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Your Demo is your Business Card

Lesson 34 from: Voice-Over for Real People: Complete Freelancing Guide

Keith Harris

Your Demo is your Business Card

Lesson 34 from: Voice-Over for Real People: Complete Freelancing Guide

Keith Harris

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34. Your Demo is your Business Card

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Your Demo is your Business Card

in the voiceover industry, Your demo is your business card, it is absolutely essential to booking work. There are companies out there that produced some very good demos who will produce your demo for you. These often will cost around $2500 and you might find that it's simply not an investment you want to make up front. So now what do you do? You have the performance skills, you have built a home studio, but you still need a business card with proper planning, you can record your own demo. I have helped a lot of students record demos that book work, so pay close attention here and make sure you follow these videos in order so that you can make a demo that has maximum impact. So where do we start? Step one is getting familiar with what a good demo sounds like and you can do this by looking up top rated or pro sellers on Fiverr and listening to their demos, you'll find a wide variety of performances and it'll give you some good ideas about the kind of demo you want to produce. Let's take ...

a listen to some of my professional demos, this is the video demo I use on fiber, this is keith, welcome to my studio. New education is not difficult. New education isn't classrooms, it's everywhere. Life has lived at the press of a finger checking in at the airport, taking photos, chatting with friends, even our kids are doing it or only at seaway window, open house, see incredible savings on all windows, doors, siding, awnings, sun rooms and walk in tubs, construction nearby is the great new tool from dodge maps. You can instantly find the closest projects happening from wherever you stand, so if you happen to be standing right here, you'll see there's plenty of construction nearby. Then you simply click on any job dot and you'll know where the job is, when, how big and what type of jobs are bidding the ultimate and food waste reduction solutions it saves.

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Keith Harris is an amazing teacher. His coarse is timeless. Thank you Keith. Please come up with another coarse.

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