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Sew Along: The Sylvie Dress

Lesson 13 of 22

Adding the Waistband - View B

Christine Haynes

Sew Along: The Sylvie Dress

Christine Haynes

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Lesson Info

13. Adding the Waistband - View B

Lesson Info

Adding the Waistband - View B

So you sonar piping to our waste man and now we're going to attach the waistband to the bodice I've already sown the lining teo the waistband lining to the bodice that we did for view a so that's been basted on and now we're going to so the waste fan the outer weighs in with our piping onto it we're going to do it just like we did the first view for view a where we pin at all of our keys but so we're going to pin at our side seam and the center back and we have our center notch theirs are interfacing is in there so you might have to flip it down to find that we want to line up at that center point our other side seam and the other center back spot so the piping is hiding in between the way span the outer ways pan and the bodice and the penny in is going to go just like if as if it weren't there at all. But the sewing is going to be a little bit different because we want to so as close as we can to that according to make sure that when it's finished all we're going to see is the actual ...

courting part and not the remainder of the piping that's all just going to be hidden in the seam iowans so now I'm just pinning between all of those anchor points and again, I'm going through all the layers, so the lining of the waistband is underneath, but it's basted and secured in place in this last section, we're going to remain with our same zipper foot on our machine. And just like when we were selling the piping to the waist fan, we're actually going to be sewing at what looks like our four eight seem allowance or whatever distance you moved your needle over for my machine, it's one eighth, yours might be a little bit less or a little bit more, but I actually encourage you to choose something concrete like that so that, you know, if I follow the four eight, I'm going to be able to be right on my mark also were sewing this with the outer waistband up, so I actually conceive my stitching from where I attached my piping, so I know I want to be right on top of that are as close as possible so that the piping stays inside. I'm going toe support, the waste fan, the bodice and the lining to make sure that everything stays tight in a way from where I'm sewing gonna do a backstage at the beginning, of course, and I'm just a gina's closes I can to that reporting, and I have that stitch line to help guide me along as well. But I also know that if I stay on my four aides and pretty much right where I want to be oh, at the side seem I usually like to check to make sure that my seem allowances are pressed and remaining the same way that I want them to see that my so over them they're pressed open. We're just going so all along that so in the piping intothe canfield, according with my finger, I'm right up against of course we're back, not the end. Now I'm gonna have that magical moment where their file flips down and now there's piping in that scene so you can see now where the bodice and the waste fan come together. We have that really lovely courted piping right between the two so after this, just like we did for view a we will need to grade all of these layers and then press the seam allowance and both of the waistbands down away from the bodice and based the layers of the waistband together. So they're now one unit, though there's piping in the seam and sewn right here, none of that is any different than what we did for v way, so that's all going to be exactly as the same as we did previously, and we will move on to our skirts.

Class Description

Add advanced techniques to your sewing skill-set without worrying about ruining fabric and wasting money in Sew Along: The Sylvie Dress with Christine Haynes.

Every purchase includes an easy-to-use, printable PDF version of the Sylvie Dress pattern.

Christine makes vintage-inspired patterns for the modern seamstress and in this class she’ll guide you step-by-step through the dressmaking process. You’ll learn how to:

  • Make a variety of darts, the correct way
  • Incorporate an invisible zipper 
  • Line up a lot of intersecting seams
  • Create both views of the pattern

In this class, you’ll have the maker of the pattern talking you through best practices and offering expert tips on tailoring it to your preferences. You’ll also get insights on choosing the best size for your measurements.

Don't waste time working on something that won't ultimately look right, learn the best way to follow a pattern and make sophisticated dress in Sew Along: The Sylvie Dress with Christine Haynes.

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Esther Gonzalez

Great lessons, very detailed and explained clearly. Patterns are easy to work with. Highly recommend it to anyone who loves sewing or is even new to sewing because it won't leave you confused

Maureen Nevers

I loved Christine's clear, pleasant style of instruction. Unfortunately I had to stop watching 1/2 way through - is there really a dog barking in the background through the whole video recording?! Even if I could tune it out (it was pretty faint mostly), my 2 cocker spaniels were not fooled! Perhaps I'll try to resume watching with headphones ... Wish that had been addressed at the time of recording or editing, though 😐

Chelvy Braggs