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General Settings

Lesson 13 from: Shopify Fundamentals: Set and Run an Online Store

Damiano Raveenthiran

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Lesson Info

13. General Settings

Lesson Info

General Settings

Welcome to the settings chapter in the Shopify fundamentals set and run an online store. This lesson is designed to teach you all about the main Shopify dashboard basics such as the home and account settings. This is an important part of your store set up that is often under looked but it's essential to the smooth operation of your Shopify store. A solid foundation can build an empire. By the end of this lesson you will be able to navigate through your Shopify admin dashboard with ease and confidence. The Shopify home section of the admin shows your recent activity, your analytics order notifications. Next steps as well as marketing tips for business growth. During the setup, Shopify home will populate with blocks of information and tips that prompt pre launch activity and setup steps for intuitive checklists. The main section of the Shopify dashboard that you can see on the left side of the screen. Our core aspects of your Shopify business including orders, products, customers and app...

s installed on your account. Over on the right you will find your sales channels which include your online store point of sale and buy buttons. Your general settings applied to your Shopify store and account will be located in the center of your screen. Before we examine the other sections of the Shopify admin in depth will explore Shopify is general settings and how you can set yourself up for success before you start building on the platform. So now that we're on the settings page. As the merchant, you can manage account options like building cycles, your billing information, your subscription plan, your staff and permissions as well as your store status. The general settings section of the admin as its name suggests, houses key information about your business, such as your customers information, your online store details that display on the product pages and the shipping conditions for your products in the general settings and shipping settings. The currency chosen will determine how products prices are shown in the online store, how weight settings affect shipping rates and how order times will be affected by the chosen time zone. Now that the general settings have been reviewed, we will be diving further into the next phase of the course, which will be learning about location and account settings. We hope you're excited about. This new chapter will be uncovering together, join me in the next video.

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