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Shoot: Black Dress

Here's how crystal made up and finished and very happy with you here may count nothing you want to change, we're gonna change it we're gonna change it now um I've chosen this first outfit so let's go over and I'm going to show you a little met that I've drawn so while you girls were getting ready, I drop a little shoot a little shoot meant so you can call it a storyboard you can call it whatever, but all I know is that when I started to shoot and learn about posting I would forget so I would write it down I would draw pictures and then I'd be able to show my clients actually tough if you pass it to me it's a little pet of paper there what I did was I have laid out all of chris's outfits and I've drawn pretty much how I'm going to shoot them and on what background based on how she wants to be photographed so I'll put this in a period for you, but basically everyone of my images his note every outfit his notes I'm starting off in the black sequined dress this is very structured quite fas...

hion I'm going to do lots of black dwight I'm going to do lots of triangles, lots of low shoots on low angles and I'm going tio on the on the flats on the leaflets I'm going to shoot at the end, after I warm you up a little bit too stupid infection cordially sort of stuff I call it I'm gonna do some low exposure in some movement, so for me I'm going to in my mind I've already met the next year and a half because I want to move through the shoot quickly it needs to be functional for my studio I don't want to spend more than an hour and a half two hours shooting that would be my absolute maximum a client is too tired after two hours they hungry they use you want lunch so I usually don't go that far. So from there your next outfit is that beautiful sort of french uh, dress with the overlay in the navy I'm going to shoot there on the back lights. I've drawn that out as well and what I'm gonna do here is I'm going to shoot this on the back light just make it really feminine bring only be here around one side maybe bring some flowers and lots of beauty images and shoot it nice and white on the black backlight so this would be one of your more colorful images then we go to the new dress again I've put there on the pity if so, the new dresses with sparkles I'm going to use the brick I'm going to use lots of light for that and because it snowed, I think someone who likes black and white, you'll enjoy the node and white, you'll enjoy how monotone otis and that's really, what people like when they see monotone, I'm going to take you to the dark background for the dancing pink shot, and then I'm going to take you into the big pink dress on the doctor's background ahead and make it look very vanity fear and quite epic big pull back a little bit. So those are my five outfits, and I'm going to just walk you through each one, so you didn't bring any jury today and it's fine, you don't have to. So if you had joy here, I would have told you, put it on, but you died, so I'm gonna keep it simple making about your dresses and make it about how beautiful you athletes get going. My little plan, I'm gonna take that with me, and because you're in this black outfit, I'm going to start on the black side, um, and work my way through what I've done already christa's I've set you up here, so I want you sit in that bastard, and I would like you actually to sit this way, so I'm going to pull this over, put it down there, face that way, all the way around it's a go and what I want you to do this maybe susan are ever box so you could even give me that white box there. Um and that can go between the wall and her feet. Yeah, but more towards may that's it. Okay, krista, I want your top foot on there right up onto your toe. Good, gil perfect right up onto your toe and don't realize you flash from the front can you swap legs when you put your front line down this one up I'll slide it over that's it I want your right arm to go here you go from there just bring your left hand to your waist now take it onto the soft part of if you waste here just bring it around a little, wave it more and work the shoulder towards may perfect. Now from here I need you to create us much space through here as you can in turn this hand away from may that's the one triangles and angles don't loose the shoulder towards me I really like it. Ok, so you went like this. Sit up tall. Just bring your shoulder towards may shoulder honey let's it to give me some space there relaxes hand hands down and I won't need to bring your chin around to the shoulder now it's really important all day all you're going to hear from may is chin forward and down okay it's something I say over and over again so pushy chin towards may pinch in this way a little bit more perfect than me yeah looks amazing you know people think clearly hit girls you know really natural kill it's hard I love smoothing michael's out I'm not really a tea e never wear my hair natural killer get in this way little bit more give me a sight it stop I can't just work the shoulder in that's the one and chin down this way start coming it's like I'm so glad you got that spray tan wasn't perfect so you're not really interest rate and today give them okay reelection mouth kristen worked that shoulder forward lift up nice and tall three neck and shoulders that's it employs your chin towards me and down that stay there okay, now I'm gonna tune you more side onto me so at the moment you're half on the angle I want you to be really side onto me this way that's it good girl elbow out right up onto your toe that's the one nice and tall up through the neck and shoulders push your chin towards me don't move it's gotta hear going on there okay set up is tall issue can could go now give me a slight tip this way give you ten star kept completely reelection mouth that's the one perfect okay from there I want you work that shoulder a little weed but more bring your chin longer good gil stay there and reelection mouth ear chin up just a touch from there bring your chin this way spring your lips together and I just want chin up half an inch a little bit of attitude in the good girl you got it stay there give me a slight of this way ok lifting up tall stop lips together two slips just a little wee tiny tickle off a smile you got it right here perfect from here what I want you to do because I want youto stay in this position and rotate towards me so I won't be in to see if you're scared because you just keep your legs the app that tip perfect okay from thea I want this hand now to come straight down beside that way not down this way actually I liked what you did more that's one stay there long chin towards make a girl that move would that shoulder and krista good gil stop stop stop tiff maybe come into my right so I could get some here's yushin going on that's it I'm gonna take it again okay I just need you to put that knee under there that's it stay they asked up nice and coast bring your chin towards me and work your shoulder forward don't move okay from there this hand comes up and I just wanted into here like a comb so just to put it into the crystal that it don't move and just fingertips touch you hit bring the sail boat out a little bit more and I want you to work your shoulder forward that's the one long chin pok reelection mouth don't go low keeping that stay there okay with that shoulder christy got to give me some body language to their good girl now just lifted chin up just ever so slightly election mouse you're getting a short necks to come up better keep your albert here stretch it out towards may work the shoulder forward lift up nice and tall and push your chin forward you got it now lift your chin up stop inr election out there okay, now I need this look here good girl but it with that shoulder take this hand down okay, stop keep it albert bend lift up tall long meg okay and then that's luck chin down a bit more and then a bit more I couldn t tip this way slightly stopped that's it beautiful good girl perfect from here what I want you to do is tip onto this that's it not that far okay too friendly put you hand away little way but that's the one chin down stop I need this the huge big smile go good gil perfect on the way out nice alright from here I want you to tune your body away from ace I'm going to kick this through okay I want you to swap feet you put the other one down okay I want your hands to come back to hear that tent so just they're just touching top your thighs but here hands back down low so it's a tune your shoulder away from a more more let's ago now relax your eyebrows good girl bring your chin around to make a stop now you're back on your right and slide it straight down now that you're back I'm sorry I don't say right I'm bringing it around to make a good girl okay give me a slight tip this way maybe tiff it's giving attack up be enough open it actually. Okay from the long chin with the shoulder good girl there turn your shoulder away from me even more okay and this hand slides down a bit more in the front stop back a bit more with your hand shoulder forward I can't long chin down and give me a tip lecture eyebrows okay, see how you're holding your eyebrows up to me bring your chin to the edge of your heads it always to the each of that shoulder good girl perfect okay krista all the way around stop turn around to be a bit more a little smirk or on the eyes good girl ok from there drop that foot down so I can see it so both on there if you can that's a claim for it that's a shoulder away from may that's it stop keep this and type could go with that shoulder forward drop that eyebrow that's the one drop that bottom lip well done beautiful look okay from their long chin drop that bottom lip shoulda ford that's it that shoulder forward even more drop that eyebrow good girl relax it mouth huge biggs margo okay that's my lear was more like this okay so when I say huge big smile I'm going to get it on the up smile so you don't have to hold it I'm going to get right there so well you have to do is just let me have it so just give it to me so I don't want their heart lifted eyebrow okay work that shoulder forward I got the shot I love this I love it still but I want the big smart stadia working at keep that beer with that shoulder for good girl stop okay, drop your bottom look first nice drop their eyebrow good girl good girl it's all about relaxing your face okay. Soon as you are, lex, you khun, smile with your eyes dropping your eyebrow down lets it drop that bottom lip. I can't give me a tip. There it is with shoulder. Nice, beautiful, huge big smile. Go! You got it! Okay. And I love that everybody else in the room smiles and laughed at the same time. You're you ok from there? Keep your hands there. What you just did? Slightly. And in this arvo, then just a slight being to go back down. Okay, shoulder forward. Get give. You tip him here more, more, more shoulder, shoulder stop. Tip in tip in like a shoulder. Shoulda stopped there it is. Okay. Huge biggs marching around me now around me now. Ok, let's. Huge. Just turn around to me. That's it that's it. Good girl. Beautiful, beautiful. I can lean forward. Okay. What I want you to do is I want you to slowly lean forward, keeping your shoulder like this today. And as you do, I want you to give me a beautiful big smile guy because you got you got it. Good girl. Perfect thank you a match okay jumper the only other shot that I'll get a few in this dress because I feel like I really got so many beautiful shop to be sitting in this chair standing gets this so just come and stand here and what I want you to do is hold your elbows ok come up onto this toe mirror me that note mira me so yes this exactly right kick your beauty back said lots of shape through here looking and what I want you to do maybe just bring that side forward tiff okay now it's very important when you bring your chin forward that you don't get too short okay so I want you to lift up really high and then bring your chin just your chin not your shoulders and your neck good girl makes you so much longer than nice and tall nice and tall work that chin not too much on the shoulder kick that booty back even more that's the one okay relax your mouth chin this way it's off could go don't move I can't eat it a reelection mouth kristen and push your chin down you've got it right there don't move perfect okay from here I want you to take your hands out of the equation so just dropped down to here that's the one give me that gap so push it out back so I can see the gap through here start not too far cam is going to pull you down that's it I want to see this kept here tall work your shoulder long chin down don't move okay from there relaxed in downtown downtown down good guilting around this way keep going towards the wall reelection man oh, I like that did it again little effect stay there stay there I can't won't you look down at the ground down your own body line chin down a little bit more with shoulder don't stop working your hips body waste go beautiful big smile go go go go go good kill perfect okay want one more with a bit of room at the top look down chin down to shoulder okay I want huge big smile look down look down that's a good girl got you ok from there I want you to mmm just turned towards may yeah, you know what? I'm done this out for this down it's beautiful. I love it. I love how dark it all is. I think I might, um I just don't want to do too much laughing dancing here cause I want lots of movement in the pink maybe a cover girl shot for make it's because I love the cover girl shot so basically what I want you to do is go back against this wall and just want to do like a magazine cover for you so this want you to face me, don't prickly on and just put your hands up onto waste that's it a little bit higher than where your waist iss and in a little bit further don't pinch the dress so bring your hands away and come in in a little bit further and a little bit further okay, now do not bring your elbows towards me like this, so keep it nice and flat, nice and torso tiff maybe just give me some volume on inside and, um, we're biggest if you've got a fan let's put a little bit of beer in here and see if we can, like, goof it up nice and warm a nice, slow medium she's actually got really soft gentle here, so just trying to me. Yeah, and bring it for because, well, blow it back so if you start here, okay, so let me set up the shop before you blow to come to my side the side and then you can tuck in here so come right into may that's it right there. So if you just come to here and sort of don't blow up to her blow two hitches, I'm going to see her here blows if it doesn't look good, I'm not gonna do it what I want you to do first is I want long chin this way I can't you must be square to me so come back stop yeah do that again what you just did stop okay long chin that's it don't move don't move again I'm just going to come into here right there's too much chin forward so you can come up and they interested here but I need you to re election mouth good girl election mouth reelection eyebrows okay drop those shoulders down that's the one all right, so from here chin down a little way but more okay start I am quite the year come back don't move! All right there we go. Reelection mouth krista it's re google now bring it up a little bit more it's too open. Okay, stop. All right, just try and hit me with a bit of fan here, okay? Chin down now not feeling that I don't need it you don't need it. You got volume kill it I just wanted to see how it was gonna blow over it's all picking up together so I'd rather just try and lift it out like that they go looks like it's blind good thing about having good thing about having killer here kick your booty out this way okay, so just rock it back to the wall that's the one I want you to lean forward like this okay and that's it stay there perfect if chin down a little wee bit down a bit more but more that more drugs shoulders chin down a bit more relation mouth beautiful chin this way you've chained away from mesa comeback to square stop girl chin down a little way but more okay shoot big smile go got your love that beautiful okay from here let's just give me one over the shoulder this way then horizontal so what I want you to do is turn your body this way more sir tune your shoulder to me almost the opposite to what you had before when you were sitting in the chair I'm just gonna put that up there that's the one perfect okay from time over here is so beautiful right now I am wondered if if we don't put it the okay now you're really upright like this boobs out I want you to be the opposite that's it and I want you to tune your shoulder away from me this way more more stop I want your chin to be long enought to the end of your shoulder that's it night where you were towards may that's it don't move don't move stay there elect him out good girl wow oh sorry e gotta blink okay reelection mouth that's a beautiful beautiful all through the eyes krista everything is mama's through the eyes that this hand guard your body okay work your body stop dot the shoulder forward, stop! Don't drop that bottom lip ten all the way around to say good girl, little smith, stay there nicely turn election mouth could go tip down this way. Turn around to me, but more oh, sorry. Gotta blank little little ways make little waist, mac stay there. Yeah, love bit. Love it. Ok. Love that gorgeous. Ok? From their huge biggs margot got your good girl stayed. I want one more like that. Bring this hand onto the body. It's gotta touch your body. Okay? Always touching hands. Always touching. Give me shoulder. Okay, just to hear to your hip. Not not to the front. Don't hold the front debt it stay there. No what? You shoulda forward. You got it. Chin around to me now I need the drop that shoulder down and drop it forward and turn around to me a little bit more over the shoulder of that more start huge big smile, guys, you've got it. Good. Gilf that was perfect. Spot on. All right, let's get you changed. I'll show you the next sequence. The next sequence I'd really love. I loved everything we did there, so I just wanted to keep it really fashion, really? Cover girl you know you really love that black backdrop that you saw me shoot izzy on um she was also a black trees to which was so amazing so I think it just comes down to the tone of your skin and how you looked at I love everything that we did so I'm done with that one I would really love to do the no dress with all the sparkles and the french skaff so we've set up a dressing room for you a private dressing room over here so behind that backdrop if you want to get her into that new dress with the scarf that would be really cool. Okay. All right, so for my audience out there, um with the covergirl sequence I could just keep going. I think I shot maybe have a look in for thirty six I shot a lot of images just then um what I did wass uh started sitting down, I used the wall, I went to the horizontal and I went to free styling. I generally find the first lot of images that I take a my warm up images is the more people are photographed, the more comfortable they get a team to shoot maurine the first sequence I want to try and get through five outfits in an hour or an hour and a half, so I do want to move through them you do get to the state, miyake nning, a shot where you just don't need to cane a shot anymore, and you just need to stop and move on. So I definitely, um, I definitely took a lot of that one. But it was with it for may.

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