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Spin Blur in Photoshop®

So here I have a car. I know there's no driver, I got it. Ok? I'm all right with it. Why do you think like we always I was just pictures of me and that kind of stuff because then we don't have to like them. There's no issues with people. There's no release is there's no there's, no yelling. So which is it? We don't need people. All right, so we go here and we converted to a smart object, right? And then we can really quick we go to select sorry, we goto filter and then we go to blur gallery and then we go to spindler and I'm just going to show this to you so I'm gonna make it really big so we can make sure that we see this what's going on, okay, if you have a circle but it's a pinwheel or something or this tire but it's really small if I show it is the tire and it doesn't matter show it is that they're ok. So I'm gonna make a smaller. We're going put it over the tire right over here and we're going to zoom in and see you guys and see it not that tire this tire, so it just happens to be...

that this is pretty straight on right? So that's a good thing, but you should know if you hold down the option key and you drag, you can change the center point from which something's rotating because usually like if you're in a race card track or something, you're not going to be dead on to those to those images to the wheels so again, just hold on the option care the old can windows and just redo that now I'm going to make it a little bit too big just to show you the again the benefit of the mask and we can even add strokes so we could put a strobe strength on here I probably don't need four strobe flashes let's do too, but now look at how cool they spokes called spokes I think they're called spokes alright anyway, I've made it too big, but the reason I'm showing you this is because usually you don't have something straight on that such a nice circle so I could go in here to my smart filter use the blur use my paintbrush gil smaller brush and make sure that I'm painting with black and they just paint that blur out because you know usually at the bottom the tires a little flatter and so you really don't want that blur to be happening there and then what I always do is I do toggle on and off the eye icon in the I can not the eyeball icon just to make sure that I don't have any blur that's outside that. I'm missing like I was right there.

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This action-packed session will give you the deluxe tour through the new tools, features, and product enhancements in Photoshop® CC 2014. Julieanne Kost will get you up-to-speed on the latest features and ready to take advantage the most current technology.

Julieanne will share her "Top Ten Photoshop® Hidden Gems for Photographers" that will improve the way you work in Photoshop®. You’ll also learn about her favorite shortcuts and compositing techniques and about the most efficient ways to get the job done.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2