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Shoot: Mismatched Couples

Bambi Cantrell

Posing Masterclass

Bambi Cantrell

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Lesson Info

22. Shoot: Mismatched Couples

Lesson Info

Shoot: Mismatched Couples

you know many times people struggle with going okay well had a wife photograph somebody was really tall with somebody who's really short and what about someone who's got really darker skin with someone who's really light skin tone I mean how do you make all of that work well the first thing I have to tell you is that none of those things our flaws those air beautiful things about people and I'm not trying to like if I have a couple that's one's taller than the other one is really short you know they that's what they love about one another is the way that they are so I'm not going to bring a little boxes for people to stand on and try to make their head heights all perfect that way what I will do when it comes to close up pictures specifically I want to bring them closer their faces closer together to create intimacy so it's not about trying to say oh well this one's not quite so tall as they know as they are or this one is shorter than they appear to be but it's about getting intimacy ...

in a picture and that to me it's so for close that picture specifically that's what I'm looking for when I'm looking for someone who's taller with some new shorter in that kind of thing I also want to show you one of things I really like doing is working with people that are different skin tones because you know you know sometimes in some parts of the world you know lots of folks are one tonality and so you don't really get a chance to express your your creative side and so we have a variety of skin tones and I want to work with all of those and it's a we're going it's going to be a really good eye opening experience for you and hope that you'll enjoy it so I think we're going to start with that first so we have are amazing good just ramona over here come over here ramona she can't walk very much and we just put her in a butte and some sort of a little black dress kind of thing and so we're going to photograph her first who is our model that's going to work with ramona uh who's that we have anybody in particular who do you want to o okay well that's fine or you know what hang on I need somebody so let's have come for you kitty will be right okay look come here let me bring you girls over here by our lighting we're going to use a three lights set up and I'm gonna bring you back about right here we're going to use a reflector a beautiful soft box with basically umbrella with a braun the front of it and then we want a bit of a hair alight I'm going to place the lighter toned model farthest from the light source now with with a cz we learned a little bit earlier today it's not about the quantity of light I'm not trying to pop a bunch of light on ramona's side it's not about the quantity it's about the quality I want to create that nice speculator and I want to keep in mind that she has darker skin so I'm not trying to make her skin tones match in to what the other model will be I want the lighter modeled have lighter skin tones and I want ramona's skin tones to look fine like they are what will give each of them there dimensionality it is not the not the amount of light but the way that the light is used so we're going to put ramona on the side that is that where the light is and also ramona's a bigger girl then lo ve is right get it right that time living right I'm sorry okay so the first thing I want to do is ramona I'm going to have you come you're standing right where he wants you to turn your feet this way a little bit and separate your feet for me and I'm gonna have you push your hip away from me and now I want to put lorraine next to you now because laura is a smaller girl so that I can give her her space I'm gonna bring her ah slight amount in front of ramona so lorraine I want you separate your feet a little bit and now I want you to push your hip back towards our beautiful not your shoulders and your hips go boot like that beautiful and put your arm behind each other's backs right there girls beautiful and now ramona I want you to lean towards me this way more with your chest come on more more more more more and I want you now to lean towards laura you girls have been best friends since junior high school excellent and you know what girls hey can I have you turned this way both of you with your feet a little bit beautiful just a little bit and the right let me have you push your hip that way a little bit and you know what oh baby girl she stirs you love this gal you've been friends forever now you notice that I bought I brought lowrey a tiny bit in front of ramona so that they have there have there own little space how are we doing dad let me see and I'm gonna make this a nice tight shot let's see their faces and oh this is gonna be cute let me see how you're looking ramona with your cheek right there I want you to give her a little hug with your cheek the darling and the right turn your face this way a little bit let us um gorgeous let's see how this is looking wow right out of the can I'm done I don't have to do anything more this looks really good ramona lean towards me a little bit this white beautiful put your hand like right by her hair like oh baby girl this is really look at her aren't they adorable and now love it girls ramona lean towards me a bit more and I want you to give her a hug with that cheek right there perfect guards it beautiful let me get a little higher I'm going to change my camera position I really like this taller camera angle on the girls stand up tall with your backs girls good and the ray let me have this arm right here bring it down around this way that were here and now ramona I want you to turn your shoulders this way towards her a little bit more dropped this shoulder down and put it right around the rays waist right there and no one should lean towards her this way and a lean towards me lorraine chin down a little bit less right good job and good very anus and ramona bring your chin down and turn your face that way just a tiny bit lovett gorgeous larayedh that's a fake a small in the entire universe chin a pill or a a little bit love it gorgeous beautiful girls let me see how they're doing wow that just is pretty darn good I'm liking it very much um let me just see for fun how it looks to have ramon on the other side over no we're not I mean you know what I'm not I'm not gonna do that you know what I want to do let me put you back where I had you and ramona let me have you turn your feet this way beautiful hang on a second lucy where I want to go with this let me just come down here a little bit here you guys are doing great I know you have what you guys go way back you know let's just get crazy with this thing because this is like your veil because you're like oh I love it darling love it actually would put this this way right here because this is what we do for all the ugly girls but you're not yeah excellent right in their love it I want to keep this down when you pull this down a little bit more second because it was kinda hiding your face gorgeous turn towards each other I think I preferred you I'm not liking this get this off you sorry well you're here's okay okay now just to show off your body a little bit more here let's just bring you a little fabric up right this way turn your feet this way just a tad and you're gonna really push that hip this way a bunch excellent and now lorraine turn your feet this way a little tiny bit we're going to keep it just a little bit more casual right here excellent right about there just hold hands girls because you are very close friends and now ramona I want you with your chest you're gonna lean over her shoulder a little bit towards me this way and lorraine that's very very nice turn your shoulders this way a little bit more let's get that right and now lean in to her back right there not with your chin real important we don't want to do that did you see what she was doing see how she started goose necking we don't want to do that we want to keep it real riel way want to keep those way don'twant to goose the neck it looks very unflattering for people let me bring you forward just a little bit lori and switch your feet much better yeah that's much better listen how that's working here I love it and this is again I'm gonna do something that's a bit more head and shoulders lovett haley right lean back into her a little bit more yeah awesome excellent it darling and you know what your chin up a little bit ramona beautiful tall with your back and with your back shoulder lean towards her that way leading to her a little more good and now drop your chin right down towards lorraine oh yeah awesome the only thing missing is that this is your best buddy awesome look at that little sassy in a while gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous perfect good job kids beautiful beautiful beautiful okay now thank you too very much now let's see what we've got photographed r r someone who's got darker skin tones of someone who's very very fair now let me photograph someone who's really tall with someone who's a bit shorter so let's try that okay come out of your kids reminded your names again what was that tree and neil trillion leo sorry eyes about this time of the day I can't remember my own name so and you're a real couple right and how long have you two kids been married you have children how many awesome okay so the first thing I notice is that you know they are there's a substantial difference in their head heights and weigh well my goal is to get them closer to get them in the same zone together now trudy has very deep set eyes so I have to really be careful that I fill in those eye sockets a bit but I'm goingto let's try it this way so we're going to try a couple of different posters on them just so I can just see what it's gonna look like so I may work into this a little bit and so cut me some slack if I don't get it right the first time case a treaty turn your feet this way because I want to turn her towards the light source so I can pop a little bit more light into her back up a little bit q t and we're gonna have we want a bit of this we want the edge of that light to capture this way right here and leo you're going to come a tiny bit behind your bride right here and I want you to take your back arm and you're going to just wrap it around her could bring it really close into her chest around her around her shoulders beautiful take that army just lock it and that's good now drop your chin down on her a little bit beautiful turn your face up just a hair and tilt your head this way now the reason I've done it this way is by you see how their heads now are close in proximity to each other let me see how it looks from here um leo turn your feet this way you're not your feet right there excellent and now very very gently oh that looks good let's try this and see how this looks right here gorgeous love it beautiful let me see how you look through the camera right here the only thing actually missing is a great expression and that's the end of the day it's all about yes see that's going to work out good you know what dad I feel like our light is still just a whisper up too high see look at his eyes and leo's eyes yeah but you're doing great the good thing is hey leo I'm going to move him though the recent gonna move leo is I want you to see that I feel that he's kind of dominating the picture right here because so much of his shoulder is in the is in the foreground right here so let's try something a bit different so now hang on a second let me have you darling you're going to lean switch your feet good and now lean into him this way on this shoulder right here and now leah let's see what looks like to have you come around the other side of her and look put this arm across your chest right here like that and drop your head down on her face I love that oh I like that that is cute as it can be he is well I'll tell you right now you know you don't leave a drop your arm down because we're going to do just a real tight head shot just don't cop a feel while you're there okay ah livy this is adorable tilt your head this way honey just a little oh actually I really like this for you can you just hold his hands right there gorgeous and I kind of like your hair a little messy right there old leo that looks nice you sassy girl turned down a tiny bit o honey that's gorgeous leo that is beautiful right there drop your chin on her a little bit more you baby love it yes awesome cute as pie hello they're doing great huh he still doesn't have quite enough light so you look where the it's but you're getting better you know what dad tilted this way just a little bit more just don't want to get into your shot that's okay up better that's probably better right there and you know what yeah that's actually going to do that let me see what it looks like through here nice let's see what we got here hello now we got it that's much much better that's that's actually a light years better so you can see the difference when you have the light up too high it really does make a huge huge difference and that's what you have to pay attention when you're looking at body anatomy have to say okay well these two people ok we have one who's really tall from one it's a little bit a lot shorter than them but also are their eyes real deep set you are their eyes you know very much per tooting or whatever the case is so that you can compensate for those things so I like where I'm going with this but I want to just get it needs to be a tad more playful so let me see what looks like missy turn your feet towards your honey right there beautiful and I want you to come in close right there I want her slightly in front of him why is that because she's shorter and I want him to lean towards her with his chest can you just put your hand on her tummy right there you just kind of let your arm right across this hand right they're beautiful and now daddio I want you to lean right over towards me tall with your back chin up a little bit there you'll love it loving it awesome you know what if you want to you can reach around back and just pinched him on the booty if you want teo chin down a little bit darling love it oh that's beautiful for you can you just give her a hug with your cheek right there love it oh gosh hello beautiful I'll tell you what if I didn't you know I'll tell you what if he weren't so ugly this would actually look pretty good love awesome you know what now let me have you turn towards him a little bit more you guys are doing great come in a little closer to your honey right there and put your arm over his arm because what I want is I want to get him now I want to bring him a little bit closer to you and can you just move your hair off the top just a little bit yeah that's good and what I'm gonna have you do is I want to have you a little bit let me see your booty for a second dad turned this way more yeah love oh actually this is gonna look great I like what I'm seeing already I wasn't talking about your body but like e sorry that sometimes just I'm so sorry I wasn't going there okay okay I'm gonna have you come in really close to your honey right there and what I want is I want to have you turn a little more this is more about her so keep turning I want to see more of your backside keep going love it and now darling I want you to lean over his shoulder towards me and just lean in real close right there layer had right on his shoulder right there love it chin up a little bit and now dad lever I want you to lean right over her head right there and just kind of lean love it oh actually that's sweet very nice the only thing that I was missing right here chin up a little bit scooter pie mrs lovett darling awesome and oh beautiful your hand on this side babe can you I want to see the side of your hand not the back let's try that I think that actually works really nice actually this is just adorable what a sexy smile he's got ok on a counselor I need you to bust out laughing for no reason darling I love it one two three go that's a figure smother it saw gorgeous gorgeous and beautiful beautiful beautiful love it now the only thing wrong I like my pose on that but I got to be careful of what where I placed them in relation to the light source so hang on a second I love what I'm doing with you all but daddy oh can you move that lighter run this way just a tiny bit just back it up just to hear so I can get them I need to get the light in her eyes they do exactly what you just did right there yeah that's probably better stand up nice and tall though darling and I want you to bend your front knee chin up a little bit love and you know what hey dad if you bring this reflector around I think we'll get a better it will be better on her face I'll get a little more light on the front of her face she hurt you that late in there no let me see it lena nice you should love it hang on let's see if we got it that actually doesn't bother me that doesn't suck let's see how that looks yeah oliver doll and you baby huh cor just tilt your head this way big I'll tell you this is so cute for you leroy okay I got a new name for you now leo with your chin lean into her a bunch right there love it awesome and I almost want you to lean her back this way look both the kids turned this up lovinit awesome I want you to give him a little tickle right there ready tickling right on the butt or something about what awesome gorgeous I'll tell you you guys are cute as pie are they not adorable okay so the whole idea you noticed that I kind of moved him around a little bit we kind of tweeted a bit as we went I need to get light in both of their eyes but the end of the day it's about bringing them aside I don't want them to be the same I like the fact that he's bigger than her he kind of he gives it just that wonderful he kind of curls into her and I think that's a very very lovely okay so where we going now we have let's do it on john let's get you in your cute little mother and you know what uncle john I think I want to do clamshell lighting on you and mom you know hang on a second lesson finished getting the lights up for her do we have any questions okasha like let's throw out some of the suggestions that we have that you could think about uh one is based on that one what if the woman is taller than the guy oh excellent question do okay if the if the woman is taller than the man there's a variety of things that you could dio first of all you know maybe we let me test that I'll show you some examples of that in a second um yeah let's do that let's close it a pretty sure slide now just slide this way a little yeah I'd like to show you how because I have a number of my clients where the bride is much taller then then her husband is and you know that's what they love about each others say let's do it that's awesome so you know to me it's about bringing people in and giving them warm if they are francis if one of those really tall and one short for full length photographs I am not going to try to alter that perception I don't want to change it and put you know like him up two stairs if she's taller than him I think that's embarrassing and that is like saying oh there's something wrong with that and there is not a thing in the world wrong with somebody being short in stature trust me I'm one of them people you know so I think that that's that's good that's what that you know they love each other and they love who they are and they love each other for what they are so I would not dream of saying to somebody subliminally by going here could I have you step up two steps so that you know like you could be a little taller I mean how ridiculous that's just that's just silly that's what makes the world go round is all the different you know the types of people that we have in our universe so I love it okay let's check this out there's gonna be a real stretch because you know as cute as john's mama's I'm sorry woo baby I love it darling let's see let's see how that looks well that doesn't suck uncle john let's see I think I just changed my I want to bring my background up a little bit okay I think we're good ok watch the cords there yeah I really want to know first of all can I say how lucky you are to have your mother you're so lucky to have ninety two in a few weeks oh my goodness and what would you like me to call you everybody calls me mamma rosa mama rosa awesome name okay mama rosa okay uncle john I want you to come in nice and close turn your feet towards your cute son right there love and you're just going oh lovely look at that hey john don't you turn your feet towards mother keep turning your feet towards your mama keep going keep going and I'll just take her arm right there when she has to hold her hand right there let me see how you look mama rosa can you lean towards me a little bit right here oh honey and uncle john I need you to back up a hair behind your mom because I don't want your says she's so tiny I need to make sure that you don't overwhelm her both of you lean towards no no stand up tall john you're going to lean towards her with your chin I see a love it oh baby love it oh are they cute way pastor you are way better looking than your son is just so you know I look john put your arm that's behind her like behind your back love it and relax your shoulder right here john being your can you bend your front knee john just your front knee is all I need to do because I want and you know what honey can I have you back up a hair behind your mom a little bit more because she's so small now with your chin lean towards your mother beautiful tall with your back though john with your chest you're gonna lean towards her excellent look at that oh honey gorgeous so tell me about those grandchildren don't mama rose's children until what is the deal with you you got to move married to go oh that's okay do you have grand puppies no uh oh I'm not kidding you I am in love with your mom but she is adorable hang on I want to just see something as I may change one or two things here I'm gonna change the position I think I'm going to see how it looks to photograph your mom on the other side of her face so let me bring you right there and here you go mama rosa turn your feet this way baby and then uncle john I want you to stand a bit behind your mom and I want you on this shoulder you want you just to wrap your arms around her just wrapping lovett but uncle john what I want is that armed the arms down a little bit more just to just love it right there but john it's important that you come towards me on this side relax that shoulder down and then getting close to mama right there I'm not sure where I'm going with this john I may not like this I think I kind of like having you guys face each you know what I'm not liking this it's not right for you john look of your mom and mama turn your feet this way baby more tortures he turned toward me beautiful very very nice and john actually you know what I think that's pretty darn cute they're lovett gore just okay so hang on a second I got places we're going with this uncle john turn your feet this way a bunch and back up a hair behind your mom lovett john now lean towards her right here and lean towards me put your arm right here so I can see it on her back like wrapped right around her shoulder but behind like more like love it beautiful hey mama rosa do you have any dirt on your son yeah I bet he was one of those kids who got in trouble all the time right never know really never I know you don't want to tell me I'm going to move you back the other way the reason I'm moving I'm going to switch them back is because john's glasses get blair on that side and we don't want the glare to show up so right about there is going to be good and mama rosa just turned towards your son let me try something different you're hold on let me look at your face is a bit are you doing ok darling I'm okay good okay great I'm gonna have you let see what looks like to turn you towards me right here baby internal I'm now back up toward your son turn your feet back up just a little you know john back up towards me come towards your mama right here and john I want you to turn your feet this way I want your face right in here beautiful tall with your back though and just take her arm right here beautiful love it actually I'm gonna like that and it's so nice that you get to have a picture taken with that gorgeous boy years love it awesome they're john come in a little closer beautiful well there you go I am here to tell you mama that's where he gets his good looks from hey john I want you to turn your face towards your mother and just give her just give her a kiss right there all love it one more right there awesome perfect and hang on a second I want one more thing this time john can I have you you're out there you go we'll do that too awesome wait she is adorable my love I got it I think I got a what you borrowed darling hey john jimmy favorite can I have you take this reflector and let's just bring it up a tiny bid because I want to see I want to see if we can just do a little bit better job of filling in mom's space a little bit more there you are scaring me john right now I want you to turn your yeah like that and I want you to bring your face and just kind of bring your head right into your mom's love it love it good right there oh look right here john oh yeah baby oh okay now we're feeling it ok I'm feeling the love it okay this time ok well more this way I want you to just obey wrap your arms around your mom this way sideways all way across like this and I want you bring your head and just give her a hug with the front of your eyes don't look at me beautiful can you turn your face towards your son there a little bit all look mama looked right at me now mama looking nice oh lovely doesn t a bad breath I'm sure of it for homeboy wu got it at my girl I got that smile I was looking for awesome okay great thank you well you know I want to do one of your mom by herself are you okay if I do a picture of you alone do you only have one son is that you have I'm very lucky hey you're just like me because I only had one child two once kind of like having a pit isn't it eyes it is like having a pad huh yeah some good love it hey john till this like this way a little bit more I want to fill it just a little tiny bit more beautiful let's see how that works right here let's give yeah see now and I don't have to stand on my ladder with you because you're about my height oh your darling love it good job darling beautiful mama rosa turn your feet this way darling towards your son a little bit beautiful love it love it love it oh that's beautiful and mamma rosa what is your favorite thing about being a parent what what's your favorite thing about being a parent I got a good son god but nice all you are so lucky oh god she's adorable I'm not kidding you forget all the rest of you people here who cares about you okay great thank you I've got her now we're going to go in and we have another couple we have kenna and niko oh fantastic and then do we have any questions by the way first of all the internet loves mother rose I mean don't they loathe she just floating loads okay so let's bring you kids over here let's do a little bit clamshell but let's raise this up just a whisper I think we'll be okay let me see how it's gonna look with the two of them nico come towards me beautiful and you're going to be perfect right there you know nico let me have you on this side I mean come over here and I know you have that thing in your ear but that's okay I'm not gonna worry about turn your feet this way a little bit more and come over this way now towards their you're perfect right there actually I'm gonna like this better like this side of your face I want this foot right here bring it towards me this spot right here bring it towards me just a little bit there talking to him in the year four I know it's hard here uncle john can you let him in here way we got that excellent okay I want you to bring this foot right here point your toe right mind right here love it excellent okay kin uh okay you wanna watch out for this girl let me tell you she is wild and crazy okay we see your face right there I love where I've got you now girl I want you to know you're going to stand just a little hair behind him and you're gonna get in each other's personal space but it's all good okay we have to just you know for the sake of the taking one for the team we work love each other that's right work that's right I know I love it and but now what I want to do see first of all I love I don't want her a pie like this I need to find a way to get their heads really close so we're going to start this way and then I might move them to a different way so can I want you to lean over his shoulder towards me right here and now bring your face real close and you know would be good I want you to bring your hand getting real cozy with your hand right in his hair love it come on get well feel the love here on this one can you turn your oh hang on a second coming turn your face real close to him right there but come towards me this way missy a bunch good you know if you turn your booty that way turn more this right with your body loving it already good job that's my girl and straighten up your head there daddy oh just a little bit love it make her come to you yeah this is amused to that only brings filling yeah I need to feel let's get under there right there oh I like that can and you're gonna lean it honey that's really pretty lean in real close right they're beautiful let's see how this looks right here hang on a minute let me just see what this looks like home gosh that's scary wow I love it the only thing is that I feel that the you know I'm hooked up here oh because I wear my looked up the only thing john is I want to bring that light down a little bit because this has become the main light the reflector has and I need to bring it down just a little bit hey scooter pie turn the shoulder this way a little bit right there and now I want you to stretch and lean into him that way a little bit wrapped that hand like lock your arms around him like around just around locking like fingers like this good job and I want you leaning to him with your cheek with love it chin up a little bit missy and dad till tried this way niko and turn your face that way good nico that's awesome right there beautiful chin up a little bit because that looks awesome can't just rip archer lives just a little bit turned your face that way just a tad love it honey turn your face that way a little bit more scooter and lean into him with your lips right there nice gorgeous lovinit fear the love baby oh yeah that's actually looking pretty good now the only thing is ok I love the posts but the light's not quite right see the lights too high and we have to get the clam shell lining right but you know let's do something different with them I think I'm gonna ditch the lights for a minute and we could work with them I want to have a couple of things with temple things of them seated so so let's sum can we move is that okay you agree actually one of the questions is uh where was it uh what would you do if one person was standing in one person with sitting it was from the internet okay one person standing and one is seated well hang on a second and I'll show you a couple of different things we're going to use this area right over here because we've got just nice light and I don't have to move a lot of stuff to do it so let's just move the fluffy fluffy furniture and okay miss is a miss canna let me have you sit in let's grab a stool for you to sit and I just want you to sit in a regular school that might be too high yeah I just want that I'ma have you sit down darling let me see your face came to train you this way to see you because you you have killer eyes thank you let me see your face turn your fetus for awhile holy cow your eyes just looking great bambi well you're assessing her features could you point out what you look for in the good side you know like what how you define like what's the best side of a person space oh excellent question that's a very very good question well there's there's so many things that go into have a seat baby there's so many different things that go into why I choose a certain side of the face one of the elements that I think about is is is there a a natural bent to the nose if the nose benz one where there are many people have a nose that fence one way or the other if it bends this way you must shoot it on this side in other words it's good luck really crooked if you photograph it on the other side so shoot with ben going towards the camera correct you want to photograph into the bend that's one thing the second thing I think about is quite often people look really good if you photograph into the part that was one actually one of the things that I noticed when I was photographing uh ramona was the fact that if I photographed her into the part on the same side as the part it worked really well for her so that's one thing that you could do is well but you know part of it is it's real hard for me to say specifically because different people are different people are different and there are some people that naturally lift one shoulder nico lifts his his right shoulder he definitely tends to just lift that shoulder so that tells me if he if he lifts his head to that shoulder then I wanted then I might compensate for that photographing on the other side so that's those are just a few of the factors that go into you know what I how I assess a face I'll tell you the training that I got as photographing high school seniors was the very best training I've ever had it taught me so quick how to get it and figure out what the best side was part of it is experience and so I recommend that you know just photograph people but but more than that again take no crumbs take pictures with your brain and you are going to see it quickly because you don't have to have a camera in your hand you could have an iphone you know make that your project to walk around and have your family members and say you know I wanted to see which is gonna you know how this is gonna look so let me photograph you here let's see this side of your face let's see that side of your face photograph on the shadow side of that face I will tell you if you're working with someone with a really long narrow face than photographing on the broad side of the face looks more pleasing to them it looks just more pleasing and neither one of these people have super long faces so I think we're okay with a bit of shadow so you know I would like to have a bit of reflector let me see what this is gonna look like right here you cannot turn your feet this way a little bit because I want to get a little bit more light on her face and cannot let me have you stretch out this foot for me yeah and scoot to the edge of the stool for me and the other thing I want you to do let me see what it looks like for you to flip your weight so you're sitting on this part of your thigh keep going good and now you're going to separate you're going to support yourself of putting your hand right there love it let's see how that looks for you and now gorgeous come right over here let's see how that works for you let me see what I want to go with this oh and you know what actually this might work really good nico come towards her this way a little bit and I think I'm gonna have you let see what looks like to turn your feet this way uh okay let's pull your shirt forward a little bit here sorry but um I I might even want to get I think I want to get you down a little lower let's see I'm gonna put you behind her yeah yeah yeah that's fine beautiful I want you to come in and you know this is gonna be good okay I like where I'm going with this I'm looking at their faces and I'm kind of determining where I want to go I'm nick I want you to come in really close to stand a little bit behind her there's two reasons why I'm gonna bring him slightly behind her number one he's wearing a really bright green shirt and so I want to minimize all of that brightness the next thing I want to do is I'm gonna have you I want you to lean with your chin and you're gonna bring your head right down in here I want it I don't oh I like that and I want you just put your arm like right up in here just wrap it around her right there not like not all the way around but let's see what looks like to bring it like yeah and just kind of lean in right there I want riel strength cannot tilt your head this way love it and stand up tall for me very nice don't you think just because you are such a stinker I would never say that come towards me a little bit come towards with your feet one of them okay stand up tall for me and I'm gonna bring you forward a little bit more keep coming keep coming good job love stand up tall with your back because this is what you know what let me see the other side of your body hey does he he pulls the shoulder up a lot let me see how you look on this side baby okay and now let me I'm gonna put his his legs between your knees right here oh yeah I like that a lot better turn towards your beautiful girl right here good and now put your arm behind him just getting cozy right there with your chest you're gonna lean into him this way turn your face this way niko and I don't want him leaning his head this way towards that shoulder because it's a feminine pose does that make sense turn your feet a tad more dad and good and let's just bring you in right about here relax just a little bit stand up right there tall and I need your head straight and you know what I need I know what I need to do hello takes me awhile here sorry kids now you lean towards him tall with your back chest real tall and a stretch and lean into him this way much hello way better hello we finally get it right sorry it's the end of the day kids my brain's a little fried let's see how that works right there kind of come in really close with your face right there beautiful gorgeous not the only thing I need is I'm gonna bring that light down just a little bit right about here and write in there nico turn your face towards her a little bit beautiful right in there hang on a second we just change my settings nice very nice and nico straighten your head just a little bit let her come to you nice gorgeous beautiful right and there is awesome gorgeous very nice hey you know what canna let me have you turn your body away from me a little bit and bring your leg almost behind him there oh yeah yeah yeah yeah and now this shoulder right here you're doing great I want you to lean towards him right in here you can almost fall off that chair okay I want you to lean this shoulder right here I wanted to almost connect with him right there yeah that's oh honey don't move there you go good love it right there I just put your back arm behind him and getting cozy right in their nicolina into her with the top your head nice guys beautiful actually you know what can I he makes quite a he's a good looking guy right there I'll tell you right there I mean we might have started something right here good job and you guys would make beautiful children who'll tell you right now I e I love that right in there is awesome gorgeous you know at the end of the day that's what it's all about kids

Class Description

Do you have problems diverse groups of clients? Are you unsure if your lighting and posing are on point? Join award-winning and Nikon Ambassador Bambi Cantrell in this comprehensive class covering all aspects of posing, lighting and developing a successful portrait studio.

In this class, Bambi will:

  • Show you the best lighting for different scenarios
  • Camera angles that flatter
  • How to add creativity to your portrait shoots

You will learn ​Bambi​'s​ secrets of how she continues to innovate in her photography and business​.​


a Creativelive Student

I almost didn't bought this course due to low rating and what other reviewers were saying about her, but because it was on sale at incredibly low price that i decided to bite the bullet. And I am so glad I did. First of, for those reviewer that find her offensive, because she talks loud or make some jokes to her models or her audience, i don't think that it is offensive at all and neither did her audience or everyone in the studio. As a matter of fact, they were enjoying it. And I did too, was laughing while watching them laugh and having a good time. There was nothing wrong with the audio. I heard her just fine. I found her class to be the best class ever because she only not answers questions by theory, she demonstrate them live with the participation of her audience and the creative live crew and that's what made her class very interesting and not boring. She also uses real people and not models with perfect sizes or figures and it really helped me a lot because i have a challenge when it comes to posing plus sized people. I love her sense of bluntness, humor and at the same time, all the wonderful nuggets of wisdom she shared to her audience. I had purchased tons of creative class about photography and to tell you honestly, i haven even watched the full content on some of these classes because i get sleepy and bored but with Bambi's class, i watched her class in just 2 days without even feeling bored. I don't write reviews and in fact this is my first time to write a review here on creative live because i just feel the need to say that it's very unfair for her to be criticized liked that. I love you Bambi, I love your personality, I love your style and the information you taught were very invaluable. Thank you.

Melissa Baker Griffin

Loved the invaluable lessons! I can't wait to go through them all again. They are jam packed with valuable and tactical information that creatives on every level can take from. Her energy and personal style creates a great experience! I can only imagine how cool it would be to take a class from her in person! She is such a treat and so inspiring! I LOVE how enthusiastic Bambi is about the questions she receives and encourages phototgraphers to continue to grow, learn, and think out of the box. Thank you creative live! I feel like there should've been something like fire works at the end because she did outstanding!

Anne Dougherty

I’ll be honest. Ms Cantrell moves very fast, but her experience, humor and confidence are infectious. I thought I would check out a lesson or two and ended up watching and listening to her entire program. She is clear about her process and why it works so well. Her portraits are beautiful, whether individual or group situations. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentations, and I am a landscape and pet photographer. But I feel like I learned a lot about seeing, and was reminded of approaches to running your own creative business that are valuable for anyone. I have been very impressed by the professional instructors in every one of the CreativeLive courses I’ve watched or bought. It’s not every professional who can teach! I know. I am one who could not handle classroom situations. So happy I was able to join in on these classes. Thank you, Bambi, for all of your energy, and for sharing your knowledge with all of us. This was quite a ride!