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Lesson 5 from: Creating the Moment Workshop

Forrest Mankins

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5. Burnout

With the right mindset, you can turn an obstacle into an opportunity. Learn from Forrest’s experience with burnout and find out what brought him back into creativity.
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Burnout, is it an obstacle or an opportunity? So I wanna start with this because of burnout is kind of what led me to this entire path. Um in the summer of I did by far the biggest shoot that I've ever done. And it was 16 days and two countries I think we shot around 40,000 images. It was awesome, but I got back to Montana and felt just totally fried And so I'm talking about this because I think it's inevitable that we're all gonna be faced with this at some point. I thought about photography from the time I woke up until the time that I went to sleep. I loved it more than anything, I still do. But there I was facing this. So looking back I totally see it as a difficult time but it was also this period of growth that kind of started this whole mindset. And so you might be going through the same type of situation or you might have your own version of this. You might be coming out of a burnout or it might not have happened yet but I'm here to tell you that if it can happen to me it can ...

happen to anyone but with the right mindset I think we can turn this obstacle into an opportunity. So I was mentally tired, I felt aimless and I wasn't really inspired with anything. I felt like I was shooting the same old stuff over and over. Even in new places none of it felt fresh. I decided to give it some time, cause I'd never been faced with an obstacle like this before. So over the fall and winter, I still wasn't shooting much but I couldn't stop thinking about what was happening to me. And I realized that, one, I was still as obsessed with photography as ever, it wasn't going away. So two, I was gonna have to figure out a way to get over this. And I asked myself, if I could shoot anything and I mean literally anything, what would it be? And this led to creating concepts which we're gonna talk about in the next episode.

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Mathieu Cladidier

A lot of philosophical insights but not much of practical tips to use! I love Forrest Mankins photos and youtube channel. I signed up for his workshop to get a bit more of an insider perception, which he delivered in his own style and which is great. However, at the end of the workshop, I have a hard time to really feel like it worth it. Maybe I was expecting too much of technical, really hands on tips. The whole thing is good overall, don't get me wrong but not as much useful as expected.

Matt Steindl

Creating a Moment Overall, this workshop had a ton of great insight into Forrest's process before and after creating an image. I learned a lot and really enjoyed the points he touched on with working with models and teams. I never had a workshop go into these sort of important details that forgotten at times. I wish the workshop had more "in the field" video content as it tended to get a bit cumbersome watching Forrest talk at the camera over and over again but regardless I definitely learned a lot and would purchase this workshop again in heartbeat.


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