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Landscapes and Light

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Class Introduction

Matt Kloskowski

Landscapes and Light

Matt Kloskowski

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

thank you. So did I got asked that. I won't know if anybody else out there, but any of you guys watch the bus ride, It was it was a calamity way. Had a good time. And you know what Zicu about it is that I kind of had the keynote and slides ready for this. And something happened on the bus ride that really it was like kind of became the hook of the slide show. So I'm gonna jump right into it. The whole class is about called it landscapes and light. And the reason being is that I think, as an outdoor shooter and what I'd ask if you're watching this is forget about if you're like a pure landscape photographer. I don't know that anybody is just landscapes or just portrait or anything like that. I think I think we tend to cross a few different genres of photography. So what I'd ask is forget about if you're not just a landscape photographer, this is anything outdoors. Anything outdoors. It could be with people outdoors. It could be travel. You could just be doing travel photography, whateve...

r happens to be. But three idea is is that that were handed what were handed? When we go shoot outside, we can't control it. Okay, um, we're assuming we're not taking light modifiers with us. We're not taking reflectors things like that, especially for for landscape photos, because it's not gonna do any good. Um, so so were handed what were handed. We have to make the best of it. So I built this class based on that to give you guys the different scenarios of lighting that you can get to show you some examples that light and talk a little bit about some of the different types of natural light that we get out there. Talk about how to capture, how to best capture each scenario, what to look for. You get out there. You think you're going to, you know, shoot the big mountain and all of sudden it's fogged in. But you've got some stormy weather with breaks and sun beaming through. You know what do you shoot like, what? Can you switch gears and still try to make something out of it? So we go through that and I'll give a couple post processing tips. So next line next. Oh, this happens to be sponsored by you like my sponsor voice. Eso just ah, quick. A quick note on what helps me be here is, as I actually worked full time for on one. So we've It's pretty big news. Every October, we come out with a brand new version of the software, so it was just announced. It'll shipping in October at some point. But if you go over on one dot com, there's, ah, all kinds of stuff and videos and preorder special. So if you see anything, it's now's the time to grab it. Okay, who's heard this phrase before? It's all about the light, right? I mean, it's a big, bold statement, and the next live is gonna be a big, bold statement on and and think of this more as as an irreverent tongue and cheek about this, because it is all about the light. But this was the I'll show you the next live when I hear this, Uh, so it's all about the light. Let's go, Let's go back so we don't have the face with the gun in It's day in there. It's all about like, big, bold statement. When I was learning photography, this annoyed me more than anything because I I didn't consider myself a creative person. I was not creative coming into this on. I think creativity can be learned and not being a creative person. When someone told me it was all about the light, it was It was almost like ever ask somebody What lens should I buy? And they say the best line, the best lines you can afford. Like you've given me nothing. You know I like. If I need this, I might be able to afford a little bit more. But I don't want to If I don't know, like, you've given me nothing and saying it's all about the light is great if you're a really creative person, you know, think people that draw. And there's people that can draw when their kids all right. I know a lot of us drew stick figures, but there's people that just got it when they were a kid and they see the light. They see that that they see the texture and they can translate it. I was not one of those people, Okay, so when someone asked me to draw face, it was literally no circle dot dot Smiley. That's that's what I saw. Same thing with light is I don't see. I didn't see light didn't see it that way. So when somebody said It's all about the light and they bring up this gorgeous photo I knew what I liked about it, but I didn't know what it's like. What was good about the light was it was because it was shining down is a good because it was bright because they'd say it was all about the light and I'd see all these different types of light. You know, somebody would say the shadows on the face have to be soft, and then I'd see real harsh shadow on the face, and they're talking about how great the photo is. I'm like, Why, like I don't get it s So then the biggest the hooked me in well, actually made me get. It was when somebody told me, they said back late, and I never really knew what back late was. I knew it meant there was a light and back, but I didn't know why. It was good. And so somebody said he said, backlight. And he said, Think of a tree. It's got a light behind it and goes, That tree glows, So that's cool. Do you put that tree up against the bright sky? You're probably not going to see it, but if you put that tree up against, move around and maybe there's a dark evergreen tree behind it and you move around. Now that tree glows and you can see that glowing. You can see the light versus putting it up against again a bright sky or something like that, where you can't see this month and somebody explain to me what the light looked like, He said. You're looking for a light behind it, and then you do this and I could follow that formula. And so to me, I think creativity definitely can be learned. And I think the lighting can can definitely feeling

Class Description

In Landscapes and Light, Matt covers all of the different types of natural light you'll encounter while shooting landscape photography out in the field. 

There isn’t much you can do to influence the light Mother Nature provides on any given day, but you can learn how to work with it. In this class, Matt will show you amazing tips for how to capture the best possible light when shooting, and he’ll discuss the best tools for post-processing and making the most out of any outdoor photo shoot.


Trisha Davis

A lot of helpful tips and tricks to get the shot you need, even if you arent in the perfect location at the perfect time. There is beauty everywhere, you dont always have to travel to find it. Overall I enjoy Matt's classes because he stays on topic and speaks clearly.


Excellent class. I especially appreciated the specifics of what types of subjects work best in each light, as well as the Lightroom tweaks that work best with each. This is a very helpful guide.


I have been looking for this specific type of information. I love the outdoors and have always wanted to be able to capture it. Great course. The examples really helped and loved the part about blah weather. I really needed that because I would just stay home and not shoot on those days. Now I feel inspired to go out in any weather. Thanks.