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Shoot: Short Hair (Camille)

well I've got something really cool cause I'm gonna bring camille and for some pretty pretty shooting um I often get uh whatever demographic I show so if I do lots of longhaired people I always get what about short here people and I do too many blondes get what about dark haired girls so I do try to hit every jonah that I can but there's one there's one thing that does make quite a significant difference to the images and that here and you know it's something that um when we have here accessories everything in the studio we don't have a lot of accessories in the studio because I want people to bring in their own stuff I want them to look like they look so you know when I sort of sit down and look at all my favorite things and what to bring I look at things like this and I love these beautiful flowers I love anything flower that I can transfer in an image so I can put a flower behind your ear behind you here as a fascinator I can double up triple up on flowers I can do it on a skaff pie...

ce around the neck I can wear them on the shoulder you know and there's so many examples of that when you look through my website in my block off different ways to just put this I call it a coup tamaang which are just accessories and you know don't go crazy over them you can buy these air amazing I was just saying we've got these hit pieces here you can buy on it e this so reasonably priced and they're so beautiful you can make nick pieces here pieces heads fascinators out of them and I think they look absolutely gorgeous on short here so we're going to put the links up so these ones I can never remember the name what did you call it your pass a list it's on its seeds door the link's gonna be yeah the links going to be on the creative life celeste chateau disallow that so shoot where is it then then I get most of my flowers from alana hill so atlanta hills of designer in australia and you'll find these diamond does'nt everywhere they just absolutely gorgeous trying get flowers that look as high qualities like in never the ones with the shimmer fabric I like to add any little bits that I can so short here bennet bring in any any sort of x histories I confined I buy belts and pretty things that that I make shoulder pieces there's a really great example of a beautiful shoulder piece that we've made for tomorrow's shoot tiffany and I on the mannequin which is in there in the shooting war drove the shooting war drive that is currently in the studio there is everything from my studio in australia so I just find that I carry very basic slips in nude white black I carry accessories a few frilly bits but ultimately I don't want everybody to look the same and if I don't make them put effort into bringing wardrobe in I end up getting um multiple looks just with one look around the neck because people don't go to defect to go and solve their own things so we're gonna use these right now and just see how we can making you look absolutely gorgeous also I love going to cheap jewelry stores I find nick pieces like this are just so amazing nine dollars and all by my by nick pieces like this and it's a great excuse to go shopping girls and um I do enjoy building my shooting wardrobe uh I try not to go too crazy whenever I get to l a the feasting tiffany does is takes me to burbank teo the vintage shopping there at course it's up there from the fifties and sixties uh that I t stain to make them look older that had never been warned that you have been warned never been one and we made them look look like the head bean and you know they're just absolutely beautiful I don't go crazy I like anything small like this I like anything I could tie in scarves too and it's just too pretty up images I find if you can build a shooting wardrobe you can get your stylist your hairstylist tio help you out with things that they're something's working something's dying so let's have a look at what does work and what doesn't come with me come here you can leave your microphone there but the most important thing is what I want to do is I'll go up and I have a look and I just go now that doesn't work and everybody's got something different going on I'm not gonna put something like this on select on community because it just doesn't look right I'm gonna be really simple and really playing so first of all I'll try this hit piece and I've just gotta work out where it's gonna go so what I'm gonna do with it and how I'm going to make it wick and when it works for a beauty shop for me as soon as I see that it's gonna work I'll take a photo of it so I really love that I might just swap sides gorgeous okay for status the color that you're wearing right now the teal that you're wearing is exactly the same color as your eyes so soon is your photograph it's gonna be beautiful I'm going to do one on and one officer come in here with me I'm gonna pull this out I'm gonna go straight back into where I was with rose I need the overhead lights off if I can um is that possible kneeled down and I want you to have that happen over here so I want you that that beautiful what I want you to do is come up on over your shoulders ok and then right after that so I want your shoulders your elbows good girl but lift up nice and tall right out through here and push your chin towards me there as soon as I see her eyes engage I get that beautiful look there and as soon as I see that I absolutely love it now tuned this hand this way yet mermaid and then turned this hand here so just go across a soon as I cross there I'm into here I might need to market in that lights dropped away quite significantly and if you can bring a leaflet behind me can someone help anyone can you pull it and I just a little bit of time wait okay just want the other half because when my well put it there but I don't want to block my view yeah so just tasted just the tip and bring this one on this side so can I still get a camera in their sorries I just got about some light answers were a little bit too dark now after lunch can you reset that is that all good I can't see the monitor to you just need to bring that around okay so nice and tall lifting up through your body that's a go now this hand I just want not the same here marie may just go straight up and over and I just want you to bring your chin forward and down their diamond from here I just want you to bring this hobo in this funny bone to here and just take it to the neck now bring your album all the way across into your body line straight into the I can't now pulling around away from your book that one that's perfect now to stand they sit forward and down into that position could go this's like you got your pink here back love that little smith beautiful okay from there just bring your chin down so I can see that peace now soft fingers relax them up around the face let your fingers go up a little bit more back further around your face extend them out just a little bit more lift up through your neck and shoulders and then pushed down don't move okay I want you to really relax your mouth they're good girl that is absolutely beautiful ok so what I'm doing now is just take that off and soon as you're coming down because you can also were gorgeous big hearing so it's another thing that you could do that looks really good it's move that way a little bit without moving to match I'm going to just shift this shot really quickly to go out that's it now I want you to lie on here and your tummy so just keeping it plain feet down that in and lie on your stomach if I just want to change a shot really really quickly just like I did with rose when I was just getting going to go behind it in front of it I think this is absolutely gorgeous I don't feel the need to put anything in here now just because here dress her shoulder is really beautiful lift up nice and tall here and I just want you to bring your chin and connect it down here to the shoulder I love that you know sometimes short here only looks good on a really really pretty face and you've got such big eyes but your shoulder everything that connects I want your hand to go there and I want this arm to go cross and the reason that we do that is I want some asymmetry now I want you you're sitting into your that to go so when you lift up nice and tall out of that pose create that space between your shoulder bring your chin down a little wee bit okay don't move wow okay bring your chin lift up the back camille and bring your chin forward and down down a bit more down but more you gotta stay right there beautiful laugh that okay from there I want teo teo it's it can anyone just slide me back there kitten anymore not you know it's stuck there can't somebody work on it just off camera I get a little bit more like okay from there I want teo look atyour same color your trip it's a maze okay from there I want you to just come around to me walk around a little bit more okay because I have his shoulders and not here here I want to use the squareness of her arms and shoulder so I need you to push that down that's a go I need you to lift up really really tall through your neck and shoulders that's the one you came around with your upper body but you didn't move your lower body so I want you to scooch back cross your ankles lift up nice and tall okay now I just want you to bring your chin down stop the go thank you that's enough and from here instead of using here here to frame here have a look at these shoulders when they came around because as soon as we got his shoulders and alignment she looks absolutely incredible right there in love that okay from there I've got a scarf they're not has got uh yeah yeah oh yeah there it is okay so before we go any further let's try camille with the flower it doesn't look good I'm going to take it out free the flower girl are you not write to like wells were yeah I see I love you with flowers okay hang on mmm oh I like that okay let's put you more into a uh let's get you on that brick wall okay to come over here okay a mixture of make it up as you go along um what looks good what doesn't look good what suits you what color doesn't see they're on what she's wearing this is what you know so let's take the ottoman away and they were able to open up their defense and I want you to sit down okay so rachel uh just help her take those two out now you come to me come here right till goes that way ok sit down just take it just take it out step it out for me okay it's quietly as you can okay what I want you today is I want you to sit on your head like this and I just want you to lean back onto the concrete wall so we'll find something that can clip in which of those can you take him out girls I'm shooting down the wall a little bit more so I just want a little bit more space than I have can you let them and I had the flowers on the ottoman too all right from here anything you do with your hand close to your body is not gonna work for me so any time I get anybody near me the first thing I do is take this hand away this leading hand away this hand goes onto your five slides up and back not yet and just point your toes I'm also just take a shot where she's here without anything and I just want you to engage your chin all the way around to that shoulder so um for me what's really working with camille with her short here caddis effect that she's wearing a whole tony she's got gorgeous square shoulders and I really love the short haircut with the shoulder so I'm just gonna go ahead and reflector and just bounce it around this way but more around the front way you can be on my way he coming round yet more important I get light to the front of their face in the back actually stadia can you go to the back I'm gonna take another shot so I can show you how much they reflected change that shots so I I was there okay so if you have a look on the screen that was the difference between bringing the reflected into a face or not and then I went back to my reflector and it's quite a significant change see that okay one little white piece of boyd it's almost a stop or two stops to the face and it's a significant difference in the shot so when I come back here again I want to bring that light a ll the way around to the front and bounce it back to her face so it's never bounce and it's only eva bounced into her face and the difference between that shot on the next one is quite significant okay so you got to be out to see it from there it's really really important so always make sure your fixtures are right on to stay exactly where you are and I think we'll go on there while it try both go the other side go between the wall yet go on this side you know one know gonna go on the other side when you clip into the here use puts the clipping into um something until they blade until they cry out maybe you know oh leading you know maybe get you got you got this one from this angle who's one's got spike if it's maybe I'll pull it out so I don't now do you hear that she's got way more here and then you gotta find it no I will get it like I said you're not letting it go with that one night that one because he's got a band on that guy the old hook it around the trick some people come into my studio with wigs and I very and this they need to be wearing a wig so unless they have elope sure or or you know something that requires them to be wearing a wig if some people just bring in the wigs for the fun aspect bring your chin all the way around and lean back to the wall so I could get that then it doesn't really work for me because I find the wigs uh cheaper wigs and made of nylon and they shine a lot and they look quite out official and I don't like it so I kind of tuned down people that just want to do the fun week shots also sometimes I get the idea that there's a fine line between the fantasy dress up and actually taking a beautiful portrait and if you have a fantasy wig that's nothing like your real here so it's not to bulk up your natural here or anything like that it's actually just to play with then obviously not going to get a portrait in it because it's gonna look shiny and it's going to look like you're wearing a wig so and these people have tio I kind of avoid them or avoid using them or try and talk him out of it if I can this is absolutely gorgeous so what I'm gonna do now isthe I just need you to pull back great because you're giving me to match reflected light thank you and what I want to do with you is I want you to bring your chin around to may very slowly stopped and I want you to drop your bottom lip stadia I gotta blink certain ok for me right now well I can do just gonna name it here let's just get you to bring your chin down a little bit more stop it's going to make sure that doesn't fall I will tape it to your head if I have to be with him I can't bring your chin and a little weak but more that took stay there okay relax those eyes for making me ill give me those beautiful soft eyes could go and just relax that bottom let can't just waiting on your bling you just blink naturally okay from here I don't want to do is I want to try and hit some light stand up and we'll get camille a soapbox and I'll have a buck's a swell I'm gonna try and shake that same thing straight into the light see if we get a different look so I'll see if I can stick this in here I've never met a female client in all the years that I'm shooting don't tip you here because we know you were just going on any more clips you got I've never met a female client in all the years of shooting that doesn't enjoy dressing up and playing playing around with stuff like this so sometimes we dress things up and they just work these air not really so um quick folks were asking this all day and we we held them bay but now I would love to ask you from can love from memphis in this particular situation with this natural light can you explain what camera settings you used and how you cried upon the settings for natural like um like what's the order that you look for where you focusing where you're meeting okay people always love to new that's all right that's cool and asked all right away but what I'm doing right now is I'm standing camille up into the life um I'm trying teo get the flower to sit right on here here which I'm not quite getting just welcome in fast as you can other side outside okay and what I do is I'm shooting at the moment when I was in that corner I started to lose light and I started to shoot at sixteen hundred uh I found the eye so up to sixteen hundred let's come down for a minute and I'll talk and you can stick that on um get one of those bands and that will help it out some minor can you help because it's um not very interesting watching wardrobes not work right so all of a sudden I'm shooting into the backlight I'm shooting at sixteen hundred s o we've got actually quite a bright like coming in from behind here but we don't have a lot of light coming in from the front so when I meet it in camera I'm at four point out because the twenty four one five only shoots at four point eye wide open um I could go wider on my thirty five mil but I'm using the twenty four one of five so I can show you different brackets of composition and basically what I've done is I have gotten our focal point right on her eye and as soon as I take a light reading there I just I'm on manual so I set my camera and it's reading it at four point oh four hundredth of a second sixteen hundred and that changes because I shoot on manual so I just keep my focal point over the eye now when I shoot on um when I shoot on uh okay when I shoot on manual um I'm constantly focusing on the I taking a reading in camera and then I just sit my shutter speed based on whatever it needs to bay I tend to shoot and I don't know why and it might just be a crazy thing but I team to shoot a stop over okay so does two things one of them is it pushes everything lighter in my camera and when I do show my client the back of the camera I feel like it looks really good but I'm always shooting mohr on the higher side off the scene to part of my shutter speed of my I'm like reading in my camera than the lower side yeah always always always on one stop at least all right so now we've got a headband and well now stick it on the hip and I think these clips were getting too heavy for you wayne got it yeah would you um ever use the light meter handheld or have you ever used it this one on the camera you just use this or that she's made this too yeah I don't want too much okay let's go we gotta stand up then ok so something I don't want is um yeah there you go perfect I needed to reflectors rachel I want you here and I want to hear when we shooting the backlight you get a very small window to watch in between here but when we shooting the backlight look at the difference here what I'm gonna do now as I'm going to take this shot I want both of you to pull back and both of you to tip up because you're bouncing light that's it so can you still see through with a good camera angle there okay first thing I'm gonna do without posing camilla's I'm just going to take a shit I shot of here here I focus on her eye I'm one stop I that um it twelve fifty shutter speed nice and fast at four point of the gate she blanks so now I want you to pull away so I have a look okay straight away I'm here the shit here okay I'm struggling to find a focus on her eye because there's not enough like going to a face okay so that's the difference between the reflector and not watch bring it up bring it up yes I can't now I bring my reflected back in peyrefitte the gay I'm right on the face now I jump it up a stop I met eight hundredth of a second four point and there it is there so I want you to now bring this hand in just to bring it up to the face that's exactly right so elbow in so that albert always cuts into the waistline there I want you more on the neck than the hands could go I want a long chin forward and down totally changes the shape of your face and I want this hand to go through so I want you to cross good gil that's exactly right and then I'm gonna shoot it here I want you to completely re election mouth girls bouncing a lots of beautiful light back to camille and we're right there so I just love their backlight you watch how when it arms come up she significantly changes in his shoulder shape and it just love shooting into this life okay from there I want you to give me a little smack and that's it and then gordo school just go okay from me and I want you to turn this way and I want you to work the shoulder towards me that's exactly right I want you to collect this in cave in your upper body okay when people have nice square shoulders like camille I get them to do that model shoulder but what I do is I take the weight away from here when woman pushed the elbows the arms against their boobs they get their hand the sam here thickens up and it just looks like it's bigger than it is but if you take the weight away from it it slams it down straight away then what I do is I roll the shoulder forward so from the front you don't need to hold your arm across your body because as soon as you do I call that leg of him because it looks like a leg of him when you push it down remember your breast is being pushed again it's like when the voice did that muscle shark eggs separates the opposite way and it's your boob doing it and it's so not cool it's like that I don't know but it's more like he does no so I always take the pressure off the arm by just bringing it towards the camera I can actually put my finger through there now instead of having it squished up against here in flattening it down from the front so just pull the elbow away nice curving the back so she can sit into that nice model curve kush you can see these shoulders and these shoulders look like supermodels shoulders so bring those reflectors back up again and this hand I want on the throat okay so I want the fingers out elbow towards me okay we're always bringing out our boat towards the scene to the body because if she has it elbows out remember elbows out this farmer joe and elbows and is the feminine hourglass line mike it's such a beautiful difference so bring the lightning from a ladies and bring it around to hear not may so flatten out rachel flat now come around to me that's it it goes to camille okay so the bouncing light back to her relax that mouth gorgeous bring your chin up to may and let your eyes softened down there there's a sorry blank sorry I'm watching for blinks not you okay as a beauty shot there we've started to take away all of the fact that you don't have here anyway because the flowers are just coming in and I love it let's put you on the blue infect let's move nothing let's just walk you over and set you right here and I want you just to sit down that's it now I want you to tune side race this way okay and I want you to just perch on that seat on the jeep you bum so take your feet off or you can actually put your feet up there turn away from me okay now nice curve into your shoulders again beautiful shape as soon as you see her do that this is where I'll take the halter away and I'll remove it to here this is where I drop your whole to tie on national tv and go surprise reveal okay I can put that past there and as long as I can't see it from the front of the camera so right from there straight away I want two things I wanted to take it elbows forward so I want the pressure to come off here so that they're not squeezing downside race I wanted to kick your band back to me I want to do a nice rolling shoulder forward because this is very model e to me and I loving this square shoulders and then I'm going to get you to slide your hand back now if you look from the front if you can get this camera angle here what I like about it is from here her arm covers her breast line and shows more back which is going to make her look bigger if I take this elbow and just slide it back to here but keep that shoulder forward like that then what happens is it shows hubris line and covers her back okay so from the front I've just used her own arm to shape her body right so she's sitting on the side here arm is now covered her whole backline and from the front you can't see it and really you don't need to see their hand because I'm going to cut that off nice and life so if I go to here that's where I can't say that one yeah okay so I've got the ribbon in the hall tonight going off the other side I want you to give me a slight tip this way and then bring your tent not too far because I don't want you to be doing fund a bit and I want you to roll your shoulders forward that to go and bring your chin long to the end of your shoulder and down okay so from here I'm there I just want to show you what this looks like if I take her hand forward and show her back I've got to make sure if I do that I've got to make sure I touched this top in here just halfway back it can go to the ear but not for the ford any through the ford and she starts to lose her shape okay now bring your chin around your shoulder put this hand here on your thigh other hand yep and slight that's it now you watch that sent her down now roll your shoulders forward now good gil the yugo and can you see that shape just bouncing straight away sooner she rolls who shoulder forward now when ever I'm shooting I don't get too worried about it arms of the most paranoid pat on all women the facing they phase don't know mam took that don't that don't they kenna don't make me answer that don't make my arms look fat I always look at it like this I will try everything in my power to get a perfect shape into the body and if I get anything on the arms that I don't like I can further shop it afterwards very very important okay I want you to slip behind this little v flat here it's tiffany or cover you and put your black dress on and then take that hit piece off what I did here with this short here was used this caf using a skaff to direct people is actually quite hard to do but today what we did with rose where she had very long here we used roses here like a skaff okay we've pulled it out she was touching her here so let's do a little bit of a scalf siri's and see if we can't get her to move and direct with the scar okay help out way can I have to help us to move a beef et sux yes uh question from jocelyn photography it seems that when you position uh this beautiful model camille that you're not shooting her with complete french lighting so say having her facing towards those light and can you explain to folks why that I never shoot with complete frontline I only have side light and reflected light and backlight okay I'm never in a situation where I'm turned towards the light ever ever ever ever when I see natural light or you can't get out okay right girls all right when you might just go and leave cities she on the dresser in the dress just put it on and go on living go on do that all right um so let's just look at this for a minute coming bunny all right here's my light source here here's my v for it here in my deflate like security there's open this way not the other way around okay so that you can see it works so much better in terms of photographing because what I have the ability to dio is I'm getting this side beam of light just coming across me and I'm always here with a reflector right here bouncing it back that's all I have to do is find the sidelight um it just doesn't work being in direct life although the irony is all I'm ever trying to do is to bring the face back square to the front wherever I'm standing so I'm trying to balance the amount of light coming through she's ready now okay so what I do now is I'm gonna play with this so let's work out how to do that first of all I'll photograph you like this and I'll just bring this calf into the shot my name if you can give me to spring that white b flat in inside this green one you won't need to hold the reflector all right I want you first to just um come and lean up against here that's it and I want you teo take your weight on your back foot and then come down this fool shot you know this is my quintessential shot right this's where I start with everybody I do this shot with free single person that I possibly can because it's a beautiful shot and it just works also it's a really good standing point keep going to push push push that's it it's a really good starting point now have a look in terms of her being in a little soft box there can you see the difference in light she's in such a beautiful little soft bach's life is just bouncing all the way around here obviously our only light source is coming from above me and what I want you to do is bring your chin around right there now if I feel like I need more light I have these short reflectors here and there's something that I always do as I grab one of those short reflectors and I bring it in but I bring it in low like and below my waist level so I sit it into about via and then I think to myself I am bouncing some serious like I'm bouncing it from there to the other there and I'm just bringing it right and you know there might be a little bit too much but I try and make sure that I'm evening it out so I've already scott halves have always got fools I'm going to start off here and what I want you to do is bring your chin all the way around to your front shoulder now regardless of your body shape I'm always trying to do two things you need to move it that way that way so I can get it um I'm always trying to slim the front um and so you do that by rolling towards may stadium just rolled towards me on the wall because as soon as you roll towards me on the wall thie arms limbs down significantly okay so what people do is they get the arm caught up on the wall so I just position the your weight on your back foot this is you're asked to give you a little bit of color and life and remember what I did yesterday david forthe midori asai bought the scarf down here online that works as well okay from there you could go straight in your chin comes around okay can you just lift up so I contacted and perfect go back you go and I just want to open you up to here said this line for me for everybody is where I start out and then after I take this shot lips together and give me a beautiful little smile in your eyes good bill that's perfect okay from here now I moved here so status I want you to come up onto the side of your body towards me again stop not that father took go back halfway to in your hips this way and just bring your chin forward launch in they have to go now very very slowly bring your head around to me now stop don't move absolutely perfect you need to give me a little bit more of a smile beautiful you go from here I want you to go to that back wall now you can't lean on it because it's just a floating be so what I want you to do is use that scaf's attune it around and hold onto it okay if I'm going to give two hints if I'm going to give my clients something to do with a prop I've got to make sure that they feel comfortable doing it so I'll grab it like this alternate around and I'll say what what we're gonna do is we're gonna play with this caf so I just want you to do just play with it and find a shape that you like and just do something funny and if you want to do something like this and if you want a laugh and have fan I'm gonna talk you through it then I want you to grab it I want you to put it over your head I want you to give me a beautiful big smile and let's have fun with it okay now the mohr that I can direct here and doing this the bit of the shop I'm going to get so I'm going to just talk it through its many different ways of playing with it can so first of all I want you to hold it don't turn your body away from may I just want you here lots of shape into your hips and shoulders and I want you to cross the diver somewhere on your body so you just went I've been through you head down so I want you to stay upright okay I want you to bring your chin towards me and down that's it and I want the scarf to go just crisscrossing color I want you to hold it and just cross it over that's it so just do that with a beautiful big smile go I want you to turn this way so stay with your body line keep turning turning turning that's it and I want you to bring your chin down and look at me this why good girl that's a gorgeous idea okay I want you to brave this caf I want you to put it over your head like that so night flatten it out and I just want you to wrap it around you here this way so like you wearing it like a beautiful skaff right around it you hit the back and just hold it so I want you just to look like you're playing with it not that you're that perfect exactly right and I want it up those eyes down and be eyes down eyes down down down down look down I stand your own body line and beautiful big smile go okay I want you to grab it you just pull it down so it's almost over your eyes the case of wrap it around and don't tuck your chin in to lift up nice and tall that's the one and just bring your chin around me now okay stay there for election mouth lifted chin up long neck long neck up up lift up and to go stabia okay from there I want you to hold it over your face like this and just put your eyes down and give me a gorgeous gorgeous huge big smile okay long ten okay stop so as soon as I start moving people and they start to close up their body language I have to go back to the start and put you into a position to win back to me you did that okay you were slowly floating around so I want you here in here that's it I want it to look gorgeous speak not to cover your ears that's it so now long chin said keep all of those pushing your chin forward that's the one looking down standing there and I want you to long tim ford and down and just move your elbows a little bit to go this way yes that's the one long chin long ten down down down down down down down down down keep kind down stop beautiful big smile there okay tune around look at may pull it back over the back of your neck and just play with it just lean back start don't move okay don't do this okay so when you leave back nice and tall take your weight on your other foot kick your bombay so long chin this way ok halfway back I I don't want I want people to move naturally but I don't want to leave them out there too long and I certainly worked that shoulder for camille in the front and give me a beautiful big smile go and I don't even want them to feel like they feel stupid so the idea is the more I can work there and and whenever you do moving direction poses you actually have to work harder and longer so if she's going to do something if she's going to do something like this and play with it and then laugh and they get real reactions you kind of have to bang out an extra five or six shots to get the killer shot that comes at the end when they start laughing you know what I mean so very few people are going to nail what they now with their staff the first time you want them to play with it and have fun but I don't just let them do it on their own so I keep coming up with ideas like I keep saying now rep it around your shoulders and then once I've wrapped it around the shoulders I go now tune away from me now turn the other way now two in the other way and I also whenever I'm playing with direction or anything like that I say things to people like when they looked really ridiculous and they feel ridiculous I kind of go oh my god that was so bad and then they crack up laughing you know and then you take more shots so it's kind of like you know you just keep tying in more and more fun with it but just keep the strong direction as much as you can like as much as you can it's really really important okay from there there's a couple of really classic beauty shots that I love that look fabulous was short here come here and just go into their ok the first one would be I'm just gonna just drake that dear I just love having a little bit of decoration of some sort in there doesn't really matter water this it's just going to suit here uh short here always makes it look like a long neck looks wonderful I'll bring that out there I want you to just touch back with your hands that's exactly right and then I just want you to touch back with your bum good girl and they worked the shoulder for may stop and then long chin I love this the go stay there

Class Description

Women want to feel as beautiful as Sue Bryce makes them look in her portraits. Join this award winning photographer as she teaches you the tools of the trade for modern glamour photography. Watch real shoots as Sue shows you step-by-step how to celebrate the timeless beauty of women.

this course will cover:

  • Posing for all body types
  • Marketing and sales
  • Photoshop® retouching

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Sue will show you how she built a small photography business in her garage to $20k a week in sales. And more importantly, how you can use her techniques to grow your own photography business.