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Where are my Wildist workshops?

We have transferred any workshops you purchased on Wildist to your new account on CreativeLive. After you finish account setup, your owned classes will be listed in your personal library.

What happened to my Wildist subscription?

It got even better! Complete account migration to receive a free one year subscription to CreativeLive, which includes access to all Wildist workshops and 2000+ CreativeLive classes!

Will I still have access to classes I purchased on Wildist after the free subscription expires?

Yes! You will maintain perpetual access to your purchased Wildist workshops even after the one year subscription expires, and you will even be able to watch them offline.

I keep getting an error when trying to log-in. How do I get access?

Be sure to use the same email address as you used for your Wildist account. If you are still having trouble please contact CreativeLive support here.

What happened to my account at Wildist?

Your account data has been securely transferred to CreativeLive. The Wildist service is now offline, and you have 90 days to verify your new account.

I cannot access my account on CreativeLive.

If you are having issues accessing your account please contact and we will help you recover your account and access your classes.

Are the Wildist Classes part of the CreativeLive Subscription?

Yes, all the Wildist classes are now available for all CreativeLive subscribers..

If I logged into my Wildist account with Google or Facebook how do I access CreativeLive?

Simply enter the email address you use at Google or Facebook to log-in.

Can I still access the site?

No, the Wildist service has gone offline. CreativeLive is the new home of all Wildist content.

I already had a CreativeLive account, do I need to do anything?

If your CreativeLive account was associated with the same email as your Wildist account, we've already migrated any purchased Wildist classes to your account. If you had an active CreativeLive subscription, we've extended it! And if for some reason you used a different email address for Wildist than CreativeLive, please contact our support team and we can merge your multiple accounts into one.

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