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Order Basics

Lesson 10 from: Shopify Fundamentals: Set and Run an Online Store

Damiano Raveenthiran

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10. Order Basics

Lesson Info

Order Basics

Welcome to the chapter about creating fulfilling and refunding orders in the Shopify fundamental scores in this chapter, you learned all about order creation fulfillment and how to process refunds. If they are required by the end of this lesson, you will be able to manage your customers orders with these, let's get started order fulfillment workflows vary from store to store before an order is fulfilled. It's important to have a good grasp of the following steps that your fulfillment roadmap can help you with. The fulfillment process actually includes the following steps picking and packing products in an envelope or box labeling the order for shipment and shipping the package with a mail carrier depending on your business model and how you set up your products. You can choose from one or two fulfillment options on Shopify. Manual or automatic fulfillment, manually fulfilling orders is ideal for merchants to control. When an order is sent, merchants might need to delay orders and shipp...

ing notifications to allow with their fulfillment workflows. This is the case with preorders custom products and if you need to fulfill one part of an order before the other. Automatic fulfillment is where you rely on a fulfillment system to ship your orders or sell digital products. This also allows you to bulk fulfill your orders all at once re funding in order, triggers payment being sent back to the customer when you refund an order, you have the option to restock the item and to send a notification email to your customer. It's important to note that some payment providers required to perform the refund outside of the Shopify admin. So you'll need to log into the dashboard off the payment provider to complete the refund. You can also complete refunds from your Shopify admin, of course as a Shopify merchant, you can create draft orders and send invoices directly to your customers from the Shopify admin page. Draft orders can be created for products not listed in the admin, like one time custom products, extra shipping fees and preorders. It also allows customers to pay directly in the checkout in the next section of your order fulfillment stage, we'll explore how to view your customer base and the best practices for your customer service team, join me there.

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