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Working with Capture One Pro 9

Nino Batista, Dave Gallagher

Working with Capture One Pro 9

Nino Batista, Dave Gallagher

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Class Description

Schedule and end product are two things that every photographer wants to control, whether you work in portrait, commercial or wedding. Capture One Software gives you the ability to not only catalog your images while shooting tethered, but also make adjustments to the raw files while maintaining a fast workflow. Capture One Pro is leading the way in allowing all types of photographers to realize the potential in every shot. In this class you’ll learn how to:

  • Get comfortable with the interface of Capture One Software and the Raw processing aspect
  • Customize your workspace and learn to set templates and recipes for processing
  • Learn to tether using Capture One and work with your images while shooting for clients
Nino Batista is a professional glamour and exotic automobile photographer who swears by the consistency and ability of control to enhance his creativity with Capture One Software. Dave Gallagher owns Capture Integration which sells Phase One products, and is an expert on the technical aspects of the Capture One software. By the end of this class, you will be comfortable downloading and using this latest post-processing software.

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Ratings and Reviews

Jesse Furqueron

Yes, per some other reviews this started slow. What turned me off was the sales spiel for the class. It also came across as a sales schtick for C1, which is ok given the presenter. Stuck with it (well most of it, had to step away at times) and found it useful. I've had my eye on C1 for a LONG time. I'm not a pro, but would consider myself a pretty serious amateur. I document old mining and narrow gauge steam engines, general travel and now do our product photography (started a new company, so all $ goes to that rather than C1, which I would LOVE to own after seeing C9). Went with Aperture back in the day because of its cataloging and price. Back then C1 didn't have cataloging, though it DID have a 2 tier price structure...(Phase WHY did ya'll do away with this?????). Back to the class. After lunch on the first day I think they found their stride. Second day, especially Nino in the afternoon was quite good. That was probably my fav session. Seemed like most questions came from the in-studio "captive" audience. Expected more from the web? Constructive feedback. 1) Could have condensed things down quite a bit. I liked the more casual approach it took later on first day and on the second day. Dave especially seemed more at ease. 2) Ya'll (Dave especially) seemed to have his topics scripted out. Given the two day nature of this, would have been nice to give the attendees an idea of agenda/timeslots for topics up front. If an agenda/timeline was presented...I totally missed it. But then, I couldn't back up or rewind the live stream when I had to step away several times... if I paused it jumped to the realtime stream :-( 3) C Lve was pushing the "free trial download"...isn't there already a trial download from Phase? What value are ya'll offering in this area above what they offer? I found this annoying, if there's an extended trial period or something through ya'll cool. If not...I'm back to the annoying aspect of it. 4) Nino, get a Cintiq :-) If C1 doesn't have a profile for Cintiq (I'm going to download the trial from Phase) Phase you need to add support for it. 5) Dave's material he presented should be in vids on his website to help him expand his C1 market..fantastic selling tool there Dave....or even better....embedded in the product itself (ala SilverFast). Phase, you listening? 6) Nino, given he's coming from a different angle, eg no skin in selling C1?, he could do a 3-5 hour intensive vid(s) and I'd pay something for that. YMMV but I liked his approach and presentation. Was disappointed no C1 on his YouTube :-( Would I pay 99.00 for this class? Honestly, no. We use 3D graphics (ZBrush) and CAD (Rhino) in our company and have been learning those over the last year. To compare. There is another tutorial company whose name I shall not mention (no, it does not start with an 'L') that specializes in vid classes for those and other 3D products. They structure their offerings on a AFFORDABLE monthly/6mos/yearly all-you-can-eat fee structure. Much more consumer friendly, and quite honestly their videos are very focused and about 4-6 hours per course. I don't see myself paying 99.00 much less 129.00 for just one course like this (especially with the sales spiel content) when other companies have a more customer friendly consumption model. A value for the $ thing. In the end I did learn some things, and I'm glad I watched what I could of it. And yeah, I'm pretty sure after this review I just got taken off the free C1 license contention list...but I'm just being honest...Dave, I will be ordering some of the LCC pocket accessories if I ever get C1...those were cool IMHO. C1 has come quite a ways. When I can, I'll add it to our software arsenal.

ira potter

I have been a user of Capture One for a couple of years but have strugled to get my head around the way to use this software as my chosen raw converter, I love the improved quality that Capture One gives me but always seem to end up scratching my head and going back to Lightroom to save time. I haven't been able to watch the full presentation due to time difference, (I am in the U.K), and other commitments but I have learnt so much in the time I have spent watching that I can finally see me waving goodbye to Lightroom in the very near future. The presenters are excellent teachers, they are funny, engaging and thanks guys you really have made a p[ositive difference to how I interact with Capture One software.

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