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Mastering Photographic Composition and Visual Storytelling

Lesson 1 of 50

Your 10,001st Photograph


Mastering Photographic Composition and Visual Storytelling

Lesson 1 of 50

Your 10,001st Photograph


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Your 10,001st Photograph

Henri Cartier Bresson is widely considered one of the greatest ever documentary photographers. He is famously quoted as saying, Your 1st 10,000 photographs are your worst now today in the digital age, that number is like being much higher. With the sentiment remains. It takes practice to train the eye to see the real story in front of you. I came to truly understand what Cartier Bresson meant. One of my very early assignments in the sarin getting National Park in Africa. This is my 10,000 and first photograph. This is the image that changed my approach to photography and let me to see the world through my camera. The way I see it today, I was in the sarin, getting photographing the great migration 1.5 1,000, wildebeest roaming across the dry and dusty savannah. I was two days into a three week long assignment and had already photographed every aspect of wildebeest behavior imaginable. Now I don't know whether you've ever paid much attention to Wilder beast, but let's just say they're n...

ot one of nature's most alluring creatures. In fact, on safari Africans described him is animal God created after the spare parts of all other animals. It's an amusing impression, if a tad unfair. Even so, on the face of it will the beast, a large brown animals that walk in a circle around a big brownfield on. By the end of the second day, I was completely out of ideas. So the next day I changed tack. I left my cameras behind, and instead of taking pictures, I spent the whole day simply observing. And somewhere along the time line between dusk and dawn, a question kept niggling. May. What is migration? That's when it struck me Movement. Migration is movement. Is the movement of animals or people from point A to point B Movement is the story here, not Wilder. Wilder bees was simply the vehicle for the story. And so, for the rest of my time in the sarin Getty, I photographed movement, creating a diverse portfolio of images that revealed the essence off migration. And that, for me, is what photography is about capturing the story beneath the surface. Whether it's an animal, a person of building a plane, a train, it really doesn't matter what the subject is. You've got to find the hidden story cardio breasts on epitomised this premise in his journalistic work. Some journalists are wonderful writers and others are just putting fax one after the other and fax, I'm not interesting. It's a point of view on facts, which is important in the in photography. It is via vocation if you evoke. For me, the camera is a way of seeing beyond material in search for essence heart, soul, spirit. Whatever word you choose to describe it, a great portrait reveals a person's soul. A great landscape exposes the spirit of the land. A great documentary photograph gets to the very heart of the matter. Make essence your subject. Show me an image with heart, spirit or soul, and I'll show you your 10,000 and first photograph.

Class Description



  • Compose a shot consistently and effectively
  • Create artistic, powerful images quickly
  • Gain confidence in building narrative
  • Identify what stories you’re drawn to photograph
  • Brainstorm and develop concepts for creative shots
  • Trust your instincts when approaching a subject


CreativeLive is partnering with Chris Weston to offer you his Complete Photography Master Course. This is the second class in the series.

Today, everybody has a camera, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s a photographer. Chris Weston will show you how to do all the other stuff – how to “see” an image, tap into your creativity, and compose a photograph that makes the subject look as good in print as it does in real life.

This class isn’t about cameras, it’s about you – the photographer. It will break free your creative mind, get you thinking about narrative rather than object, and show you how to apply simple artistic skills that turn that next click into a powerful photograph.

Learn how to approach photography like a pro and start creating great pictures straight away. With in-the-field lessons, case studies and powerful tips and techniques, you’ll quickly unleash your creativity and gain confidence in expressing yourself through your camera.


  • Beginner photographers
  • First time DSLR or mirrorless camera users
  • Any photographer who wants to hone their artistic skills


Named one of the world's most influential wildlife photographers, Chris Weston takes a contemporary approach to photography. After launching his career in 2001, the Fujifilm ambassador's images have graced the pages of top publications like BBC, The Times, Outdoor Photography, Practical Photography, and Digital Photography. As a photography educator, Chris has written over 20 photography books, along with leading photo tours and online workshops.


Silvia Garcia

Excellent ! Will see it many times to digest all the messages here. Important info on composition theory. Very well explained. Go to the essence of photography. Thanks, Chris !

a Creativelive Student

Absolute must to watch! Perhaps few times, as is packed with all the information you need to know to make your photography to the next level. I think it is the most comprehensive class on composition. Fantastic!


fabulous course no matter how advanced you are.. LEarned so much from it. I'll watch it again as it contains so much.