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we're going to go over a video that we shot together while we were shooting in editorial for a magazine and generally we would shoot behind the scenes but want to replicate what we're shooting right out of camera and one of the photos that we have right there on the wall that one's a little darker than we have normally I'll show you sure you guys with can I show a brief glimpse of what it looks like I have the files in my last okay okay so sure you guys the photography what the photos look like compared to what the video looks like so I'll talk about the gear while you bring that up all right so anyway for those of you have asked about fusion a couple you guys have asked about fusion so we don't do at this point in our careers fusion for weddings I shot weddings for a long time now I do fashion photography he shoots with me but we still would do fusion for example a magazine magazines love having video and interactive multimedia pieces for their websites but nobody knows to go to look ...

at the website unless there's print so what they want you to do in one day is she a full fashion in the world and a full fashion film and we do it all the time on dso the gear that we used to create this video is the the lenses that we already had in our bag so I know that we used I fifty eighty five twenty four to seventy and seven two hundred so that was the four lands is that we had their way use the thirty five ever no actually no yes I did use a thirty thirty five thirty five one four so's the five months you've um what I liked about that specific set is that we both shot simultaneously both stills and video in whatever way we were interpreting at that specific scene so if you guys had a chance to like follow us on facebook you'll see me shooting behind her or her shooting behind me and simple like a workshop setting or were shooting next to each other but because I know how she shoots she knows how I shoot we try to mix the two together teo come up with the final product and these are the resulting images and the resulting video of that I'm gonna show you guys a couple the images are run through them very very quickly and you'll notice there's a very define similarity between what we shot instills and what we shot with video so I'm just gonna kind of briefly cut through those two seconds I mean probably going down okay school and so we did thes with this stills and so those lenses that I just talked about we shot all these stills with and then we shot the video separately but usually when he was shooting stills I was shooting video and then the other way around so I could get what he was directing and capture that motion and vice verse and then sometimes we would chime in for a little bit of variety so so it's anybody know duck dynasty okay I haven't actually ever seen it I was told about it that was kind of the idea the head you're behind this shoe is like kind of like woods hee super mountain man that becomes like crazy rich so he wants to keep his thick beard but like step of a style a notch so I know you guys are very big fans of lindsay's hair right ladies there's eyes now magazine quality this is this will run in the magazine printed at and that flare in the bottom left hand corner that looks ponty it's actually her hair and shooting over my shield her here is going to be in a and so there's a view that are fans of her hair congratulations and uh same thing what did you do for lighting this did you is that natural later really no refund reflect or nothing just use always know nothing and that's what I do most of time that's why it's great for video is because I don't need big silks you know mounted over the scene and then like like okay light stir it's just paying attention to light on the face going to creativity he has a beard um if you play this for like banjo music in the background it'll be so cliche right have played rock and roll music could be so cliche so I wanted to do something completely different I wanted to do something that was a little visually jarring so I did dubs that it's funny that's going to sound so I'm going to play that now quick joint if I finish the video give us told you the five lenses we use it's a tripod with the video tripod with a signer a shoulder rig is that it that's it that's it okay so the lenses that we already had for photography a video tripod with a slider and a shoulder rig and then goes back to how we multipurpose shooting stills and video at the same time since the shoulder rig has a quick release I could literally just take it off take my stills and get that if I needed to shoot something uh mono pod same thing just tap the tripod same thing I can literally just take a quick release take it off in searching video again excuse me stills again so it's it's multipurpose I'm going to play that video you know something like twenty times I know I know wait okay so that is a piece that we did together for vert for fusion our style can because they don't suit the weddings and things like that you'll notice jump gets you noticed I completely broke the jump cut rule on one eighty rules isn't every everything it's artistic for us so my question is is I actually washed it last night and I said it's visually overwhelming in a very good way on dh the wondering about the part with the glasses is that a plug in that you did or is that income like how did you make it it's just like that's how to do that in premier it's almost like taking two different layers and changing the past three on one and moving it over but they're moving because they're moving I don't need to move it over I just stick the opacity a little lower move the actual piece on its hind line a little tiny bit over and what's happening is you're seeing the video played over itself and then I'm kind of judging where I need that to end and taking that clip out that it's really easy to do in a lot of aa lot of people and I mentioned this yes because she's using the lens flare tool you do the same thing it's like very very similar fact so it's really it's it's a fun easy process so I think this is going to be a good segue way for eventually we're gonna we're gonna go is I'm gonna add it in photo shop and add it like this where he's editing to the music and a lot of cuts and special effects like that would be premier I still think that you're like my video that was shot and completely edited in photo shop and I'll explain the process behind that but just all that movement everything that was going on there and from here ok eso photoshopped has its limitations that doesn't mean it's bad so before she goes out into photo planned I won't talk about backing up data I know that's something that you guys were kind of worried about in regards to the amount of space you guys called me yesterday or caught us using several different cards actually still have bring a different pair of pants but I have all the same cars we had yesterday to make sure you knew he changes clothes in my pocket so these are all the cards that we use yesterday on set I have free cf cards into sd cards this is my preliminary these are my preliminary backup because my primary files right the second I got to my computer I was sitting at the restaurant last night I have to make a backup of face the second the sets done and I need to go away so I take my card reader I plug it in I make a second copy on my laptop because I have enough space I'm very o c d I don't have a lot of things on my desktop so for me I'm like now there's things on my desktop I need to delete it as soon as possible so I have my driver have the detect drive has little docking station I'm going to head in injections for two seconds I mean to say you can turn it around it's a small because it's a very very short court so just be very careful in everything's plugged in I'm going to turn this around just very very short cord on the thunderbolt there but it's a docking station so I can literally I'm he's depressing the other side I can take this with me on set and give him a point okay this is believe one terabyte of information take this take it home pop it right into my thiss actors a racism problem back at home and now I have a back up on top of my back up on top of my original save three copies one of my laptop one here one here so on until I'm done editing I know I have three different variations of those specific copies that makes any sense no one on the g rated one on the laptop of one of the cards and can I be kanai nerd translate okay and um okay so no translation you mentioned raid systems and okay so something like this which really cool because those a removable drives but it's a docking system when he says with great is you can set this up either depending on what dr you have either will do it itself so would automatically backs it up to the other dr that you have in this lot they're so as soon as you have it backed up to that dr it'll give you a mirror of it if you don't have these drives their programs to do it which god has so technically I have four copies at that point which is the bottom drive the second drive with one of my laptop and the one of my cf cards at this point I'm free to use my cf cards like that's that's how I feel I know I have several do that and if I need to shoot the next day or if I need to shoot immediately afterwards I don't have time to read it I have two copies another copy on here I could technically if I want delete the information off of here I'm personally not comfortable doing that until I'm finished with my project because if something happens and he's a pretty reliable drives but if something happens I have no other backups I last night the information's still on here but if we were shooting today I would totally just format these and be ready to go and yeah uh quick question from photo gord jeff you mentioned bringing the drive from the you check into like onsite so how does the individual dr work on site same way your standard driving work you just plug into the back of here play it right into us being you're good to go I just reject us yes so that were they designed it's not like solid state drives or that you're just sliding into a tower they're actually docking stations to other drives little backing up that's what we like it because it's basically a portable drive and then you plug it in and backs it up I wantto make sure answered uh finish my statement about auto backup so things like this you can set it to do radar sameer automatically but there's two programs that could do it for you as well one is called kronos inc and the other one is called sink back both of them are like thirty or sixty dollars each and what you would do that is if you don't have a system that backs up for you automatically if at least you take your drive home plug it into your computer and you have another drive that is going to be your backup you use kronos inc or sink back on and what it will do is it'll make sure it'll verify and check that there was no corruption's at all the data transferred correctly of course you should still do a visual check but you basically say copy this to this drive and it makes sure that their verifying what I designed for us at home primarily when when I first saw how she was shooting which is I don't delete data I keep it forever right so um we found a sixteen terabyte drive from ji tech and that is our primary drop box for everything on top of that I have a six terabyte backup of everything that she's doing on her computer at all times so it's consistently time machining which is what ji tech calls it over too that specific drive I now have two copies on top of what's on my desktop and then the actual sixteen terabyte drive I've set to raid array which is partitioning and this is really getting into like nerd them but it's backing up data equally into each of those drives so I have double backups in that specific raid which is a system that hard drives that work together to back up data within each other the backup of the drive itself and what's on her desktop so there's four copies of everything on top of anywhere else she has them so I never have to worry about something getting lost its somewhere it just takes a little bit of time to find that at times so my translation for if you don't want to spend a lot of money if you don't mind if I do they keep it simple version this is what we use as professionals to make sure we always have backups and these air fast um either they're thunderball or there will be two three firewire is if you just want to keep a simple by a drive that has a fast port meaning if you can get us b three or firewire thunderbolt and whenever you buy drives by two at a time now you should never buy one drive at a time because you always buy one driving it's back up so that's what I would say if you want to keep it simple you want to spend a lot of money if you're getting buying things on new aid or being h always look at the price of draw as of the drivers double actually because you should always buy two so can we get into more of the big picture about storage because that is the more you do video I mean it is a lie a lot of information so this is how you back it up for safety but what about long term as far as buying how many drives do you own are you guys thinking about going into the cloud like what is the long term storage solution for people I feel well having it on site I don't people say the cloud people say it's elsewhere I liketo have access to my sergeant I need it I know that in a cloud system essentially let's see if I was here in seattle and back in new york and access it here can easily like for us and for the amount of work we do I can build a server access to server myself I generally have somebody who's at the office that's readily available to pull the information for us I mean we have interns that stay in new york city that aren't flying with us to pull that information I mentioned before she has a sixteen terabyte drive it home that's enough teo to really take all the information and she asked for photos and be completely okay with video after I'm done and she hates me for this hand done taking all those capes and making a video I never want to see those clips ever again I delete them because it's done for me the client is done I don't have to do that again they approved it my contract says that once it's approved I don't have to cut it again I'm not dealing with it ever again I have everything I get rid of it I absolutely positively hate that and what I dio is if I have a client you build the storage space into what you're paying them so you say I am buying it too or four terabyte drive for you for your project and then you keep that so that like freaks me out if it's a personal project maybe I understand I would never do that I keep separates two different approaches to the same the same question so it's really up to your comfort level again like for me and like it's done you're proved it you paid me you used it that's on you now like have fun photographers just don't think like that thank those of you that don't know my background I worked in finance I worked in investment banking so for me contracts or what's key so if you contract contractually agree with something and you overdeliver at that point and you're done I've ready set my agreement we have ah nice relationship between us and I'm going to go I'm a very logical person wendy's very emotional s so that's how she thinks that I think she thinks about all this back

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Videography just got easy. Lindsay Adler and Jeff Rojas are going to show how to apply your existing rockstar photography skills to capturing video — without investing in fancy equipment or learning complicated technical jargon.

This Creative Live course will focus on simple, easy-to-implement videography techniques. You’ll learn how the photography gear you already own can be repurposed for video. You’ll also explore the lighting basics essential to capturing motion. You’ll build concrete strategies for integrating filming and editing video into your existing photography workflow. Lindsay and Jeff will share their unique techniques for using video as a way to tell stories and for integrating your one-of-a-kind style into your video work.

Whether you’re looking to add a lucrative new dimension to your photography business or ready to capture compelling home movies, this course will demystify videography and give you the tools you need to film and edit like a pro.