Adobe® Photoshop® Image Size, Resolution, and Cropping


Adobe® Photoshop® Image Size, Resolution, and Cropping


Class Description

Avoid common pitfalls and wrangle your pixels with perfection to properly resize (or reformat) your images.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 14.2



I can not find the best words to express how GRATEFUL I am for this class. It answered every question I had about preparing my prints for "the proper size" to print. Khara is one of the best Photoshop teachers I have found on CreativeLive. Thanks to her, I no longer have any worries about the resolution of my prints - now I know how to set the parameters. Her information about cropping made me want to go back through my archives and re-crop every photo I have ever taken. This course is definitely worth the time and money. Thanks CreativeLive! Thanks Khara!


Wonderful short course that answered questions that I had been googling for a year with no success! After several years of using PS, this course showed me little secrets in the crop tool I never paid attention to before. Thanks, Khara, for making this fun and well worth my time. You are a natural instructor and I always check on your classes first.

a Creativelive Student

Class was great especially catching it at a time when it was free. It moved rather fast and some material I would like to have had a better understanding of but there are some tricks that I THINK I learned (THINK is the keyword). Good Class!!