Targeted Adjustments in Adobe® Photoshop®


Targeted Adjustments in Adobe® Photoshop®


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Using Shades of Gray

Let's talk about those shades of gray so that was the question that we got earlier we've been talking about black and white as if there were no shades of gray in between we did talk about shades of gray in the context of dodging and burning but let's take a look at how we can actually use those shades of gray on a layer mascot it's relatively obvious isn't it? If black blocks the adjustment and white reveals the adjustment, there must be some middle ground and in fact shades of gray caused a partial effect so we'll keep this fairly simple for our purposes I'm going to apply and exaggerated adjustment just brightening up the image and will assume that I want to apply a strong effect in the darkest shadows and kind of a medium effect in the not quite so dark shadow areas so an exaggerated adjustment once again I will invert that layer mask grab my brush tool make sure my four round color is set to white this should all be starting to become somewhat automatic and now I can paint with whi...

te all this paint into some of these darker shadow areas to brighten up those shadows a lot so relatively strong adjustment a complete adjustment so if I go and look at that layer mask, the adjustment is affecting this area this white little swoosh it's affecting that area completely and it is having no effect whatsoever on the rest of the image, because again, black blocks the adjustment white reveals the adjustment shades of gray partial adjustment. So what will the effect be? Well, that depends. White has a brightness value of one hundred percent. It says brightest khun b black has a brightness value of zero percent it's his darkest khun b so if we want to a apply a partial effect, we just adjust the brightness and it's wonderful that this maps out so perfectly I can just click the foreground color swatch down the bottom of the toolbox. And in the color picker dialogue I can choose the b value from a chess being for hugh saturation brightness and just change it. One hundred percent is white. One hundred percent of the adjustment zero percent is black zero percent of the adjustment. Fifty percent gives me half strength for the adjustment. Seventy five percent gives me seventy five percent of the adjustment. In other words, and nearly a full adjustment. Twenty five percent gives me only twenty five percent of the judgment. Let's go through all the other percentages. Ten gnocchi. Not really. You hit the idea. And obviously, you know, do we need twelve percent versus fifteen percent? Making such subtle differences there that you're not really going to see it in the image in terms of an impact I usually work in about twenty percent increments give or take or twenty five percent if I want half three quarters one quarter that type of thing we'll just use fifty percent in this case I'll go ahead and click ok to close the color picker dialogue even see that my foreground color down the bottom of the color picker is now set to middle gray and so now if I paint into we'll just call it this area here I'm painting with middle grace I'm having a somewhere in between effect for that brightening all once again alter or option click on the thumbnail for the layer mask black blocks white reveals shades of gray partially block or revealed to the extent they are nearly wiped the closer they are the white the more you'll see the adjustment the closer they are the black the more the adjustments being blocked and so we can have a partial effect and more importantly we could have a variable effect I want lots of effect here a little bit of an effect here medium effect they're no effect here et cetera so it gives us tremendous flexibility in theory you've got one hundred percentage points there are a hundred shades to choose from you can have all sorts of variability I usually is twenty or twenty five percent increments tends to be all I need and very often, it's. Just a simple sort of fifty percent versus one hundred percent, or zero percent.

Class Description

Targeted adjustments in Adobe® Photoshop® give you incredible power when editing photographs. Learn how they can quickly transform your images in Targeted Adjustments in Adobe® Photoshop® with Tim Grey.

Tim will help you truly understand the concepts and functionality behind layer masking. You’ll learn how you can apply adjustments to specific areas of a photo. Tim will demonstrate selection techniques, painting on layer masks, and using gradients. You’ll develop the skills you need to make impactful and efficient adjustments.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2