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Bridal Party Q&A

Bambi Cantrell

Posing Masterclass

Bambi Cantrell

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Lesson Info

9. Bridal Party Q&A

Lesson Info

Bridal Party Q&A

okay now I can answer that question all right em cd and megan g all kind of similar questions about people who have it's like staggered rose almost it looks like you're about three deep here where's your center focus my central focus is my bride and groom you notice that they're close to the front of the picture they're not in the back I want them to be the centre of focus simon f eight I'm not worried at all about having any I mean I will have I could you know see a fly on the back wall if I need you too that's a good question though so if you want I like to keep my group staggered a bit I don't want to have too much I wouldnt want like ten feet between them but I want to keep it breathe a ble you'll notice I don't try to crowd them up you know for a second let's get rid of these chairs from it I want to show you something okay and you guys just stand I want boys on one side girls on the other and just all face the center for a second okay guys on this I just stand right like in a row...

next to the groom just come in close to two kids you guys aren't married to each other are you are you really you look like brother and sister I know but see I'm from georgia and you you guys I told you it's just gonna happen all weekend you cannot fault me for it that old lady it's her fault she's got me going come in a little closer just coming real cuts I've got another reason for showing you this I want to just show you something and you're hang on the q t j come right over here maxine okay just come in really close just stand turn your feet this way we'll tall rolled like clothes okay right here coming right here like this okay now first of all I want you to see this because I want to show you what not to do why does this not why why does this look really boring and it does not look doesn't look right first of all I mean this is a good sized group and yet look at this group of people first of all when you put all the guys someone inside guess what you're doing you're putting all the weight on that same side so you have you know little tiny girls and the big guys and so it's it's very lopsided it doesn't feel good so we don't want to do that so we want to try too that's why I try to break people and put put them and mix them up a little bit so girls let me have all of you except maxine come over here for just a second and let's see right about there and dano come right over here by maxine maxine scoot over this way a little bit and danno you're going face right here I want to turn and face maxine beautiful back up a hair this way beautiful and I want you to push your hips towards dano coming I want you to touch him right there beautiful very good and you can hold hands cause you're the best man and maid of honor you look adorable right there excellent and now let's see jill come right here joe I'm gonna put you just slightly in front of these two people and you're gonna bring it look over your shoulder like this I want you slightly in front of them oh I like this already that looks better okay now let me have you hang on brian come of your q t scoot a little bit this way that I want to give you a little space scoot over that way here brian right there for me pal turn your feet towards jill and right there good job come towards me a hair you know in fact what I want to bring come towards I want your shoulder in front of maxine's more perfect right there's fine excellent right there and then I want you slightly in front of brian good job love it right there can you just like a turn your feet towards me this way brian just put your hand in your pocket for me good job excellent and then let me have a me bring you on this adam turn your feet this way he won't wanna go with this oh actually I'm switch places and amy turn your feet in your going to kind of lean toward your brother right here come towards me a little bit good job and just hold your bouquet like this love it very very nice to bring it down and you're gonna turn this want to see your best side right here lovitt come in close oh I like that already for you that looks cute okay don't let don uh yeah don let me bring you back over here this way you're going to stand right here and we're going to get ditch one of our broad agreement on turn your feet this way dani put good I want you back a hair behind jill and hold your ok in front like this been this front knee for me and you're gonna lean towards her just a little this way but not with your head with just your shoulder right here and not turn your face towards me right here and lied tow away like that don't don't goose urchin did you notice what she did so that's what you want to be careful of and that's what okay do that at one time gone see you don't want them to doing that and what if you just say to somebody if you say hey lean towards me guess what that's one of the first things we do is we go like this so we don't want to do that we want them to lean forward with the chest a little because then they will bring the whole part of that body back actually you're looking adorable right there bend your elbow just a little bit for me and then turn your shoulders that's head this way and tilt your head that with just a little tiny bit beautiful you guys look adorable right here you know but I need just scoot this way just a tad right there perfect good hey jill turn your feet out a little bit love because I want to know oh actually that looks much better now okay I'm liking what you guys are doing right there hey you know what maxine put this hand on the back his art his your hand that's holding hands just drape it like this and then ben this knee right here for me beautiful love it and I want you with your chest to kind of lean towards me a little bit perfect can you bring your shoulder look there and bring this foot towards like that okay perfect exit come here sarah jean and sarah I'm gonna bring you right about here for me and just kind of getting cozy right here and the sea and then on mission I'm gonna bring you in here and we're gonna pretend we only have one brides were missing a groomsman so come right you're almost coming right here for me good job and let me have you come towards me just a little bit sarah because I want to have you ok now I want to have you almost in front a little bit more of of writing to job and push it this way beautiful love it and um you should come in closer to her right there love it and with your shoulder when she almost leaned over her shoulder towards me so now we have a big group and we've got our we've got our bridal party and it doesn't look really awkward to mix them up a little bit so we were going we can kind of do that the other thing we can do to let's say we have one stool um hey brian parker but you're going to sit like this so brian just like that let's see how that works can you unbutton your job like that I love it that's good and maxine come towards me a little bit I don't want to hide you back there danno scoot this way just a little buddy a beautiful scoot this way miss beautiful beautiful you and come right over this way missy you're going to turn your feet this way because you don't even care about this dude right here okay excellent and the dawn turn your feet this way and coming close to your girlfriend right here beautiful so now we're starting to break people up again and do something about vontae dano can you cross your arms like this for me beautiful and this time maxine bring your incoming closer poetry and writing is here just love given real close with your chest lean towards him beautiful I know that you're not hooked up there so it's a little bit awkward for you but that's okay so the moral of the story is is that even if you have people standing and you don't have any stairs let me have you stand for a second brian let's get rid of this for a minute here I want to just try one of the thing let me have you back up just a little bit and you know what hang on a second oh I know where I want to go back up just here that way and here go come this way scoot over this way just a little bit and turn your feet toward your beautiful bride right here oh I like this one better and come in nice and close and coming and what was your pressure tummy toward your husband put your arm right behind his hair right there beautiful love it very good you guys are cute as you could be right here gorgeous and this time and then jill I'm gonna have you kind of lean into him this way just kind of get cozy beautiful I like bend that knee for me just a little chill perfect love it hey jill come towards me a little bit because I actually that looks even better and then maxine you're looking adorable come in but I really need the attitude to be in there hey danno put your arm right behind her waist right there and then pull her right to you boo yeah that's good excellent writing here kids good accident and then tyler you can touch your wife's waist it's okay and since you're really a couple both of you two kids lean towards each other nice very good so I mean even if we don't have uneven group of people to work with we can still do it it may not be absolutely perfection but we can have some fun with it okay you guys relax girls step out of the picture questions you have any questions oh bambi do we have questions oh my god wait question in the audience I was just wondering if the people are not together I know that in this situation they're not but if they are do you still have them be that cozy yeah the guys and the girls with the arms running absolutely you know we're not trying to I'm not trying to I don't want them like I'm not gonna have a kiss or get you breathe each other's breath or anything you know but but I want them to get cozy it's about you know you can still have two people that are friends you know stand close together you know that are part of the same group what I don't want to do is I don't want to put my own personal uh issues into a scene so I tried if I see that they're just super super uncomfortable then I might turn them one way or the other but as a general rule I like getting people a bit cozy I mean like for instance here movers second dead I mean if this were my son I could easily do that I mean if this were if he were if this was a groomsman this is a bridesmaid right here does this look intimate but we're close I mean we're very where I mean we're close enough to be intimate turn your feet towards me a little bit good job so we can easily do this without being you know you don't have to get them like really like touching everything but if I can get a little bit of energy going this way then that's fine too excellent questions questions yes a question from lisa haddock and a ton of other people isn't really important remember everyone's names people are noticing that you oh all of these names and how do you do you have any trick ok yes I actually do have tricks you know why I do and I really believe it is extremely important to remember the names is my hobby I mean now I will tell you an hour from now matthew I will not remember who in hell you but there's always and there's always one like unusual but I completely mess up their name your whole entire day but I really do believe it's important I look him in the eye and I try to associate people that I already know with who they are like for instance adam my adam my friend adam silver smith in las vegas that's who he reminds me of so adam adam silver's maxine I'm thinking you know she's she's maxine she's just a sassy girl you know amy amy just reminds me of a young woman that I know her name is amy jill jill jack and jill leiter I think I'm not caters dawn reminds me of one of my closest friends dawn shields so I just try to remember who they are looked them in the eye to begin with I have may not be able to remember them like immediately but I try to say their name at least three times and I just met these guys like what a half hour ago so I try to say each of their names like three times and look them in the eye when I'm saying it so they remember and tyler's name is easy because it was like tyler house of pain you know tyler perry house of pain you know tyler tyler you know that that reminds me of him my studio is on tyler street you know so it makes it easier to be remembered those kinds of things so and I do believe it's really important if you remember their names to call them by their names because people really appreciate hearing their name you know a name is very important you know I mean we really think about how important and name is I mean everybody has a name I mean I spent like two months trying to decide on the name from my dog you know how important is a name so I think it's real important way remember their names so that's how I do it and believe me it takes a feat because I'm like when you're in your fifties you cannot remember squat I'm not kidding you just can't remember where you left your car keys little remember have people's breitling so okay next person speaking of dave's the typical affairs is wondering as a female photographer do you feel it's easier to build a relationship with the client use a lot of pet names that might not work for men to use you know first of all I don't agree that men can't use pet names I learned all my pet names from men because in the olden days I mean I'm more probably the oldest female photographer that has been shooting reading nobody's been shooting weddings longer than he has a woman and when I started there were no other female there were very few female photographers all my mentors were men and they all were plus I will tell you it helps being from the south because we call everybody honey and baby and sugar and everything like that that's just what we do you know this southerners do we just every baby doll and and q t and so forth and so that's kind of natural for me I can't say that every person in the world should do that because that's it has to be comfortable to you and who you are but I will tell you that by making pet names for people think about nicknames I mean my my my my real name is bambi like you'd give that to yourself right but think about it I have nicknames think about why in the world would anybody need baby need a nickname right and yet the people who call me by my nickname you know you know bamboo zr bamber r r boosler whatever those are all people that I feel special about because they do they felt that I was so special to them that they gave me a special name it's not just your given name so I think that pet names could be really good things to have and so you know we're so in this room we have scooter pie and ta gra poo and um you know and q t and and lots of other names so which I can't remember right now because I can't remember anything so so we have all those kind of pet names and it also by the way works great if you can't remember somebody's name to say hey honey just come coming baby doll come over here and do this or that and our daddio I used daddy all I learned that one from don blair who's there's a very old timey photographer for many many years ago so I think those are very powerful tools for making people feel more personal with you and I do believe that the end of the day this is a personal experience with these people you know if I get if I had if they like me they'll love their pictures and I want them to enjoy the experience and most importantly I want them to look good in those photographs and if you're having fun and it takes a few minutes longer to get it right then but they don't but they're enjoying the experience is that a bad thing no and I think this is the trade off and this is where and I don't mean to get on my soapbox but this is the one area I feel very passionate about in the last ten years or so we have gotten away from posing at all people are horrified opposing it was like oh no and what they would do you guys come over here for second just come over here and just just stand together just come up here and just stand together just get just stand here and this is what many many people would do they just would stand him like this okay just stand there okay and click now you guys didn't really good but pretend that they didn't do it quite so nicely I'm just getting beat that's all because we've been finessing it looks actually great look at the pyramids one teo but the point is is that many people they wouldn't even do that and they would not look there would not have them stand they would have them stand flat footed girls just stand flat on your feet and just stand static with your hands by your sides or you're okay right appear like this and many people just do that and it was because they just didn't know anything about posing it was for many years for like from the early nineties to the early to thousands it was un cool to pose it was like oh my god you can't pose people and then and then the problem with that is that there became no difference in what a professional photographer does and aunt martha with a camera and I'm sorry but if there's no difference in the way your pictures looked in that an amateur why would you hire a pro if there's no difference so you know in later periods of time in the last five years or so people have finally realizing oh my gosh you know I actually want to look good in a picture I want to look good and that's an important element it's not just having the picture taken it's having a flattering picture of you taken and so by learning some a few little opposing concepts and tips it could take a photograph and make it more pleasing and make the subject look better so even if we just had these even if these people are just standing there all just standing straight by doing that one bit opposing where you bend your you know your push one hip away from the camera and bend the knee bringing the knee over the other leg like for instance if you look at me maxine right here see if she takes her like it could be been this knee right here and just stretch it out that way no like this see how that doesn't look good see how it stretches that sea like see that looks really ugly it doesn't look flattering she's a tiny girl now take that same knee and bring it like this dangle like that point your toe towards me right here beautiful benry and cross it over like this good girl see the difference in what it makes on her likes now let's take that and maxine with your chest just a little tiny bit of movement that shoulder right there lean towards me beautiful you see the huge difference and what that made for her so it really took her from from looking very off awkward and not looking very graceful and she has she's got to be I bet you would look amazing in a gown because you have a very natural grace you got beautiful long limbs but if you could make someone like that look no not graceful in such then what in the world would you do to that poor little gal that's not going to be the perfect size to relax any other questions yeah we had a question from a number of people of course were in a studio here we're teaching what are some of your tips when people are have drinks in their hands and there's just all kinds of stuff going on they're not paying attention to you how do you wrangle everyone oh that's a great question well here's the deal first thing you want to do is you want to do big groups first you want to do them and s so if people have drinks in their hands what I try to do is I want to remove them from an environment and I want to make anything that I want them to do what they want to do okay so another do you see what I mean by that for instance if I wanted you two to come move over here then I'm going to use words that are going to benefit that are going to make you want to come over here not say it's because I want you to move there you know to give an example for instance with my brides I gently will tell them say hey you know I want you to be ready for pictures about three hours before the wedding now that seems like a long time doesn't it but let me tell you why because you it's not fair for you to have to come pete with your bridesmaids for bathroom time you know this is your special day and so you know by you by you starting early and getting dressed early you know what if you don't like your hair guess what you got time to change it do you see I I was telling her something that I wanted her to do but I gave her a reason to want to do it that benefited her and so it's been my if you tell people things to do but you give him a reason to want to do it because it's in their best interest then they'll do it for you so this is what I would say for a private party hey guys I know it's gonna be a pain to have formal pictures taken and oh man it's such a it's it's a pain right guess I got a deal for you we're going to do five minutes of post pictures would that be okay and yet so if you come with me right now I promise you I will have you back on that dance floor in five minutes is that alright with you guys let's do it come on let's go and I don't give them a chance to say I know I don't want to do that I don't I don't ask for permission to do my job I tell you and enthusiasm is anyway okay come on you guys let's go oh and if I see somebody delaying I'm going oh come on you know you really start that's oh my god I have to have you come with me so the people who are the little troublemakers that once people make your job difficult they're the ones who I want them to be my little pet project and I will grab them by the hand in a very nice way and get them to do what I want them to go I have everything scoped out ahead of time so if I know I want you guys to be in this environment and I know that right after that is drink time guess what I'm going to arrange for with the bartender over here I'm gonna have maybe a table with beer beer and wine on it you know that's for them as soon as they're done hey guys promised you five minutes and this pier is going to get caught promise you so it's right here just in view so that we you know so you give me what I need and then we move on it's like with little children you know you can't pose a little child right so you have to make what you want them to do what they want to do so if you want to sit in that chair you go put you start blowing bubbles over by that chair and they can't help but come over here and they get in that chair and they start and so you get to where you want and you know what adults they're no different than children are that's really cool but chris did at camp is wondering well actually she's hoping you could give her a big tip she has a wedding with thirty people in the wedding party this year oh actually you know what that's a good one in fact I have I shot two huge weddings want a burger in texas the big guy who owns want a burger a daughter's wedding and she had like sixteen bridesmaid sixteen groomsmen four flower girls it was a joy enormous group um it's not how many people are in the group it's about knowing of setting up the stage setting in your mind the stage for capturing those images you saw when we set up the group of sixteen with this little tiny area with chairs use chairs use them sit have them sitting on the floor do we have time for me to to do a quick demo on that we have ten minutes till the okay great let's go you bring those chairs back over the two that we had and then so let's bring over those two chairs we have let's set him up when we had kids come here for a second real quickly and then what I want to do it so we'll add a couple of the black chairs to this group right here let's back it up just a hair right there's good about like that's fine and move that one right there uncle john perfect right there's good come on bring it a little closer right there perfect about half of that okay good and then let's bring that share over here and we'll need a stool okay perfect right there is good all right so then hang on I'm not sure if I want that sure not okay so what we need is we're going to eat all of our students and I don't know if I have thirty people but we'll make it okay so let's get our girls we're going to set you guys up real quickly became a ritual rachel went you this time to come right over here and you're just gonna park your booty right there for me miss sarah have a seat parker but right there in the very corner right here turn your legs this way beautiful that looks great right there a mil of maxine come right here you're gonna park your butt right there for me please right in there miss dani poo come right here q t park your butt right there for me and amy come right here missy have seat right here for me good job right here in the front park your butt right there jill I'm not sure I'm putting on may put you on the floor right here like I always do oh you know actually you know what come here donna actually dano I want you to come right back here tyler come read of your q t come right over here and you're going to stay on right here towards me right here beautiful you're perfect right there daniel turn your feet this one comes with beautiful right there's fine brian come over here on this side by your cue broad and you're going to stand right here turn your feet that way good dan adam come out of here adam right here let me um actually yeah that's right a mish coming here on mission you're going to stand right over here for me met abroad bulla matthew park your butt right there for me good job and you don't want you to do darling you're gonna park your butt right here and camera here I'm gonna put you right here I think okay I need my groups come on kids oh you know I'm gonna have you come up here honey you're gonna park your butt on the floor again and let's see come out here baby brooke come right here to have a seat right there ex ara can I get you to come right over here on that side right there come right here missy yeah uh you're going on the backside I'll tell you where to come right here oh you know what stand up second dad park your butt right there missy all right have a seat right there for me beautiful you're perfect right there come right here baby doll beautiful when I was your shoulder towards me right here and with your chester gonna lean toward beautiful right there you know actually I'm not sure where I'm going here jack yes mean come over here stand from amish come here ah tests tessa let's see where I'm going put you tessa oh tessa come right here cute you're gonna park your butt right here have a seat right there for me excellent levi levi levi let me put you right there on the end I need some more bodies come on excellent and you're going to your perfect there scooter lex back just a little bit and you're very nice like that you know bring your legs this way babe your portal dress is going to totally trashed scoot your butt back but just so you know we put all that we put the cute ones on the floor okay let me see how you're doing come on kids okay uncle john you're gonna come right over here on the end right here come your kids come in here good come here bob love see I told you mackenzie come here mackenzie park your butt right there on the floor right there for me darling excellent okay here niko niko can I have you right down here on your knee I love it getting men on their knees and performing I love it here you go babe you're gonna come right over here and I want you like that getting nice and cozy right there lucy oh I love it but don't put a lot of weight on that shoulder uncle john come towards me a little bit actually that's beautiful right there uncle john let me have you two kids come here baby what's your name again oh that's right with the funny name and you know it you know cover here test this test I want you to come behind tests you're a sculpture booty that's why missy moved a chair this way a little bit and stand a little behind her right there love it right there's perfect right there and test I want you to scoot your body this way you're gonna lean into toe actually turn your feet towards him away like that way better ara scoot towards me a little bit I don't want to hide you back there and my precious mona mia come right this way baby doll but look beautiful you're perfect right there are come towards me as much as you can and you're gonna lean over that shelter here towards me right here beautiful that would come out here daddio beautiful you're perfect right there you guys were great scoot this way me missy I love it a little bit more and donte po skewed towards me just a little bit honey good job you guys are doing great okay kids let me put you precious come right over here babe and we will put you right back there on the back road let me say that looks a little adam lean across the chair right here like that for me I love that you have perfect right there awesome I love it and I want you darling you're gonna lean towards me like this actually just right no love rachel turn your shoulders this way a little bit and I want your knees this way so you could bring your flowers more across this I love unlike that way better love it love but bring your flowers this way across this love and just like oh look tatter house a pain move this right daddio kenna oh you know I'm gonna put precious having kneel down here for me babe and I want you to sit down on your booty love it love it love it and I want your lean into this ugly dude right here for me hey test come right back here on that side right there for me right there and I want you just wrap your aunt or uncle john right here uncle john turn your feet this way dad come in really close right here and you're gonna lean over his shoulder towards me right here perfect look atyou and last but not least somewhere here and your name again let me say that looks oh you know what the right kind you have you down on your knee right there oh you know what hang on a second I need to have one more thing for her you don't have that little box right there stand up a second okay I don't know how many people this is drop that leg down this way babe drop it down this way stretch your body and lean back and amy this way a little bit with your chest real tall stretch in her lean and whole bunch that way more more more more more brooke leaned towards me right here good job but keep your back tall and tilt your head this way let me see how you're looking excellent lean into uncle john right there cause that's your best buddy right there love awesome uncle john can you put your arm right around here that's your your daughter right there perfect let me see how that looks right your kids well I'd have to say that this is not a bad look okay okay you guys hang on a second there's only two people I'm going to move aro can you lean towards me and all I mean are you mean oh and you know what else I want to do I'm gonna also change this I think I'm gonna shoot from higher camera angle whoa on you guys let's see how this looks right here whoa this is awesome I just want to see what your looking like can I see everybody spaces yeah I can now the only thing that's missing in this photograph right here is I need to feel love so what I want you all to do is on a count of three and ara I need you to turn towards the girls right here missy wrap your arms around brooke right there excellent and mona me lean towards that's right here honey and what I want you all to do is on a count of three I'm gonna have you guys all lean towards the middle and let's give our beautiful bride and groom a big hug ready guys one two three and love oh my god you guys are they don't have cooties okay awesome love it right there guys one two three and what come on as if that's all that's half the fun right guys oh awesome beautiful very good did that answer your question okay now before you leave before you leave um the breakdown is as important as the group shot what you want to do is you want to take people out of the picture so for instance if this were a family grouping of people the core family members are here in the middle so now what I'd like to do is I'm going to pretend for the sake of this of this installment that the core family members obviously the two of you the bridal party of you kids right here we'll have you stayed right in here and then I want all of the periphery all of you guys over here I mean I'll have you stay in the picture to andi you could stand here you can step out of the picture stay right there matthew and now let me just move that dad can you move those two pieces right there and adam good stand up for me dad beautiful and then brian move that share this way and I want you just to have a seat right here and you're going kind of close your bride right there okay now no no don't sit in that you're sentenced on the arm well like that coming towards me this way darling beautiful just about like that and hey q t pie can I get you to sit in that chair with your baby okay and now do you see how we have very few people do we have to move you see we did the big group first and then you break down and you do the smaller groups so just just refined this a little tiny bit across your leg girl saw there missy ok rachel you're gonna bring that book a this way from me right here and lean towards me right here beautiful very nice hey miss amy turn your legs this way and come sit very forward in the chair and ellen back into rachel like that more more beautiful and then but I want you your face towards me a little come towards me a little bit with your shoulders and that stretch out your leg beautiful very very nice put one leg down that's perfect just like that so now we have our smaller core group that we don't have to repose so while the first big group may take you five minutes to do we can keep now weaken unbilled and un building is the way to do it so start big and then break it down okay now so now we've got our you know like maybe this is the family whatever so now ok hey guys if you're a man step out of the picture and take your chair with you if you have a chair okay you don't and missing have us to come over here darling so let's so what I'm going to try to do is let's say that this was the core bride and her sisters so I try to put anybody who is in who needs to be in the picture who I know has to stay there longer core to the middle so that all I have to do is bring it because I don't want to have to mess with that bride okay I don't want to have to move her about any more than I have to because the more that I have to move for the more after fixed trains that's how you do your group fast start big and then take out don't do small and go big first of all the reason you don't want to start small and go big is the fact that it's like herding cats okay it's totally like herding cats that if you're trying to hunt down uncle fred or dad or you know whatever and you let them go it's over so start big and get paid the fulbright I want all the bride's family okay we're gonna crowd around bride's groom and bride is staying put and then we start building around with this group with those is the core people and then I say hey guess what anybody who's not a member of the bride's family except the bride and groom but by you're free to go then the groom's family I bring them in and the bride and groom are already there and then of course it makes it easier to build the big the big groups and then break it down and then a full bridal party and then want something with a full bridal party say hey guys step out of the picture because I don't have to repose all those girls did I have to touch any of these girls no they're done they're absolutely done so if we wanted to bring them in hey guys come over here for a second and just kind of get where I replaced you before tyler you're perfect right they're excellent right there is fine brian you look beautiful right there turn your feet toward your beautiful bride right there excellent excellent that looks good right there and lola adam turn your feet this way more whole bunch very good okay now uh the only person that I might do so hey girls okay all of you guys look really great right here haig ladies step out the picture thank you very much brian have a seat in that chair right there on the very edge lovett right there scooter but back to settle but have a seat right there dad um I mean I mean I'm amish okay good I want you to kind of lean into this and portray it in your pants pocket right there hey burt tyler have a seat right there on the edge of that arm right there have parker but beautiful coming this way dan oh bingo we're done do you see how quick that was to get them basically because I already had the basic outline so all had to do was a few things to finesse it's so so easy to work with guys because they don't have trains to fluff and everything else so it's a really easy way to get them to get them back in and seen and if I wanted to hey guys just stand up basically all I need to do now if I needed to is taken can I just have someone who is not part of this group just take these two chairs out here for a second adam I'm gonna move you for one second just they can grab that share the rest of you stay put for just a minute brian have a seat right here for me and I'm gonna have you turn your feet this way brian excellent I'm isha come this way right here right come towards me about adam right there come towards me daniel beautiful and then put this hand in your pants pocket guy so see I don't even still we could even do a standing shot without a lot of effort to get them to do what we need them to do questions yes hand placement oh great question okay hand placement I'm real casual when it comes to hands because I don't want to make it two I don't want to make it so hard core perfect so I like if I'm gonna have working with guys that I found that if they just put their hand in their pants pocket like the front hand put your front hand in your pants pocket and I would rather have them lift up the jacket I'd rather have it be more casual like that then to pull the jacket you know to have it pulled back I don't feel that that feels real to me and I just prefer it that way so I prefer to just have the nice casual look I maybe would have them button one button maybe the the middle button on which is what people usually do on a three button jacket just to keep it a bit more casual I don't want to make it so overly perfect I'm not it's not gonna nobody's going to get cancer if they do the fig leaf you know so it just is whatever feels good to them I could even have them put their hands just keep their hands out of their pockets and just be real nice and strong pull your jacket just like that but right there guys and now I want all of you to do one thing for me hey pointed towards me just a little bit brian and you know scoot over this way towards amish right there love it and this time guys I just want you to see gonna lean towards me a bit like oh yeah good job I love it when you feed the other way todd I bet you this is your better side love it right there love it hey guys on the camp three I want you to wrap your just this is your pal on your butt just getting cozy and just you know put your arm around tyler you know getting cozy with him come on guys you can touch him love it awesome off hey tyler like the spirit of full drums across your chest lovinit that is the cheesiest thing I ever saw ok just relax and under your arms tyler you put your hand your pants pockets and guys were pals this is our buddy are drinking pal lovett brian turn your feet towards your buds right they're loving it awesome and just click click click right there guys the only thing we do try to hide as much as possible the ugly one ok just getting your danno you're so cute

Class Description

Do you have problems diverse groups of clients? Are you unsure if your lighting and posing are on point? Join award-winning and Nikon Ambassador Bambi Cantrell in this comprehensive class covering all aspects of posing, lighting and developing a successful portrait studio.

In this class, Bambi will:

  • Show you the best lighting for different scenarios
  • Camera angles that flatter
  • How to add creativity to your portrait shoots

You will learn ​Bambi​'s​ secrets of how she continues to innovate in her photography and business​.​


a Creativelive Student

I almost didn't bought this course due to low rating and what other reviewers were saying about her, but because it was on sale at incredibly low price that i decided to bite the bullet. And I am so glad I did. First of, for those reviewer that find her offensive, because she talks loud or make some jokes to her models or her audience, i don't think that it is offensive at all and neither did her audience or everyone in the studio. As a matter of fact, they were enjoying it. And I did too, was laughing while watching them laugh and having a good time. There was nothing wrong with the audio. I heard her just fine. I found her class to be the best class ever because she only not answers questions by theory, she demonstrate them live with the participation of her audience and the creative live crew and that's what made her class very interesting and not boring. She also uses real people and not models with perfect sizes or figures and it really helped me a lot because i have a challenge when it comes to posing plus sized people. I love her sense of bluntness, humor and at the same time, all the wonderful nuggets of wisdom she shared to her audience. I had purchased tons of creative class about photography and to tell you honestly, i haven even watched the full content on some of these classes because i get sleepy and bored but with Bambi's class, i watched her class in just 2 days without even feeling bored. I don't write reviews and in fact this is my first time to write a review here on creative live because i just feel the need to say that it's very unfair for her to be criticized liked that. I love you Bambi, I love your personality, I love your style and the information you taught were very invaluable. Thank you.

Melissa Baker Griffin

Loved the invaluable lessons! I can't wait to go through them all again. They are jam packed with valuable and tactical information that creatives on every level can take from. Her energy and personal style creates a great experience! I can only imagine how cool it would be to take a class from her in person! She is such a treat and so inspiring! I LOVE how enthusiastic Bambi is about the questions she receives and encourages phototgraphers to continue to grow, learn, and think out of the box. Thank you creative live! I feel like there should've been something like fire works at the end because she did outstanding!

Anne Dougherty

I’ll be honest. Ms Cantrell moves very fast, but her experience, humor and confidence are infectious. I thought I would check out a lesson or two and ended up watching and listening to her entire program. She is clear about her process and why it works so well. Her portraits are beautiful, whether individual or group situations. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentations, and I am a landscape and pet photographer. But I feel like I learned a lot about seeing, and was reminded of approaches to running your own creative business that are valuable for anyone. I have been very impressed by the professional instructors in every one of the CreativeLive courses I’ve watched or bought. It’s not every professional who can teach! I know. I am one who could not handle classroom situations. So happy I was able to join in on these classes. Thank you, Bambi, for all of your energy, and for sharing your knowledge with all of us. This was quite a ride!