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Lesson 14/14 - Using the Libraries Panel


Automating Your Workflow


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Using the Libraries Panel

Libraries are really cool it's a new panel and it's a way for you to store colors, some attributes of textiles, your layer styles and any snippet from your image like it can save a whole layer it can save a watermark it can save a logo and you're thinking, well, it is a matter because my colors pant my swatches panel it shows me my recent colors and my textiles I've got a text panel and I've got a layer styles panel so what's the big deal with this this is meant to be project oriented for you to collaborate either with yourself at home or here or with other people, so if I save out and you know you can add as many different libraries you want so I just did a little collaborative thing with romeo and juliet that was the colors that we need to use this was the fun that we needed to use so I didn't need to tell the person I was working with hey here's all your stuff I didn't mean to send them didn't say the hey here's, the drop shadow that we're going to use or anything I just stored like...

we have I had little outlines like little romeo and juliet outlines if we hide banking probably see a little better and just transform it right so those outlines that were just pads but I needed to make sure that hey, we're using those same pans, and we're all on the same wavelength, and then to collaborate, all you do is you just use the flyout menu and you say, collaborate. So not only can I share this with me, I think I can share it between my two installs at work and home. I can also using the cloud. Just come up here and say, hey, I want I need to collaborate. I need to share this actual library with someone so it's something else that you can collaborate with over the cloud.

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Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2



Julianne is an amazing source of knowledge in all things adobe - she keeps it interesting and fun - great source of info always