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Start Your Profitable Podcast & Build a Brand

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Is a Podcast Right for You?

Lewis Howes

Start Your Profitable Podcast & Build a Brand

Lewis Howes

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3. Is a Podcast Right for You?

Lesson Info

Is a Podcast Right for You?

So what I want to do is talk about getting set up the right way. So is podcasting right for you guys? You guys have your workbooks out what makes you guys are gonna fall along so what we're to do talk about is podcasting right for you so how many of you believe that podcasting is right for you and why do you think you want to do a podcast for those who are doing one or are doing one what is it? Malik malik ok, cool so I haven't started one yet but I'm a big podcast junkie has and I listen to a lot of them um what's your favorite three podcast yours of course. Thank you. Also like six figures side gig with mark coast us all nice I like you guys a friend of mine e I saw him in ah, another seminar and so I just started following since then there's a great guy started podcast and then another one was um I'm addicted to greatness oh yeah they've never heard of that one gets named though the guy he's from australia and I know that I did it to success you mean that you two successes like take...

the greatness stealing my thunder who did the success sorry, did it the success well, this is paul brown and gold brown e j I think you know so I think that the reason I want to start one is because I have a passion towards you know finishes towards my side and I want to share you know my opinions and I think I like podcast so much is because it's different perceptions know whether it's the guy that's that's doing the interview, the person who's getting interviewed and I think perceptions are huge on this world and I think seeing different perceptions on different peoples through their other other experiences it can really help you out with, you know your journey, you know, kind of seeing other people's mistakes, seeing other people's successes and seeing what you can kind of do in craft your own art you know, that's why I want to just on the outside, what do you want to gain from a podcast is doing yourself it won't be your goal, my main goal my main goal that just pops into my head is just get information out there help people out on what finishes I feel there's a lot of information on fitness and so just a place where they could no like this guy's trustworthy he has great guest on somewhere they can rely on great information I feel like there's so much information out there and finish what the end result for you though and result um honestly one helping as many people as I can figure out, you know, wife in this is important to them. Another one for personal business wise is also monetizing. And then also what? The whole branding thing kind of get my name out there. I like pockets, does a great job. But that and kind of getting your name out there. Okay. Okay. I like that that's. Good. Who else wants to share? Why they think it's for them what they want to do. Let's. Go, tracy on this one. Go ahead. Yes. So recently left my job. I worked in design and innovation, so I helped companies off some of the toughest challenges in the world. Like helping l a county redesign their voting system, going to the ted conference and helping turn people's genes into music for genentech. And I learned this skill called design, thinking and applying it to business. I realized it also applies to my life, and I could help people learn how to apply it to their own lives. So helping them understand that they can design their life with intention and also have the tools to do it. Okay, so I want to build a community of people who could do that for themselves. Why do you want to do that, why, because I think it's a superpower. They're they're powerful skills that can help change society, and I think that people are looking for answers and there's not just one answer for groups of people there's individual answers, and you need the process to be able to figure out how to do that. So how many people do want to impact with your podcast? Seven billion? Seven billion by when, um, a year and a half sounds good seven billion people. Yeah. Okay, I know how much you want to make with your podcast, you know? I mean, I want to make money. Wanna have a self sustaining business, but I also don't feel like I need thio make billions of dollars. Teo. Feel like I have success to make you want to reach seven billion people? Yeah. Ok, we'll stay. I'll give me a dollar. I guess that would be cool. Okay, cool. Thanks. Who else? Yeah, david. So I'm not doing a podcast myself, but I'm a design student and helping my brother law do his podcasts. And he's just started he's based in l a when he said help, what do you mean, produce saying I don't want help with the graphics. Cool, but I also like to immerse myself in the process, and so why not come here and check it out? But just being able to help him but I'd like to see this thing take off because I think his contents just awesome and he's just starting as it may be one or two episodes but I think he's the right person for it so I want to back out there come back in the right horse so to speak and it's just fun most of all it's just fun yeah, okay cool that's one more anyone else? Yeah. Why do you think it's right for you what's right for me and I love talking to people of interviewing people love having stimulating conversations and so many times I just have had amazing conversations where like I wish I could have recorded this and put it out there because I know there's insights and wisdom and experiences and stories in there that many people can benefit from ok, cool. Yeah, the hunger to do that. Okay, cool. I like it. Uh what I want you guys to do right now as I want you to answer three questions, I want you to write down answers to three questions. Um one is what's your vision for your podcast. So one is what you were going to some or kind of like workbook stuff here a little bit later but I want to just get a couple questions started, so write down what's the vision for your podcast what? How many people do you want it to reach? Uh, how many people do want to impact and by when I want to know the vision for your podcast with how many people who want to reach an impact and by when that's the first question, which is kind of like three questions in one um the second question is how long are you committed to doing your podcast for how long are you committed to doing your podcast for? And the third question is how much money do you want to make each year with your podcast? So the first question is your vision? What my vision for the podcast, the people on the reach second question is how long am I committed to doing it for? Maybe you just want to launch ten episodes you want done? Maybe, you know I'll do it every week for a year, five years I'm just curious and then how much money per year you want to make with your podcast? And if none if you don't make any money to podcast and you could say it's just for fun, you know, I don't make any so good and answer those right now and this could be briefer, but I'm gonna be asking your guys responses so again go and do those three things vision how long, how much money I give you as thirty seconds you have people in the chat room were already jumping in okay cool lots of variety and people's backgrounds in the chat room some people have been podcasting for a while a lot of people just getting started iris says he's trying to start my podcast dana says having done a podcast but I'm interested in starting one and then lawyer tim says that he started a podcast in twenty thirteen and it's sort of stagnated after six or seven episodes and he's looking to get back into it nice let me see these well that's really that's really lawyer tim like it looked that one up yeah I like it this solid shot right here is it and it's not happening cool um so who wants to share first there were three responses who wants to share my man malik was getting mike first off this thing scary man every time I touch his system heart starts beating really so it should come staying up here then one up yeah this makes it a lot there all right so for a vision now I'm not sure exactly how many people this would be but it's tough I want that the top finished podcast no eso again I'm not too familiar of how many people for downloads that is but a top one so when you go to itunes you see my within tanaka's exactly yeah that's the vision I want I went to one of two years okay, let's start off when I start I want to have the to be on top of the first one in two years. Okay um and then how long am I committed for it? At least a hundred episodes now I know that it's probably a lot more than that, but I think if you're trying to be the top in this podcast you can'tjust do ten gets to twenty got to at least one hundred ok? Eso at least one hundred and then mohr off that and then how much per year I was you know, again, I don't know the numbers, but if I could get fifty thousand one hundred thousand a year, that would be the goal. Okay per year. So that's where that's when I visit nohow now would you be willing to do that? All this work, no matter what it was just something they love one hundred percent, like you'll do it even if you don't make money, would you continue to do it? Yeah, finish this on the I'm going to do for the rest of my life. Okay, cool. Awesome. All right, appreciate it. Thanks, man. I appreciate it. Thank you. Yeah. Who else wants to come up? Yes, come on up jan, I'm gonna mike, okay, call hold this, okay, hi there. Hello thank you. Thank you for coming. Thank you for coming and coming up here. Vision. Okay, so mine is a little different than what I'm hearing, so help me through that help you through this. So I'm pitching an idea to a local bookstore that's been in business for forty years, and they're celebrating their fortieth anniversary next year. So the people that they're reaching for the community of writers and artists that they've changed their careers over the course of forty years, like they've really helped establish them so my in this city or yeah, oh, marin and his government so it's just a local podcast whatyou're saying yes, okay, yeah, and in terms of who I want to reach, its really like I don't know they have, like, nine thousand ten thousand facebook followers, so they have a strong, tight community of people on what I want to dio is ask like, interview all the writers and artists and asked for the backstory, but give us behind the scenes of how they have helped your career and changed your career in some way like in your life and give sort of those funny stories, okay, interview people, maybe six months, okay, two sort of generates a marketing for whatever event they do for their anniversary. Gotcha! You look at a podcast to promote an event yes to celebrate yes and then nothing after that you'll stop after the events done well, I don't know but I mean let's start there okay? I don't know and you'd be cool to do six months of broadcasting to promote one event and then be done potentially well so the way I see it is a lot of work is why I'm saying I know well and I would charge them like in charge I would charge them the bookstore yeah okay, but I would love to know like actually kaneda general like how much business can they generate from this podcast? I hadn't thought I mean really it's uncertain like if you think about it I'm using my gifts and talents to be of service toe like the bigger community because there'll be a lot of people that will jump on board and be like, oh yeah I totally love to tell you this story how many people would listen to the story? Why? I don't know I don't know I only have nine thousand fans and it's on ly local I mean how much could they get? I don't even know how to do that that's why I'm scared I'm scared okay? All right, well, we're gonna talk about marketing and things like that but it means that you get that small white audience and it's a small community I think it's going to be harder you could get specific results but things will be harder to really make it worth their time to pay you to do it potentially really it's just for one event but if you can show them hey, this is gonna drive sales to the bookstore every day then how can you show you gotta show me how you gonna do that? I can do that. Can't you get anyone you want? Teo I'm saying you gotta figure it out though and how are you gonna promote this these episodes? How are you going to get in front of the people that would show up to the store's gonna find those people you want to do all that work well, let's talk this through and think this trick is actually that's is this why I'm here? Yeah. Okay that's actually why I'm here to start a workshop that idea okay, okay that I can flush out like all right, well, this really look like, ok, we're gonna come back to I think a little later and talk about this let's talk about we'll come back to you and talk about that it's a little different than it was different myself different? Yes, like I do want to promote myself but actually is it like I have a little bit of a but you want to get paid to do it and I want to be hired as a an interviewee yeah, an interviewer, yes, call. We'll talk about that a little bit. We'll do that soon. Yeah, we're going to thank you. Appreciate it.

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Podcasts are a powerful medium for sharing your message and growing your brand. Learn the formula for launching one in Start Your Profitable Podcast & Build a Brand with Lewis Howes. 

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You’ll uncover the anatomy of a great episode and learn about the specific, repeatable steps you can follow to produce them. Lewis will discuss the methods he used to launch his own popular show and detail how you can do the same. 

Podcasts are a fun and effective way to grow your brand, build your authority, sell your products, and connect with customers. Get a complete education for launching yours in Start Your Profitable Podcast & Build a Brand with Lewis Howes. 

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Wow! This was the first time I watched a tutorial in this format - and LOOOOVE It - The audience was great , love the interactive format and the small group , because everyone gets better interaction face time with the instructor . Of course , I love anything that Lewis does- and would love to thank him and Creative Live for the free month we received as a gift at the Summit of Greatness 2018. Also, before this I actually never heard of Creative Live, so I am grateful to have found out about you guys. Thank you to Lewis and Creative Live - I will for sure taking full advantage (in a nice way :) of my free access. Beautiful!!

Jason Torres

Absolutely EXCELLENT Creative Live course. It's funny because I was going through some old emails and I found a promo email to this course when Lewis was first promoting it. I missed out on it the first go around and so seeing this email made me curious if it was still being offered, and it was! I purchased it and went through it in two days (it would have been one day but I had other work to get done :-) Lewis is so amazing as an instructor, I really love how he gives great insight but doesn't see anything as being a "secret". He's all about getting things done through hard work and simply experimenting. He truly shares all in this course! If you are familiar with the podcasting world to some extent and are curious as to how to monetize your podcast, this is for you! Take it and enjoy! -JT

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I just want to say thanks to Lewis Howes and the Creative Live team for this great course! Truly inspiring with great great value. Now it's time for work. Much love from Paris Yannick