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A Shoot with Sue


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Editing and Q&A, Part 3

So what? I'm gonna do it I saved a couple of goodies for you, a couple of things that come up for me a lot and things that you guys asked me on facebook a road block so one of the things that I did here is you know, I'm shooting low, you know, I'm shooting for a fashion style angle so you know, I'm shooting up I'm on crystal which is not always the most flattering thing to do but you can't you down if you want you know this look here even with nobody's normal to q b bodies especially so what I do is I allow for photo shop so see how this arm has come in I do this simple warp so less to the entire area is much areas I can I have copy and paste appreciate is my action I right click warp and I can bring this line in so one of the hotel I work I do not work in liquefy um I simply bring it in nice and fast it's a little bit fast on the liquefy for me um I make sure I feather this it with the team percent eraser and if you tune this layer on and off, you can see how quick it is remember you ...

are stretching pixels but you are when you liquefy as well, so to be very aware of that also another thing that I do a lot of people ask me for is her isar and focus in this part of her dresses and focus in this movement here but are often a lot of people ask me how I get that beautiful movement that I get in my shots and so often what I'll do is I'll put a top layer over the top I'll go to filter and actually use motion blair because I just love motion blew over causing blair because I like the way it moves and then I'll take my racing tool and I'll just a race back at eighty percent down the line of the body that I want to keep in focus so that means everything else there and I continued on I don't know if you can see it so much on the feed but everything on that top layer isn't a slight motion and I really like that I think it's a good final look so a lot of people will often say how do you get that motion? This image here I love this image here not so much and the reason not so much is because I feel like I've made her look too thick in the waist so I have to make a decision is too with a muslim or whether I check kit it is too much like this image that's probably not with keeping so I'm going to take it out because it's not with it either that or I will turn that waste and so if she had a facial expression that I thought was really were keeping I would go in here okay? And I would walk into this line now I'm the one that's made her look like she stick through the waste because of this movement so um I don't mind taking a little line through here and what I can do is literally pull a waste into here toe what it really looks like and if I can flatter that then she's more likely to buy it she's not gonna buy it if it looks like she's got no waist line and so this is how sorry this is how I use my walk upto and you know what would be the one thing that I'm constantly getting asked about so I'm gonna keep it now take it back to here to show you on the difference and now she will not look at a way she'll go straight up to the image as opposed to looking at what she didn't like um this one here I thought was another good one it was a perfect example of just that forty five ten I haven't quite got on so I don't quite like it I'm not going to kick it out there because I like the image so what I'll do is make sure you hit the shadows around who knows on because they put the nose back and nice and lean if you just had them um nasal labial it's called it's that shit around the news anybody with a little white knows their nose looks wider if there's a shutter around it remove it nobody likes that little shit around the nose. This one here I can take straight up into they don't enter that triangle and I can eat it straight into here and they just bring this line straight in nice tapered waist hear what responsibly remember always looking for brake lines he don't want your clients to see it and always always a race back to a true line and always make sure you returning your top layer on and off to make sure that there is no brake line in your walk. Okay, so I wanted to keep that that's going to save as I go and then I'm going to show you some how I decide what the fighter look of the image is gonna be so every touched everything I'm happy with everything there's only one other image that I felt I needed to have something different which you guys needed to see okay, I would make a decision is to whether or not I can do two things in this image it's a cute little smile, she kind of looks like angelina jolie it's really freaky I can bring her front line in on her tummy line so I can go straight under the brace line down the arm and take a nice little circle through the hour and I can literally bring this into here and take the frontline off her and to slim her down or I can bring her back line in so what I would just do is erase this back like that and just to respect the hand or I can bring her backline and so, um either way, the idea is that I create a really beautiful body line if I didn't get it because moving around too much okay, any christian seeking a yeah, I have a question from juliette who is asking about she saw how quickly. Okay, let me just read it so you can you give some more tips on recognizing the connection quickly in your images when you're doing the initial selection from us from a shoot, I wasn't drawn to the same ones as you were when you were deering your initial run through, but as I'm watching you edit them, I love them and I can see why you choose them. How can I trained my eye to pick out the right images? You might have been looking around the image instead of at her face I really was looking at your face I look a very little else um, I look at very little else because it's more important at the end of the day, that when I fix this stuff around here that I've chosen the right image that sits here, um, this one here, two things, what I love about it as I loved the expression I love the thigh, I love the fabric moving. I don't like how the dresses begged out here, so I'm going to take it in because, like I said, easier to move something and sell it than not, and I'm gonna bring that into here. Um, so remember, when you're warping and moving, you can move any pixels you want, but you better remember that when you were a race back it's got to be something underneath there, or you're going back to clone their another question can so they say a couple people have asked, including jeff photographer services I would like to know if he removed the eye circles the eyes that circles under the eyes. I removed the shadow below the bottom lead, but I never removed the bottom lid. Um even either either, um, because it just looks wrong it so it needs to be there, so I take the dark shadow underneath it that's more important question from patty and best do you always wear draft? Do you always dress black to the shootings? Is it just a personal preference or is very technical purpose? A lot of people ask me why I wear black and honestly, I go through phases. I went through a white face for about three years and then I went through black might face, and then I went through an army green phase. I'm really quite boring uh, right now I'm in a black face I've been there for a while aunt has absolutely no bearing on what I do for my job other than a lot of photographers were black, somebody do something that people always asked that e mail that to me in one day and you know, why do you wear black? And I was like, um, you know, like, oh, well, it works for angelina jolie well, it works if you live in new york city too, okay? I love the shot, but I've just caught this dress straight up and down and this gives you no shape to her body she's not gonna buy it if she thinks her body looks unflattering, so I'm just going to take it straight in on that line and the reason that I'm doing there is it's going to save my shot I love the face, I love the smile and I was trying to move her around a lot, and just because I've got a rather bad angle doesn't mean I'm not going to sell this image, so I feel like the dress was just cutting straight down. Another really cool thing is if you look at there, is it so easy and so fast it's match better than liquefy like you saying that over and over again. Okay, another thing that I do is this, and I'll just do a quick fusion because this is a really need example, and I like showing stuff like this is I can go right into her back line like this and literally lesson out the area that I want to change. I can go to an area like this copy and paste it, pick it up and drop with a group, pick it up and drop it back in here and then what I could do is I can blend in, so what I actually did was instead of warping it in, I can just go to my arresting tour like this it's such a quick greatest than people down and just soften this siege because no fabric has got a hostage, make sure you bring that back, and then you can go right back to here. So the idea here was I created a back line by slamming her down by just bringing that lesson and that's a really quick way to do that it's the cheats way but I love it and our time is now just went from nobody shape to the air which is actually more fitting with your body shape and it looks natural too. Can you remind people when you were, uh, drawing back in her hand? Was that what I was erasing back? So I les ood copy and pasted a layer on top, dropped it over the top and then blessed back and then erase back great same as when I walked exactly the same there. Sue, copy paste, change it or but free transform and then a razorback okay, so those were the little extras and I wanted to show you that I liked. Now I'll show you what I've got going on with alien skin and then we'll apply and then we'll show krista so from here I keep these little laughing ones because the beautiful and I would really love to see them. What I do is I choose how an image is gonna look, um this is where I find it's entity to take stage, I think it's a really beautiful image and I could sell this image right now to hear without changing any thing but what I want to do is take it to the next level and the cool thing about alien skin is I'm opening any in skin exposure for which is my favorite seat um in here I get a million different options now one of the things we know about christer is that she loves black and white um I think I'm gonna go more for the black and white and the gap tee ones and the black the black background but if I was going to do anything first I would take it through color I love every single one of the colored films and I'm particularly taken through this area here so I'm really enjoying all the polaroids or the yellows anything that saturates up um I think it's really beautiful and blocks like two time I am going to take the color tone off that down to about fifty percent I really love it if I want the image to look a little softer um I can go to a judge I can go straight down the paper texture also in here they have light leaks like this absolutely beautiful just touching in color absolutely beautiful little tweaks of light that are coming through the image and I think they just had a really neat a really neat little tone through the image sight I really like that so I'm actually going to put that through there I like like on the ridge this try that and I'm gonna protect my center because I want to bring it back so if I want to just add a little bit of sort of rain but in just a little power to this image we've gone from this to this really simply it's no different than applying actions, I'm just really excited about playing with it. I think they're really fun if I go through and just and remember you can go to layers you can a race back at any time take it right down, but if I take away what I've just done, it just goes from plain too just a little bit of punch you don't have to give it too much let's see if I have played the apply exactly the same filter to this image sometimes you can apply the same filter to an image it doesn't look good so question from cho check how long does it take until you show the photos to you client when do you make that appointment? Within the week always within the wake you want to try and get them, um, to you so that they can see them as soon as possible it's really important that they are still really excited it that stayed and that you know they're fasting to see them, so I get them in there as soon as they can as soon as they see them they're excited about them and they want to buy them. It's that simple that's. A really quick turnaround. It has to be. But remember this process. He should take you an hour to sort and it should take you an hour. Retouch there's. No reason. It should take you mme or you just want to get it to a sellable level. Said that they buy their images. If you want to do more photo shop on them. You're welcome to do more photo shop. But at the stage here, your goal is to just tell us many images and she can and just make them look as good as they can so that they buy them. I think that's really important to keep in mind because so many of us try to make them perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Before somebody's even seen them. I could spend hours and hours and hours retouching my images and trying to make them better. But the truth is, is what I did with this image here. You just saw me doing it only took city seconds to slam the front and thirty seconds to slim the back. I've putting a layer on it now it is going to give it lots of punch. And it's a beautiful shot and there's a really high chance that she's gonna buy it I can go in and do all the stuff under her arms and stuff like that later but right now I really just need to sell this image exactly as it is okay so remember krista really loves um all the black and white so we want to try and show her as many images in black and white and color it's possible the cool thing about showing black and white and color together is that there's a really high chance she's going to be big choosing between the images and state of between the images and if they were all color she would be knocking down the sale if she's choosing between color and black and white she's more likely to choose between those two images if you know what I mean right? Which is what goes back to it's so important to know what the client likes yes question from vivian hyphen photo do you ever removed a bra strap in photo shop? I wouldn't for the face round of images because I think that that's not going to stop an image from being sold and women don't get upset about seeing a brass straight although they might say oh, you can see my bra strap and I couldn't say don't worry I can remove that I can see the strap of her slip in this shot here I don't think it would stop the shot from being sold, but if for any reason it did, I would remove it, cassie pop, pope says watching you's the clone tool it is so flawless when I do it is a lot more patchy and obvious. Is that bad selection, or do you have any tricks? The trick is one hundred percent o pe city team to thirty percent flow if you work between team to thirty percent flow it's nice and soft. Also make sure that you're working on a very lightly feathered brush, so go to your brush selection and choose a light feather brush and then work your way very gently around the face and lots of taps in it's. Easier if you have awakened template because I don't know how anybody could even eat it with a mouse. So speaking of well, had asked about your tablet. Okay, this is a way come into its fore they retell it around five hundred dollars, really easy to travel with, they are quite heavy, but not as heavy as the bigger ones. This is a by teen tablet and absolutely love it. I've bean through, maybe bought six of them over the years for my studio, and I've never had to replace one. So even though I've bought six, I'm still using six and I use this one a ll the time and I traveled everywhere with this well, you can just see yeah yeah you and what it does is it saves you nick payne um pain tendon pain it's quite incredible help good it is so just to clarify for a c s s fissile uh phyllis phyllis which aliens coffins alien skin software do you use? Um I use I've got the bandel but I use exposure for every single day. It is by far the most amazingly, something I've played with on finish up in years I mean, I bought I buy actions I've got actions is a a couple of my key actions, which I've always loved people always ask me about all my rainbow actions on the right here I've got totally red actions. Um I love the cinnamon toast for ten lines in each set of actions that I've ever bored and I thought maybe three c it's all come with one or two really favorite tools for me that I love, but you know, at the end of the day, this is the first time I've used in the editing software like everything I just want to let you know that mr roberto valenzuela is in the lounge saying he uses his well when I started something up well, go I had dinner with um roberto and his wife in l a this week such a cool dude thanks for joining us. Roberto. So question for jen shaver knowing that your client loves black and white photos what percentage of the images do you think you will show her in both color and black? I'm going to show his many black white as I can, but I would never show a black and white image without food showing it in color. Here's the strange thing about anybody that likes black and white a lot of people don't realize that I shoot quite monochrome medically, I use very plain backdrops I try and always pick one color outfits so team to shoot what I call quite monochromatic images I think used, you know I mean skin and I d set rate a little um so often when people see images like this one, they think it's black and white although skin tone and black but it looks very monochromatic, you know what I mean? So a lot of people do get confused about that s o I do show both. So I'm going to show you how I converted it and then I'm gonna show you what I should kristen and like I might as well because there's so many beautiful black and whites to use on aliens skin I've I've actually in my portrait studio I sell probably I think it's eighty seven percent color it's very um rear for me to sell a lot of black my images in glamour family portrait it's very different a lot of black white family portrait it's just not so much in glamour I feel like with glamour it's more about the makeup and yeah, color is always dominated in my studio but now that I have aliens can I must say they're black and white um to me the black and white choices are so incredible and it gets me really excited about printing more black and white, which is why did tiff stuff I'm like ok, yeah, I think that's a great point hadn't really thought about that how? Because we spend so much time on the hair and makeup that want to see the makeup how does that and so it's the particular black and white set ups that where you can get that here that here because you want the black and white that gives you that really contrast? I love gutsy black away when I shot film for the first ten years of my career and we always shot thirty, two hundred thirty five now we also shot medium format on the hustle blair and for may, seeing the black and white really gutsy it's just really sixty and I've always wanted to try and emulate that? And I've always made my black and white has got tears, I can, but only now am I really seeing the results that I wish I've been saying for the last ten years really impressed you really impressed great, and it was actually I'm larry jade who showed me so we were working together in brisbane and laura and I and she said, no, if you seen this software and I don't know and I bought it that night like I went straightaway got online board it and that was six months ago, and I've been loving it either since just being really enjoying it. Well, cool. Thank you, laura. See, what was it that you were were doing on her? Uh with the dodge. Okay, so like, I always do. Um, after I apply my filter, make sure my backgrounds corrected make sure my body linus good always use any walking that I need to walk. I'm sorry, my computer slowing down because I'm plugged in tv and and I also got lots of twenty eight images open. I'm just waiting and, um I go to my dodge tall, so I was a short cut for dodge and I met thirty percent and I dodged the bottom of the iris, so the idea here is I take it up I go three percent and I just pop the eye out so I just put a little bit of our highlight in the bottom of the iris to make the ice jump out. I do that with every single shot don't over white in the eyes don't go to the corners, it looks really bad. All right, viral a and a couple of people were asking about the when you crop do you crop to standard sizes dick went to the same size that you shot or do you ever give them custom crop I crop I crop full frame very really do I crop square because they don't do a square meant in the folio box, and the seven by team crop is very similar to the eight by twelve or living by sixteen it's a little bit cropped at the bottom, but it's a really good crop for my folio so always try and crop full frame I mostly trying crop in camera when I do crop in fetish shop, I try and just keep it in full frame ratio that's just how I like my wig originally when we first other jeanne digital, I went back to a medium format crop, so I was constantly either cropping square or I was cropping eight by teen is opposed to eight by twelve, which is the thirty five more for our full for meth I love the sharp this is such an amazing shot of here and there is no slimming on anything in this shot she just kicked back so beautifully and looks gorgeous okay, I'm tryingto freezes faster than king because I realized that anything can be a little bit boring toe watch not when you do it would you remove this is a question from floren are would you remove clothing tags? Yes, yes they're annoying and I can't believe I don't see them when I shoot but sometimes I just am so um you know, busy shooting I don't see them that ain't no way the hell out of me see the question from randy? What trick do you use for smoothing the skin? I can't clone clone clang clang clan or image gnomic pushed her sitting which I haven't used that they don't need teo but I clone everything I even play in the background so I've applied the same filter to every one of those images and what was the filter I chose? Um oh you just hit the house, be there it was uh alien skin and then I went exposure for and then I went polaroid yellow and they doled out back fifty percent just to give a punch a bit of contrast in that nice yellow green head through the hole image so I really like it I was happy with that do you have a few that you use often or do you just kind of squirrel through if really what works every client is different and what the wind thing is one filter teens to work for whole shoot so it's obviously more light based or background based then client based because obviously some people pop in the greens and some people popping the purples I did one the other day on my facebook page and I dropped it into the codex nineteen forty two and it looked to really move in really low contrast and it just suited it so much in it just belonged in that chute so I kind of looked for a common theme just don't mix it up and put a different teacher in a different, uh, texture on each image otherwise it'll look more teachers is opposed to a shoot being theme to sit way let's not go well diet d evans or die evan says please tell sue the retouching is not boring it is really helpful thank you you're awesome thank you I always at the effect you know I've been a re toucher since I was eighteen and that site twenty three years and I always think it's just the board most boring things sometimes but I figured that people just love watching it and they love watching it live they like to sit on my shoulder and watch you know yes, we do that is why we're way this image here I love this image I've cut this right into there line of the window which is kind of annoying I do this a lot I'm more interested in here than the window at the time I like the high low that's around here I would actually remove this and photoshopped because it doesn't know amy I probably wouldn't do it for the viewing at least I felt like I wasn't going to sell this image I don't think I can crop it out because anything lower is going to crop too much into the forehead and that's a little bit old fashioned I would actually clone that out so just so you know, if you look at that and say, why isn't he removing that that's why um I would leave it till after and this my client pointed out and said, oh that's really annoying although very, really get clients point out anything in the background there too busy looking at themselves they very rarely we'll look at anything in the background I came more innocent christians guys ask me more editing questions this is your chance don't email me and go how did you do that one thing again tonight? Don't I've got a business around all right uh any oven had asked her an evo vin duminy tips and tricks for toe add bus to flatter chested girls yes, I'm the same way you stuck in the stomach you pull out a boob defected let's see it a copy it pace right click free transform warp changes any shape and every flat busted chested girl every photograph has asked for me to make your boobs bigger but just a little bit bigger you know what? Responsibly but see megan johnson high see what always channel supervised when doing a glamorous shoot my question is when you're cloning are you picking new spots as you move through the image? Yes, I'm constantly on the old button with my index finger so it's like a click click click, click click click motion I go click click click, click click so I'm moving I'm always repositioning where I'm taking my sample from so that little cross follows my circle as close as possible toys in the highlight out so I'm always working from the lightest part of the faith out and I'm always on about thirty percent when I teach people I always tell them ten to twenty and when I do it myself I'm always on thirty percent jean's ask sue can you give that order of moves for warp a little bit slower? Yes less through the area that you want to walk, then copy and paste what's in that lesser to that in a copy and paste or uh command copy, command paste or copy and paste or image well, it it copy and paste I said that, um I can't member what a pc is, um, and but you just copy and paste it there, and then you right click within the lesser when you right click within the less ou it gives you an option to free transform once he gives you the option to free transform, then you simply, um, go down to the water bottle in a grid will appear once the grid appears, you can move those points around. Just be aware that you are strict ing pixels, just like liquefy. And so you've gotta make sure when you accept your transformation that you don't have any brake lines, and if you do have brake lines, you need to is that them with the erase? Attila team person thank you, jules is asking, do you ever use content aware rather than clone the whole wall? Now? I don't, but you can. I learned his hidden away, and I still find kind ng faster than anything else. I do that's just probably more of a habit well and with photo shopped there. Yeah, a billion ways to do it there anything? See eva blanchard photo says, how about to clean a very heavy acne thine face without looking plastic and don't not having a clone pore by pore I did put a sample up on my last creative life eva on the photo shot video of a young girl with kind of bad acne and I actually hit it with the healing tool because I was going more for each spot is opposed to you know, large areas and if you use image software on bed agni on teenager it will make them look plastic and um yeah question about braces do you ask people if they want the braces removed do you remove them? Ninety nine percent of people won't smile at you with the braces on if they find out you can remove them they smile at you about very few people are very confident with braces on most of them refused to smile species teenagers if you have to remove them these days braces are amazing and really easy to remove because you get mostly get the c three ones or the white ones and they are hard to remove but if you get in nice and close take a really good chap sharp blow it up you can usually copy and paste or sort of climbing around them. They're quite painful that in glass players have handed us for sixty years I mean, we used to do it by hand. Now we do it, you know, on the computer it's definitely easier on the computer than it used to be a sigh it's just one of those things that people want them removed to buy shot they'll ask for them to be removed there's nothing we can really do about about removing I love the way she's just yeah they took a shot and you know I really like their blue filter over the white walkers it just gives another whole spin on being in one corner you know effectively we didn't move fire and our shoot today we stayed very close and just putting that dark um screen off chiffon and the background just made a difference to the shot just different from the white shot last soul what how do you deal with facial hair without making it look plastic face you'll hear on women assuming I don't get a lot of facial here comes through on women and if I do I climbed it out if I've never really had an issue where it's such bad facial here that it would what about if somebody doesn't have their eyebrows plucked out of the way? Cline yeah my makeup by this wall plaque eyebrows all of them do they will say, but if people don't want their eyebrows um plaque tie very really would change the shape of somebody's eyebrows without talking to them about it okay, so I'm still applying the same filter teo everything and as I'm going through just hitting any little bits that I want teo um ed again with the backlight here I shot it really high I've shot it right on that line I did that to get the best liked to her face I would change that when I uh differently change that when I order it I would actually cut out this area here copy and paste it and stretch it out and then cloned it up so uh that's something I will go but not before she sees them I'm not exactly sure what claire's asking but claire barra is asking do you ever even out people's features and if so how so maybe that's if one eyes down the other very really would I do that changes them too much I did photograph a girl last year and she a really crooked eye and I definitely moved it down a little wee bit some people have that real downturned mouth and it's really easy just to fix it but just to fix the sides up but yeah I don't change people too much, you know wanna make them look different? Okay? I feel like now um I want to get to a stage where I want to start showing krista I'm obviously not going to be at a stage now where I'm sitting comfortably producing a whole load of black and white so what I might do is stop to show here on photo shop and I feel like I'm in it for my color visions and I'm going to talk to her about each image, how she likes it and how she likes it in black and white. And I'm gonna go through there because, um, obviously, you guys know that christa is not going to sit through a proper viewing like a client would because you are watching here and it's, not the same experience when she's in the privacy of my viewing room. So I might just bring here and now let's, do it and sit here with me so I can start talking to her about each of the images and what she likes and how she likes him. And now I would never bring a client to further shop in what, let them watch me eat it. So I'm just going to do that so that I can finish up the day. And you guys can ask me some questions about how I finalize the images and I can show christer and you guys can see her reactions to her back into juice and what she picks. Fantastic. All right, well, thank you so much for answering everyone's questions.

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