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1:00 pm - Workflow

Lesson 10 from: Shoot & Design Wedding Albums


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10. 1:00 pm - Workflow

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1:00 pm - Workflow

I'm big bit off and they're drinking I'm alive now come on I was missing the energy girls now we're going to go for your gun today okay? I'm gonna start you guys off because we're going to talk about your pictures let's dance I'm only joking all right that's good okay this one of our student didn't make it today so we've got the three students I asked him to take the short after I finished to see what it's one of us so in debt moment and you see three different for the roofers three different images although these are close up but it's totally different visual so it's amazing how if we can have if we have ten photograph is in one spot we can create so many different versions of it and that's that's the exciting part of photography photograph is what we see it's all visual yeah we have a camera but we hold the camera against the subject kilted rotated goal oh oh hi go through the subject sees something in the background so we see many different versions of it so it's beautiful that's wh...

at's the individuality off all off it's a bright it's the same girl same bank run by three different images ok, you might say that I was going to do a close up also yeah, you can do a closer but it's not going to be the same way as you saw chorizo in many ways, also I demonstrated before you guys so there was a bit off influence there, but when you are all alone and when you are all by yourself, it's going to be totally different it's going to be totally, you know, if you're in a room, this side off the room looks different, then the dead side off the room so it's the same the same thing one side off the face, then the other side of the face is much more different, so it's very important to create this, so from now I'm going to start going through my work, phil like room our picture, I'm going to not go there at all because it's not the important part that only the color adjustment and everything, like I said yesterday, color adjustment if you don't know how to do it or if you can't see color, don't worry about it give it outsource it, it's the it's the best part we can outsource because if there's there's a lot of who's doing it, I think there's a couple of laps here in the united states who do that service or india or somewhere else you can do a buck outsourcing and then finish it yourself, you know, the dead part, the color adjustment anyone can do but the finishing is a different story. The finishing off each image is a very individual thing. That's when you can, you can use nick software, you can use any other software, but where you want to reach with the picture is what's going to make the difference? My techniques are very basic, it's all in fourteen shop, they look overworked, but they're not everything I do can be done in the dark room. Also, some off course not not that easy, but most of it can be done in the dark room. So what I'm going to go through now, I'm going to go through some slides showing you before and after. This is a good example for you to see that it starts with a good picture. This is the raw converted file coming to photoshopped. This is the original file, basically add a bit of contrast, a bit off texture. By the way I reached there. I'm going to show it soon, so I'm going to go highlight shadows, maybe contrast, depending there's, no formula which each picture should be different. I look at the picture now, a couple off sections it's, a destruction the best way to to see a destruction if you if you have an image let's, assume this is the image. You look at it and you get used to it here I get use to it and you start liking it, but you can't see problems will be in it because you're not you st rotate the picture hundred eighty degrees that's a different story now you start to find problems is tired to find area's off the picture that your eyes going and it's not going where you want to rise to go because it's upside down so so it's a very, very good example let me grab another picture here those are finished pictures so it's not going to so show too much problem but upside down watch it and this is the best way to prepare a file for awards and everything looking at the words and looking for the real customer it's totally different wail process for a words when you fix afar, it needs to deep toby more done but if you're only working on one picture on one picture, you can waste two hours so you can win awards, but when it comes to the customer different story, you can't afford to work two hours on each picture so you need to have a formula you need to ever work for, and the best way to do is to create actions to create actions your action that you always do created a click of a button that our action runs and it's all continues I mean the process off I'm already using in my studio I have ah plugging created for photo shop that just one plugging will clean up your picture being out on the it is without touching the skin or anything it sze I've done a big work floren it it's working it's still it demo stages where we're working to improve it and something like that will help you just bring out the picture not too much work then all you have to do is remove unwanted pictures on one, two details so when I look at this picture there's a couple of destruction areas the doorway there's, there's light coming in, it's competing with the brights on my eyes, going traveling all over the place if you see the floor, the reflection I loved the reflection I want that reflection but I don't want kids so light I need to work on me so let's go to the next stage so a little bit off core cropping fixing the distortion now I'm starting toe work individually if you I went to the door and brought the contrast into the door you see I go work individual part off this image I don't do the whole correction because there's not going to take the picture where I want to go in the dark room I did the same the print was there I dodged. I burned. I highlighted even even when I was processing black and white. I used to rub my peak hand on the with the red light to bring details to bring contrast. So I worked in the darkroom to do the same. Now I get rid off the floor, make it darker the window. And this is before and after. If you compare the two pictures you see, I brought a lot of details into the wall. Details in toward dress make the floor goa'uld darker. And you see, I brought details into the due to the stairs. There s oh, it's. Not a major change, but when you look to find a picture, they're safe. Spillover, photoshopped it's not. I just brought out the details and in reality my eye can see is this detail the camera can't. If I look here around me I see behind you I see textures. I see the light there. But when the camera captures that it captures flight it's two dimensional it's not true dimension by exaggerating the details the contrast you can't bring it out. You see the ground there I see darker because my mind I saw such a perfect equipment that it correct everything I look at the lights here. And that light I can see a grey in dead light I can see details in it but if I take a picture ofthe dead there's not going to be any details so I need to be in the details not this's what basically in hd m I should be all about okay here's another picture original out of camera the colors are not as calibrated as my monitors so my monitor and the viewing here it's not going to be but it's giving you an idea so called crop it a little bit I ii fix distortion and I'm going to show you hire our fix distortions because well, like I said yesterday I use a lot of wide angle lens sometimes if the subjects who owned the age and if they're going to look distorted I'm going to fix it and there's no toll that's going to fix perfect then the way I do it manually because there's now photo shop has a plug ins and think that you can fixed less distortion light room has it but it's not going to do the way I wanted to be the perfect way because it's different sections in different areas okay, I I do that then I come back I had a bit of a vineyard thing you see when when I deviating the surrounding goes darker than the eyes go straight to the subject converted to to see pia it doesn't look cpr but it's meant to be superior and then I want to stretch this picture this is a great technique I do for many years what do we see here? A world? Is that wall distorted? Does that mean anything? It's just a big front but the bride wants a beautiful panoramic off the picture this is the picture I don't touch the subject I copied the world that section a new layer and stretch it and that's the finished picture so you won't see if you look with microscope you can see it's been stretched but you need to do it with a reasonable if you overdo it it will see straight lines this is finished with a bit of noise the picture becomes a beautiful panoramic I I used a lot off this technique fare for example if I'm going to put this on a spread often album and the format is not going to feel the whole album if I do this I can easily stretch the pages to make the album h twitch without cutting because I can feel it in a page of album but then I might have to cut let saito horror vertical album so I might have to cut it there but I don't want to lose this so it's it's important, how are you stretching it? I'm going to show you I'm going to demonstrate you at the moment I'm showing your visually before and afters okay I'm going to show you all those techniques okay this was taken outside the bar you see the inside there's the tanks the light that's my main light outside it's blue because it's daylight it's in the evening but it's too messy this is where I want the eyes to go this is the area I want the guys to go out on camera you can't obey more than this this is what I can do the exposure is fine exposure is okay there's many details here but also there's distractions there there's this guy I don't want this guy but I can't find a better angle to capture it so I know that I can fix that I know that I can fix this area you see there's a reflection there I want to get rid off the bride reflections on my travels to the subject so next stage been yet a little bit so you see it's already going to the bright get rid off the area's fixed this area here and then I'm going to fix the top area you see I just all I did wass copy this inverted and just it's a texture that's all it is I don't care what's in the background as long as that want white area disappears that that was a distraction more contrast, more details and this is the finished picture so so from a from a picture which was too busy I cleaned up the end the detail went straight to the bite it's all I do tow my pictures simple cleaner business is one thing I just realized I should have got rid off this light also wherever there's a dot that distracts the picture get rid off it even if it is it's part ofthe the picture because I want my eyes to go there another dot thiss cross road sign is a little bit distracted you can get rid off that also okay this is a photo shoot in venice when I when I didn't had the model and this's one one off my workshops and the light was not perfect because thatwas shadow this was strong son but I didn't have a choice I had to do the shot another distraction you see then he says what er what comes up all the time and they've got this table so people can walk on it so these stables are all over the place I can't move it I can't do anything with it but I can't move it digitally very simple so the next stage crop it being details are on the top it's a clean picture then going to vin you ting simple bring out the details clean picture little this is this is what I do too my pictures continuously another workshop in venice always crowds in the background I love this this area but this shoppers their shop windows, distractions a lot of distractions video light on the subject that's why I've got blue blue background because there today light coming in so select this area here the same as I did before instructed if I didn't tell you you wouldn't have known and that's that's the idea if I if I finish my pictures it needs to be finished what was before what was it doesn't matter I wanted to achieve this this is the final picture compared the two next to each other you see same picture stretched get rid off this highlighted area and it's it's your I go straight to the subject again again another foot in venice destructions have a look there it's a distraction I can't do anything about it even if I move my position beautiful brick works there the camera doesn't pick up the way I really see the big work that text you're ordered to there I need to darken this torch in there I need to fix so fix the distortion for a background which is not important make ron you can copy paste from they're just to cover that area there in the old days it wasn't with brush retouching it and look more faked in what we can do now so cover that area you see I've matched it I have picked up the world there an inverse it and put it there so that's all it is it's done now select the break area on the floor and bring the details out bring the contrast out you sis stay separate sections a bit off blow into the picture and that's the finished picture again not too much but finish it perfected this is why a professional photograph I should be this is the difference now anyone can take this picture if you have a good camera even a mini camera not many people can do this you need to take it to the professional level so all your books all your pictures look hundred percent and you don't have to explain this to your clients even if they see the original first my client always says this but my client doesn't noticed ese so if I notice it's not right that that's what it is so my client's elects he gets this or she gets this okay this one is one off the wedding bride there groomsmen bridesmaid this is outside the church I kicked it but sometime it's a habit I didn't know why I did it just correct the tilt keep the dress there a bit more cropping sold all the lines everything is stretch you see there's a lot of details in here the glass is the thing the textures off the wall it's there I'm not going to create it it just bring it out just select a angles and contrast saturation and everything to bring out details into the brides. Dressmaking more contrast this so it becomes more interesting. They and then add a bit off cpr, turning on the way I showed you before and that's the finished picture. There it is, one more through the ground. I darken the ground there so your eye goes exactly to the subject. Where is the guys and it's? The final picture let's go to the next emit this's. A very popular picture, right? I have a huge one on the wall off this and every bride wants to repetitious. So lately I've been seeing two two years ago in the w p pr words. Everyone had a umbrella picture in the discord one hundred in w p p I it's the highest court picture and the I'm proud of the picture. It was a moment it was pouring, raining that's. Why we had an umbrella not because we wanted the number line the picture. Then this is in moscow, the lights off the building that the church came on the minute we were walking to that. So I said, no, I can't miss this moment. This is a famous church in russia, and I had to take the picture. The car was waiting there so the bride had to go and all the way there but I said please, one picture and she was a cute, beautiful girl he said, why don't if I do this? He started playing with the camera he wants happy to do that and that was a moment she created I framed it in a way that the umbrella was falling on the underside problems there wass lago off the umbrella off the cars yeah, I do I to remove loggers, guys and and also the other problem I had wass the light there was beautiful light there so assistant hold the video light on her face the face this area wass lead we deal with video light the light streetlights wass coming through the umbrella so I knew all these details are there I know everything I have this is the raw file how can I improve these to bring it out so I work individually crop it first darken it and that's the finished picture so I work section section everywhere to bring the details out into the picture and it was the final picture it's it's, it's, it's everything is there all I have to do is clean it up goat where I imagined it to be iran jackson the lounge said this is a great scene the before and afters and I agree I love I love this process watching you walk through this step by step I just think it's just so it's and this is going to go also in life I'm going to show you before in after life so this is just from my past pictures to see if you understand what it is if only it were this easy it's like your magic wand it is it's going to be so easy? It is it's going to be so easy? That's? Why I want to show you guys don't get stressed. You can do a picture easily, but photoshopped will do this only for you you can't achieve this in light room this is my message, so don't be scared or photos off if you don't have it called learn if you can't do it as someone has to do it to see this now my good friend rocco on corner in melbourne he rocco was one of my grooms and he became one of the best photograph is because he got inspired from me and his own award winning for the robberies got the australian awards five, six times and now he does this, his businesses, these people sent him father, and he corrects them and he sends it pick so if you want, if you can't achieve the hero pictures, send him a couple off us he will did for you edit to the album and you've got the beautiful picture, you know? So it's a it's, a it's, a great way off if you can't do it, get someone else to date you, but you need this in the album, you need a new image, you need a and the supplies I'm showing you waiting, but all I'm showing you here can apply also to any type of photograph reporters and everything makes those books exciting make those books individual. If I don't do those things in the album, the customer really gets disappointed someone sometime, I say, am I overdoing it? So I slow down on tone it down and the customer says and year round wednesday special pictures in the albums so the customer wants it that's why I do it? I don't I don't do it because I love to get I do it because the customer desires it, but I don't overdo it because I don't want twenty years after my pictures to be so out of date it's the book is going to be out of date because off the dress because off the hair and everything, but it shouldn't be because off my images you wanted the bride love this shot the bride yeah it is beside herself every bride not only despite this was a bright and ideal ish with her wedding but I really should she volunteered when I went to russia she volunteered to re shoot everything again so I used there were at at the workshop and then I used the whole shoot after the wedding so I completed her hurting so it was great and you see original finished picture if you look close it's only the finishing I haven't added I haven't changed anything just cleaned up the picture and I imagine this when I took the picture I didn't imagine it because that's how far the camera will go I wish there was a camera that all year one wants this okay let me do it finished there isn't such thing unless they put a camera in my eyes in my head it's not gonna happen this is a good example this is a very good example this's another award winning picture they didn't give me a higher score because that wass they thought it was superimposed judges wrong here one thousand superimpose it was taken at the winery all the bridesmaids didn't wear the same outfit they all wore whatever they want because she ate so many brides maids the bride in the middle winery not nothing no background to take pictures it's it's concrete on the ground the winery's covered with nets because it's ah season off purse coming anything so there's not much for me so I need to create hero pictures in this basic space I thought it's interesting they've got this number umbrellas I need to speak here or picture so took I said girls come and look at I told I was on the stair look up on top okay that looks good that's interesting but girls cover your face bride don't cover your face that's what happened? This is my original converted into black and white looked interesting it's okay but we need to take it to the art stage and this is what happened in few stages that was the finished picture I solved a huge world print off this to the right simply because I had a sample and I brought the details out and everything I did not superimpose the bright there if you saw it the original she was there I asked her to dance in that cap so there was a lot of expressions happening I chose this this expression surprised the bride she but she bought a big one she bought it as an art if I didn't do this I wouldn't have sold it the other picture if this is what I mean now customer come and say can I have the same that's why you saw some pictures off a bride with a number lower and I tried but I try to a newer version of it. Don't repeat the same version, because this originality will go. This has been used in so many magazines on the cover. But judges didn't give me the high fourteen because they thought it superimposed. So so it's, always the controversy, and I love it. I loved it controversy. Let it be.

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