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Start Your Profitable Podcast & Build a Brand

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Podcast Challenge Feedback

Lewis Howes

Start Your Profitable Podcast & Build a Brand

Lewis Howes

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Lesson Info

11. Podcast Challenge Feedback

Lesson Info

Podcast Challenge Feedback

We got some tweets here, some people tweeted in so our first one here is from rob lawrence, and this is at rob listening, inspirational, creative so let's let's, take a listen to this inspirational creatives absurd ninety four I'm tom evans, the host off the zone show podcast and you're listening to inspirational creatives this episode is brought to you by yesterday, all a weekend of campaign campfires, inspirational talks and adventure in a field near london in just a couple of weeks time me change makers and new friends this october learned mohr at yesterday. All dot com welcome to inspirational, creative I'm your house to rob lawrence. Join me every friday as I chat was successful artists, producers and creative entrepreneurs who share powerful stories and strategies they can help you to create the life that you want. Listen each week as thes inspirational creatives show you how to take your creativity to the next level. You'll learn how to create a sustainable business that inspire...

s others and gives you the financial freedom on lifestyle that you want. Thanks for listening, make sure you subscribe in itunes and sign up inspirational creatives dot com to get free, exclusive bonus material and now on with the show rob here and welcome to another short action episode ofthe inspirational creatives. In the short action episode, I'd like to explore why sales and marketing can be tricky for you when it comes to selling and promoting your creative work in absurd ninety three, I spoke with nonfiction in thriller fiction author joanna pen. Joanna is a new york times and use a today best selling author who has published more than fourteen books of her own as an indie authorship recently started make. Okay, so I don't get you guys feedback first. What did you guys, what worked for you? What didn't work for? You grabbed the mic and then stand up and then I'm gonna share my thoughts on it after I hear you guys, yes, I thought it took way too long to get started. Heard inspirational creatives like I think it was, like five times, and there it was at a really slow pace. I lost my interests like after the third one. Okay, cool. What there was what worked for you. Anything? Um, I thought his voice was interesting. Just the accent being in america, you know, having the english it almost on the scottish accent going on, they're awesome base that anyone else you know, go ahead one more, tracy, you don't stand up like I was just going to say based on our conversation earlier saying that there wasn't clarity I thought he did a great job like inspirational creatives I know what I'm going to get from the guests on then he did a great job of saying what me the audience was going to get from it there was something about strategies and then what they didn't like was yeah, there was a little bit of talk around um some event that was happening and other things and then when he talked about marketing strategies for authors I felt like it was a little off topic from what I expected but overall I thought it was interesting you know? Ok, what I noticed was I feel like he said the same thing three times or four times in the beginning I was like can I just say that when you set it in different way so for me that was kind of like you don't need those thirty extra seconds just get cut those out um I also didn't like the sponsorship right away the way he did it I mean, it was like disconnecting with me because he told what the show was in either the sponsorship that he told the show like two more times what it was um what I really liked it and it took like two minutes from to get into okay here's what we're talking about so I'd rather get into like here's what we're talking about for me personally I'm like I give a teaser that I'm like here's our sponsor and I get into it so for me I fucked that needs to be a better hook in the begining to keep someone there for the last two three minutes before even say okay today's guest is someone so I feel like it's challenging to really capture that attention uh, what worked for me was his voice was really cleaned, the music was good, the production value sounded professional to me, so it sounded like a real professional show um and that's what I liked about it. So great job rob on that, but I would say get into it a little bit plaster for future ones let's hear the next one here comes from at in this corner pod. This is the in this corner podcast, which is a podcast about boxing featuring top current and former fighters, officials, promoter's managers, trainers and more plus insider news all those port of boxing. If you're a fight fan, this podcast is a knockout now in this corner, your host, mike every wanted welcomed around forty nine in this corner, joining me on the show my television co host, the hall of fame heavyweight champion himself, larry holmes and we're gonna talk about something very special champ just got back from a tribute to mohammed ali but on by sports illustrated magazine honoring alley for thirty nine appearances the most ever on the cover of sports illustrated magazine larry got together with his old sparring partner his old foe and most importantly his old long time friend mohammed ali and others like george foreman shaquille o'neal and long list of celebrities we're going to give you a special insight into that special tribute to mohammad ali you want to know how the champ alley is doing well we'll tell you the latest if you haven't done so make sure to subscribe in itunes while you're there leave a rating in a comment and also follows on facebook as well as twitter and don't forget our main page in this corner podcast dot com for all of our exclusive show knows a lot of pictures and goodies and a lot of extras that all fight fans are gonna love now man with greatest left jab in boxing history hall of fame heavyweight champion of the world for larry holmes hey it's a knockout the eastern assassin beer you got a brand new beer named after you but I have one quick okay so we'll work for you what didn't work for you go ahead and stand up and use the mike please I felt like he was really true to his brand I mean I'd say the theme but it's clear it's more than that for him I loved all of the the sound effects the music it all rang rang true to what I know of boxing I'm not a fight fan sorry, but I really like that it might have gotten a little long right ahead of the intro into larry, but I didn't know there was I would've listened and that's kind of like I said not a white man awesome who else wants a share? I both liked and disliked the production value the beginning of the production value like the production the whole intro was really good I like that, but then when they went back into it to introduce the guest, I thought it was a little overkill for introducing the gas. That was just my opinion coming from a radio background there's a lot of overproduction that you've here in radio and podcasting I don't know maybe it's just my opinion of it's a little less produced for the most part, right? Right cool, awesome, you know here's the thing I want to make a point first that you can't please everyone you know you can't please everyone everyone's gonna have a different thing they're like about it they don't like about it, so for me it's like mohr what's effective what's not effective because everyone's either gonna like you maybe don't like the topic maybe you don't like the voice the production it's like when I want to say is do what rings true to you rings true got that do what rings true to you and do what you want to listen to essentially is like how I would say but you know, this is all good feedback so you guys can see who does different things uh I really enjoyed personally I enjoyed it worked for me the music was like I felt like I was getting into like the arenas like let's go about to take fight on I was like, yeah, but that's the my personality I'm like that when athlete like that I like the flow I like the process I like the introduction the music changes that kind of like the transition so for me it was captivating and I enjoyed it a lot. So congratulations on that one I never heard of it was a great one. So we got the next the last ones that we got it's our last one yeah, and this one actually comes from our very own in studio. Paula jenkins roars jumpstart your joy podcasts all right, I'm here hello, I'm paula jenkins a transformative life coach and retreat meter welcome to jumpstart your joy, a podcast that talks about the stories of people following their hearts finding work that lights them up and looking at how joy plays a part in their journey to learn more about this podcast, head on over to jump start your joy dot com and if you want to find out more about me, you can go to my website. Apologetic ins online dot com hi friends and welcome to episode three of jumpstart your joy. First, I want to thank you for all of your wonderful comments about the first two episodes. I'm so excited to get all of the amazing feedback from you guys, so keep the comments coming on facebook. You can check out the community at welcoming spirit, which is my blog's name, and if you haven't heard the first two episodes, please go back and have a listen for episode three. I am so excited to bring you an interview with matthew would. He is the supervising sound editor at skywalker it's, a sound editor, matt has gotten to work on a ton of awesome movies like guardians of the galaxy star trek into darkness, super eight and adventures of the young indiana jobs. And in addition, matt has gotten to work on the star wars franchise, starting with phantom menace and moving on to revenge of the scif and later star wars, the clone wars that also does the voice of general grievous throughout the star wars franchise, and he has a very exciting job of editing the next upcoming star wars film, the force awakens. Matt and I had a great time reminiscing about growing up as kids in the seventies and being so enamored with star wars world and I think any fan will delight in how he landed the role of general grievous and so without further ado I kick it over to the interview with matthew would thank you so much to matt would who's joining joining me today he's a supervising sound editor at skywalker and awesome all right, give her handkerchief theatre ginny it's not always easy to listen to yourself and know you're about to get feedback so I appreciate for for sharing so going to stand up and share what was effective for you what was in his effective going to stand up with the mike thanks for being brave enough to share this with this the intro is really cool because it felt joyful and you told us that you wanted us to have a joyful life so for me to intro worked really well it was short and sweet and you've got right into it um recapping the last couple episodes and getting into what today's episode is going to be about so I thought it was a smooth transition and getting right to what was important it sounded like your farther away from the microphone like there was some echo in the room so sometimes when I recorded an equity room all move into maybe the bedroom because there's a large bed and where I meant right now we have a hardwood floors all throw pillows down on the floor and I noticed that there's less echo when I do that I really liked how let me do the sandwich approach there's one other thing that I didn't like so much it was you were speaking kind of slowly and it kind of sounded like you were read I don't know that I was but I heard that was as we were listening to it as well. One other thing that I did like is that you related to your childhood and you're like we were talking about how we both like star wars and I was like, yeah, I remember from my childhood to those great so I was really really able to relate and that was very good what was effective for me was you sound incredible to me sounded you had a social proof you're like oh, this is my friend who worked on star wars and all these other things I was like, oh, this is gonna be incredible interview is not just some random person you know so incredible I enjoy your your softness of your voice I enjoyed you know that's like very calming, relaxing and your pace for me wasn't too slow but it was like, ok, this is who she is she's a lot she says she's a life coach is helping this so it's kind of like to be expected for me, so I would say a little bit of the, um, I think what could be more effective is better transition, because it sounded like you were pre recorded the interview. And then you added in the intro on a different mike. So I was just like, a different. It wasn't a seamless, so I could tell, and it may be knocked unconscious for people. It's kind of like a subconscious thing, like, oh, it's, not as well produced, so just look into that and see how I could make it more seamless and better pacing, maybe. And I think, it's great, so, yeah, congrats.

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Liz Todorovic

Wow! This was the first time I watched a tutorial in this format - and LOOOOVE It - The audience was great , love the interactive format and the small group , because everyone gets better interaction face time with the instructor . Of course , I love anything that Lewis does- and would love to thank him and Creative Live for the free month we received as a gift at the Summit of Greatness 2018. Also, before this I actually never heard of Creative Live, so I am grateful to have found out about you guys. Thank you to Lewis and Creative Live - I will for sure taking full advantage (in a nice way :) of my free access. Beautiful!!

Jason Torres

Absolutely EXCELLENT Creative Live course. It's funny because I was going through some old emails and I found a promo email to this course when Lewis was first promoting it. I missed out on it the first go around and so seeing this email made me curious if it was still being offered, and it was! I purchased it and went through it in two days (it would have been one day but I had other work to get done :-) Lewis is so amazing as an instructor, I really love how he gives great insight but doesn't see anything as being a "secret". He's all about getting things done through hard work and simply experimenting. He truly shares all in this course! If you are familiar with the podcasting world to some extent and are curious as to how to monetize your podcast, this is for you! Take it and enjoy! -JT

Yannick Amemavor

I just want to say thanks to Lewis Howes and the Creative Live team for this great course! Truly inspiring with great great value. Now it's time for work. Much love from Paris Yannick