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The Outdoor Photography Experience

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Shooting in the Water

Chris Burkard

The Outdoor Photography Experience

Chris Burkard

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Lesson Info

8. Shooting in the Water

Lesson Info

Shooting in the Water

I just want to quickly demonstrate a lot of those things I was talking about with how we basically can get the ports clean how all this stuff works right um now this is a flat port once again you guys so what I've done is I basically set this thing up I rub greece for my ear all that stuff on here and rub it on one of the nice things about using greece from your ear face or body whatever is it you get in the water and you still have it there to use even if you're wet if your hands are wet it's okay so I've got this housing all tight if you look here all my seals are nice and black around there right so that's that one constant scene top same thing one constant seem my my poor is on there everything's good cameras and they're great so when I enter the ocean I'm gonna enter the ocean backwards usually right I'm trying to keep all of like the wind and stuff from hitting this gets a flat port I don't want water to get on it right and I get out here I finally get it wet and I'm gonna go ste...

al the water's beating off that like this it's working pretty well but it could be better right so this is the method you want you want that water and it's never going to be completely water free right but if you find a nice clean spot of water you wanna dip vertically and then pull up okay now if you can get out in the ocean with no droplets shoot all by all means you know you want me to clean it off once you know a wave hits this thing ideally and you're like oh there's water droplet so I'm gonna drip it down I'm gonna live it down and I'm gonna pull this thing out see that so I didn't really smooth and slow and if you go vertically if you angle it it's not gonna be is good but if you go vertically it comes up there is and there isn't a single droplet of water on there right the beauty of that is it now I can pick my camera I can just start shooting you know when you're shooting with a flat port it's telephoto so you're gonna wanna autofocus typically you're going to look into the viewfinder you're gonna have your trigger button down here and you might be like going like this and shooting right boom boom boom right so this is this's kind of the ideal method for using these things now for these ports one thing you want to consider is that you always wanted as you're entering the water and you're going to want to kind of protect it so that the less well the last time you have to do this go up and down clean it the easier it's going to be the better it's going to be right now the reason that you have to shoot them dry is because you can't auto focus through housing has water on it sometimes the autofocus will catch on the water tonight is just a little blurry it doesn't quite work right so that's one of the beauties of it so once again I can demonstrate I'd love for you guys to try and demonstrates the artworks and stuff but essentially like you're out there swimming get stuff on the lens usually when you get stuff on the lenses when the wave crashes me of whitewash like all the white sudsy stuff that's what really sticks to it okay so so say you're in the water man it's not beating office not working you just kind of you one of these sort of things do you rub this on there your palm on there whatever you need right your nose and you start to get it so it's kind of like a almost like a grease layer right something like that it's always good to not showers the night before for you go she oh yeah so you kind of have a little grease irc dipping down usually takes a little bit of time to like get this thing totally cleaned off right and it just kind of there you go so it's keep in mind to you guys the surface that you're really shooting is really just right here it's in the center okay you don't so much care about water on these services but it's good to get the whole thing clean so it's always easier to get everything prepped when you're on the beach right here on the beach everything's dialed it's good to go you clean it off when you get the water and you're not immersive situation just using your palm rubbing some grease into their works works really well you can dip it down and it's kind of good like let the water move the water slowly with it like let it sort of go down itself like this like you're you're kind of you're letting that you're letting that water bring it down for you you know I'm saying if you go like this it just kind of beat up but if you go slowly it works really well see not a not a water drop it on their watch out this way you guys want to try this out go ahead I'm gonna I'm gonna start to demonstrate this when you get in the water when you're put on your wrist strap right these are always helpful because last thing you want to do these things don't usually float sometimes they do if they have enough air in them but typically not diego um so yeah the beauty of this is like you get this thing on there you want your wrist up on the last thing you wanna do is back walking out slip dropped this lose you lose a couple thousand dollars to be super brutal um snobby shooting wet and one thing that's kind of bummer is that this little plastic shield is on here usually I'd take this off and uh it would so you can expose the entire domed you don't really need this kind of help shield from the light but it's not super crucial I like just have a total dome so shooting wet all right wide angles in here the whiting was locked off on manual focus three feet to affinity everything beyond using focus so what I'm gonna do you guys I'm gonna take this thing and you can't really prep this on land you know because it doesn't make sense you have to spit on it lick it coat that saliva around and then dip it in water ok so it was kind of like this the sad thing is I've had a lot of video shot of me doing this so it's kind of evenly coated right now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna be swimming out in the water a depressing in here and see how it's a nice even coat nothing's beating off its exact opposite with the other one right now there's a lot of sand on here because this is a really bad place to do this usually you want to be out in the cleaner water words less sandy but but it's a perfectly even coat one of the things that's nice is that this these dome ports they actually they actually allow the water to stay on there they sort of do it for you so it's set up right I'm just gonna get us a nice clean one there you go nice and clean water staying on there usually it will stay on here for a couple of seconds and then it will start to kind of start seawater kind of arugula and little spots starting to dry up right there so one thing to keep in mind is when you're swimming around with one of these ports it's meant to you what you can just let it sit in the water like this or let it like dangle off into the water because all you're really doing is you're pulling it up for those last couple seconds when you want to shoot on it's a lot different method ok you're not down there going like this you're kind of just its good to go shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot about ten seconds and you gotta dip it ian wright because water is never going to stay on that service perfectly clear the entire time it's going to start to beat up it's gonna start to do different things and you really want to make sure that you're just getting that first initial clean it's even good to like kind of move with the water so you're pushing all of that little debris off it right now it's perfectly clear right so now for example if I was to go like this will take some grease on my hands and start to coat this you see how it's cutting the water away immediately right so this is what you don't want out happen you don't want to take a wide angle port and all the sudden put your fingers on it because your fingers have grease on them and you don't want to take a flat port and accidentally spit on it it'll do the opposite so this right now now it's screwed up see that super important because with a thie way you get water droplets on your lens is when you're shooting wide and all the sudden in like in this report and all of a sudden you have a dry spot

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Shooting outdoor photography is a powerful way to commune with nature and experience the fullness of life. Learn how to train your eye on incredible shots and convey the energy of the outdoors in The Outdoor Photography Experience with Chris Burkard.

Chris’s beloved images of life on the world’s coasts are alive with action and emotion. In this class, he’ll share the tools and techniques he uses to capture the photographs he sells to magazines, brands, collectors, and publishers.

You’ll learn about his shooting style and the gear he brings on his global adventures. He’ll also talk about the business of photography and share tips on marketing and selling your work.

If you want insights on how to create rich, dramatic images that let you enjoy more time outdoors, don’t miss your chance to learn from Chris Burkard in The Outdoor Photography Experience.

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I've been staying up all night to watch the live broadcast. As somebody else here mentioned (latsok), it's emphasizes on the non-technical aspects (emotion, engagement, colour and composition) rather than the technical stuff like shutter speeds, iso and f-stop. Although I can use some help in both, the technical aspects are not only camera specific but fairly objective as well. The non-technical aspects however are something much harder to grasp. Getting help in this by no-one less than Chris Burkard is just amazing. I bought this class so I can re-watch certain parts of the broadcast again whenever I need it. But also to show my appreciation for Chris Burkard and Creative Live for providing this great online course!

Matt Redfern

This class was packed full of amazing knowledge. I really enjoyed the topics covered and have found it super helpful for my work. I have had so many takeaways ranging anywhere from how to put myself out there, finding my style that stands out, practical applications, etc. I would highly recommend this class to everyone interested in photography! Big thanks to Chris and CreativeLive for putting this together.


This was a phenomenal class. I highly recommend it to anyone. Chris is not only a sensational photographer, he is a wonderful teacher. He provides such detailed information and freely gives same to his students. He is really really available and eager to answer questions and so easy to understand. I learned so much and I was thrilled. I am very very grateful I found this particular class.