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Editing Video in Photoshop Part 2

how the creative process progresses and turns of your learning curve so as a photographer we learn editing way it opens up a door of new creative control now we're learning video editing brings on a whole new realm of creative control and just how does how does that work for you yeah so what for me as a photographer is the same and video when I learned more about what I can do it and editing photographically it makes me think differently when I shoot because I know what I can d'oh so that's why I think that even if you're happy with okay I'll just send out my footage to someone else at it at least understanding what able to be done actually helps you be more creative because you know okay I can do that overlay effect that he does and premier or you can add lance there now I'm thinking about that when I'm shooting so for me it's you could kind of chase the two on about one of questions ahead is about how I choose how to edit this I'm gonna be honest like my strength is not really an edi...

ting like I think that piece I edited okay together it looked pretty in photo shop the one that I showed you guys this morning I don't mean editing technically I mean like conceptually trying to figure out it's completely creative like there was no story line it's about I just wanted to evoke a feeling so just personally how I selected those clips is what I did is I would put a clip together and look there my other selective clips to see what fit next so for example if there's a slide shot vertically here and then there's a closer one from here to here and put those together or if maybe there's a lens flare shot close up and then there's a lens flare shot mid length well those fit and so I was trying to figure out okay there's a close up of her eyes and maybe a close up really close over the eye the next one is a head shot like I'm trying to figure out what would look good together and then to make it seem less I would go in to each one of these layers and go ok I need to change the contrast because that one was I ke that one doesn't have lens flare but I did on those I need to add a layer of lense lor so I was trying to make it flow and then make it fit as a cohesive unit and for may like learning new techniques gives me new boundaries too basically experiment and on dave we had this conversation yesterday I with my photography it starts getting not mundane but you start doing the same ritualistic thing because you feel comfortable right you feel that you're not breaking that boundary with doing the videography ice first started with her but it was also a new step in my creativity it was something new so as I'm new learning new things I'll add them to my portfolio might work but there's a lot of things that I feel I don't have time for so I'll cut those out of my work it really depends on how I'm feeling at that person as a creative I've been saying that over the course of the last three days you don't need every single aspect of what you're learning just fit the strength for the peace that you're trying to finalize if you feel she says that she's she feels that she's not the best in editing then focus on getting it in camera to begin with and focus on which is great so you can do that in camera or you could do the overlays you know in post but you don't need to completely edit everything by all means as opposed to I love I love color grading a times there's times where I don't want to deal with it but like yesterday what yesterday's piece I had a lot of fun colored rating like that was it was a lot of fun for me so I like doing that I'll spend extra time doing that but I don't have to do that so it's just ok was there any question I had yeah I think there's a mic ijust wanted maybe the quick version of rules you'll have to I know you break but in terms of jump cuts and what he's like what doesn't fit together if you're trying to make something slow you know nationally before we go on where you from carolina you said yeah I used to say that from orlando and I was like it brought me back home on some sweet as I everyone tells him about these okay so my rules for editing is basically I choose my the feel of the edits the feel of the transitions based on the mood I'm going for but also the music so for example here if you were watching like tv shows they don't do cross fades you know we're like one photo fades and see other conflict really awkward you wouldn't see like that like you look for them this person this person to see the scene it doesn't make sense but in the video piece I did hear everything's across every single at every single transition between the two is a cross fade because it's supposed to be like ah and emotion flowing into one another versus in the video you saw of mountain man the music is really aggressive so the jump cuts were really aggressive cause it's meant to be jarring so I basically we'll figure out the field that I want the music that fits and an edit the music to fit the feel personally and then goes back to toe work flow so for may I mentioned to some of you off off camera is I'll take a clip and we'll discuss this in premier I'll color grade a specific clip to find find the dynamic photo or final visual peace that I'm looking for find the music that I like that fits that specific style and then incorporate the two and editing you know so there's two different ways that you can do things oh there's an infinite ways you can do thanks but okay so I want to keep it moving here so we can pass off to him for premiere so here's a couple other things as well I got all my clips we all know how I can edit them all now you saw that I can add the adjustment layers and layers mask all right well we need to do transitions between the two because if we're going for very romantic and soft and dreamy and then it jumps on to the next one it doesn't fit someone get this rendering here uh well computer slowed down a little bit it's a brand new computer as well yeah it wasn't in this form not sure if we changed anything it's probably taking the time to render holding onto the plate head there we go much farther to get another let's not hold answers ahead well this is my hand like that um okay so wouldn't make sense just tohave it jump and so it's super super easy you go over here and I'm gonna zoom in just a little bit too that transition point here but the play head there all right so if I look here on the timeline there is a square half and half a klick out that is a transition and you have a couple different things to choose from you have fades cross fades means teo the new pieces overlap we can fade to black fade the white fade to a color what's nice is you simply click on one of these and you drag it and it puts a cross made between the two but what's nice is for every single one of these you can click on them and you can adjust the duration so if I wanted to be a slow fade or really short quick fade um or whatever I'm going for so it's really nice and I also can click and drag to change that transition as well there's a lot more you could do in premier if you want to get fancy with transitions but usually grass fades and changing the the duration of it is pretty basic what you would need me zoom out a little bit more the other thing you can do to stop like if you're not comfortable with the transitions you can go back into just cutting your video pieces to music and where exactly we'll discuss this a little later the beats are to the music you can just cut the clips the beets and it looks like there's a transition there without having to do a the transition from black but for her specific style it works for what she's trying to showcase so let's do one more thing based on effect if I want this whole thing to have an overall field in overall color to it so here's the thing that they gave photographers that exit that used to exist only for video something called color lookup tables so we discuss how you would shoot video for like big picture productions really flat like it does not have a lot of color does not have a lot of saturation because trying to get as much information as possible then what they would do is apply a color look up which is basically a preset in light room but it was for video and so you could give something that three hundred field for color or like fight club greeny color really just any colors that you want and so originally was just for video and then the most recent version of photoshopped it popped up as an adjustment layer if I just click on a lair and go down to my adjustment layers you see color look up here the problem is it's only going to apply it to that particular clip so I've got to be kind of I'm gonna click on click on the video group it'll apply it and I've got moving to the very top it can't be associate with a specific group can't be associate with a specific clip so I'm going to go take a look at these color look ups here and see how it it's pointing down it's only applying to star trek I can click and drag it hopes it should really to click and drag it out okay so now it's on top of everything all right so how these color lookups work if you take a look get all these different options so let's pick like this is you somebody's going look where he goes but futuristic bleak it's giving you a color interpretation for that feel night from day so if you're trying to shoot something during the day and make it look like night that's an effect you can add obviously that wouldn't work with high key because I'm not gonna have a hiking night scene um but there's a couple that I go to over and over again they have a couple that are based on film types the one I selected from my piece was in the third one down device link I think I selected teal magenta gold and that's what gave you that really warm vintage feel I would've gone with horror blue just cause it's your piece like it's edited horrible enjoy you would do that yeah can you add to that list like is there yeah absolutely so if you click on that well you saw what it did it ask me if that's what this is saying think are there any other so you can go online and download additional collar look up it's just the same way you could download presets for light room so it's the same idea kind of like actions but it's just for color applied to video but photoshopped gives you some basics to start with photo everything that you see here because he doesn't use this so he doesn't have any presets so every single one that you see here is included you actually saw the first time I've ever used photo shop for video on air if you notice there's still little points like this is brand new this is randy because I've never done this on this laptop what's or done this period so yeah I was just wondering if instead like I'm much more familiar with split toning okay that's a lot of what I do and I haven't done a lot with the color grating and premier if I could lay that over instead to kind of get the feel for a lot of the photographs that I do yes you could you could split tone here export a clip and bring into the mayor if you were comfortable or you could just split tone here and do it all in photo shop and so related to that something else that would do let's say not color look up but I just want to add like a certain color tone to the shadows or something the other tool that's new and this isn't see essex so anybody who doesn't see a six and newer anyone who has something older this won't be applicable to click on my adjustment layers again and I'm going to go to selective color what selective color allows me to do and again I have to drag it so it's not applying to a specific group or layer um what allows me to do is pick all the color tones in the photo so for example I could take the neutrals and any of these sliders that ijust it'll add more sayin to the mid tones if I dragged the scion or more yellow so I can warm up the mid tones by dragging that so you could split tone this way is why I'm saying this so if you had a photograph you could go into the blacks opposite of yellow would give you blue and so I see how my blacks in the bottom got blue so you could split tone that way using selective color if you're comfortable if you don't know how to do split toning and but you only know how to do it light room selective color is how I do want to my splits honing all right so we just covered special color effects and anything else you can do there was a photograph that I that I have you might have all seen where the girl's laying in a bed of red flowers and they were actually read the original photo they were brown and green and yellow you could do in video now so you could make a girl if you if a girl wasn't wearing any green and let's say she's standing in a forest of green you could go in and just change the green channel so now the green is purple and now she's standing in a forest of purple and now you have a surreal video without having no special effects really really easy so mean keep her happy and a couple things um let's go to audio by default all of these clips have the audience I'm no sure I'm hoping that they turned off because you hear me like directing awkwardly you would go into all of these clips and you hit the there's like a little pop out but in the little arrow on the right hand side on every clip and there is a little note if you click on the note for every clip you can increase the volume social club that was those quiet if you make it louder you can fade the audio in from that clipping out which is really good if you have two pieces that are joined up to each other and it jumps like they don't match you confide something in and out and then you can also meet them this is the extent of audio editing you have been photoshopped trance it that's pretty extensive actually three little things yeah I mean like yeah not it wouldn't it wouldn't do too much for you what you're going to be doing over the cool is the cool thing is so what I'm seeing is lindsay's finding a program that she's comfortable using right she's not editing with any type of audio whatsoever so any of the audio that we recorded yesterday on the second set she doesn't need it she's just gonna lay it over a music tracks if this is something you're gonna do for your own behind the scenes video and you're not comfortable using premiere it just seems feasible for you to do something like this because it's on the fly you could do something kind of end today put some clips together be okay and still sure that to your clients alright a couple other things in that pop up menu when I click on that pop up menu they did have audio but also it here here has duration and speed your duration is automatically adjusted but how you dragged those sliders you know so you can figure out what part of the clip you like but speed I can slow things down or speed things up but it's not the same thing as shooting a higher frame rate for example like sixty frames a second and then playing it back at twenty four we talked about that sort of look like slow motion it basically just slows the clip down and it looks like a slow down clip but for me I was going for that like soft smooth look so if I made it half the speed for this first clips will go too like about fifty percent it'll play I'm on the wrong when you actually after move my play head over here so you could see it he's a little slow so it's playing back slow motion but one of the things I did want you to know is when I changed the speed the duration stayed the same which means that clip because I slow the speed actually doubled in length but they said the duration so it actually cuts it off so if I wanted that whole cliff like there was a specific movement I was trying to capture but now it's longer I would have to grab and drag out the clip to see the whole thing you will notice now however that that um that special effect is not referencing the same place she would have to move that look when that whole shit clip shifted over the special effect in which is the lens flare in this case so you can slow things down um you can and or turnoff onto you can adjust it a little bit but let's talk about just adding an audio track now this is what I recommend to start off use photo shop and just turn off all the audio that was included when you recorded and add a soundtrack so what I could dio is I can click on my audio track and add audio and I put it under music and thank you to triple scoop music for giving us this particular song teo use um I selected at two fifty in the morning yes so hope you like it you have different file for months when we said we would discuss that before so what's the difference between the mp three owners in a way for me this one photo shop is going prefer your mp three so I would just select that it's gonna hit okay all right so I don't know if all of you at home I don't know if you guys ability to hear it but if I say anything yeah it works just like the visual clip I can zoom out I can go ahead and grab the end to fit it and then I can click on the audio peace to give me a fade in and fade out however long I want and so now at the ends it'll fade in and fade out so that's how it would keep it simple starting that way I'm going to show you guys how to add some words real quick and then one more thing on top of that so you have any questions with basically any of these editing transitions and adding audio that position but if you cut a clip too much doesn't have the capability where you could just drag it to bring it back yes yes you're not actually see that the little clippers here you're not actually cutting it you're just basically saying on ly show me this much of the clip but it's all still there and that summer I originally learned on so the first ending program ill and I was like sony vago something like that it was something like some old pro is that what it is and it was the same thing where I could drag see it so that's why I was like oh good okay this is easier yes so so you wanted to add a photo in like I'm thinking at a logo at the end of the video would you add it as an image and then maybe like say it was a white background you'd go fayed toe white and then you stretch it out as long as you want it to be and then faded out as well exactly so okay I can do an example of that so let me go ahead and just create selected on my video group to hear some clicking on video group too let's just say for example down here I want like a long wait fade I'm not gonna grab a photo I can create a new layer it's in video group too I could for example paint white in that layer no I'm not I have to be actually on that part of the timeline in case you're wondering what the error was so this right here and we'll be back right here see what's highlighted that's where we're at right now I can extend that however long I want so let's say that I want that photo this would be a photo that you could paste right there I can extend that for however long I want to be playing I'm just going to fill it with white for the moment okay and then I could do a faded and fade out of white I could add a transition but instead of being what you could make this a photo if that makes sense so it looks like if I if I delete the white and just text on there would just see my my logo the whole time so let's let's do words word you're gonna work the same as logo so if I go ahead and say one at a low goods like here okay nice I think a better frame looks really aw great yeah that's uh that's another thing again if you notice she shot it sporadically in different areas to complement the model and not shoot it in a way where it's again pg thirteen or plus from using selection said pj not pg thirteen plus if you if you choose the wrong audio you're going to get the wrong feel and I don't for me I wouldn't want a client like listening to that and rock and roll because it completely does a totally different scene or scenario yes how long does it often take you to pick a song um uh the funny part is she like if we did something together she gives it to mei so I like cinematic feeling songs so triple scoop music does have ops it's just a select cinematic then you can select the right type type that you like so you can select cinematic and then if I want to listen to blues jazz rock n roll whatever it'll essentially create a search engine why just see things that are cinematic for that specific type of music and that's more or less how I start my process now if I know I want to hear a piano in the background I could do cinematic let's rock and roll with a panel in the background not that you'll probably probably not find rock'n'roll it's a piano but you get what you probably find one or two but yeah so that's how this and it takes me forever regardless but that's super helpful so I'm actually add a new video track so um click on click it again all right so when a new video group which is a track I'm gonna click on that group and I am going to add some type so I'm going to type something not only do something nice I love creative live has that okay and let's make it a big funt and so I can click and drag it around here okay so it's it's a text layer so if you're looking it's video group three which means it's the top track and everything below it will show up on ly the type and then I khun change the length by clicking and dragging so I could have that play over the entire piece with fading than fade out so you could do the exact same thing with a logo that you could have faded fade out or a photograph anything that you want so you could do your logo at the end like say with the png file and imported into that additional exactly that's right so you would do a like I did for the white would take a blank layer you wouldn't feel it you just take a blank layer dragon drop your png into that in a top track and so just so you know I'm not going to get into this because it's a little more events but we want to do but there are ways to do motion graphics which means in the beginning of a piece when you see like um like a banner come in and like a ripple across the banner and then the words fade in and out you can actually do that in photo shop if anyone has ever done flash animation it's the same thing it's called key framing and so you're basically saying all right here's the banner over here here's where ends it's going to happen over five seconds make that happen and it will like scroll the banner in for you so that is right here in photo shop I know that creative life has leased to classes on how to do motion graphics in photo shop that is how I do my credits at the end because what I can do is I can take a text file put it off of the screen then do another frame at the top and then say over five seconds take the techs from the bottom to the top and so you could do like the star wars style where it fades up and down you could do that if you wanted to um all right so we have our texts we have all of these things the last thing that I would say todo is let's take a look at when you turn a video into individual frames and work with that do you have any questions on this and I'd like to if you don't mind play my video piece one more time to see if there's any questions because I I I showed you everything that I did for this video piece all right so we play it one more time it's only a minute long forty seconds thank you and that question I had about a logo I put a layer that was white at the end that I had it fade too and then I would have a logo fade up they're so every single skill that was needed to create that video I just taught you there's nothing that you didn't learn that could be needed for that video and then everything I shot yesterday you saw all the techniques so yeah any questions actually select those cliffs I didn't know how did you how did you manage it watching just watch yeah just photoshopped and frei lu don't talk the way that photo shop from our that a prelude and premier talk so what I did is I had a a text document open on my computer and when I would see a frame that I liked it wrote down the file name and the time and then I that those were the only ones that imported so I was I would say last night if I actually knew exactly what I wanted it would've only taken me maybe an hour it took me three cause I don't know what I wanted if you know generally speaking if we're in a real working environment not here in the studio right lindsay doesn't always shoot with may she shoots on her own accord lindsay also mentioned she's not uh she doesn't feel comfortable editing so she's gonna kind of pass it off as an editor she can use other programs like prelude to select the clips that she wants she doesn't have to necessarily go through every single piece yourself you could just literally remember okay on set like this like this like this like this you do you know not you deal with it but can you do this go back to that I personally I tend to memorize footage and you know I won't use prelude which I'm going to get a lot of hate on the chat rooms that because of the way they do things in premiere and you guys will see that a little later but it's your comfort do you find it do you think would be helpful on set to kind of have a you know sheet of paper specifically for I shot this at this moment and I liked it remember to be any of the day I came with a piece of paper and it was going to lunch and I said well after this we have to do this we have to do this it helps you want to mark it off you just want to continue going throughout your day but teo address that as well you can't you know you guys are going for photos you can rate your clips you can you can also rate video clips so if you know that that was the shot you can like you just you know okay that clip I just did for video I know I need to do that you can raid it and the video clip that rating will show up in light room and bridge if you don't have prelude but the other thing that I should do is well was the external monitor so the uh ademas ninja if you um if you use that there's actually a place where I could tag in and out points and favorite clips and that will show up in premiere the way that it uses this method out of there so it would be like an easier way to do it but yeah writing down stuff is what a lot of people do quick question from photo gordon says I just picked up the three offerings by light leaks love smoking deal with discount offered here which is awesome will they be telling us about other software plug ins that they used for video is there anything else that you use in photo shop absolutely from that's I mean that's about it basically overlays is what I do and then the plug ins that I might already have for photography but that's the extent of the plug ins that we use for video she could if she wanted to she can also use overlays that I have like accessible on our drive which is thie thirty five millimeter grain which is just somebody recorded thirty five million made a grand with like hair with dirt with just a grand fine grain itself and just play that anamorphic prefect presets because the anamorphic presets that's just changing your aspect ratio they're all png files you can just basically dragon drop those is what it's seeming like for much is doing and I just wanted you to put up on the screen if you don't mind this was actually the project what it looked like that I added in photo shop so each one of these layers over here is a clip the only little error that you see is an exclamation point for a font because I didn't have that on his computer but I actually have it in my project file so I knew if I was moving it around all he would have to do is double click on the font to install but this is what it looks like all of these adjustment layers all of these transition and that is how many tracks I had it's often it's so cool to see so we have maybe like two more questions toe end out photo shop I went really fast you'll go ahead and do that and then we'll end up with the questions okay ready really really fast just as a like bonus uh you guys know the moving photos cinema graphs you've seen those I'm just going to do that's what you're doing you're editing video in photo shop so I'm just going to shoot really quickly I'm not going to dwell on this but what you would do is instead of opening a file like I told you before you would actually import the video frames toe layers and so I'm going to go ahead and I've already selected a clip out if you don't want to send my graph is just search it online quickly and I'm going to select a point of the video where I know I can loop it well so I have the ability to basically say I'm going to select this one second then I'm gonna flip in reverse it so it'll just be an endless loop of her moving and I could export as an animated gif and so it looks really cool commercial value not so much but it's fun I just want to make sure assured you this um I'm going to select you know there's actually a lot of magazines that are using that for their digital covers nowadays like esquire magazine has been shooting basically cinema grass for the front covers which is kind of old so the little black points that I'm I'm dragging on the left and right these are the in and out points so I dragged my play head so I could see from when she has her robe closed toe open all right and when I open this up it made each and every one of those frames that was playing recorded at twenty four frames a second it gave me those frames so if I hit play that's what you would see but since it stops at the end it doesn't have the fluid motion we need to maybe be able to make it loop so what I'm going to dio is that going to my timeline and notice every frame is a lair if I drag one of those layers and change the order I've moved it in the timeline like it is not going to be chronological anymore you'll see a jump so let me make this a little bit and I'm gonna click over on the pop out panel on the right hand side of the timeline and I'm going to select all frames then I'm going to copy these frames and then I'm gonna paste these frames and I'm going to pace them after the selection so basically took the whole thing and I duplicated it all right so we'll get that so it pasted them all and upended them on the end but right now if I watch it it'll be road closed and then road closed it'll still have the jump but what I want to do is have a big bro's closed road close open close open so if I go to that pump up menu again I can reverse the frames so now if I click to the very beginning and so it's an animated guests and there's ways that you can freeze part of the frames so you can use a layer masks maybe take it one frame this is I'm not going to want people one frame on top and you could freeze everything in the background but that only lets some of the motion below show through you could do things like that all of the adjustment layers and layers mass that it was using before for colorizing effects I can use on dso how I've used this is exactly what he says sometimes for sometimes for magazines so use this as like uh kind of a click here to see this full editorial on the site otherwise it's just fun that is a lot of fun I thought that you might like that I think this stuff for you but you were really looking forward to this and I know that you love this yes okay I have a question from pearly and you know I know that we're dealing a lot with you know videos under two minutes like the one we're watching now so pearly ass with photo shop how long is media really manageable I know it depends on you know the computer's performance but it is a one and a half hour wedding video feasible and photoshopped doing all of this will be totally honest I've never tried that long so I can't give you real answer on that it should be fine because I've talked to other people that have had two hundred different clips of full length movie they're recording for five six seven minutes so by that mass they said that it worked the longest that I've ever done has been like for five minutes I don't usually create anything longer than that so I would take a look online and see what you can find cool and maybe as a just a final thing before we move on to premier would be a review of why you choose photo shop and when you want to use premier like what is it that you're looking at like okay I'm doing this type of work so I'm going to move into premiere but yeah that's a perfect perfect question so one of the big things is if you're really doing something even slightly more advanced to editing toe audio because I can't see the wave form I can't see what the audio is doing so I can't like match things up if I need a lot of quick cuts back and forth it's kind of a pain to do it here because you're like you have to shorten it and then you have to duplicate it and they put another track so if you have a a whole bunch of cuts it becomes a little harder to manage also if what else would you say I would have to say you know from my personal preference it has nothing to do with photo shop it's up from what I've seen I feel more comfortable colored rating and premier I think a lot more dynamic for what you talked about split toning you can actually split sound shot shadows mid tunes and and highlights I think it's a little more dynamic you have so many more tools available for your acid but it's because it's designed for video photoshopped to me personally it seemed like it was a video platform so this is a tool that you can multi purpose as a photographer to shoot video but if you're looking to do something simple like this which is great it's a fast way to do it now if you're trying to do something more longer to mean a longer piece like that premier has pre premiere has assets where if I was shooting an hour and a half long video you notice she has issues with rendering files I can actually select where I want my specific files to write my workspace to render so I don't have to render an hour and a half long video if I'm working on a thirty second clip for effects I can on ly render that thirty second clip with effects that we don't have to sit there for two hours waiting for the whole piece to render it just gives me so many more approachable means to video editing so I was saying something that is going to be short where you don't need a lot of a lot of clips jumping back and forth and you're not really trying to manipulate the audio porter shops great and that is a majority of what I do if I have a more advanced edit that I need done then that would be in premier if there's gonna be a whole bunch of different tracks but but I just did there that would be exactly what I would do and there's I mean you saw how many clips there were there were a lot I'm talking about a lot more than that well may be one final question that came in from photo gord you create multiple video timelines and use opacity too absolutely that's so exactly he said I could overlay to videos and it can change your passage e but what's really cool is you can overlay to videos and change the blend modes as well and so I'm not just talking about like adding lens flor but if I had the photo of her moving I could also and maybe that was on the left hand side so she's moving on the left hand side of the frame I could also have a big close up of her face in the right hand side of the frame change the blend mode and the two looks like they overlap and interact with each other I mean there's anything you can do in a photo shop for blend modes and layers you could do here with your video so that effect that he does yeah you could do that here it's really fun I love it thank you for covering that absolutely thanks for making me uncomfortable oh well which part this part through this part of the photo shop are okay made me laugh I picked that up for office it was like being blessed

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