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Start Your Profitable Podcast & Build a Brand

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Ways to Promote & Distribute Your Podcast

Lewis Howes

Start Your Profitable Podcast & Build a Brand

Lewis Howes

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14. Ways to Promote & Distribute Your Podcast

Lesson Info

Ways to Promote & Distribute Your Podcast

So here's a big one ok, how to get traffic and leverage your guest now you're the one who said I believe that you discover me from tony robbins interview, right? Okay, so how to leverage your guests again? Remember I told you guys that was like three hundred thousand dollars a month before twenty robin's, six hundred thousand dollars a month after tony robbins. So your guest I can help you get a lot of traffic and the reason I go after a bigger and bigger guest with big audiences, it's, because I want to leverage their audiences as well, right? I want to have them on. I want to share their story, but it's like if they can also share it could be huge. Remember had julianne huff on she's dancing with the stars? She's got like one point eight million instagram followers, and she posted a photo with me and her like, hey, go check out this podcast and has, like fifty thousand views on youtube video that she posted of of us and I got, you know, like a thousand new followers on instagram just...

because she posted a photo. So you want to leverage your guests as well, if you can, in a unauthentic way and get them to share the episode and the way they will show they share the episode if it's if you made them feel incredible about themselves, you made them feel comfortable you made them feel like they shared inspiring things they're gonna want to promote it to their audience, it's just another interview they're not going to share it you're gonna give them a lot a lot of value um and that just takes developing the relationship with the guests and that's asking them a lot of questions, not overbearing, not trying to have your own agenda, but making sure they feel heard and they feel connected with you again. We talked about this earlier creating a safe space you know, I bring I give them food drinks, unlike pampering people that come into my studio, I'm like I wanna make this the best experience possible when they leave I'm like here's more food, here's more drinks like what can I give you this just about being a good human being? I think, and going into building an email this this for me has been huge because I'll send a message out at least once a week for my podcast to my email list. And the best way to do this is to tell people topped in, I'll tell him to text the number, I'll tell him the often on my website I'll tell him the download a free guide I'm constantly trying to figure out ways for people to opt in for me that's where you get the most traffic when you can send an email out and they can click right there from the email how many of you have an email list already going to raise your hand okay cool how do you see the value of having an e mail list? Okay, awesome you want to do that with your podcast if they're listening to you for a thirty to sixty minutes get them to often they're connected to you already and I tell people to go back to the show notes what the end the podcast I say hey guys go back to lewis how's dot com slash to forty one the all the show notes I've got a special video with me in the host that you're not going to see anywhere else go there there's a free download that we talked about from this podcast to give them a reason to go back to the show notes and from there they can opt in and then remind them why they want to sign up for your podcast um you know put it on your side make it easy for people born remind them the importance hey you're gonna get this first we emailed out every monday we email it every wednesday we're gonna get notified before anyone else so sign up for the free newsletter you'll also get a free gift for signing up again I'm sending out weekly ah no, I'm talking about the new episodes I saw a story in each one so I'll tell a story about what I learned from this about who this person is some lesson some hook to keep people excited and want to click on it the subject line is important as well obviously I mean this is like email marketing one on one I want to create a compelling subject line so breakthrough the one issue that sabotages relationships then I'll start into the relationship conversation the story I tell a story about how you know I'm not perfect in relationships I've struggled with relationships in the past you know? I've had heartbreak so I'm telling a story and then I'm giving the significance of the story to have people click the link is below this you can't see it but that's for me ah powerful way to drive traffic for my podcast now what I was talking about view another thing is getting distribution so here is ah another way to drive a lot more traffic you got the social media aspect your email list you're leveraging the relations from the guests you have on hell hopefully they'll promoted to their audience and they'll join the fourth component is distribution so I'm currently getting featured every week an entrepreneur dot com yahoo health dot com which gets picked up sometimes on yahoo dot com home page was trying a lot of traffic elite daily dot com in a few other places, huffington post and few other places pick up the podcast, not build relationships with those sites over time, where I was writing guest post for them and I just said, hey, I've got this podcast, I can give you this as well for free if you can link back to the site. So I drive a lot more traffic through getting featured on other sites so you could find health blog's they just say, hey, I would love to be featured my podcast on your health log. Um, you know, the m m a guy or the boxing guy could find boxing websites say, can I be the official podcast of boxing one one dot com and find these other sites where you could feature your content, there's a lot of places that want free content, and if you have a well produced show, there were glad to have you on it's about building the right, finding the right knee shoes that you can position it, teo, and build those relationships. Does that make sense? Is anyone doing that currently where you're getting a show on someone else's, blogger or news site no one? You never thought of that before, no telling you its powerful if you build those relationships, so what about anyone at home? Is anyone distributing their podcast on other news site sweat him type in and maybe get backto the seconds or sixty seconds so if you're watching let me know I'm curious to see you wanna approach the site twenty feature not for me I was like, ok honest and rock tom would be the perfect one yeah who would be great? You know a well where places that would be great for you guys to be featured think about the blocks maybe paula for you you're thinking about like integrative nutrition dot com maybe they have a blogger institute institute of integrated nutrition which is for life coaches maybe they've got a blawg or something like that you know, a mind body green dot com you know, places where people are going that want this type of content may be for the bookstore stuff you're like the library association of america blogger or whatever the title is for libraries I don't know um and that's how I would go so start looking and doing the research that's your homework for tonight is to research the news sites that you want to get featured on. Another thing is other podcast asking other podcasters to talk about your podcast and doing a cross promotion. So if you have a uh a beer podcast right a beer and wine podcast nathan or ah bar podcast you would partner with a restaurant podcast a buddy of yours who has a rational podcast and say, hey I'll do a thirty second promotion for your restaurant pod cat business podcast if you do a thirty second promotion for my bar podcast is your cross promoting? You're getting the same type of mish audience that already listen to that show and now they're sure listen your show it's like a free trade, our free sponsorship trades in a sense question while you were mentioning that, uh, we have a viewer who wants to know, like, at what point do you feel like you're ready to start approaching other sites for deals like that? I mean, is that something that you can start right off the bat or should you have a certain number of podcast under your belt before you do that? I mean, you start whenever you want to think that if you want to get a result, then I would say probably twenty five episodes in and show some credibility show some high production value. Um, make sure your blawg looks good, so it's not just like a junkie looking belong, so that when they look at you and they do the research like, okay, they've done some stuff, they know what they're doing, so I would wait unless you've already got the relationship with the blawg or a news site um then you can say, hey, I'm gonna launch this podcast can we start featuring it? Run away? But if you don't have the relationship, it might be a little challenging, so we talked about getting the sponsorships another podcast and then repurpose ing your episodes for other platforms so, like, you know, here's example, so what we'll do is we'll repurpose the podcast, the same podcast, we won't edit it up all feature this is yahoo health and repurpose the articles is not going to the same article that I put my belonging it's going to the same podcast soundcloud feed, but I'm gonna rewrite the article and give it a different headline in a different story. So it's like a almost like a new article that gets featured on yahoo health, then just copy paste the article from my site over to theirs. So repurpose it with your podcast lincoln there. Does that make sense for everyone getting these news sites? They don't have any questions so far about what I talked about, tracy, who do you contact to start doing these things in the first place? Yeah, I mean it's a whole nother game, I mean, I'm constantly going to trade shows events, I mean, I am doing research like a madman on twitter and instagram, and I'm following these writers at all these sites, and then I'm sending them leads, I'm sending them um I'm like I'm asking them how can I serve you? How can I support you what's the big stories you're trying to write what's up a content you looking for for your sight and I'll send them experts if they're like oh he's someone on I don't know facebook marketing right now like okay, I got the perfect person for you and I make the introduction I'm just trying to add value to people that make the decisions that thes sites is as much as possible with entrepreneur dot com I have met the one of the writers and he asked me to write one article and then I wrote mohr and then I met the president launch manure and now I have that partnership but it's been like a three year journey yahoo health the same thing I knew the editor she was the editor at women's health magazine and she became the editor yeah, health and I just said, hey, how can I support you as you become the editor yahoo health what are you looking for? And then when she got all set up it's like when you need more content, just let me know and I'm happy to give it to you for free so I was just building relationships and reaching out to people researching doing that work questions what we talked about so far came in from online audience another great fun name from the chat room smurfy smurf e wants to know a couple of votes on this one as well for people that you've already made relationships with how do you go about keeping in contact with them without taking too much of their time? Because they say I'm a creep great people all the time and they want to talk and you seem to have a lot of friends but how do you find time to keep these connections and keep that you know, distribution deals or promotions with these people that you know it seems like it's really time consuming it's very time consuming, but it's, what matters? I think keeping relationships, you know, the key to go a little off topic here, the key to success in life, in my mind is relationships and the key to successful relationships is actually having them and being in contact and being open and supportive. So for me, I'm constantly connecting with people on my phone I'm calling people all the time just to check in and say hi emailing them with tweeting them, I'm liking things I'll send video messages people so for me, it's just a constant it's a feeling I don't know it's just like who haven't talked in a while and how can I support him so that's ah that's what I'm doing there

Class Description

Podcasts are a powerful medium for sharing your message and growing your brand. Learn the formula for launching one in Start Your Profitable Podcast & Build a Brand with Lewis Howes. 

Lewis is the host of the popular School of Greatness podcast and in this class he’ll show you how to start a podcast that makes money and grows your brand. 

You’ll learn about:
  • Differentiating your podcast 
  • Choosing a format 
  • Purchasing the right gear 
  • Recording and editing 
  • Promoting and marketing 
  • Options for monetizing 
You’ll uncover the anatomy of a great episode and learn about the specific, repeatable steps you can follow to produce them. Lewis will discuss the methods he used to launch his own popular show and detail how you can do the same. 

Podcasts are a fun and effective way to grow your brand, build your authority, sell your products, and connect with customers. Get a complete education for launching yours in Start Your Profitable Podcast & Build a Brand with Lewis Howes. 

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Wow! This was the first time I watched a tutorial in this format - and LOOOOVE It - The audience was great , love the interactive format and the small group , because everyone gets better interaction face time with the instructor . Of course , I love anything that Lewis does- and would love to thank him and Creative Live for the free month we received as a gift at the Summit of Greatness 2018. Also, before this I actually never heard of Creative Live, so I am grateful to have found out about you guys. Thank you to Lewis and Creative Live - I will for sure taking full advantage (in a nice way :) of my free access. Beautiful!!

Jason Torres

Absolutely EXCELLENT Creative Live course. It's funny because I was going through some old emails and I found a promo email to this course when Lewis was first promoting it. I missed out on it the first go around and so seeing this email made me curious if it was still being offered, and it was! I purchased it and went through it in two days (it would have been one day but I had other work to get done :-) Lewis is so amazing as an instructor, I really love how he gives great insight but doesn't see anything as being a "secret". He's all about getting things done through hard work and simply experimenting. He truly shares all in this course! If you are familiar with the podcasting world to some extent and are curious as to how to monetize your podcast, this is for you! Take it and enjoy! -JT

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