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Motion Graphic Titles

And now what we want to do is we want to keep these things together, so that makes sense. Then, if we're going to do this, we need to sit of starting position in an imposition, and we've got two layers that we wantto moved to get us. We want to keep fame, these two layers, correct. So we could twirl these down here and said, our key frame for our absence of those earlier takes war when we have takes he sometimes other attributes will appear when you use different types of assets or different types of objects, you can do different things to so type weaken actually animated text walk, which is kind of calls we could make a tough goal or being weird, which would be awfully microsoft word of us. So rather than moving these across here separately, I'm getting it again a little trickery and introduce you to your smart objects. Okay, so the thing that I do a ll the time when I'm working inside of photo shop and I'm doing animation of motion graphics, I incorporate smart objects, I use them al...

l the time, they're a little secret to create really good things, and the reason I use these is because, you know, my background in motion graphics before I was using photo shop or video is flesh and so using adobe flash one of the things that you have is a thing called nested animation because you make cymbals and it suddenly occurred to me one day like hey a smart object is a container and it doesn't actually have anything itself it just has a container and it could contain things and if I duplicated it craze an instance of that so I can duplicate that smart object five different times in each one of those points of the same object as I know this if I change the subject once all five of them change and a credit to me well this is exactly the same as a symbol inside of flesh and so I know if I want to create a complicated animation or simplify animating different things influential creativeness that animation if you're working and after face you'll do is called a pre camp so guess what smart object does the same thing so if I want to change these I'm going to grab both of these layers and right click and I don't know if you knew if you can create a smart object out of multiple layers so if isil it here and go boom guess what now these a role inside one smart object so instead of having to enemy both of these I can animate them once and both the objects will be affected so let's try this I'm going to go here I'm going to start at the very beginning and I'm going to push this off the screen I'm holding the shifty andre I want to say stage because I feel like I'm working and flesh and also a lot of my emotion graphic stuff that I got him photo shop I just adapted things that I've learned in flesh and said applying them and they apply beautifully and photo shop is there any way like in flesh you khun view your pace board like in other programs in photo shop? Um I don't know sure understand oh so right now when you move that text and moved off your your screen I can't see it anymore in flash and like in design you know we can put things in our on our pace board no but what you can do is you can hit come on t l show you his position so nice that's great and if you want it actually is another little tip of you command team can't see you control handles command zero will zoom you out so you can see your entire object and initially helps too when you got massive pitches inside little thing so in essence yes and no I mean you can cheat you can see where this court so having done that just hit the escape key so I don't transform that so what I'm going to do now is going to grab a transformer key for him and I know I'm going to zoom out here a little bit over about I don't know two and a half seconds I want us to come out so I'm gonna drag hold the shifty constraining us have popped back in and I'm going to drag it out about there and now if you watch out it comes but you know what I wanted to have him faster so I'm gonna drag it here beautiful thing about the key frames so you can just sit there and say you know what given faster let's go speedy gonzalez on this thing from a very short film one thousand one stuff why did they do that because you generally don't need to have text there for more than one second longer than it takes to read it for something like that finally that they're too long I mean this is something I can you rallo something and people really need to get it down and be like, hey, you know I need to type down this year oil yeah so when you put text on the screen you know, give it long enough to read it slowly peacefully you know, depending on your thing maybe give it a couple of seconds if it was a big block of text I would give it a little bit more than what it takes to read about right now I've got this thing during it overthrew seconds has plenty of time to read that so what I'm going to do is at this point here, I want to stop fighting it out so I could go to the a pass ity and start creating a pass city key firms to do this, but what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna drag it, shorten it down a little bit just a little bit beyond there, and then I'm going to go and create a transition. I'm going to affect transition because that fayed transition there were going to drag and shorten it is essentially going to do the same thing as, uh, capacity key friend, so if we watch it now, it's going to come out it's going to slide out, stop there and then it's gonna fade away, saying that was plenty of time to redirect. Ok, so he is another cool thing about using a smile up, too. This is where this year's really sexy is if I get it, the smart object I know that I can access the contents of my smart object by double clicking on it, so if I double click is going to open in a new document and look at that, there are my layers there minus did layers, so that means that I can individually tweak these different things, and it will ripple through into my final project. Not just that if you get a very complicated project that's a lot easier to work in here about the complications of everything else that what I want to do is I want to have this type fade in, so I don't want the type to be there the whole time, so I'm just going to twirl this down a little bit and I'm going to grab the type, and I'm just going to drag it in a little bit, so it's not going to stop with the type, and I'm also going to create a great transition, pop it in there and shorting out that fade a little bit, you know, sometimes these you can just be very settled and, um, it's, the little things like this that make the difference between something that looks professional and something that's, totally amateur and in the difference can be so small, just a tiny little touch, it just make things feel more fluent and in just a little bit more polished, so I'm going to do them just going to command is to save that, and I'm just going to close it out, and you know what? I know it's gonna work so let's have a look and see what happens, we played back and look at that and type slowly fades in, and there is very settled but it just adds that little bit of professionalism and see how easy it is completely not destructive we'll get a smart objects we can go on back and we can do that I mean we can get really crazy on here if we want to let's go back into us might object and do something else I wasn't really planning on doing it, but why not let's do this it will be fun I'm going to create a new layer and I'm gonna grab this layer and I'm gonna pop it on top of that open up is a psb so I guess it does put up your wealth because of this model jake but anyway, eh? So what we're going to do here is on this object here I want to create a little clean a little glint of light so I'm going to go in here to grab the grady until click on ingredient here and we can do you know it's just do something we'll just start somewhere um let's start with this one so we're going to create a little grady and here's what I'm gonna do is I'm going to move this not that one they're gonna move this one to their and I'm going to leave this one here change the color here too white and I'm just going to click again to add another stop here change it to um I am wanting to do something here, and I know what I do and another one here that's what I wanted transparency so you go the top controls a transparency, so we don't want that red one it's kind of hideous that we just changed their color toe white and what it is doing essentially and do the same here, even though is the transparency sit two zero it's still kind of showing a little that color that's fading, so we got these three different points here and now what I want to do is I want to move this point to the middle and this is allocation and showing me a passage e, ma'am, that's going to squeeze these in a little bit, so in essence, what I'm doing is I'm just creating a little strip here off white, so I'm going to click ok? And now with my grady intell, hopefully I can get this to work, right? I'm just going to drag it across here and then we get we get that little strip of white, and the reason I'm going to do this is I'm going to go on here and I'm going to start it a little bit further down that stuttered about here and I'm gonna throw this down and all the time we work inside a spot object remember I'm going here I'm going to take my play head to this point in time I'm going to drag this and drag you right off the stage gonna hit position I'm going to take it up here and I'm going to drag us if you can do in one drag notice it as a key free but it doesn't matter you can update it and drag it across now we're gonna have this little gleam of light is be here but notice because outside the boundaries so someone we did earlier on remember putting that thing that you see sitting in a ll these classes you're learning so we're heading option and we're gonna click and now we're going to clip it today shape so I'm just gonna hit save close it out and now we're going to go up here let's bring it down a little bit make it a little biggest we can kind of see what we're doing here come on zero fills the screen hit the space bar and it comes out and is a little gleam of light across the bottom there and if you really wanted to be cheesy but so you can kind of see by using smart objects we can create what's known as a nest that animation is a much more complicated animation because we had all these little moving parts imagine trying to do all of this on the main timeline with values in the smart object it could get really messy really quick so it's just a really useful little little trick we can do but also notice what we're doing to have got text we've got graphics we've got photographs we've got music, video and sound all happening inside the same project so you can make some manage pull these different attributes and all these different elements uh you know the one thing you might do at the very end here let me just with safety doesn't want to save this I'll show you how to do a quick credible just tio give you a little bit more of a field for working with the type that was great yeah everybody out here is loving it too go a couple quick questions absolutely governing fantastic. So can you export this too? Dot f l v if if a client asks for a flash manner, could you build it in here and not directly okay but you can in fact, once by a lot of credit rolled and we'll do some exporting and I'll shake out exploded out and then I could even you know and that time remind me if I forget how to get that into flesh ok, fantastic and can you show again there's a little we're not quite clear on the on the key frame when when you move when you create your first key frame yes and then you then select where you want that animation toe end and then you move your object and photoshopped automatically creates a key frame at that point is that always that auto creation of key frame always on? Yeah ok perfect just part of the way it works absolutely you know and you can as I showed you before you can manually created keep for everyone but there's no need so you know, it's a three step process you know, if I should be the process that we show you the process again just really quickly without complicating it with that that that would be fantastic because that's the backbone yeah and it's a very simple process what we do is we create an object and she let me just make it gives a little space we could move things here you notice I do this all the time I crop and if I had the option, you can do both sides of the same time I always crop to enlarge my canvas and that can hide because they don't care about that, says transparency right now. So what we're gonna do is just grab any shape thank you just to a blob of paint it doesn't because it doesn't matter what we're doing so they were that's out of um we're going to go here so this is all we do is simple we haven't done anything in got the starting position sit there position with the key friend moved the play head to a different place said now we've set a different point in time where we want this to be a this point in time try to get moving and say you know what I want this over here at this point time and it'll create keep him in between just done that simple perfect perfect explanation at a great review thank you going all right so let's get back tio we're gonna create a credit roll at the end and so as you can see what's stunning to quite a few frames here little thing you can do if you want here to we have what's known is the options of panel options if you wanted you could drop them down here like this and click and will shrink him down a little bit give you a little bit more space to work with or you could turn them off altogether and which which I'm not gonna take this not very useful eso here we are in time I'm just going to take this now and this is where we are so we're going to start a credible so whatever this play hit is by the way another thing I could turn off the comment because we're not using those anymore so we're just going to the show and we can turn off the comments and those that goes away it gives us a little more real estate so wherever this play hitters when you create an object or your plants filter or whatever it's going to apply exactly where that key frame is so I know we used to working in layers but this is the extra little step here is on the timeline so if I get a grande my type told me I was going to the deacon because I don't want to create red type another tip for people that don't have any training in in graphics or in design um when it comes to type black or white is your best choice uh fancy is on ly goodwin fancies required that most of the time that's simply you do it the cleaner it looks and it just looks more professional if you're gonna get fancy you really want to make sure that you do it right or just looks completely corny and cheesy and if you want to find good examples of bad design go into the yellow pages he thinks we're going to grab the horizontal type toll here was just a title and we're gonna create paragraph text and a way to do paragraph text is we click and drag and it will create a paragraph taste so just like takes if you want apply in line taste on normal tissue just click ones if you want to play apply paragraph you do it in here a nice feature that they put into photo shop see a six was, um this one here and the type paste alarm ipsum finally I thought the text beautiful because how many times have you been tio and you know and then you can paste it a few times to try and fill it up with text just saved a lot of time that might have been awfully dramatic, but for people who have had to do that they feel me I know it so we're going to drag this out a little bit another little tip could be little designed tip here living space between lines if you make it thick make lots of space between the letters it automatically makes things look more classic if you have a block of text and it looks locking and and that's what we called it an advertising industry we call it schlock and stuff this just looks horrible and if you have schlocky text a little tip just dropped the size of the type down and increase the leading between it and suddenly it's way more classic um I guess this we're doing motion graphics is a type of design so I can add that all right, so what we want to do is we want to roll this credit so we're gonna roll this credit right now and we're just going to scroll down and lauren gypsum and I'm gonna choose transform I'm doing a little bit differently because I haven't sent my starting you have I said that key from health care, right? But the good thing about it is if I don't move is just gonna update, so I'm going to hit the shift key and I'm gonna pull this down and, um, it's going to start here in the first line and in this just gonna move up so let's go to the end here and as choose the ending position, pulling it up, I can do it two or three moves notices always updating and we can see, you know, we get a credit role is going to go like that to make it look cool. Fay didn't fade out, uh, you know, let me say this to one second set and have to change it and I'm just gonna drag and drop and dragon drub and we've done so let's preview al movie definitely lives up to his name, a very short film, one thing, but I think it's going to be kind of the bottom, so if your music cuts out that's no big deal, you just get like that the dragon like that to extend it. So now the music will would play for the entire life, I don't think I need to plants were again being and it it's safe just to save it, so the next step um what we're going to go into is how do we share this thing? How did we get it out of photos show how do we actually use this cousin list? You're going to carry a laptop around with you on your shoulder like a ghetto blaster and so your video everybody no one's going to be able to see it so you know, we have this wonderful invention called the internet and we can show it on the internet but before I jump into that little section there, is there any questions regarding to the area that we're just about to leave? Yes, there are so, um I'm gonna start just at the top calling from a palo photo when do you decide on work flow on which to use when choosing photoshopped video tools or potentially moving to premiere it seems like you could do a ton of stuff here you can do a ton of stuff here if you're doing stuff which were you're mixing a lot of different, you know, motion graphics and, um and video together like we're doing here, you know, for stuff is really good, you know, for quick things like that if you were going for a lot of footage and you doing heavy editing and you're doing audio sinking and audio editing and stuff like that on days predominantly just video and you're doing a lot of cuts you would consider using premier pro however, if you don't know premier probe and you want to put to get us a video he is a beautiful thing is photoshopped beacon use the toll that you already know how to use and you can create video immediately fantastic and that's that's just should be useful I just don't think I want to mention too when I did the concert just should mention in passing, you know, and here I did a transition for every single effect because I'm doing a motion graphics piece you know, this would be the kind of thing you would use for promotional piece you know, like, you know, come to my store and buy my product kind of thing you know you could do with this is like a little template now um when you were cutting a movie and watch tv and movies, you don't see that many transitions usually just hard cuts, so when you're telling a story for a lot of footage a lot of time you just going to do hard cuts, you're not going to put the transition because usually afraid transition means that something is happening over time can be kind of a message they're trying to send you know you were leaving here and then you kind of do the fate transition touch walking to where we arrived it's implying that we drove there in the car you know so if you're doing you know filmmaking you might want to think that way use very little transitions you did mention graphics you know, like we're doing here you know, little promo piece the fades and stuff just make it feel more smooth and more fluids it's quite appropriate fantastic s o a big will ask it's could you please go over again when you open a new document how you access the timeline please? Yes, absolutely you just go under window and you go down to timeline great or on a work space you can have got colin work space here if you want you can get down to the motion workspace will also open the timeline and stephen with a ph would like to know can you actually open? Could you open an access this animation if you will in premier uh that's a great question and yes and no, um I haven't I tested it lately on cc when cia six piece came out when I create a suite six came out I could open these inside of premier because what you would do is you bring it in as a layer just premier can bring in late photoshopped and um it's sort of worked the video is very kind of dodgy sometimes it works sometimes it didn't, um a lot of emotion, purpose and stuff that work quite well and then I think something happened that changed something may because they realized it wasn't working and then what happened is the motion graphics and still work because he's still importing knows is an object, but the video started to be instead of having a video clip of his replacement just a still frame so you would have to go in there and essentially re link or you're your videos back and I haven't tested in cc I haven't heard anything from anybody, um at adobe saying, hey, you know, we've got the video footage shot working premiere because if itwas we probably would have heard about it, some I'm guessing, but I haven't tested it lately, so I would say in a manner of speaking sort of a sort of no, I mean, ok, last time and tested it did, but it didn't work properly sent my it is easy to render this out, his video imported and in do you work so okay, just project premier might help you're good at you, okay, cool and then let's see a couple of of a size issue questions. Is there a limit? So how long your movie or video can be? And is there a limit to the amount of audio tracks and video tracks that you can have in a single file? Okay, um it really comes down to limitations of your hardware. Great let's just showed great, so really no limits. If you've got the hardware, I haven't come to any limits asai mentioned earlier on. I of tested it with one hundred twenty eight tracks of audio and a hundred and twenty eight tracks of video, and was able to handle that aspires the length of the video. There's. No limitations that are placed there by the software is hardly limitations.

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Learn how to edit your DSLR movies all within the program you know and love: Photoshop. Not only will you be blown away with the power of Photoshop's video tools, you will be amazed at how easy it really is, anyone can edit! Then fasten your seat belts as Colin unleashes motion graphics and 3D animations that will satisfy your creative hunger. You'll be inspired, educated and grinning from ear to ear by the end of this day of creativity and never before seen techniques within Photoshop. These are projects that everyone can use right away to promote their business.

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