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What You Get With This Class

Lesson 14 from: The Power of Happiness

Vanessa Van Edwards

What You Get With This Class

Lesson 14 from: The Power of Happiness

Vanessa Van Edwards

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Lesson Info

14. What You Get With This Class

Lesson Info

What You Get With This Class

Hey, everyone, thanks for joining me for today's power of happiness lesson. Now, if you've already been watching this class, you know how important happiness is. So happiness is something that we can quantify and improve. Researchers found that about 50% of our happiness is genetic, 10% is due to our environment and 40% is caused by our behavior and mindset. That means you and I have 40% of our happiness to work with. So let's make the most of it now to help you improve on your happiness journey and just to get started, lay that foundation for this course. Vanessa has created 14 Let's am 14 botas pdf's that are available to you for free. There are things like the happiness audit would you have to take when you start this class. They're things like the happiness a booklist you list that you can take as well, so many things in there totally for free when you are SPP. But here's the bottom line. I am really excited for what we're providing for students who purchased the clock. Yes, you ca...

n watch for free and get a ton out of it, but I don't want you to be a passive learner. Real change happens with active learning. I have put together nearly page workbook that will help guide you through all of the video lessons. Each section has exercises, charts, graphs and challenges to help keep you on track to becoming 1/2 year person. All right, so here's how it works. If you want to be able to re watch this class, this is a long term process. This is not a watch once, and you're happy, Right? Way Watch over and over every birthday. Rewatch it. That's right. So what you need to do is purchase the class to get the power of happiness workbook. Normally, it's $ for all of the videos as well as the workbook. But right now, if you buy before October 18 you get that for $99. So ask yourself how much is happiness worth and I cannot wait to see you for our next lesson for the power of happiness.

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Desktop Backgrounds
Power of Happiness Workbook

Free Bonus Materials

Best Future Selves
Citation List
Happiness Audit
Happiness Benefits
Happiness Means Forgiveness
Happiness Scripts
Happiness Structure
Happy Calendar
Happy Reading List
K10 Test For Distress
Partner In Joy
The 4 Motivators
The Giving Warmup
Virtual Toolbox

Ratings and Reviews

Naomi Leila

I am so grateful for this course and for Vanessa. I took this course a few weeks ago and my happiness audit was at 100 neither happy nor unhappy. Now i feel so much happier and everything in my life has improved as a ripple effect and i am 134 on the happiness audit. This course really pays off if you put the work in and follow Vanessa's amazing guidance. It is such a fun, uplifting and brilliant course, i highly recommend it to everyone.

Jennifer Lee

Do you want to find happiness? And take control of your life, and ignite happiness in others? Are you looking to boost your self confidence or looking for ways to make your world a better place? If you said YES to these questions and are curious about the power of happiness, please check out The Power Of Happiness course with Vanessa Van Edwards! This course will awaken you and empower you with practical steps. Check it out. I guarantee you will be glad that you made the investment! Jennifer Lee A student of The Power Of Happiness

user 0f04a2

Vanessa's Happiness class is a perfect mix of tools and play. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to create true happiness in life, and create visibility with other like-minded happy people!

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