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Shoot: Plus Sized Bride

Bambi Cantrell

Posing Masterclass

Bambi Cantrell

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Lesson Info

18. Shoot: Plus Sized Bride

Lesson Info

Shoot: Plus Sized Bride

what we get to do now this is playtime for baby just so you know I have the most beautiful model you have ever seen let me introduce you to gorgeous voluptuous ramona and let me tell you this girl has got it all the full package and by the way just so you know you're you single guys out there she's actually single and you know she could be looking for the right guy okay just look at that package we are seriously off the charts hot all of this is just absolute truth right look at that face I mean men on that body woo got love it okay so the first thing I want to do we're going to be using we're gonna use our beauty dish was a very simple lighting set up um teo to photograph ramona and so we're using a beauty dish and just a simple reflector underneath the same concepts imposing and in lighting they make a difference it does matter so I took a meter reading on her face according to what you know it would say in the camera and then I'm going too underexposed by batta stop because she's fa...

irly dark skin I'm looking to create beautiful speculum highlights on her face I don't want to make her face and her skin tones go ashen and sometimes with it's been my experience when many people photographing african american people they tend to over expose their skin and they take on that ashen look and it's not beautiful in this and we want to really showcase that amazing rich skin tones that that she has so I'm very excited about that uncle john would you like to talk about this as well for a harsher light here so we've gone to a silver beauty dish you know in the past shows we got off of work with a white beauty dish I think that's the first time we're using a silver here and that when we're shooting a darker skin were really photographing the highlights instead of the diffuse light so that we're going to this harder light for that and that's really important to me it's all about the speculum highlights you know in the olden days and in my early days in my career people used to talk about speck of our highlights and go what the heck is a speculator they say all the speculum I don't see any speculum something what is the speculators at the blemish or something on the face and it's those beautiful little little sparkles of light the little shiny pieces on someone's face and especially on ramona's face I want to really showcase that pop those cheekbones out I want to see that gorgeous she's got amazing shadowing under her jaw so this kind of a light pattern should be absolutely phenomenal with her um okay so we're going to start with her with us she doesn't have any shoes on we're going to just keep her shoes off for a second I'm gonna hop up on my ladder actually you want to start by photographing is showing you what it looks like when you do it wrong so ramona just stand with your feet flat and I want you just to stand there with your arms together and you're such a total girl that I can hardly like see over the edge of the reflector okay so this is just straight now it's not bad looking but do you notice in the picture let's see if it come when it comes up it's not horrible but I'm not feeling it I'm feeling it's a little bit brighter on the bottom of her chest and you see how it just doesn't look graceful it doesn't look graceful for her so let's let me change my camera position now and I'm going to go up higher and I know we're going to create some magic today and now that we've seen you in a wedding dress we know you're so gonna hire me as your wedding photographer right yeah that's it love it okay what I want you to do remote to turn your feet this way about a little bit more than that beautiful now notice right now that her shoulder on this left hand side right now is closer to the lens of my camera than her face is so what do I need to do to change that well the first thing I'm gonna do is have you been that front knee for me bend it and push your hip away from me boone gorgeous do you see how that changed her body language and gave her this amazing esseker the next thing that I want to do first of all buy drop pushing that hip away guess what that dropped her shoulder down and now her shoulder is not so in front of the camera is not so close to the lens as it was before but we're going to do one more thing I want you to roll your shoulder back a little bit and then just bring that elbow and put your hand on your hip but don't tuck your elbow yeah there you go wanted just nice and loose and stretch out that body a little bit with your chest lean towards me a tiny bit good and bring your chin down a little bit not a lot of love it like that good just don't let's see how our exposure is doing hello who is that little hot day in love oh baby domine she is looking good lean towards me and I want like like huh all awesome good you'd love it except ramona what's your boyfriend's name I don't have what I don't need one love it right here and this hand on this cycle here bringing up your face like oh darling oh I just you're making me laugh so uh you just that's okay you can bring your hand down just let it look just gonna bring it like this oh nice but ramon it's real important keep those shoulders turn this way a little bit beautiful and actually wrap that arm around your waist a little not that one the other arm beautiful just like that and bring this arm down I'm sorry I've got you all screwed up here bill I don't you feel like a pretzel put this hand on your hip and actually your hand just like that's very nice but with your chest leaned towards me and stretch a whole bunch beautiful keep your debt your back tall stunning darling absolutely beautiful darling love it I want you to bust out laughing for no reason whatsoever and with your eyes just kind of let dulling awesome nice air here gorgeous just beautiful man alive she looks fantastic look at that chick I mean she just looks like she stepped right out of the pages of the magazine hello I am loving it you know I think I'm gonna pull my life I want to drop down this light a little tiny bit mohr so I'm gonna go to like f six seven so I'm gonna I'm gonna bring my exposure down a tad more so now ramona let me have you turn your feet just a tad more this way right about there bring that aren't that shoulder back a little bit this way and put your hand on your hip really push your booty away from me good job and now with your chin lean towards me beautiful and hey uncle john can you drop that light just a whisper this one right here drop it down just a tad I want to bring it down a little bit more on her face love it awesome right there roach uncle john that's perfect right there listen how that looks don't uh oh you have got that sassy look going on like you don't be messing with me chickie yeah nice live it awesome oh yeah love it love it love it gore just a moon dough excellent now what I want to show you is where ideally I'm cropping it in a couple of different ways hello she looks just fantastic but I want to let me let me go back up I didn't get what I was looking for kay let's do that one more time put that hand on the hip because I'm looking for a specific entity that I want to show you now you notice that I'm not showing a lot of her bus line but in her case I want teo I'm this would be in decent shot but I want to show you what will make it even better lean towards me a little bit scooter and then tilt your head that way just a tiny bit and bring your chin down a little bit love it oh ramona that was stunning and got it dynamite okay now I want to show you this and I'm gonna walk over to the screen because I want you to see what I'm seeing assumes that pops up on the screen see how gorgeous that looks for no look at the difference between the last shot can we go back on our screen at all let's stop right there for a second okay now do you notice how I cropped it load closer here to her bus line now go with one step forward can we go one forward on the screen okay no notice that and then go one more okay this shadow is what I'm looking for you see if you come up too high in the bust then the ai ends on a high note on something that's bright and it is going to amplify her and make her look heavier in that area this shadow right here is really critical for me because that ties it all together and that shows hey look what we got cursed because it's curving down and we getting that shadow now you'll notice that I'm photographing her on the shadow side of her body that's really important to me to get that beautiful shadow I want that gorgeous shadow to show and then you know it's have got arms away from her body now ramona just for set for just show it like a what you don't do let me have you put your arms at your body right at your side let me have you do everything that you did right push your hip away from the camera but just bring your arms like real tight up against your body okay and love it darling gorgeous okay now let's see the difference this isn't horrible course it's real hard take a bad picture of hermann tell you I got the deck stacked on my behalf but would you agree look at the difference in the way her body looks in the shot why does it look heavier here because you pressed the arms I mean you look you look twenty pounds thinner in the image on the left I'll tell you right now you you just are piece of cake to photograph I'm not joking you I love you you are just like my favorite model of the day well um actually yeah for the day of its first we've done today okay but so the moral of the story is is when you have the light pattern photograph on the shadow side of the body let me turn her body now towards the light source not turn your feet this way and I'm going let's see the difference in the way that looks okay so now bring your arms you know just like that keep your arms just flat like that and we're gonna upset him he'll make it was not quite prepared right here and okay good excellent and now let's see if there's a difference in the way that she looks yeah see how we've got so much more light on the bust we still have that night a bit of shadowing underneath there but it's not nearly as flattering for also we're highlighting with that with the highlighter on the back we're highlighting that heavier part of the shoulder so it looks much more flattering for her to be photographed in this direction over here on the the right hand side that it does on the left now you know one thing I wanted I want to show your beautiful face off a little bit more can we just have someone take your veil um let's put pull it up a little bit beautiful actually that kind of looks nice I like that and let's play a little bit now see you know what let me have you bring it down a little but I just want to cover your eyes if she were ugly girl we'd keep that veil over her face wait just push it down on the side just a little bit right there on the back side right there beautiful love it love it love it love it okay let's shake it out excellent right there you know you're not shaken it out and honey I know you got some shaking in that bacon so let's get it going there yeah okay turn your feet back this way love it like that and now I want you just I'm gonna have you lean back a bunch with your bottom and I want you to really lean towards me right here uncle john bring that light down just a hair down more and I wantto uh you know I've got to do this myself hang on a second I'm sorry but I don't want it I just want you know if we just had a little pin it's the one right here you're doing amazing excuse me families when you're having her lane forward would you mind showing the audience how you did the chin out and down a little I'd be happy to okay in fact in just one second since we finished this shoot this little minute we're going to break this down you're going to see full length but just for the sake of this demonstration the first thing that you want to do is you need to get the weight off both feet I mean look at her feet she slat footed right now and it draws all the energy downwards and it's not very flattering it just draws it down so the first step is tio push the hip away from the camera and then bend that front knee can you take this front knee and pull it forward a little bit more beautiful and now with your chest gorgeous see how much difference that makes I mean it gives her you could draw on s from the top of her head across her bus down her legs right there it's very very flattering for her and then couple that with with the elbows and the arms we want to keep the arms I want the arms away from the waistline you see I don't want to have them slapped upside like this because you add on anyone on this adds bulk and makes them look it's an extension of this area when you have the arms slammed up against the body but you want to be careful about whether you have one way out here so be careful about pulling that arm way out this way you don't need to you just want a little light trip so we could in her case I'm having her pool her shoulder back a little bit why now she doesn't have that little chick lit thing that little cutlet chicken cutlet thing well many of us have like here you don't have that but if she did it would show if you rolled around their shoulders out more and that for me on what I have first of all don't wear strapless does have fat arms but but I would not want to keep my arms back because it's going to pull this area and make that look a little bit more a smooth so she's great she can do either way because she's got really beautiful curve a cious on so she looks fine that way so this is where I'm gonna go my camera position is going to be about forty five from that see if you look at if you photograph her if I stood right here to photograph her this is not going to be as flattering because it's straight into the body now let's demonstrate one other thing hey you know while I'm doing supposing demos can we set the lights up and reset them up now what I'd like to do is I want to do some full length shots of her yeah let's use the large soft box and then I wanted to have a nice strong ratio you know three to three to one ratio uncle and then hair light you know something separate her from the back room okay so while we're doing that let me bring her over here and you kids have a seat for second while they set up my lights and such for her full length pictures uh let's see oh yeah you can let's put your shoes on and you know what actually I think I'm gonna do her by the window because we'll have that window light and we can see it really better okay all right come on watch out keep us up to the cable so okay so let's we're gonna bring her over to the window area and can we move that that a brown couch and what I want to just demonstrate is just some techniques so you start seeing where the body is flowing to the energy that flows on the shape and the way that looks the best so maybe walk down this way missy let me see how that works oh in fact you know what ramona you're going we could even use a really cool back shots because you got you got a nice perky set of duke's back um okay so now in ramona's sake right now when you look at her face and her body look at the way the lightest falling on her shape now the good thing is is that because we're using this single light source right here we still have this shadow area up underneath here was just give her gives her body a beautiful bit of shape but we can actually accentuate her features and make her look even better by doing a couple of things step this way a little bit cute e because I want to get a bit more light on her body so step this way one more time right there gorgeous and this time ramona I want you to turn your feet towards me right about here beautiful hair more right there good job and now separate those feet and push that hip a whole bunch towards my love it now this is important I don't want that legs stretched out like this why yeah you see we need to keep those legs we want her legs close together so we want to keep it bent like this go boot so you want your knee facing me this my good girl much better beautiful and now okay we're on the right track now look and already she's trying to get that s curve going on but now we need to fill in the face we need to get some light on that face because I want those nice highlights when I'm working with african american skin tones if I have a choice I prefer using a sharper crisper light source so others are like a beauty dish or I want to use a reflector on the silver side because the silver side will give me a sharper speculum highlight it's a sharper crisper light but this is us a very soft light source so it's gonna still be pretty but it won't give me exactly what I'm looking for for her skin towns but it's still going to be beautiful shot points this toe right here towards me right here good job beautiful and then really pushed that hip a little bit more this way and now with your chest ramona just gonna lean towards me a little bit lovely and then bring that hand right up here and I notice what we could do with her arm we could take her arm and pull it out this way let me see how that works okay that actually works really nice for you because you have such a bit of attitude this other hand right here just bring it tuck it back a little bit and tuck it beautiful well I will tell you what little lady we might have to just take your picture um let's see what it looks like through the camera stunning and ramona now I want to fill in on this side of her face of it so turn your face only that way a little bit mother darling good just oh let's see what she looks like from here nice ramona I will tell you what gorgeous ride in there and I'm about two point eight at a two hundred fiftieth of a second my eyes so is four hundred but let's let's experiment with this a little bit now you'll notice on this um in photographing her from this angle ben journey again missy been this knee right for me and push your hip away we've got some light that's falling across this part of her thigh so now I'm going to turn her the other direction to show you the difference and what we can get this might actually be better for her and now I want you to push this hip push keep away from me let's see and and bring this hand right upon your hip like that and with your chest lean towards me I'll like to side better so why do I like this angle better than the other way on her shadow undersea that's right with your chess real tall ramona drop that shoulder down a little bit love it honey and with this shoulder you're gonna lean towards me right here gore just tell you what have you got a smile that just lights up the universe tuck your back arm away from me a little bit love and then like go like this and pull it back yeah nice darling you perfect chin up a little bit beautiful gorgeous I'll tell you what this chick is luck and good lover down and look at me oh baby radio gorgeous tilt your head a whole bunch of like oh that kid can we bring in a reflector now I want to add a little bit of reflectively shoes the silver side of the reflector and then I'm going to change my perspective and photograph from a higher standpoint my goal is to get if you look at the picture on the screen we've got a good portion of her shape is in shadow but I think we can do it even better jobs so if we're going to use a reflector I don't want a light this part down here do I I don't want to like that you know and actually what I might do let me see what it's like to have you come just off camera right here know you're perfect right there big now okay let me see what that looks like from there let me see if I can just feel it in a little bit here I might not be able to have there's not enough light here I don't think right there yep there it is you see I'm using the edge of the reflector on her face so you're gonna hold it just like that levi and just tuck that arm right there turn your hips this way a little bit more beautiful I mean I want to photograph mohr on the shadow of the side of her body that has a bit more shadow I love it oh that's awesome ramona you're just a moon doth love it absolutely love it love it love it let me just I've over exposed you're just a little bit tilt your head a little bit that way gorgeous chin down a tiny bit perfect really nice gorgeous well and so so there we go so we've got some nice posing just stand straight oh you know what I want to show you here hold on I want you to come this way now ramona stand right here in the middle of the room and I want you guys to come over here now and I want you to see the difference and how it looks turned straight towards make you tea and now look at her from this side when you photograph straight into the body this way I'm gonna take a picture of this just so you can see let me grab that camera behind you bud thanks okay now okay stand right there let's see let me get my exposure correct my exposure let's here we go okay and we change my settings here excellent right about there now this is just for the sake of just showing you her shape now what is it what were you seeing this next shot hang on a minute it'll come up okay that do her any good you see how that's not flattering to her why is that not flattering are you seeing why that's just doesn't work at all it's not just not do it doesn't give her any curves there's nothing it's very flat and all you see is just yep that's address on somebody and we have choices we really do have lots of choices so now come back out here for a second scooter and let me take that pen out of your your veil here and I want to take this and just put your veil down and I'm going to do some rim lighting on you here and let me know when you're ready uncle john and now ramona let me be turned to the window right there turn all the way to the window beautiful actually very nice I'm gonna have you put your elbows back bring one foot forward beautiful and then you're just gonna lean forward with your chest this is a very tight close up picture oh I need to get a higher cameron the plane you're something grabbed my little ladder and what I want you to do ramona is you're gonna lean forward with your chin like you're peering into a pool like like oh like you're trying to peer over a wall oh honey that's going great for you and I love it already bend your elbows a little this is going to be a very tight tight close up photograph of her oh I'm loving it let me say this looks for you beautiful look at that girl wow hey ramona hang on a second just changed who we owe lovely lady nice loving food donit turn your shoulders a tad this way more more more gorgeous and with your back shoulder lean forward a bit like this gorgeous yeah now tilt your head just a little bit you know what I've got you screwed up though you know why do you know what what I've done wrong her feeder I bent the wrong leg see if this knee has not been this front me this near here on this cyber here so you want to turn your body towards me a little bit beautiful ben this knee and then you're going to lead and then lean into that direction with their love it look at me a second gorgeous that I will tell you is just amazing I love this love but the only thing missing now is that gorgeous face I need lovely smiles oh don't hey what are you doing daddio where's my reflector man can you give me right oh yeah that's awesome love it awesome like oh yeah lovely darling beautiful love it lean towards we should really roll that short like oh no you know what it doesn't work unless you laugh you have to really laugh gorgeous very very beautiful hi I'm here to say what they wanna do a vertical ofyou right there tall with your back this time relax your shoulders that's real important to keep that shoulder down okay pull your shoulders back up like you did just well not that much thiss isn't a pizza okay so many of us many of our clients have a tendency to pull their shoulders up they pulled them up the other thing that I want you to notice too is that it is if I were if this were like a real event I would be looking for a new environment for her that would be a darker tone ality in the background because notice how light the background is a kind of pulls you away from her face whereas when we shot against that beautiful brown wall if her face is the first thing you see so you can create when you're working with someone of color oh that's a good give me that thank you now you bring it john cheese okay okay you're just gonna push you away from me ah whole bunch of with your chest lean towards me right here bring that el but your shoulder back a little bit lovat gorgeous tall with your back lovinit oh that's beautiful honey and I need you to come in closer with that video going with that blah blah blah yeah that love really nice on you don't think that's missing you're gorgeous hang on that's beautiful love it gorgeous yeah love it awesome ur hang on then I overexposed you a little bit nice darling baby right here perfect love it yeah whoa look at the way they're bam bow hey turn your feet this way for a second and I want you to actually you know what I'd like to do is I want you push your hips towards the wall right there aah bunch back up towards the wall I want your butt touching the wall yeah but you're not gonna lean on it actually okay right there and it is that the reflected that has the five and oh actually right there wait hang on hang on hang on could bring that shoulder back a little bit love it turn your face this way a little bit more honey that is just stunning for you beautiful but the only thing that I'm missing here is I have lost all of that's awesome gorgeous love it leaned towards me right here and giggle formy love it darling yeah oh that's just so gorgeous beautiful perfect good job awesome beautiful really just lovely but do you see now how that her skin is starting to show up mohr you could hang on a second I was a little under my exposure on the last shot that's coming up that's not a good expression that's not bad let me go let me let me just do one more here cause I want to make it right for you good job love it love it love it love it awesome now I know that you're you're you have like five hundred calico cats right yes I heard all about you you're on that show my my weird obsession or something like that but you know it's okay because I heard that your boyfriend is someone that collects those cabbage patch dolls too right there you go that's much better I love it okay cool alright uncle john are we ready to go awesome you know because we're going to actually use that black yeah there you go okay come on let's go over here now the thing I do like you to notice see how mean using that kind of light is not bad but it doesn't give her the life that that that that crisper beauty dish gave her and you gave her a much prettier gripper light okay let's see what we got here we see how that works for you I'm gonna take a real quick shot here second see what that looks like I have no idea on the exposure yeah I know let me uh let me I gotta change my exposures and when I need my little blah blah blah transmitters over bamboo do you want to take a few questions I would love to okay uh first question is what to do okay this is what I was looking for from mary kaskey how do you figure out if you knew to shoot on the shadow side versus the light side how do you make that decision that's a very good question well there are a couple of factors that go into my decision on whether I'm used photographing on the shadow side or the brighter side of the face the first question is is what kind of shape what shape of the face is the person I'm photographing half so for instance the light for me is coming through that window right there and if you from the camera position if they photographed right here you'll have to admit that that makes my face look broad it makes me look bigger makes me look heavier I don't want that I wouldn't want that that's not a good thing for me hey uncle john can you grab me that that black scream right there and bring it over here so I can get more of a shadow side of my face okay now do you see how I've got a shadow side of my face now if you come on this side and shoot from this direction without moving your subject you've got your photographing into the shadow side which makes that face look more narrow now in ramona's case ramona has a very balanced face so she could she looks just gorgeous either way but I chose to photograph her with her body away from the main light because I want that shadow on the bus line right here I want that to come up with anything because it's what gives her body its shape it goes from beautiful face without this gorgeous gown and then you see this dip underneath the bus line which get your boobs her bustline kurt gives her curves so it's a very very flattering way to photograph her there's not any woman in the universe it doesn't want to look you know that want that let me put it this way there's not a woman in the universe that wants to look fatter and flatter than she is we all want to have curves and if you got beautiful curvy curve a cious girl like ramona we want to show off those curves and we don't want to flatten her out not don't not only does it not do her beautiful body justice but it doesn't do her gown justice as well because look at the dress I mean they spend a fortune on that dress and that is a really great shape of a dress for her to wear it highlights all of her best features it really accentuates and it comes in at the waist line to really showcase her body in a very very beautiful way so it really is important on where you stand in relation to the light and the way that you turned the body as well now you notice with ramona that I turned her body away from the light source and then I also turned her body towards the light source the key is where is cameron position in relation to that you see if let me show you let me come let me bring over your real quickly and then uncle john you want teo I can't get you to a test give me a second I'm ramona come over to the windows okay ramona I'm just gonna have you stand right here for a second honey so here we have we've got a definite shadow side of the body right now in ramona's case we could photograph or I could come over here and photographed her right from here um and if I did then guess what this is the first part of her body I'm going to see see what I want you to see is if you're standing if you're the camera if your camera position is right here you're photographing her into the broad part of the body the light is broad on her shape see how that's it's a that's right into the bright part of the body and the first thing you see is well first of all this because it's brighter than her face and then you go to the arm which are too large elements that compete for a ten ction with the face they compete in here and so we don't want that so the so watch what happens if she doesn't move at all now let's take camera position and move it over this way a little bit and now if we photographed her on the shadow side do you notice now we're starting to see we don't see so much of this this is not so bright on her and we can see more of her face that way don't see as much the nano that light is on that front part of the face it makes your face look more narrow and so it's a more flattering way to photograph most subjects myself included I would not want to have you photograph me on right into the bright part of my face because it just makes my face look bigger and my body looked bigger so the one part the one type of person that can benefit from a broad light source is someone with a very long narrow face they benefit very greatly however you have to couple that with well what are they wearing and are they wearing something that's going to make them look heavier at the end of the day I want to make their entire body look more flattered so if I have to I will still photograph on the shadow side of the face if it's going to make their body look too big does that make sense okay let's bring her over here now come on kitty and now uncle john would you like to uh would you like to address the lighting setup we have here and I think I'm gonna switch lenses yeah we've gone to go into a full length so I put up the larger the five foot octa or in this case is actually ten sides to this so it's even a little more round that an octa and we have this other light here the strip light to kind of highlight her back and hair and separated from the background um I think is this your lens out here no I've got it right here okay that's proximately your mark okay so that's kind of your mark let's see what we got here I'm not sure I may switch lenses I'm not sure I believe I can get you to hold this land's for me just don't all right that's it we got here let's do a test real fast so you could just see what the light looks like now in remote his case we are going we're photo we're using we have our strip light that's going to just give a highlight on her arm and it provides a bit of separation between her in the background and I really like this this wall this panel won't be exactly what I'd be looking for in photographing someone of color because I want to really show those rich skin tones and I don't want to compete with a with a too light of a background I think it could be a distraction okay so scooter pie let's see how you're looking right here first thing I think we need to do because I'll tell you right now you are losing it we need you to do a walkoff gal okay what I want you to do is you're gonna walk back to the wall right here hang on you know before we do that let me just take it make it do a test to make sure I've got my I'll do it of close up here okay let's see if our lighting is okay uh let me switch lenses so you going to the twenty four to seventy I'm not sure I think I might keep this just back up a little bit hang on okay my walk off for ramona is not for the sake of a walk office for this figure just shaking her up a little bit okay back up and then you're gonna walk to that mark walk with one leg right in front of each other ramona ready one two three go oh honey you have got way more sass in that assets so back up and do it one more time I love it I love it I love it okay cool get you're gonna walk and I want to see cem cem cem sassen going on already girl one two three go beautiful beautiful beautiful love it love it love boop right there awesome gorgeous that's my girl now ramona I'm going to turn your feet this way a little bit right there and push your hip away from me and then point this toe in front of you right here like this cross end in an x pattern love and but bring that foot forward to me beautiful drop your train beautiful like that I want you to drop that shoulder back on and pull your shoulders back just a little bit and really tall with your back lean towards me with your chin see I need to change that so that we have though that the wait is behind her turn your face this way a little bit and ramona this back arm over on this side just pull it back like gore just that's beautiful let's see how that looks right here I wanted to see if my lighting is looking good you know what let's see hang on a second here yeah that's looking good hey ramona all I want you to turn your shoulders a hair this way gorgeous now she's turning mohr towards oh you know can we have that scream right there the black one I want to I want to get a quick we got a lot of contamination going on here I want to see what looks like if we just bring it up and kind of blocked that this bit of light here I want to see you get a little bit stronger shadow on that shadow side of her body bring it and stand like right on the side of her right there okay but hang on hang on scooter pie look at me second qd walk this way a little bit and then turn it that way you're a little too close back up a hair more the back of it might still be in the frame so turn it clockwise beautiful love okay ramona lean towards beautiful that's my girl love it gorgeous gorgeous okay now come on just shake it out for me I want to see it let it lean toward me a whole beautiful that's what I'm looking for awesome thing and I'll tell you what turned your face that way a little bit gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous I'm going to just bring this love it a lot of busts out some laughing I need some absolute eleven oh your face goes up a little bit more dynamite honey just beautiful excellent excellent excellent now you'll notice on the screen what is illuminated a small part of her body I'm exposing for her face and exposing I want that little bit of a highlight on her arm and I actually decrease my exposure by just a whisper so I can get just a tad more let me see what my what it's looking like oh yeah this is going to look great yeah I love it I've got detail in my whites I got details of my blacks is gonna look good now I think I want to do something a little bit different here what I'd like to do now is ramona turn your feet towards this light source over here and hey uncle john let me see what it looks like tea just kill one of those light want to kill the back one yeah kill the back one and let's just see what it looks like to have oh you know what I just actually jon turn it back on again and hold on a second I'll just change one thing here you're doing great you're doing ok you turn it this way hey ramona I want to see your booty turn around good job love that's perfect you're gonna push your hips away from me beautiful and I want you to cross your legs in an x pattern beautiful love it keep your back tall put your hands on your hips right there loved this one too right here love it stretch yourself out and turn your hips that way a little bit more beautiful very very nice girlie let me fix the bottom of your train relax I'm just looking girl oh actually that looks really nice ramona let me see what this looks like from camera position right here I'm just going to photograph right about here just to get a test to see what that looks like actually that's not bad let me have you look let's let's drop that reflect her out of the way actually I'm liking that ramona turned towards me this way a little bit more more more more regular good job and not push your hip away from me and point this toe towards me right here beautiful with your chest lean toward me a little bit stunning good job kiddo absolutely gorgeous and write their beautiful hang on a second I'm just going to change my exposure just a little bit and pull it down just a tad got it let's see how that light looks like on that dress right there I'm telling you you are look oh wow there we g o I was like in that awesome okay you know this is looking really good right here ramona lean towards me a whole bunch of gore just stretch it out love it good bring that elbow back just a little upset and maybe I got carried away here hold on a second kids okay now so that's when you get security way okay stretch it I love it darling breathe through your mouth a little bit yes tilt your head a little bit and give me some oh yeah nice man that looks great for you ramona gorgeous gorgeous got it beautiful now stay right there for just a second wow that looks good for you he's just awesome beautiful beautiful beautiful okay so now just relax for just a moment and now you know I want to use instead of using these I want to add some juice um video light on her so we can have a very beautiful dramatic lighting on her and let's grab her a chair for this I think I can have her sit in a chair and my video light is here sammy do you want to take a couple questions yeah I'd love to all right could you explain a little bit more folks are a little bit confused on the exposure adjustments for darker skin under one stop for skin tone over address okay um let's see if I want to put this okay it's actually easy you just have to remember okay the light meter in your camera or a hand held light meter it's it's it's based on absolute there's you know like darkest blacks white us whites and in the middle between all of that is gray and that's kind of the middle of the baltic that's going to be that's for first for forgetting for meeting for skin tens now her skin tone is not eighteen percent gray so even though the meter and the camera it only understands one thing it knows in relation this is ok when I look at the system wth this person right here it just says hey that you know I'm by my gauges eighteen percent gray to get proper exposure on your skin it's going to say ok do one thing to say you expose it you know f five point six well see the problem is is that the meter all meters because they are geared toward eighteen percent gray her skin tone is not eighteen percent great it's darker than that so you have to fool the meter in your camera you have to fool it and you have to think ahead of it and say okay but this scene is not eighteen percent great nor is this wedding gown eighteen percent grade this wet this wedding gown is about a stop brighter than that so if I wanted if I want to show her rich skin tones in the proper exposure for her skin that I need to in my mind I know that I have to I have to under expos so in other ways of my light meter says five point six you know whatever I have to go down I have to go I can't I don't overexpose I under exposed by about a stop someone who's really light skinned like you I might have to overexpose by about a half a stop because your skin's not eighteen percent great I am my skin tone is about eighteen percent grade to get a proper exposure on me if you put me you'll get a pretty even good exposure because my skin is just about that without his hand um uncle john do you wantto do want to say anything about that oh actually was listening was changing better eyes and so then with the with the dark and the light in the right next to each other okay now actually we're not going to dress that yet because that's in the next segment this afternoon so I don't want to get ahead of myself but so tune in this afternoon we're going to show working with two with two people of different color just remember it's not the quantity of light and working with darker skin tones it is the quality of light that really matters to make her skin just glow which is what we want to make it glow it's the type of light that you're using you know like the soft really fuzzy light out here I don't like that for her skin tone it's better if we have a more speculator crisper light source it just makes her skin glow see what gives her skin it's it's a life are the highlights what gives my skin it's a lot it's life are the shadow areas and so it's just completely opposite so when you photographed two people together that are one of color and one who's very light skin tone like myself it's the type of light that I'm going to use to light them that makes a difference I'm goingto ad speculum highlights I want speculators on her face and then I'm going to find a way to create a bounce light source for my subject like francis her tonight okay I am not getting into this now a dress not not you okay when it comes to the dress the first thing to keep in mind is that the most important thing to keep in mind is that we don't want to broad light that dress I don't want a broad light it because if you broad light it you won't even see her face but if you decide whenever you light her dress like we showed in the demonstration the slides this morning having a light specifically to illuminate that face to put that highlight in the face then ill and have it that like cross over and then showed the detail on the dress it's going to be just fine but you want to you want to add the highlights to the face to give that face it's dimensionality does that make sense it does yeah ok uh any other questions on that oh but you're ready go okay so uncle john we've got our silly just our little silly handheld video light and you can see it's quite bright it is it's it's quite a bright light source so I wantto let me you sit down here for a second ramona and now the way that ramona is going to sit is really important just said flat on the chair for a second just sit all the way down can you do that okay okay just scoot back oh yeah okay you got of course it's okay so she just sitting here like okay and this is not good for anybody even though I gotta tell you looked pretty good like you look pretty sexy that way so that if we have somebody seated in the potty pose first of all it's just really unflattering so now let me have you stand up for a second and this time you're going to sit on the very edge of the seat aren't you just a barely parker dukes on that chair can you do that okay okay now I want you to turn your feet towards me right here right here a little bit more beautiful and now I want you to scoot your booty back this way a little bit beautiful keep going as much as you can good and keep going because now what you're gonna do is you're gonna take this knee and I want you to roll towards me this way no roll on your thought you're going to sit on your thigh this time beautiful do you see what happened with her see now I'm gonna have you sit forward to me tall with your back take that need can you bring it across the other leg would it work to go bring it up beautiful very nice and hang on let's drop this need down here let me bring you dress this way there you go just like that excellent turn your body this way a little bit more I want to get a bit more curse that used to turn your legs this way more you notice how I get her turning her legs because her feet move the whole body beautiful and now scoot your butt back what I'm basically trying to do is I want to stretch you out beautiful that's good now roll towards me this way awesome let me sort of like if you drop this in the front knee down mohr more beautiful and then bring that other nique forced me this way just like yeah that's gorgeous girl and now with your with his shoulder right here stretch and lean towards me right here on this side right here this gorgeous there you go lovely leaned towards me more you're gonna barely be having your dukes hanging off that seat what we're trying to do you notice how we're trying to stretch her body out we want to stretch it out and now uncle john let me see what it's like to have you come over here and you're gonna light her from here let's make a rule strong dramatic ally like it and then I'm going to come in wherever a camera is they're just on the floor okay let's see we got here and less so let me start by doing a fairly close up shot good job drop that shoulder right here ramona beautiful very nice excellent right there and lean towards me on that shoulder chin down a little bit gorgeous love it hang on a second here would love to hang out here gorgeous let's see how that looks actually that's looking good john but what I want you to john go a little bit behind her see I've over exposed her you can tell okay now let me see how this looks right here ramona lean towards me love and turn your face a little bit towards john stunning do you want the overheads off yeah I think I'll let me try see how that looks from here though hang on a sec okay that's better see now I am I'm of almost two stops hang on a second I see see how that's much better for her skin I like that for the skin tones better now john let's bring you back around this actually john for fun come on this side of her face nice and high but not too high I want toe like the cheekbones and then turn your face this way ramona and I'm going to move myself on the shadow side of her face oh I like that for you beautiful the only thing that's missing is just a gorgeous lovely actually that is a keeper keeper keeper and a half love it darling oh I love it beautiful and what I'm now let me show you I'm going to show you what happens see how pretty that looks like that looks actually great let me show you what happens if I if I follow what the meter says in the camera cause I'm shooting just the available light turn your face towards towards the ugly guy right there good right there and okay this is what what the meter in the camera says hang on a second here there you go that's exactly it that's what it says he would've dusted her skin tones it's not pretty at all so and I don't like that's not not beautiful hey scooch your booty back scooter pie beautiful hey you know what just for something different does stand up on the wall go stand by the wall and take your shoes off oh actually you know what I just figure out something else for you to do hang on a second take your shoes off and ramona stand behind that chair for a second and uncle john come on this side again I think I know what you stretch your arms out on the chair right there but keep the weight off your shoulders I love it and uncle john we need to get you up a little higher baby doll and ramona just really pushed that hip away from here and then you gotta stretch with this shoulder this way a little bit more beautiful and then turn your face that way towards that ugly dude over there oh ramona that's beautiful let me go down now love it until john can you get a tad closer to her oh wow that looks awesome for her gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous love it beautiful really really nice I am liking this a whole bunch see how pretty that's looking on her now so this is just with a silly video like we're not doing anything crazy here reminded turn your face right there towards him chin down a little bit nice excellent lovett just breathe through that mouth right there and give me some love love it darling baby that's awesome perfect gorgeous okay questions let's take a few questions and then we're gonna break for lunch can we have a hand by the way for our amazing model so if nothing else what I hope that you saw from the variety of different lighting techniques that we use with ramona which was your favorite which was your favorite light source that we used yeah I really like the beauty dish yet but uh the second set up was really nice too but so I like the artificial light than the yeah I agree the natural light I don't like it doesn't make her come alive but only because it's defused it's very very flat its a very diffuse light if we were photographing her on a bright sunny day we could be all over that like a bad habit you could do some beautiful things but the thing that I like with ramona is that it gives her her whole face life that the beauty dish was my favorite was the most flattering light style of light to use on her and that's very very doable the second one that I would like is I would like the video light you know why hey guess what kids they're both small light sources what is a small light source a small light source gives you a sharp speculum and that looks better for someone when you were trying to make that skin pop and glow it looks really really beautiful okay questions the internet's clapping as well letting you know they're like wow yeah right on uh let's see question from braga do you use this light outside as well oh absolutely well you saw that I mean they probably did probably missed that part this morning but when you get the download look at the download from my slide presentation this morning you'll see a whole series of pictures that I did out in the desert about two weeks ago when I shot for metropolitan bride and we bring our our lights outside we'll use the I used the small parabolic like either a beauty dish or I'll use the octo the small octa bank from pro photo and then I used the d one lighting set up which is completely portable and you just plug it into a power pack and you're ready to roll and you don't have to plug it into the wall even though you can when you're on location so I like that and and I think that that's a real benefit to having a variety of tools in your arsenal because not every tool works perfectly for every person and this is just I hope was a good demonstration on not only the benefits opposing and of quality posing your subjects but also in the way to make any person just give them their their their own space in the universe and making them look amazing and a question from daniel net aclu would you ever go bare bulb to get those speculum highlights yeah I love bare bulb I think it's a very very pretty light source quite often in our studio will go bare bulb I like it person for me I'd like to be photographed unbearable but I think it's quite lovely yes I would all right question that keeps coming up over and over are about men who are also plus size do you post them in the esseker grady west a little tricks up your sleeve okay first of all with men we do not pose them in the esseker because it's just too feminine to pose in that way but you do but there are some of the rules that apply like for instance you know if you've got a man who's a very large gentleman you are not going to photograph him straight into the photograph anybody straight into the camera if you want them to look smaller okay so if you can see both shoulders and you can see boobs both boobs or bus line you need to turn that body one where the other it's gonna make them look thinner the second thing that absolutely will take off ten twenty pounds easy what do yu laughing about is the next thing that's really important is have them lean forward now they don't have to lean forward a lot and we don't want him leaning forward with their chest everyone not wither just we don't want them leaning forward with their shoulders we want them leaning forward with the chest we keep the shoulders back you notice we were working with ramona this is a really important thing for anyway but just know put your arms in front of you and then I want you to lean forward like this roll your shoulders in front see how that makes her appear heavier through here it adds bulk when it doesn't we don't need to have that there by just keeping the shoulders straight and in ramona's case turn your feet this way love it q t tall and were going we want to stretch out her her body to give her length because that stretching out the body is a really great way to make anyone just give them that beautiful lengthy appeal and but yet still showing off those amazing curves because we would not do her justice if we let her in such a way to flat light her and not show off her beautiful shape great curse

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I’ll be honest. Ms Cantrell moves very fast, but her experience, humor and confidence are infectious. I thought I would check out a lesson or two and ended up watching and listening to her entire program. She is clear about her process and why it works so well. Her portraits are beautiful, whether individual or group situations. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentations, and I am a landscape and pet photographer. But I feel like I learned a lot about seeing, and was reminded of approaches to running your own creative business that are valuable for anyone. I have been very impressed by the professional instructors in every one of the CreativeLive courses I’ve watched or bought. It’s not every professional who can teach! I know. I am one who could not handle classroom situations. So happy I was able to join in on these classes. Thank you, Bambi, for all of your energy, and for sharing your knowledge with all of us. This was quite a ride!