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Customer Service

Lesson 38 from: Voice-Over for Real People: Complete Freelancing Guide

Keith Harris

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38. Customer Service


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Customer Service

it does not matter if you want to work full time part time or less. The voiceover industry makes for a wonderful home business and being self employed has many great benefits like picking your own work hours and being your own boss. Being self employed also means we need to hold ourselves accountable for the level of customer service we offer and making sure we set regular work hours while there are many places and platforms to pursue voiceover work for this program. We're going to focus on the fiber platform and this course isn't even going to be a full how to for five er but I do want to highlight some important features that make fiber so powerful Fiver lets you apply for jobs through the buyer requests function. I highly recommend you use this function as it's a great way to introduce yourself to new clients and book work. Many of my repeat clients today came from submitting a buyer request. The only tool you need outside of Fiverr is Paypal. Paypal makes it easy and fast for fiber...

to pay you. Everything else is done through Fiverr including securing payment from the client so it's a great hassle free way to dive into the world of unemployment, especially if you have not worked for yourself before. A great way to learn about the customer service and buying experience on fiber is to purchase a service from another seller. Maybe you want a logo for your new voiceover business. There are many great artists on Fiverr who can provide you with a logo. Making a purchase on Fiverr will really help you understand what your clients go through and are expecting when they make a purchase from you as well. There are many great vendors on fiber, so you might as well take advantage of their talents in building your business. The next thing you want to do is browse through other voice actors gigs, see how they set up their gig, take a look at what they are charging, What extras are they offering, What do you like or dislike about their gig? Would you buy from them? Why or why not? Doing this research will really help you set up and focus your gig to attract buyers. Do not be frustrated if you do not make a sale right away attracting that first buyer can take a little time and attention. No one starts out on Fiverr with hundreds of five star reviews. When I started I had zero reviews But I sent out by requests every day and over time started to see my business grow today, I have over 605 star reviews. That's a lot of business. I built it by being consistent with my time, which means picking an amount of time I spend on my voice over business every day. These little chunks each day over time build massive results as the months go by being regular. Also shows your clients they can count on you and that is really important because a client that knows they can count on you will return over and over and over. So how do we build up trust with a client? The most important thing is your response time. Fover asks that you respond to client emails within 24 hours and I recommend even sooner when possible. Using the Foverr app makes this very easy because responding to a client email is as easy as sending a text. Why is response time so important? Because it shows the client they can rely on you sometimes a potential client might only. Right Hello how are you new users to Fiverr mistakenly write this off as some kind of odd spam but it's not spam. A potential client writes. Hello how are you? Simply to see if you are going to respond? If you don't respond, why should they take the time to write a long email about their project details a quick Hello, How can I help you is all you need to get the conversation rolling. One final note on client interaction. Since most of your clients will communicate with you over email only and many of them speak english as a second language. Always assume they intend to be polite, email can be tricky since we can't hear a person's voice or see their facial expression. This means we can easily miss their intention and if someone speaks english as a second language they might use a sentence structure that appears rude, always treat your clients as if they intend well and you'll have happy clients returning over and over in the next lesson, we are going to continue with client interaction, expectations and delivery.

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