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Contest Rules: Run Great Social Promotions

Lesson 3 of 12

Set Goals For Your Giveaway

Mei Pak

Contest Rules: Run Great Social Promotions

Mei Pak

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3. Set Goals For Your Giveaway

Lesson Info

Set Goals For Your Giveaway

So let's talk about goals and this is I love talking about goals and it's it's so interesting how just knowing what you want to expect out of something can really change your mindset about how you approach doing something so just to digress a little bit one of the one of the pitfalls I think it's a small business owner that we fall into as we like to compare ourselves to other people look at hers has got so many sales or she's got so many social media followings and she's selling the exact same thing as I am but I make my stuff so much better and we tend to fall in that trap and I asked my husband one day like I feel really crappy like how do we get out of this? I don't want to feel this anyone he gave me some really wise advice that I want to share with you today that is related to goals I promise but he said maybe you have to set goals for yourself how big do you want your own social media falling to be so instead of comparing yourself to other people and saying she has so many socia...

l media fans you're really comparing yourself to them but compare yourself to yourself and I found that really helps like overnight literally that changes the way my my brain is wired so I want you in approaching contests and giveaways to take that same approach be very crystal clear on what you're expecting from your giveaways okay it sounds so basic it sounds relief fundamental one plus one is two yeah, I know that but I have to say it it is important and I want to drive that home ok keep thinking about that your goals or what is going to dictate the design of your giveaway and before you do anything else I want you to sit down and decide what goals you want to have with your giveaway plan your giveaways ahead of time so take your time to set it up there's no hardy and think strategically and a strategy part will talk about that so here are some of your possible goals and I hope maybe I've covered all of them you want to grow your social media falling how do I get more facebook fans this is doing giveaways is one of the great ways to do it how do you grow your instagram falling giveaways how do you go analyst giveaways you want to increase your social media engagement we talked about in social media engagement in a lot in in death in our first workshop of this crafty marketing techniques bundle with how to sell in social media so if you want to learn more about how to increase your engagement that's a great one to take a great class to take but giveaways in contests in general are also great at increasing our engagement and when you increase your engagement, you're going to increase your reach so more people are going to start seeing your post, especially on facebook or specifically on facebook. You can build short term buzz and exposure around your product so that anyone point you're doing a promotion for example, if you're starting to sell in social media and you want people to see your sale that you're going to lunch, you might want to start building short term buzz you want people clamoring over to see this event that you're having so giveaways are a really efficient and great way to get people to see what you have to offer its great advertising without really being advertising it's also a great way to grow your analyst and I don't know if maybe you haven't heard of this or maybe no one's really talked about it because it's it's kind of funny that we tend to like to do giveaways for the sake of grinker social media falling that tends to be like the number one goal, but it is possible to have it grow your analyst as well and have this system work for you and you can also make sales from them, and I'll show you some specific steps on how you can actually do that with using contests and giveaways, so keep in mind your goals will determine what steps you need to take in designing or give away the fewer steps that you have for each contest that you set up, the better results you'll have do you guys have any ideas for what goals you think you know, for your first give away after this class that you want to be? Do you want to be increasing your facebook page? Do you want to do want to share a little bit? Yeah, I think my first goal would definitely be to increase my social media following. Right now I'm hovering at around two hundred and I really would like tio blow that up, frank social media following does anyone else want to share? We're good. Oh, sure, um yeah, I'd like to bring more people to my instagram. Can you share what your businesses my name is darling, I'm a illustrator and an artist, so I do a lot of, you know, handmade drawings and watercolors s I'd like more people to be exposed to my work outside of my immediate friends and family on dh joined my mailing list, I think it's a really great idea. You mean joining joining your mailing list yet? Okay, we can definitely talk about that. Oh, oh yeah, we have one question from online smurfy ass if you want to increase your followers on facebook and instagram and your email list do you go for all those goals or do you pick one and which would you pick first? You will find up or so to answer so murphy's question I would not try to cram all of those things into one give away so I would spread that out too two or three different giveaway since it sounds like smurfy has three different goals so I would focus it's really up to you I personally I think would focus on the email list because email marketing is really powerful you know, with social media there's that reach conversion rate where even though you have a thousand fans not all your fans are actually senior polls but with emails you that that conversion of people who signed up and people who actually see your e mails are a lot higher because you're actually getting there in their in box and they're already checking their inbox every day so I would focus on email lists but I think for the most part doing social media it's also something really easy a lot of us want to do that so um I hope that helps so yeah t expand on that avoid cramming too many goals into one giveaway it deludes thie effect of effectiveness that you're giveaway can have so let me share with you this really cool infographic that we have designed for this workshop it's a lot just it's a lot to soak in to take in right now but this is a free download that you can print out if you purchase the course and high just just you don't just look at how pretty it is for a second before I take it away from you they're two parts to this right so there's goals and hear it breaks it up into the different goals you might have and if you look at the strategy key it will show you okay if you want to grow your social media following then you have people follow her like your page have people tag one or two friends in the comments et cetera so this is a great guide for you to just print out and just have on hand so then when you can ask yourself when you're trying to set up but give away you can say okay I want to make more sales than you know you follow that specific strategy that I have listed under there and then and as part of the give as part of this pdf that you can download as well there is the giveaway funnel which is what I'm really excited about sharing it's a system that I've used in my own business and it has generated sales for me it has grown my email list so I know it's a bit hard to see therefore steps here and I'll break it down further I just wanted to show you this really cute infographic so I'm gonna take it away from you, okay? And I this I feel like it might be will be easier for you just so that I can explain it to you. And then once we're through that you can download the infographic and I look a lot prettier it printed out so let's walk through this so the top roll, the top row up here will explain all the goals that you might potentially have for when you're running your contest and or give away, and then these air the strategies, so the strategies isn't like the tasks or the actions or the requirements for intern year give away so, you know, like the regular like and share the page, etcetera. So let's say you want to grow your social media falling? What are some of the things that we can do so you can see that it's across the board? If you want to increase your number of followers or fans, just ask people toe as a requirement to join the give away or contest asked them that they have to already be ah fan of your page. So if they haven't yet like my page like or follow my instagram profile, a great way to also grow a social media falling is to have people tag one to two friends in their comments and what's great about this is that friends typically like the same stuff, so when you tag a friend, they're probably going to see it and they're going to like this is really great and then they chances are they're going to come over and like your page as well in terms of instagram and pinterest having them repost or reap in your giveaway image is a great way to also reach a new audience that you couldn't otherwise have reached so that's a great way to also grow your instagram or pinterest following and just asking people to leave a comment is great too, especially on facebook. The reason that works is because you've probably seen this on your own new seat when ah post from someone else's facebook page pops up in your newsfeed and the only reason it's there it's not because you've liked the page but it's because one of your friends left a comment on this post so you're giveaway in your contest could potentially end up on someone else's news feet just from them leaving a comment if you want to increase social media engagement so if you want to get more people to be to get in the habit of liking and commenting and sharing your posts and essentially get them to get more people to see your posts, then you can get them to like your contest post because that is one you know on facebook like share comment these are the three metrics for helping you build up your engagement so just have them like your post that could be one of the criteria really simple tag one to two friends in the comments and also leave a comment. So both of these you know, you're having people at you, asking people to leave a comment on your contest or give away, and that helps with your engagement. If you want to build short term buzz and exposure around a specific event or a sale that you're having that can fall after your give away or contest asked them to tag wanted to friends in the comments because, again, this exposes you to reach new audiences. It exposes you to get in touch with the friends of your fans, ask them to re poster weeping to give away so your your your brand, your product is being shown on other people's feeds, especially on instagram. If you have a fan or a follower who has tons of followers, they're going to show your instagram, give away picture toe all of their new fan all of their followers, and potentially bring over new fans to your instagram profile and asked them to leave a comment again, as I mentioned, leaving a comment increases the chances that your giveaway post will show up on their friend's feeds. And this last two goals that I have here you can see it's kind of like sitting there by its lonesome growing an analyst and making sales used to give away funnel and by now your public once the giveaway funnel tell me now I will get to it I promise it would be great if you could limit your the steps the strategies that we have listed here limited to the most three steps the more the more steps that you make it the harder it is that people are going to find it and then they're going to get distracted and then they're going to forget in there they're just going toe to drop out halfway and then you're you're going to get fewer entries to give away so keep it to a maximum of three actions do we have any questions about this before I move on to choosing your prize? There is a question online huckabee wants to know how do you make sure contestant has completed all the requirements commenting signing up for the newsletter liking your age talking someone so normally I would go out and pick the winner first and once you know if it's a random generator if it if it was general if it was generated randomly then it once I find the person's name and then I start checking to see if they've done all those things and if they haven't then I would go back and generated new winner and then I would go in and check to see if they've done all of those things, and sometimes I'm not too strict with that. I just, you know, close one eye and just let them through, but that's, one way that you can make it make it so that you're saving time is you choose the winner first, and then you check to see if they've done all the things you've requested them to do. There's also a question I don't matter if everyone knows how to check that, like it's, easy to go in once you post and know who shared it, who commented, who reposted that kind of thing? Yeah, so we will talk about how to pick a giveaway winner really soon and, well, actually, in the second segment, I'll actually do a live give away, and after that, I'll show you how to pick a winner from that, and that given giveaway will be on facebook. And I know for a lot of us who have done giveaways on facebook before it's hard because you don't have numbered comments, so you can't tell like, well, if if you have two hundred entries and if it's the one hundredth person, then you're gonna have to start counting from from either the top or the bottom and start going to one hundred and that's one of those ways. You can do it. But I want to show your great way on how you can do that using, ah, website. But I'll get to that, I promise.

Class Description

Get your products seen by thousands of new, potential customers by running giveaways and contests on social media!

Promotional events are a great way to grow an audience, but if you want them to build your business it is essential you do them right. 

Mei Pak will show you how to:

  • Match your content to your goals
  • Pick the ideal giveaway prize
  • Collaborate with other businesses to increase entries
  • Select the apps and tools that work best
  • Efficiently manage giveaways

Mei will help you avoid producing events that fall flat and she’ll offer advice on dealing with “freebie” mentality people who will never become a paying customer and help you fast track your business growth by turning contest participants into long-term customers.

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