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Pinterest analytics demo


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4. Pinterest analytics demo

Lesson Info

Pinterest analytics demo

Hi, I'm sarah and I'm going to walk you through how to use pinterest analytics to understand how your brands content is landing with your desired audience and find actionable tips to make your content work even better. So when logged in to pinterest using your brands credentials you can navigate the analytics that pinterest dot com and you'll see this screen for the sake of this demo we're going to use jodo case, which is a san francisco based leather goods company to show you exactly the type of data that you'll see when you log into analytics so we re launched our analytics product last summer and it now contains data around three different dimensions the first as you can see here is profiled data and this specifically looks at the pins that the brand has pinned to their own profile. The second tab is around audience insights so this looks at the people on pinterest who are engaging with your brands content where they live, what else they're interested in and finally the third tab is...

website analytics this is going a bit deeper on all of the pins on pinterest that link back to your brands website regardless of whether they were pinned by your brand or by individual penner's so let's start by going deeper on the profile analytics him, you'll notice that by default when you go to this tab we show impression data over the last couple weeks you can also navigate to re pins or cliques if those metrics are more important to the brand that you're working with, and you can manipulate the time range and the graph going back over a year if you're interested in looking at your over your trends and allowing you to hone in on a specific time range, if there was a particular marketing campaign or seasonality effect that you want to understand more also well on the tab, you can navigate up here to export the data to a csp file or filter by application. If your brand cares more about a particular platform, scrolling down below will show you first, the top pins that are driving impressions over the past month, so you can get a feel for the specific pieces of content that are helping your brand achieve their goals. And below that, the top boards on their profile that are driving impressions as well. That's, the profile analytics tab let's jump over to the third tab website analytics, because it's structured in a similar way. So again, this tab shows all of the pins that link back to your brands website. In this case, dodo case dot com these may have been pinned by your brand to their own profile, or they may have been brought to pinterest by users using a pin it button or the browser extension and so here we see the tab structured in a similar way to what you just saw on the profile analytics tab we allow you to slice by impressions or re pins or clicks to manipulate the date range in the graph again to export the data or filter by a particular app and down below to see the top pins and boards that are driving the metric of your choice. The final tab here in the middle of audience analytics seal notice that when we when you navigate this tab by default we show you demographic information on all of the people on pinterest who are seeing your brands content in this case eighteen thousand people over the past month have seen dodo case is content if you're interested in understanding what percentage of those were followers you can actually filter to see that here in the upper right and you'll notice that like most brands on pinterest dot okay sees engagement coming actually from a small percentage of its followers and really more from the larger community on pinterest which is discovering its content through search there category feeds or by following people who are maybe following dodo case is content let's go back to look at all audiences if you scroll down you can see the demographic details on these people on pinterest where they live both in a country and gm a level what language they speak and what the gender split looks like up here you can also navigate to the interests of tab this will give you a feel for the people on pinterest that engaged with your brands content what other interests they have in this case dodo cases audience on pinterest is also interested in d I y home decor, design, art and technology if I were working with this brand, I would advise them to create boards either dedicated to those topics or strongly and if using those concepts to make their content resonate even more with the people who are already discovering their content on pinterest scrolling down, we'll show you audience boards with lots of your brands pins that is individual pinar profiles that air featuring your brands content so you can get a feel for the type of customer that's finding this content really valuable below that we show you other brands that your audience engages with on pinterest this will give you a sense of what other content they're finding compelling and who your brands competitive set might be on pinterest by using profile analytics, website analytics and audience analytics you can understand better what's working for your particular brand how their content is landing with their current audience and also with their desired audience on the platform I would encourage you to ask your brands that you're partnering with for access to their accounts so you khun specifically go deeper on their content and make really informed recommendation

Class Description

Pinterest is a tool that millions of people use to discover and save creative ideas for their future. Every day, people turn to Pinterest to get inspiration for things they want to do next: things like a recipe they want to cook tonight and a trip they want to take this weekend, to a car they’re interested in buying.

In Pinstitute for SMG, you’ll learn unique and effective ways you can help your brands to reach consumers through Promoted Pins.

In this course, the Pinterest Agency & Partnerships team will share exactly what you need to know to develop advertising campaigns and tactics that will help you achieve your brand’s goals. You’ll learn:

  • How to get valuable insights from Pinterest
  • What type of Promoted Pins will achieve your client’s goals
  • Our most recent success stories and case studies
  • What makes a great Promoted Pin

By the time you’re done with this course, you’ll know what works best on Pinterest and understand how you can work with us to drive insights, engagement and performance for your brands. 

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