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Case Study - Cove

Lesson 33 from: Mastering Photographic Composition and Visual Storytelling

Chris Weston

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33. Case Study - Cove

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Lesson Info

Case Study - Cove

I love this scene. It incorporates everything I've just been talking about. All the main principles of gestalt theory are right here. This is Manna War Cove in the Jurassic Coast, and I photographed it many times. And of all the images I've shot, this one is my favorite. To get this image, I came very late. One night when the moon was full. I sat here with cameras set up on a tripod. I was using a long exposure time around half on hour with an aperture of F eight. Now that's the techie stuff, so let's get to the composition. The white serve, which is a result of the long exposure, creates half of the figure of eight, but only half the complete shape rely on closure. That's the first cast out principle. One, the bottom of the figure of eight shape is formed of repeating patterns. Also there because of the long exposure which create a sense of unity through similarity to the group of rocks in the center of the bay. We perceive as a whole because of their proximity. Three. That diagonal l...

ines, which have both explicit and implied or lead to this group of rocks, which gives us continuance for and finally, to clarify the journey's end. The group of rocks former figure against the lighter background of seawater figure and ground five. So now you can see the subliminal messages in the composition that, while complex, at a unified structure that makes the scene easy to read in the viewer's mind, No.

Ratings and Reviews

Edmund Cheung

Perhaps the style of presentation and simple, short, and direct messaging does not "jive" with some; but others may really love this. Yes the production of each episode is stylized and perhaps a bit formal (like a TV Show?), but there is something to be said about it. Perhaps this is not meant for professional photographers? I think of myself as decent amateur / high level photographer. I found lots of great nuggets of wisdom and inspiration from this. Especially when I an in a rut for creativity. Yes I have heard all these concepts and ideas before. BUT it is always great to hear and see a different way of presentation and voice. Please do NOT take the naysayer reviews as the end all. You should judge for yourself and watch a few episodes. If the style and content click for you, I would highly recommend this course.

Kai Atherton

While I am perhaps more advanced in my photography then this course. It is always great to be able to go back to fundamentals and remind ourselves of the basic principles, and even camera function. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and Chris's other. It is a great motivational jumpstart when lacking fresh creative idea's.

Abdullah Alahmari

Thanks a lot to mr. Chris Weston This course is great and It is a 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 course for me. Beside the other course ( mastering the art of photography ) both courses are Complementing to each other and highly recommended.

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