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The Full Funnel: awareness


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7. The Full Funnel: awareness

Lesson Info

The Full Funnel: awareness

Everybody, I'm galen burke, I run the ads product marketing team at pinterest and today we're going to review the full funnel, which is our suite of ad solutions that help brands reach penders on pinterest while they're planning their future. So in building promoted pin solutions, we've actually built solutions for you from the top of the funnel to the bottom, and we've done that because we found that people are in all stages of the purchase cycle on pinterest, so our awareness solution is really the solution you want to use when you or your brand wants to be top of mind with a key audience on a key date in a premium placement to drive mass awareness for your brand or intent for your brand. If you're focused on reaching people that are in market for a certain product or planning for a certain part of their future, you want to use our intense solution, which allows you to reach in market penner's who are actively planning for a specific future event. And if you're interested in driving ...

our ally positive actions for your brand, that might be traffic to your web site or conversions, you should use our action solution, which allows you to reach penner's as they're actively clicking through and taking action on your website. So in this specific video, I love to dive more deeply into our wearing a solution, how it functions and how you can leverage it to reach your awareness objectives. Our awareness solution is delivered via reserved cpm at twenty two dollars, but as some of you know, engagement with a c p m ad can drive media efficiencies through earned media. In doing so, you're assured top slot placement in a penner's home feed or category feeds. We have found that those top placements drive more awareness and more engagement what's the targeting that you can use for your awareness solution, we allow for different types of behavioral and contextual targeting for our cpm solution. If your interest in reaching people as they're actively browsing in a certain category, you can target our categories. An example here in this case might be the beauty category. This is really effective contextual targeting because you can reach people as they're engaging in an interest. If you're more focused on reaching people based on who they are, what life stage they're in, you can target personas and that's our best in class behavioral targeting solution on pinterest an example here might be a beauty maven you can reach her in her home feed is she's browsing or in everything in popular with the behavioral relevant add to drive your business? Finally, some of those personas might be life stages so you might be able to target women who are actively planning a wedding so you can give wedding makeup tips to her and remain relevant based on what matters to her. In terms of the units you can use to tell your story, we have the standard pen, which actually packs a very powerful punch it's a beautiful image with a rich description and a painter can either save that pin to their board and make it part of their pinterest identity or click through to your website to learn more. The cinematic pin is also a part of our turnkey awareness solution, and this really adds motion to the power of the pen, so the pin will move in in line with the way that the painters actually scrolling. So it's, a truly native mobile first unit that feels completely personal to the winner. And in terms of the measurements, you can understand the impact of your campaign within our persona and category targeting we report on unique reach. You can understand how many of the individuals within your coveted audience you reached during your campaign, and if you're using the cinematic pin, which adds motion to the classic pin format, we tell you how much time was spent and how engaged your audience was with that pin, so you can truly understand the unique impact of that format. So, to summarize, our awareness solution is a great option. When you get want to get broad reach within an audience that really matters to you. Because you're able to reserve that audience ahead time on key dates, you're as will deliver top of feed for maximum impact. You can use our standard pin, but also our cinematic pin, which adds personal mobile first motion to your story. And you can understand the unique reach you had within that coveted audience on dh. How much time they spend or engaged with your cinematic pen?

Class Description

Pinterest is a tool that millions of people use to discover and save creative ideas for their future. Every day, people turn to Pinterest to get inspiration for things they want to do next: things like a recipe they want to cook tonight and a trip they want to take this weekend, to a car they’re interested in buying.

In Pinstitute for SMG, you’ll learn unique and effective ways you can help your brands to reach consumers through Promoted Pins.

In this course, the Pinterest Agency & Partnerships team will share exactly what you need to know to develop advertising campaigns and tactics that will help you achieve your brand’s goals. You’ll learn:

  • How to get valuable insights from Pinterest
  • What type of Promoted Pins will achieve your client’s goals
  • Our most recent success stories and case studies
  • What makes a great Promoted Pin

By the time you’re done with this course, you’ll know what works best on Pinterest and understand how you can work with us to drive insights, engagement and performance for your brands. 

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