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The Pin Factory


Pinstitute for SMG


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14. The Pin Factory

Lesson Info

The Pin Factory

Hi, I'm kevin, one of the scenarios that we often come across here pinterest is that there's, an advertiser who sees that pinterest has exactly the right audience for them, that audiences in exactly the right mindset to accomplish their business objectives, but they don't have content to turn into pins to use for promoted pens or maybe they have an agency, but that agency hasn't worked on pinterest before, and they really need to crank out a campaign pretty quickly to take advantage of some seasonality or something. Or maybe they just haven't decided or not quite ready to decide which of their agencies should be responsible for pinterest moving forward to address this we have created the pin factory and what the pin factory is an in house ah, pinterest studio that can make pins in those types of scenarios not intended to be a long term solution to making pins for you, because brands tend to have agencies to do that work for them long term it's intended to say, if you're new to advertis...

ing on pinterest and for your first campaign may be your second campaign, you need some help making those pins just to get out there and start learning on seeing how pinter's air interact with your content and learn the platform, then that's what this service provides a couple of additional things just to call out the first is that the spirit of this program is to remove that creative hurdle we wouldn't claim to be the best resource for making pins. In fact, if you have an agency that has formulated your strategy for your brandon has been working with your brand across a variety of different platforms, then that's probably the best agency to make your pinterest content as well. But if that's a hurdle to getting you started on pinterest, we can absolutely step in to help you make pens. The second point here is that it's very basic creative services that we're offering so we don't have the capabilities of doing, say, video shoots or photo shoots are coming up with recipes for you or creating tutorials for style or for home decor. What we can do is we can take assets that you might have from other shoots or other campaigns or from your website on weaken turn those into pins using the best practices that we have here, a pinterest or if you don't have any assets at all, we can acquire assets for you and turn those and depends as well. The third thing to keep in mind is that this is ideal for short term needs again, not as a long term solution finally, we're going to focus on fast turnaround, so well, aim to use this service to get you up and running on pinterest as quick as possible. And we're targeting a turnaround on pins of anywhere from two to four days, depending on the complexity of the campaign and the pins that you need. So, if this is something that is interesting to you, or you have advertised that you're working with that fits, this scenario has this need. Simply reach out to your pinterest representative, your partner manager, and they'll be able to put you in touch to figure out what the best solution is for you and get started on that. Thank you.

Class Description

Pinterest is a tool that millions of people use to discover and save creative ideas for their future. Every day, people turn to Pinterest to get inspiration for things they want to do next: things like a recipe they want to cook tonight and a trip they want to take this weekend, to a car they’re interested in buying.

In Pinstitute for SMG, you’ll learn unique and effective ways you can help your brands to reach consumers through Promoted Pins.

In this course, the Pinterest Agency & Partnerships team will share exactly what you need to know to develop advertising campaigns and tactics that will help you achieve your brand’s goals. You’ll learn:

  • How to get valuable insights from Pinterest
  • What type of Promoted Pins will achieve your client’s goals
  • Our most recent success stories and case studies
  • What makes a great Promoted Pin

By the time you’re done with this course, you’ll know what works best on Pinterest and understand how you can work with us to drive insights, engagement and performance for your brands. 

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