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Creating a Slide Show of the Album

Now let me come back to paige gallery and let me quickly got the pages to see where I went. Okay? Let's let's open this page. Okay um now all displayed this one for example I want this image to be on top of it so all I do is click on it and just move it on top because it's all layers now now it's better what I'm going to go I'm going to merge all the layers okay? Let's not this want lets him have it full detailed murch older delays command j so I have a new set off layers marriage layers I'm going to go to nick's software color effects I'm going to apply an effect let's go to the one I liked there is it not the old photo it's the vintage it was not invented this one here click okay that effect will apply to all the pictures because I've murdered them is one one group now going to give me soft and if you don't like the line out, you can rearrange it also I'm going to show you that in a minute okay there's defect make transparent and the effect is applied to all the pictures okay let's, ...

go back to the layout and say okay, I don't want these pictures to be over late so what I'm going to do is I'm going to click on each page maybe I'll do this and then I will select all bay the pages control t and I will rearrange it liked it that's one rearrangement so make sure that it's in the center ofthe the pate so click there it's in the center off the page now this picture I wanted in black and white so I can go and black and white either with an action or with this green filter adjust levels and I wanted as a background picture in I like background pictures more in black and white and color so I'm going to make it quite dark and then I'm going to make it transparent transparent like that okay, now they're the other four I'm going to run I'm going to merge them again so command jay and merge down merch layers will link all the layers together then I'm going to run the same action again okay changed the opacity save save these I'm going to make it I promise you I'm going to make it safe okay this is how fast page galleries and I've done my pages I would have done each page individually because we don't have time now paige gallery I will go to page gallery it's a page gallery is there any pages that have been changed so it will check and update low resolution images it says yes go so it's quickly update the low resolution falls now let me go to my eye twos let me go to mike we don't need for too short a penny more let me go to my itunes grab one off music let me see which one he's legally to transmit because we will be in trouble apparently I will go with my friend because he allows me to use his music copy and actually what I'm going to do is instead either you can go to itunes or you can go toe okay, let me copy ditto my desktop and image sorry album mei quitted quicktime movie make a quicktime movie let's tow good enough definition for our viewing I dont want any I wanted full frame for the customer I will could be album page underneath so ueno which one? If if we don't want the album page underneath we will don't label now select the playlist so you can either go toe itunes select from my itunes library or I'm going to go to music far s o select music it was on my desktop charity's select the music now because we don't have a lot off paige is the music is not going to feel the whole album it's going to be halfway because the music is longer than the images because if not it's going to be forever music so this is for demonstration sick you can ed ah lago there also and let's create see how quick this album is created select because, well, don't they should be because my screen is smaller. I can't see let me quickly. I need to change the resolution off the screen for just a second. This mic mac up the screen. But it's the end ofthe day so we should be all right. Get there. This one that we give myself more space. There it is. I can see him. Okay, make movie so I'm going to make a movie. It creates the moving the same folder with the name of given them seven movie local quick. A beautiful movie is created and done. And now let me play the movie. Can your music now you see that's the layout and you can't show this to the client. Wait, so I converted this into black and white charities. I would have moved his little pictures or cropped a big one a little bit, but I didn't know system no way it's got to it quickly wait a few minutes to talk way exactly the way I designed when the client comes after we we open page, gallery and preview so we don't have to show them the software. All we do is click preview we have full screen and we can flip to each pages individually. To show the pages to say what we like, for example, I hate the center picture. I will would have removed it. It didn't work there, so we need to modify it and show the album and great approve it, and we're done, okay, I did. Thank you guys. I thought I have all the hours off the world and still run out of time. Always, always wait list. We lied. It will do a special demonstration just to create albums, maybe one day again, at creative life, or anywhere as just being contact at my workshops. There's. More time to do those things, because sometimes we don't sleep last year at two a m in the morning with the charging off each other pictures. We have beans, sham paying love, and hopefully we're going to do similar in venice.

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Olesya Savlenko

Thank you very much for the wonderful lessons. I learned a lot of interesting despite the fact that there is strong in English. Please tell us how to do touch-3 band. Many thanks


Yervant shares his knowledge with a passion. If you are a wedding photographer and even if you're not, you will love this course. Thank you Creative Live for sourcing the very best in creativity and making it available to us. Frank Jun 24, 2016