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Senior Photography


Senior Photography


Class Description

Senior portraits are an incredibly lucrative component of a photography business, but working with and appealing to 17-year-olds requires a unique skill set. Join photographer and creativeLIVE instructor Kirk Voclain for a three-day workshop that will give you the tools to market directly to high school seniors and take photographs they’ll love.

Throughout this course, Kirk will teach you everything you need to know about marketing to and working with image-conscious high school seniors -- and their parents. You’ll learn to implement innovative posing techniques and one-of-a-kind backgrounds. Kirk will also cover methods of increasing sales averages, including how to simultaneously appeal to both teenagers and their parents.

Whether you’re ready to shoot your very first senior portrait or you’re a long-time photographer looking to shake up your routine, this course will give you the techniques to sell to and photograph teenagers with results they’ll love.


a Creativelive Student

Enjoyed the course from start to finish especially all the marketing, advertising opportunities and pricing ideas. My wife and I spent Labor Day re-watching the marketing and pricing section and came away again with so many great ideas. Workflow and shooting the pics is more my responsibility of my business and his posing, lighting and workflow is awesome...In the beginning of the course I was disappointed in the actions as freebies but the more I got into the course and especially the last day with workflow, I broke down and used the Pro4um coupon from the swag bag and joined. That's what really made the actions more valuable because when you join the Pro4um, you get the entire setup for Kirk's workflow. The bridge setup, the scripts etc...I greatly appreciate what Kirk taught in this course and his passion for this line of business because it's helping WHP in every area from start to finish with our buisness!...Thanks Kirk and Thanks creativeLIVE for having Kirk do this Senior Photography course!


If you want to take you photography to the next level you need to buy this course. Great content with an experienced passionate instructor who is also quite entertaining. Kirk's knowledge of marketing, cameras, and workflow are second to none. I urge you to do yourself and your photography a huge favor go to the top click the green button that says BUY! If you don't your missing out.

a Creativelive Student

His work is amazing and he has been a big font of inspiration for me... I wish I could be there to be part of it, live... :-)