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Art & design classes FAQs

Can I become a designer without a degree?

Whether you want to become a graphic designer, go into an arts career, fashion, frontend development or any other creative design career, a degree is not always needed as there are many alternative learning resources. Depending on your chosen area, you can find plenty of online courses, learning communities, materials and support to hone your skills, gain new ones or make money out of your talents as an artist or designer. Another factor to consider is how you intend to use your skills. If you plan to work as a freelancer, then experience, client reviews, completed projects and a portfolio are crucial. These requirements will also help you land a full or part-time role in a company.

How can design classes help my career?

There are three main areas in which design classes, in the form of virtual sessions or online learning that you complete in your own time, can help you advance your career as a designer. First of all, there are plenty of beginner courses that will give you a good taste of your options, so you can then decide which direction to go. Second, and a very important area is all the practical skills you’ll learn, starting from Adobe or other software tutorials, to understanding the theoretical and applied aspects of your design. Last, but not least, there are classes that will help you land new creative career opportunities and give you tips for how to approach it from a business mindset.

Is design a good career?

Creativity is very highly valued and most projects include a design aspect which creates many career options despite the competitive edge in the design job space. So, if you have the talent, inclination and want to hone your design skills further, there are plenty of opportunities and paths. Many paths will provide creative satisfaction, and can become a very lucrative source of income, either as part of an organization or through freelancing. Most industries, from car manufacturing to FMCGs, digital media, film, fashion, building and construction, hospitality and many others, require input from product, graphic, UX and UI, interior designers and other creative design professionals so you will have plenty of options.

What career paths can you take with design classes?

If you are inspired to become a designer, there are many paths that you can pursue. Many people go for one of the most popular and flexible options, graphic designer. By combining creativity and technology (e.g. Adobe Suite), these designers can apply their skills to areas such as marketing, product illustrations, websites or any form of digital and print publishing, packaging, brand identity including logo design, etc. User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design is also very much in demand as we are surrounded by digital interfaces constantly - mobile apps, websites, video games, digital

What do you learn in a design class?

Design classes come in many different shapes. Starting from those that give you the basics as a beginner and help you choose your most desired career path, to more specialized ones such as calligraphy, color theory, Adobe Basics or advanced. Some classes will be suitable for all levels, whereas for others you’ll need to have some prior experience. It’s always good to read the course description carefully and familiarize yourself with the requirements and the goal of the course so you can decide whether this is something for you, or it might be too much (or too little) of a stretch.

Which design class is recommended for beginners?

Like anything, when you’re a beginner in an area, you’ll need to start somewhere. The ‘Fundamentals’ section of the ‘Art & Design’ classes is a great initial point where you can learn to draw, explore color theory for designers, learn about composition, tonality, shadows, contours, lines and other drawing essentials, or begin your journey by honing your technical skills in Adobe Creative Cloud. Whether you want to gain more technical knowledge faster, or learn in depth about the theory behind design, there is a great CreativeLive course waiting to be discovered.

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