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Start Your Profitable Podcast & Build a Brand

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Editing an Episode with Christine Baird

Lewis Howes

Start Your Profitable Podcast & Build a Brand

Lewis Howes

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10. Editing an Episode with Christine Baird

Lesson Info

Editing an Episode with Christine Baird

Recording and editing an episode um I'm just going to tell you I think you should outsource it like you can do it yourself and you're doing yourself obviously you're just starting out if you don't have the money to outsource it that's fine do it yourself but for me to sustain it long term I think eventually you're going to want to outsource it to someone who is a professional editor for some of that's been trained to do this and you can you know it's not that expensive to find this you could probably use someone to edit it for you for less than fifty dollars an episode of its thirty minutes um maybe even less depending on where you get the person from so editing uh outsourcing against frees up your time for me I recorded that episode earlier and I sent it off to my editor hopefully christine got it she's about to come on and show us exactly what she does. So I'll show you how easy it is to edit when you're starting off yourself, then hosting it there's really in my opinion two places t...

he host lipson is kind of the podcasting standard where a lot of people started out years ago hosting soundcloud is incredible in my mind it's free for podcasters right now I believe it's still free and they're based out of san francisco I know the one of the founders and I switched from lips into soundcloud because it's, a social network there's already community based in soundcloud. When you uploaded there that you're hosting that's free lip sins, paid soundcloud, you can get other people this manure episodes from soundcloud, lipson is just the host there's no community there, so you're hosting it, then you have to share it out, but all hosted on soundcloud, and then people will listen to it who are already following me there, and then I'll host it on my blawg and send it out as well. So it's like you're getting that extra potential listeners on posting to your site. So in order for your podcast to get featured on itunes and these other podcast app, stitcher things like that, you gotta hosted to your blawg and threw a plug and call it we use power press, blueberry plugin, that's essentially a podcast employed in that connects I don't even know how it doesn't, but it connects the feed from the host to itunes and everywhere else that's the way you gotta get it on there if you just put it on the host it's not gonna work until it goes on the block and there's different plug ins for this that we'll talk about here in a second. This is how I do it this is soundcloud again you'll upload it I'm gonna have my christine come on and share the eyes how we do this in a second but I uploaded here and then there's a community can see there's already comments down here I mean there's mohr that happened down here you can see other related tracks so it's kind of like its own wordpress community when you hosted here you know I don't know how many millions of people on soundcloud but it's the largest social network of audio uh and then from there I'll host it to my blawg and I'll just embed the player on the block and publish it and I like this is well lipson it's kind of this like a basic audio player without the image right it's just like a basic audio player but I like having a little image there it kind of gives it more personality, more branding so that's the things that I love about soundcloud is that it kind of it makes it more unique and social and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna bring on my podcast editor extraordinaire christine who should be either listening in right now or to switch over to her screen oh, there she is I see her she can't see me but christine so nice to see you, christine I okay, so christine is my podcast editing extraordinare she also does all the show notes for the blog's she'll help market the block the podcast essentially everything that happens after I record my episode the interview she does everything else so everything you see online after I recorded is done by christine and I want to walk through essentially this process of editing it and how you do it from the title the episode teo the next steps are I think you've got something set up for us right where you're gonna show us your screen and I kind of walked out did you get the audio file that I sent you? Yeah cool so maybe you can show it walk us through how you do write when you get it you usually get it from drop box but I emailed you this so what do you do once you get in dropbacks? What happens next? Let's show him cool came. I'm going to give you my screen. Do I sound like god right now? Because you can't see me? Yes was exactly like I think I'm speaking. Teo continues the screen. Uh, yes, you could say we got to move the google hangout box they go okay call. So what we're looking at right here we're looking at audacity of the free software that I used to head it as well as what lucy's is to record an episode and it's really simple it may look complicated right now but if I can learn it anything like how long how long did you know how to use it before and how long did it take you to learn it now I have never seen this before in my life I mean to get up to your standards it took a couple months but really like learning how to use it only probably took me like three hours and then this matter of like crafting and honing my skills okay so it's actually really user friendly like I only use about three buttons like these two buttons and zooming in and out most of this they don't even know what it does uh so the episode you sent me and I just edited it well you were teaching the class but I'll show you what I did just say really I won't go into all the details but when you open up your rob mrs downloads is the family some day see open of the raw file and you you dragged the file into audacity right yeah I'm a pc so it's not a special is an apple say so you can see here you consort of zoom in if you want to fill it and then what's nice about a death you cannot resume in extremely detailed like you know if you're just trying to cut out tiny little bit of audio you can get his details where's your where's your mouse to zoom in just so I can show you ok I see there's a little zoom icon gotcha okay my gun's I'm sure they're shortcuts too but you know so I don't think there's a couple circuits so this part of what the first thing I would do with a five minute friday is this is when you were talking beforehand like you khun you know what this is about? Sonny was gonna delete on that's all I do is just selected I just clicked and drag every single lead and it's gone by so easy the south koreans like it's not complicated so this is the start of the episode and if you zoom in usually a zoom in so I'm just saying you know about one second of the time this little bit is you're breathing you're taking the breath start so sometimes we'll edit that out at the beginning because there's gonna be music and then I just number two forty one the audio actually turned out pretty nice probably cause you're in a really great studio so I just start listening for any kind of weird causes lip smacks and I do a lot of those you do sometimes you know, I took a couple of little notes since I already edited this where there's some examples of this so right about here I think there was a long pause on lucy for the season and the playoffs I want you guys to think about well see here not like it was kind of like you're taking a breath you're thinking there's a lip smack and just have him against me they're going to take that out so all I get did is in a clinic drag reception that I didn't want a kebab were correct now it's really smooth so you make it sound a lot better than I actually found this is all your secrets being revealed this way should never done it so again like you khun b some people honestly I listen a lot of podcast where people leave it all in because they want it to be authentic right so this is just for your preference but again for example most of you know kind of a a little bit longer pause and cut that down a little you still want to make it sound natural right you can take out a little bit okay so I'll just be one more example of er when sometimes it makes sense to leave in a couple of us but if there's too many you can get annoying soul I'll cut out sometimes the arms and the odds uh you know you're just looking there's take that out okay so that sounds great cool. Okay so let's say we did all that the only other thing that I really do after just going through the actual content and it's you know something? Maybe she stumbled over your words or something like that? I would, you know, just headed out. But this was really clean for you being nervous. You did not mess up. Okay, so now what I'm going to do is what I want to do is try it and edit out any white noise in the background. So I go to a section of the the audio whether it doesn't look like there's. Anything, this little section with it, you know, it's no little dots on here, but you can see up here. This is kind of showing the audio level. So look what happens up here when I hit and play this part. You can see there's actually, audio there, we just can't hear it. It's the white nice. So I go to effect noise removal, getting noise profile. So it just took a little profile of how much audio there was there. And now I'm going to select the entire clip the entire episode by just getting over here effect and noise removal again and just say, okay, these air priests at levels and now it's gonna edit out that level of noise from the entire clip and this just makes it cleaner, you know, it's, like, took out the white noise again this is a nice studio set up so there really wasn't a lot of white noise but that's one way to just kind of clean up the audio from a free software that is the way just like pump it up okay so that's really honestly like for this episode there wasn't a lot to do so those that may mean two things the only other thing down here under project rate I always hit it tio forty four thousand one hundred sometimes you send them to me and they come in and different project ri I don't actually know what that means but I know that sounds hot doesn't like it it's not forty four thousand so just like always be aware of thiss project rate and then I'm going to do is export the file and I'm just kind of one of the best what about music anything yeah I'll see you in two seconds I just actually what you need thio export it to put it in something called level later s so what I'm doing is I'm exporting the file on the final type is a way of file and this means it's still an editable audio file so I'm just gonna put this on the desktop save it I'm not tagging it right now so I'm just saying okay and the reason I did that is because I'm going to come up here to this little program called sti and level later it's also a free download we put this on the equipment she so all we're doing is this little software is going teo I'm gonna click and drag my what I just edited that audio finally just edited and put it in a level later is going to equalize all of the like the highest volume in the lowest volume is going to equalize so that there's no like crazy peaks and valleys. So is this a really nice way to make sure that the audio doesn't go up and down during the episode? And it kind of brings, you know, like when the guest does, like, away from my car something we haven't simply last really loud sometimes that happens, you know there's a lot of, like burst your drums of the listener so that's what I just did and then just to speed things up, I'll show you so this is what I did. So this is what the audio file looks like after it's gone through level later, you can see kind of it's even instead of where we started, where things were a lot more like up and down now it's kind of even though and so what I did was I grabbed a song from sounds out, I'll show you that in two seconds dropped it in here and then I s o this is the song track and this is the track of the music of the the interview and then I'm just going tio start from for a moment of friday I put music over the entire episode and so I'll show you what I did here it's pre done but I was kind of explain it so I started with just music so you can see I moved the interview over here to about five seconds anywhere from three to five seconds of intro music oh number two three one she's ok so you can kind of see there I started speaking right on the downbeat of the music so just kind of makes it sound nice and clean and then I immediately faded the music down and the way you do that it's really simple I'll show you you just select maybe like three to four seconds of music go to effect adjustable fade and right here you can say fade out fade down and I you know took it from one hundred percent down to like thirty so it's just fading it down and now the rest of the time the music I wanted to set a lower level so it wasn't drowning you out so I selected all the rest of the audio for the whole clip and I just went out to effect amplified and I took it down I think negative fifteen and then now it's like you know, you know, it's just I'm going through an incredible season of my life and a lot of people ask me about balance. How do you balance theme going here now on and then the very end I am goingto bring the music back up on the outro. So this is it the very end where you say, you know, thanks so much you go and do something great. And this is luis house dot com slash two for one. Thank you again. So much for all your deal. You know what time it is, it's time to go out there and do something great course. So then I added, like thirty seconds more just you stick to the end. I let it run for a few minutes, so that would be the finished episode for five minute friday. It's pretty simple. You know, I already had edited that, and now I'm going to export it again. But this time I'm going to export it as an mp three visits the finished file and I already did it. So I'll just show you where I have been in here, um and appear so what I do when I export it, andre, this one, I'm just gonna put it on the desk talks it's, not the real file when expert at this time as an mp three and I'm going to label it, you know episode two forty one school greatness and click save I have an opportunity to tag it and this is really important because you own this contents. We need to tag it so that the matter web platform it shows out on this audio file has all the right tagging to not only give the directories it's on the information of the episode but also like have your copyright information and your picture and things. So so I went ahead and typed in, you know, I have this saved on just like a little note pat documents, but just copy and paste it's the same from us. So your artist's name I made up a track title within the season of your life. Sometimes you hate me. Sometimes you love them. Just put something in there and then you let me know album title this is, you know what shows up on itunes, track number, year genre podcast and a little comment. You know, if you enjoyed the floor show, please, if I start to dance with you straight so I hit okay, and exports already did it. The only everything I need to do to finish tagging is used this little program also free call h d I d three tag editor and this is also free software just download and this is just a way teofilo open file this is a way to just add a little bit more information tagging the file and so this kind of helps with improving their this helps with being able to make sure that you have like your copyright information on there and just like anything that you one you know, people to see if they accessed the file so I already put it in you can see there's tongues in here you could dio some title content group you know, band orchestra conductor I just put in like lead artist, composer writes and license we put in, you know, copyright message publisher your website put that in the euro at a picture of the podcast picture under pictures and then I put in just like a quote from the episode under the comments because some platforms will show that so that I wouldn't save and then the file is tagged and now we are ready to actually upload it. So this is the back end of berwyn press say, and I just went ahead and started drafting the block post, but I'll show you where we're gonna upload it on soundcloud and then where we put that into our plot plus because everyone's block plus that's gonna look different so apparent soundcloud we're just we're logged in already because upload she spelled upload we're going teo grab it from the finnish fund that I already did from drug box since he right here it's gonna upload you've been putting your image s so this is what shows up on soundcloud and I just have one that I always used for the five minute friday so appear titles were going to do episode two forty one same title as what I titled the world posed as so we can change this later but right now it is going to be the same copy and paste it and then you can modify whatever you want yourself proud you earl to be sounds of combat so shoot lu's house and I'm just gonna call it season of your life then we can have tags so I always add for five minute friday I had like inspiration, motivation, you know, maybe like russell, you know podcast whatever you want relevant, you know we'll attack this one five minute fridays because that's the tag we use and then under description this is where I just kind of add in something really simple a quote from the episode ifit's a guest you know, I didn't guess bro this is something for people to see if they're kind of browsing sound crowd I'm going to say if you enjoy it just for the so check out on a scandal or asked and I just put in kind of we call it a pretty leak and it's over here it's a wordpress plug and called pretty lane could really convenient and what you can do you just gets a free download on repressive plug in and you can add in uh oh, you know what saved griffin and we're gonna add instead of using our full girl which is kind of long that louis house dot com backslash two for one this is where we make it so you type in actual target your girl then you can make this whatever you want we've made two for one and then hit create I already did that so now in soundcloud instead of having to write down the full you earl of our post we just say let's howto come bless you for one metadata here's where we can say, you know whatever you want her to say right underneath your soundcloud from this it clear so we just want to have anyone who wants to download this to go to itunes so we just put in our year where all this is another pretty link remade get it right here so come such itunes does assad like a link redirect we set up so this people underneath the player will see on itunes and then on permissions we want to be able to any but downloads about people rebuild it downloaded um and we wanted to include in our process feed and you know pretty much we allow everything comments the only thing we're not doing is displaying the staffs unfortunately sounds obviously changed their steps so that they'd only shows sound club plays instead of your entire rcs feed so we took a true depiction of what your stats actually are total all over the world so we could save it uploaded while we were doing that's a short little files it doesn't take long and now we can go to our track it's live on sounds out is here we can play there go and then teo embed it on our sight we just go over here to the embedded we grabbed the code we go back to her post and our broads and we just haven't bet this right here we have a little note on on my show nuts where to put it or now I've got it in there and the last thing so this is the player the actual player and the very last thing that I do is a go ahead tio r s feed which is cause we host our podcast on sounds out and now that I uploaded it sounds out that episode is going to show up in our axis feed and I grabbed the your own here go back teo wordpress in a beautiful cloud and we recommend power press all they have to dio is um type in and our parsis it's there and as soon as we had published now on our blood post which we're not going to do today we'll do this tonight it seems we had published on it it's going to be published in all the directories itin stitcher soundcloud nestle process done appreciate it um so you guys can see that there's a lot of steps right after you record there's a lot of steps and I could see somebody being like, oh my gosh, like I could hear it in your energy like oh there's a lot of steps to dio um and that's why we have a guide for you that step by step how to do all this if you want to do it yourself you got for me this stresses me out like this stuff like christine loves this stuff and she's creative and she could do this stuff for me it stresses me out and it's not the things I want to dio with my time. So we've got the whole of step by step process and how you can do this yourself if you want to read it yourself or if you want to give this someone and say, hey, I'll pay you to do this I recommend focusing on the content yourself if you're gonna do your own so is there a question you would ask this question with quick quick question just to be clear, do you have tohave ah blogged in order to post the podcast to, uh, you gotta have somewhere to host it and post it can't just post it on your your host it's not gonna go there it's got to connect through some type of plug in or somewhere else on a blawg or a site where you can put that on and then do you check your stats there too? You check your stats in the host so they should have the stats wherever you're hosting lives and got a great stats. Soundcloud, you check the stats? Um, which is pretty cool to tell you where they're listening from. Which country? How old? They are in a list of demographics where they found it from where they clicked it from was from the iphone. The android was a blogger post where they heard it tells you all that stuff on soundcloud, which is really nice and wiping. Okay, that's it on the question. Yes, I got a question. She said that soundcloud no longer shows you stats beyond what sound on soundcloud. I just switched teo lipson and when you were saying you should be on soundcloud, it was like oh no I t on whatever works for you well I'm just wondering because why switch from lips and just from square space which is what I was using was because I didn't get download data and so I'm looking for something that's very broad it's tough you know there's no perfect solution you know so it's like you just got because unless you want to create it yourself and have like the perfect solution like we're using soundcloud because I like the best and there's mohr reach for me with the social network I've got like almost half a million people that follow me there on that hosting platform so I just want to get the distribution out that's what I care about um split comment so sound how does show you all of the statistics really in depth your audience just doesn't see the total amount of a place so that's the only staff that she like they see like the soundcloud downloads or something like that right yeah exactly only believe listen to me sit on soundcloud but sound clouds back and where you have access is the editor like you see as many steps as you want like a really great detailed stats so putting the other episode I want to go over this quickly and then if you guys wanna ask kristine any questions you know it's the title the episode the introduction of this show notes which we're going to war share with you guys in a little bit later, I think we're covering the marketing of everything, but put any other show notes is important for me. I'd like to send people back to something, so back the block to check out links about who we just interviewed. Uh, we pull out some quotes, christine will pull out of the top three to five quotes that that person said, we'll put that on the show notes where people can click to tweet those quotes. These are all things to get more distribution, which we're talking about here later. Um, and then to get comments, I asked, people hate leave a comment on the thing that you enjoyed the most about this interview or what opened up for the most or the biggest takeaway? Leave a comment on the block at whose house dot com slash two for one and this is kind of the anatomy. We broke it down into three parts. You can see it here, just the intro. We really tell people we have a nice headline, we go into the story about what this interview's about or who the person is, then you can see here you know, the top five questions that I ask in this episode, here's what you're gonna learn in the top five takeaways that you're going to learn. I have these clothes here that you click on those and you could tweet those out we'll put a video up um if it's an author we like to put their their book image and linked to it as well, plus other links to where they could go follow them on their website twitter facebook we talked about sponsors anything else we cover in that episode we'll talk about there and I want to see you guys have any questions for christine about this if you want to bring it back on sean's video see if you have any questions anyone did that make sense? Was it did it seem too challenging was it's like okay, you can see how you could do it it's cut you listen to it you cut it you exported out in the music the levels before we wrap up with christine we did have some questions about your show notes. Yes, I don't know if christine could go into a little bit more depth on the process of show notes I know you touched on it for a second. Yes, people were curious about that. Go ahead, christine your problem absolutely eso this I don't know what screen is that you know I guess it's just me but it does show that screenshot of show knows you want me to go back and show you oh joanie to my speed back on uh, okay, well, I have to say so with the show notes, we start the show notes it's just really a blogger post, and so I'm right. A blogger post, you know, was something's looks over it like what? You know, he he was talking about an introduction, how he found the guest or an interesting story of why I was in, you know, how it relates to him, or maybe just something relevant and interesting to start to tell a story because good logs, they're always telling stories. So you tell a story in the beginning, it's not really long, honestly, it's, maybe a couple of paragraphs, if that, and then you introduce the guests, you say why they're an incredible person of west into and kind of give a teaser as to what the episode is going to include and then put in the embed the player from sound loud, but a really nice picture of the guest. You know what the school greatness will go and quotes awesome quotes that the guest gave there's a really cool little state called clinton tweet that you can make any quote on your site. You just click it and it automatically takes you to twitter's that's easy for the guest toe just tweet it right from the shamans page to do that all the clothes then I usually put in the questions louis asks open and you know, highlights of what you're going to learn and so the most interesting point and then we included any links like anything that luis in the guest references during the interview I'll put in the link to that so it's really easy for the listener to just you know, I think we're talking about some cool guy about something I don't rember his name was go the shadows to find it and then we also include links to any of the guest books were products or website their social accounts and then obviously right now you know we're doing shout outs to our sponsors which right now we're just promoting our book so include the sponsor information links to that we're going by the book and then at the very end we always ask a question to prompt comments so like today the question I asked was what season of light for you in and you know what are you learning from it so it's just a way to engage the audience and I ask him say like we want to know bossom one more question that came in here from paddington bear in the chat room great great name love waddington says that this demo has been really great thank you, christine and pint and wants to know could you just recap really quickly? The things that you're editing out you mentioned lips max ums, the noise level, anything else that people should be looking for when they're editing? Yeah, it's a great question, so ums ahs lips next long pauses if you're watching a video, you won't notice it because you can see the person's body language they're thinking or they're shifting or they're looking at the interviewer, but on a podcast, you can't tell all you're hearing this silence, so even if it seems like a natural pause, cut it down to no more than like a second at most, because otherwise people are going to think that something happened to their phone and if it's not, you know, playing anymore, eh? So there's a really bad things, and then if they're obviously if someone's really stumbling over their words there's like a door slams the phone goes off just things that would distract from the interview on don't be afraid to edit out if somebody repeats like sometimes, you know they'll repeat themselves a few times and you don't really need that, so there's the mean things I edit out, everything else, we've been cool, thanks for staying appreciated to wrap up with things

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