the rings so when you begin doing these videos in your own photographic business, think about stills that you can shoot in conjunction with motion that you can capture so obviously the rings and for this one what I did and we're going to do this one together right now is we did the incident with still graphics earlier well this this is the same thing, so I have inset another clip on top of another clip ok, so we'll do that one together in a second another video idea the actual putting on of the ring give me that diamond love jury and then we go to a still of the cake so those were some no brainers and if you're shooting wedding, you're shooting this stuff anyway so it's a great a great way to slip in some stills in and among the video and then you don't have to create an hour long video to have a really sellable viable product in your photography business I mean, a lot of these videos that we're creating here or not very long at all, you know, so you could make something that's five minutes long, which in video time is kind of a long time, but by slipping in some stills in with the footage and you know what weddings people love to see just kind of off the cuff captures seeing their friends and family interacting things like putting the flowers in the hair if there's any little flower girls running around capture some video of, you know, whomever is controlling that child's head flower arrangement and captured things like that, just a little conversation groups that happened laughter all kinds of ideas, any dancing silliness that goes on is they're all great ideas to capture and then of course, do you remember to brand the heck out of that sucker at the because they're going to buy this and show it off everywhere, and you want people to remember that you're the one that made that cool video, so everything we've seen here thus far, we've already done except for this little video in the video effect, so what we're going to do is I'm gonna go ahead and delete that clip out of this project, we're just going to bring it back in works the same way is what we've been doing all day, someone it click to activate the clip and then I'm going to press the delete he to get rid of it. All we did was really delete the layer same time so now let's, go ahead and bring in that item so I can since I've already got another video track going on here, I can just go ahead and click the little media icon choose at media and the navigate toward that extra clip lives so we're down here in folder number six and I haven't numbered these last three clips because these are the ones that were going to use for our special effects, so the ones that actually live in this project are all numbered alphabetically, so I'm going to grab this first one down here that's not numbered now I can see that the video came in here in my video track, but I got to go hunt it down in the timeline panel and then drag it to where I want it to be in the project. So what I started out by doing was positioning, positioning myplay head about where I want this clip to come in part wanted to come in this a little bit after the transition between one clip to another and I don't want it to stay on screen very long swelled a short it about two right there so now what I need to do is position my play head atop that cliff and then re size this one so that we can see the clip that's underneath and you know there's a clip underneath because it's sitting right here so with that clip active we can summon free transform commander control t and then use our shift option trick on a mac or shift altana pc and we're just going to resize that video clip released the modified please click and drag within the transform box and this position it wherever you want that video within a video effect to be seen press return and now if we just preview that one part ok so now what we're gonna do is add a transition onto the video in set so we're gonna add a fade in and fade out next we're gonna add that stroke little outline around the inside just to finish off its edges so you want to make sure that that incident is active and then we're gonna click the effects button at the bottom of the layers panel and we're gonna choose stroke now we're going to single click the color swatch tow open the color picker and then what are we going to do mouse away from the color picker over to the image and pick up a color that already lives there see if I can zoom in there we go see the difference so let's look at just the black stroke it's kind of growth in it if I e they they're not being creative at all if you've got color, why not use it even if he went for like a dark gray that would be better than black blacks is too easy, so why not this mouse over and watch that edge change as I click around in that beautiful it's much more subtle it's obviously planned that just shows off your attention to detail, then click ok and of course you can change the size if you want in the position poppet menus what controls if the corners of the stroke around it or square so just depending upon what you want she's inside if you want him to be square and click ok, you can see it if I make the edges a little bit larger see how they're square now as opposed to rounded also change the position of the of the stroke but let's come back down to around three pixels to max out a little bit let's hide our guys temporarily shaken really appreciate what's gonna look like and now let's look at just that piece, nice little effect and all easily done using tools that you've been using forever in photo shot the move toll free transform layer styles ok, now we're going close at this maybe that's all I wanted to show you but do practice at home by building that whole thing by yourself come back over here to bridge and now what I want to do is show you the other two special effect movies that we've got in here so the mp four files are the rendered final files of the special effects that we're going to create and you kind of get an idea of what we're going to show off here but let's, go ahead and start it was the video collage so let's pop that open and let's look at our layers panel here in our timeline panel to see what we've got going on so we have a solid color film layer at the very bottom and then we've got one, two, three, four, five clips stacked on top of each other in separate video tracks, and all we did was use free transformed tool to make them the right size and then the move told to position them throughout our image. Now if you are going to do a video collage effect like this, a graphic designers trick would be to stick with odd numbers. In other words, we would not want four clips when we find this one right here. This is another little trick for you I want to talk with the visibility off on this layer right here, but I don't necessarily know what layer lives on, so a teat is to activate the move tool mouse over to the offending layer control or right? Click it on top of it and photo shops going to give you a list of all the possible layers you could be talking about so obviously it's not the color field layer but it's this one right here in a soon as I choose that from that shortcut mini it activates the right layer over here in the layers panel sets in the little trick, so this is far less visually pleasing then this simply because the number of insects that we've got you always want to stick with odd members whenever possible it's going to make it more visually pleasing so let's, go ahead and create this effect together won't take us very long at all I'm gonna go ahead and delete everything but the solid color phil layer that I've got going on, so I just click to activate the top most layer in the layers candle and shift click to activate the last one and photoshopped activates all the layers in between so I can press the delete key so now let's go ahead and start bringing in those clips and he could do this in a couple of different ways we could just bring them in all in one fell swoop or we could bring them in one at a time some may choose these three and maybe that one in that one I just want to get five clips in here they're all of course going to come in in a group, and we're going to liberate them from that group so that they end up on their own player stack actually, I'm not going to bring in that one. I'm going to bring in another one that was another background. There we go, that one should do it there. You okay now? Since these were all inside of a video group, I can simply to start dragging them up, and as I do that they're going to start popping onto their own video tracks. They're now we've got five video tracks. Now we're going to greatly decrease the zoom in our time on panel here, and since we want them to all appear on top of each other, we're just going to drag them all to the far left of our timeline. There we go, some of them are longer than others, but for the purposes of this demonstration, that's all right, okay, now the next thing to do is to start re sizing them well, since they're all the same size and we want them all to be the same size. Let's, activate them all and re size them in mass, so click to activate one layer shift, click to activate the others, and then someone free transform commander control t and we're going to make the's we're going to shift option dragger shift all drag on a pc and we're going to make him about yea big we're just going to eyeball it press return and now all of those videos air the same size, so sizing them in mass is kind of key to this one technique and now we're just going to use the move tool to position them wherever we want someone a drag one to this corner and probably the happy bride in the center here drag want another corner drag wants another corner I'm just activating them in the layers panel over here and where is the last one? There it is that's really all there is to it so now we're going to do the same thing we did a moment ago with that stroke, click the effects button at the bottom of the layers panel to stroke and her size of three click the black square come over here and pick a color from the image if I want the outline to be a little bit lighter, I might go within these greens. If I wanted to be a little bit darker and less noticeable, I could simply click elsewhere we're gonna call that good click ok never going to apply that stroked all of those layers simply by option dragging on a mac or all dragging on a pc the word stroke in the layers panel so option, drag up to that one option. Drag it to that one or all drag and I am clicking the modifier team my keyboard before I click with my mouse. There we go. And now we can position our play head at the beginning of the movie shops, going to struggle pretty hard to play that back. But once you render it it's going to be fine so that's a real need effect that you might want to consider. And this as you can see there's no end to the different types of things that you can create. So he's got that finished document so you can continue to experiment with that if you want. But I think it's a pretty cool effect that the first couple of times I did it, I tried it with another motion video in the background instead of that solid color feel layer, it almost made me dizzy. So that's a little bit too much motion. But other ideas, you know, there's tons of other ideas. You could have one large video clip with three little ones going on on one side or the other. He could have different insects going on at the bottom, anything your little heart desires.

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