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The Full Funnel: action


Pinstitute for SMG


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9. The Full Funnel: action

Lesson Info

The Full Funnel: action

Hi, my name is galen burke, and I run our ads product marketing team at pinterest and today we're here to talk to you about the full funnel it's, a sweet, sweet of promoted pins solutions we've created to help you engage with penner's is they're planning their futures to drive your business. We created a full funnel suite of solutions because our research has shown us that painters are arab every stage of the purchase funnel on pinterest in this particular video, we're going to dive more deeply into our action based solution, so more of our direct response or our ally solutions on pinterest for promoted pins. So how do our actions solutions? Focus on pinterest if you're interested in driving traffic to your web site, you can use our cpc pricing model where you're only paying when an individual clicks through from a promoted pin to your website. Placement is determined by the pinterest auction, which considers both your willingness to pay or your bid and how good your creative is, how r...

elevant it is and how many click throughs it's inspiring so what's great about this auction is that you get price efficiencies if you create really compelling creative that drives more powerful click through to your site targeting for cpc creative on pinterest is determined by terms, so you apply terms to your creative that helps us understand what it's about and we find penner's while they're searching while they're browsing. They're category feeds or well, they're proving their home feeds who are likely to see that content and be inspired to click through to your site. The creative you can use to tell your story is the standard pin, which is actually a very powerfully unit. You can have a large, rich image, a very clear, informative description, and penner's can either repin that content to one of their boards to safer later or actually click through to your website to learn more to convert and again, you only pay when an individual clicks through. In terms of measurement, the measurement that we provide on cpc promoted pins includes traffic. Did we drive a individual to your website? Sign ups? Did someone actually register after clicking through from a promoted pin or conversions? Did someone purchased something after clicking through from a promoted pen? Because our conversion pixel can look at views, engagements and click throughs that happen in both our mobile app and on desktop, the conversion pixels are really rich way to understand the cross device impact of your promoted pence. Our second action solution on pinterest is available to those who are our commerce partners, those who have buyable pins for this reason, the pricing model is actually the cost per conversion, or c p a you were only you only need to pay what you were willing to pay for an inline conversion that happens from a bible pen placement is very similar to our cpc offering. You can show up in a search feed a category feeder, a home feed based on the terms that you put behind your buyable promoted pen. The difference in format is that the bible pin is the on ly auction solution that you conveyed a c p a on because, again, not conversion happens in line on pinterest and if you are a commerce partner and you are promoting buyable pins, we deliver to you measurement on a c p a basis, so you're able to understand the number of mobile conversions we drove and at what cps or cost for conversion. So to summarize the action solutions that pinches provides. If you're interested in driving traffics sign ups or website conversions, you can use our cpc product, we use an auction model to deliver those pins in search category in home feed, you target that pin based on terms the units that you can use our our standard pin and are rich pins, and our conversion pixel is able to tell you whether viewing, engaging with or clicking through from a promoted pin led to a conversion pixel on your website within the time frame that you care about if you're a commerce partner your pricing model will be updated to a cost per conversion or a c p, a cost for acquisition and that's, because the conversion actually happens in line via buyable pin. So the measurement that we provide back to you are the number of conversions that we drove via our buyable pins and the cost for acquisition or cost per conversion that you pay.

Class Description

Pinterest is a tool that millions of people use to discover and save creative ideas for their future. Every day, people turn to Pinterest to get inspiration for things they want to do next: things like a recipe they want to cook tonight and a trip they want to take this weekend, to a car they’re interested in buying.

In Pinstitute for SMG, you’ll learn unique and effective ways you can help your brands to reach consumers through Promoted Pins.

In this course, the Pinterest Agency & Partnerships team will share exactly what you need to know to develop advertising campaigns and tactics that will help you achieve your brand’s goals. You’ll learn:

  • How to get valuable insights from Pinterest
  • What type of Promoted Pins will achieve your client’s goals
  • Our most recent success stories and case studies
  • What makes a great Promoted Pin

By the time you’re done with this course, you’ll know what works best on Pinterest and understand how you can work with us to drive insights, engagement and performance for your brands. 

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