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Start Your Profitable Podcast & Build a Brand

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Find The Right Guests for Interviews

Lewis Howes

Start Your Profitable Podcast & Build a Brand

Lewis Howes

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8. Find The Right Guests for Interviews

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Find The Right Guests for Interviews

Talking about the anatomy of a great episode and really had to find your guests, we're going to start with and then in a little bit we're gonna bring zane on, right? We'll talk about what we're gonna do with you because you're actually gonna interview me for a bit. I wanna hear everything you're up to is well, I want to talk about how to find the right guest. So how many of you said that you want to do interview style podcast? Just we know majority of u eighty percent want to interview sound so here's, how you find the best guess you guys ready for this that's? How you find the best guess in the world you find them, you find that just kidding. That's the first thing, though you got to figure out what type of guests you wantto have. First, you want to figure out who are the top of the guest for me, every criteria when someone someone asked, well, how do you get people on your show and what's the criteria for me? It's kind of like his gut feeling it's? Like, if they're not inspire me at ...

the biggest levels, uh, they're not doing something extraordinary if they haven't done something, that my money speaks greatness in their industry or in their in their world, then then it's probably not gonna be interesting from my audience so that's kind of like my gut check but for you it may be a little different maybe not sure what you wanna do but it may be different for you maybe for the health thing it may be different. You may want to find people that are who've lost fifty pounds and that's the people you interview our people have gone through a specific program it just might be different based on the guests. Um but you want to for the bigger interviews that you're trying to do you want to show them why coming on your show is going to be valuable to them? Because, for example, I got asked to come on a lot of shows and shoot this next one I could ask to come on a lot of podcast that are just starting out that have two episodes and have thirty listens and so why would I spend an hour, thirty minutes or ten minutes to go? I wanna show that's not gonna benefit me in any way when I've got so many of our other opportunities to do that where I can use my time better you gotta think about okay, what am I gonna get to this guest and every person I interview I reach out to them and asked and asked myself, how can I serve them at the highest level how can I figure out what they're what matters the most of them right now and usually that's a book that's something they're promoting and tv show with my audience? And so I'm looking for ways to reach out and email them are getting introduction that says, I'm going, teo, you know, I'm going to promote this thing that you're doing, the thing that matters the most to you and that's, where I come from that's, where I talk about and I start with the people in my network started people that already know when I started out was like my first twenty friends who are influential and that's why I reached out to I said, hey, we do this as a favor essentially cause I don't have that big what audience yet? And they did that with that gained credibility, I was able to get more and more influences on because of that, and the more recognition the show got, it was easier to get people on, so, you know, I've had some incredible guests here, some examples, but I started with people in my network, and then it grew into getting bigger guests crafting a great interview. So again, we talked about a little bit about you know, you could do it in person I think is the best way to do it because you can really connect with that individual in a powerful, more meaningful way. Some people might be terrified to do it in person with a big guest or a big influence or you may be maybe rather do it over skype so you want to see anyone you could just record audio and kind of, like, have your notes up on the computer and so that the guest doesn't see you're reading notes because it is an art sign. It's an artist of science, you know, chris, just introducing me. I was like, how do you remember all that? You know, when you introduced me in the beginning that sells like man you like said my whole bio, like you had memorized her and I was looking, I was like, is there like, uh, you know, a screen right there, he's reading off? Uh, so it's a little more intimidating in person if you don't feel comfortable memorizing things were like reading off a card and looking back up, you may not want to do it, so, you know, when I sat next to tony robbins for me, he was like he was like a hero to have on and I was a little nervous I spent like a month preparing for it because I knew it was going to be a person and I had a cue cards but I was still like, you know a little nervous so you may not want to do it in person for me I find it's the best connection I get the best questions out of them the best answers don't think about if it's in studio or on on your computer you want to really think about the questions because again there is so much information out there how many podcast let's do this how many show hands you listen to mme or than three podcasts a week different three different shows a week show hands with three different podcast shows yeah so how many listen to more than five shows a week not episodes but shows five different shows right there's so many different shows out there and let me ask you why do you listen to those shows? And so I listened teo probably about ten different shows variously on and each of them appeals to me for different reasons there are a couple of different categories that they tend to fall into their are show's about self publishing and people talking about their experiences beginning or like book marketing and also writing okay publishing report publishing it on dh then they're cem cem personal ones that just get into the personalities of the presenters there's one that I love called wild crazy meaningful life ah woman and pay smith and her wife they traveled around they've done a bunch of interviews with people working analyst ix and any a gram stuff it's just a variety of things okay catches my attention very good. Okay cool and the challenges you know there's so many great podcasts already out there right there's so many good ones and there's hundreds of thousands of podcast so if you aren't very thoughtful unintentional about your personality style, the content I'm assuming that if one of these episodes one of these podcasts if they didn't bring value to you or if you feel like they did a bad job interviewing or they're sloppy where it wasn't thoughtful you might be like and well maybe I won't listen to this the next time or maybe I'll think about it and I'm glad I'm the one that I know is going to bring me more entertainment humor, education, learning that kind of would you listen to a bad podcast over and over honestly there's some podcasts I give some slack too because sometimes they have a good show sometimes they have a less than less than powerful show sometimes the banter gets a little bit too heavy yeah interviews with the interviews but I often come back to those shows after awhile if I get tired of them, then I'll move away but I tend to commit to a show and stay with it for a long time gotcha. But if it's consistently bad would you stick around no okay if you give him some slack if they gave you some value on one or two episodes was kind of like an you'll still check him out right now and usually I tend to do a lot of binge listening to old shows so I'll catch up on the back episodes and find out if it's a show that I really want to follow and that's cool how many on how many rules does binge binge listening we listened like what? How many do you listen to a time david I just really got into the history of the roman empire and I just this one has over like one hundred seventy three episodes and I'm probably some somewhere in episode hundred wow, but I was able to answer some jeopardy questions from listening to this podcast you're on jeopardy no, no I mean we were watching it and you're like I know it right and I got all all of them regarding the roman empire so she's off that's pretty cool and got him all yeah, it was kind of fun. Okay, so it's just something like one hundred hours of time you've got five questions right on jeopardy wow, not bad teo payoff right? Yeah um okay, so the type of questions to ask it all depends on the show you know if you're a comedy show like my man aaron, you might ask different questions and your business show if you're you know journaling show if you're telling talking more about yourself hell show it might be different if you want to forget what is it that I want people who are listening to get from this and what I want them to do next? Do you just want him to listen to this episode and be done? Do you want them to take something away from this episode? Do you want them to subscribe to be so good that they subscribe they buy something from you and then they come back you want to think about these questions I suppose just let me do any interview and be done you want to think about the future of your podcast and how this is going teo support you in the listeners. So the type of questions that I ask um about my paan test they've evolved it's changed over time, you know as I've evolved as a human I feel like I'm able to and the things that I want a different than what they weren't three years ago I'm really looking to dive in deeper for the people that I connect with and I'm looking to ask really vulnerable opening questions that get people to share things they normally wouldn't share because I feel like that's what my audience is asking for so I'm listening to my audience and doing what they're asking for and I'm seeing what's responsive what helps spread the message and those type of questions that I ask so I'm constantly on the pulse of what people are saying in the comments when I posted on facebook or twitter or something on if they like something or not or if we're just connected with them or faith thought it was meaningful and that's what I'm looking for and I asked us to have the questions but I really like the open ended questions I really like asking people open any questions where they have to think about it and not just like a yes or no question but open ended share with me how how this made you feel? You know what did you learn about yourself when this moment happened? What was your experience like? No, so I let them share about it as opposed tio was this a good feeling yes or no it's more about open and let them share their story? I do ah ah lot of research on the guest before before this tony robbins interview I did I literally research for a month I probably watched ten other interviews that he had done with other people podcast tv shows around that time and I wanted to make sure that my our interview with him was meaningful and was completely different than every other episode he'd done every other interview, so I asked him questions that we're not related to the other ones that people were talking about, and I wanted to make sure that he wasn't answering the same way, so I kept it digging in a little deeper and digging in so that he would open up differently. And for me with that episode who has not heard of tony robbins just so I know is anyone not her twenty romans with that episode my and this is why it's important? Because with that episode, my my podcast traffic doubled over all month a month after that, before it was like my podcast school radiance was like before twenty robbins was on and after was when it really took off because I was so thoughtful, unintentional about the questions I was asking the research I did literally if my traffic was three hundred thousand downloads a month, I can't say what it was, but if it was three hundred thousand dollars a month before, tony was six hundred thousand dollars a month after consistently and continue to grow from that moment, and it was because his his team loved the episode so much that they shared it on his three million facebook fans and everywhere else online because it was that powerful then and share every other two hundred episodes that he did or two hundred interviews they shared some of them they shared that one because they were like, wow, this was incredible what he said because normally he just says the same things over and over and for me it was like because I was intentional and it takes more time it takes more energy but that's what's gonna take you two get your podcast the next level in my opinion is being very intentional about the questions you're asking how you're being with your gas is even more important questions set it up I think your energy on how you ask it and then how you listen could be even more powerful so anyone can ask how did this make you feel but to really know when to say it how to say it is a difference maker and that's just understanding people that understanding yourself being aware of the moment and that's why being prepared and doing your research is valuable supposed to just let me write some questions and asked someone the same thing it's about understanding what makes them tick for me is what's made my podcast I believe to be a lot more powerful than just asking random questions so I do a lot of research I haven't assistant that will read their book that will watch their videos and give me a full page overview off fun fax the most important things I need to know a list of questions that she finds are very interesting and powerful then she'll do a review with me for about sixty minutes before I'll do a four view on what she learned I'm watching videos I'm going over things as well I'm asking questions from that person's friends I'm asking what's a question that you've never asked this person or that you've never heard them answer I'm trying to pull those things out of these guests of mine and really get make it so they're like wow this is an incredible he did his research he knows me better than I know me that's the way I want someone to feel when I interviewed him I don't always do that sometimes it's last minute and it's not as prepares I want to be but when I I understand when I do that I feel much more comfortable and I get a better result so research the guest uh and and make it as unique as possible so especially the podcasting world so many people tell me if you guys noticed this as well so money you see the same people are all the same podcast right? They're all the same pot gas so how you gonna make that's different than the other ten podcast they were just on in the last month? How is yours going to be different? Why should people listen to yours when they were just on their other favorite show you gotta think about how I make this powerful, unique and there's some things I try to do that really do that. Um at the end of every episode, I try to do an additional kind of promo video where we do something unique. Has anyone ever seen this were all, like, do a thumb wrestling war? Someone or I'll do like a staring contest or juggling contest? I try to do something unique where I'm like I can record it and then share that online to show their personality in a different way from like you probably don't never done a staring contest with someone on a podcast I try to be like the jimmy fallon of podcast is like let's do something creative, I've done one on one basketball is someone you have done all sorts of done workouts with people and I record those his additional promo piece is, and I'll talk about how we deliver that later, but you were making unique and powerful not just the typical interview in my opinion and in the beginning of every episode you construction this how you want and when I say unique and powerful, I mean you don't to say what the way I'm doing it is just a format and you could completely mix it up complete changes, but I like tio briefly tell their background for people that don't know who this person is if you go right into it, sometimes we're just saying ok, give me your life's secrets or whatever you're trying to get teo without knowing a little bit of a back story I thinkit's powerful when you share that um but you could start with a jeopardy game you could start with like, okay, we're with david and um tell me the roman whatever you know, the roman history stuff and you could do like a game you could do okay, we do a rapid fire q and a from the beginning before we actually do the intro you could do something you know you could do the game where you're like when I say a word tell me the first thing that comes to mind before you even get into the episode you do something unique and different you don't follow the format that I'm talking about I just like to start with their background tell me a little bit about your story before we get into it but I think there's room to be creative there's so much room to be creative and like I would love to see people do something different because I think that's what's going to be make something successful sally hogshead who's er got a book called fascinate howto be a fascinating she said that different is better than better and the more different you khun b is going to stand out and make you better you want to try to be a better podcast, just be different and it's going to stand out? Uh, I personally like to talk to about their struggles, because for me, I find my listeners appreciate to hear the rial vulnerabilities struggles about their experiences, their life, things like that again, it may not make sense with a brewery podcast or business pockets and may not make sense to talk about the struggles because you may be talking about a different format here, the steps, maybe different type of information, but as an interview style podcast, that's, what I like to talk about and follow the natural flow of the conversation for me, you may have something planned, you may have all these questions one time I just asked one question I had hold this the questions I just asked the first one, and then I didn't ask anything else that I had planned because it went somewhere else, and I allowed myself to stay committed to what they wanted to talk about in the flow and then end up being an incredible podcast as opposed to me being like, well, I have these twenty questions and I need to stick to my script like it doesn't matter, you can throw the script out at any time, this is just for your prepared because some guests aren't that good. You try to interview some people and they're very short they don't give you anything so you gotta figure out how I gotta pull something from them and the script is good to have just in case you need it question tracy with the mike okay, I just had a question what happens when you do have that interview where they haven't said anything that you think is valuable and you've set it up like I'm going to put this out there and it's sex I want to put it out there how do you handle that on the back end though I mean you do it with the best integrity you can I can't tell you how to do it I mean I would say be real be honest um have you ever had that happened and how did you handle it? You know, I have put out everyone I've interviewed I put out there was a couple where I was like, I shouldn't put this out and then um and, you know, putting them out anyways and I was like, man, although how people would react to this and then people will like this one your best episodes and they're like, I really loved how he said this but she said this looks like really I was like, I didn't find any value in this so you know, you never know what people are gonna like also so think about that maybe they connect with that type of message in a different way, but there was too that I was like, man, I just did a horrible job, I felt like I was off completely I felt like I was stumbling over my words I feel like I didn't get anything out of them, but people loved it and I was like, okay, I guess you know what? I know it doesn't matter I guess I don't know, so I'm not gonna answer a question, but I think I think if there was one, that was really bad. Um, I would just be like, listen, I can't put this out that we didn't even need to redo this like I have a certain standard, I just know my audience is gonna connect with this, maybe I'd pull it off on me like I know my audience isn't gonna like this and I want to make sure I put you in the best light, so I can't put this out there should we reschedule it? Or maybe we should wait till another time now you want to be in his integrity is you can't obviously, but we're just say you suck, you know, whatever you know, whatever you can do it, but I think you want to win the best integrity you have let's, go over here I saw a question first I'll come to your in faras the questions do you mike? Yeah do you email them ahead of time or what do you do to prep an interviewing great question I personally don't unless they ask and then I say I'd rather not send it to should be as in the moment as possible some people will say I need to see the questions beforehand and I'll respect that and I'll send it to know a lot of people sound to me and I don't like to look at him when I'm being interviewed because I want to be is authentic in in the moment of what I'm feeling is supposed to scripted otherwise I'd be like, okay, what I'm gonna say they're you know, listen in some ways it's good to see it so you could be like, okay, I want to make sure I talk about this thing but I personally don't want a script in my mind beforehand, so maybe I'll glance of the questions but I won't really think about it too much just like okay, yes, yes, yes, yes yes got it got it all right, now I know that I'm gonna be talking about these type of things, but I want to be is really in the moment as possible if it makes sense aaron, you got the mike in addition to open ended questions, how do you open up a guest that like kind of has their barriers up and gives you a short of answers as possible I will let you guys answer that if someone was guarded have their arms crossed you know and wasn't sharing um it was shorts and was giving you b s answers how would you guys how do you think would be the best way to get them to open up? Go ahead, raise your hand and stand up but yeah, I think there's a few things um actually just this video with tony robbins just comes to mind where he talks about mimicking and if you go ahead and do and talk the same tone they may even feel more connected to you with that if you're able to just do so culturally but I would just make him laugh so they open up and then go with that make him laugh. Okay, what else would you guys do who was going to stand up? I might ask them just like I might ask him just to breathe I mean like take a breath with me let's get grounded like let's maybe start over and maybe also ask them a question that's just off the charts like tell me about your child just because you can edit this afterwards clearly I take too long to do this but maybe ask them something more personal and have them or call him out on it hey, it seems like you're really reserved what's going on when we break the ice here okay have you tried that um in coaching s not necessarily I'm not in an interview. Yeah, I'm coaching I think that's brilliant yeah like all people out like what's the moment yeah let's break through that like one hundred percent in the interview I think you might offend someone. Okay, I'm just speaking from my experience and my my gut about that if if you were like if I'm trying to tell you and give you a good interview and you're like you know what you're sucking right now like let's just get grounded tell me about tell me about your childhood I never liked you, terri ask you like I feel like you may I feel like oh, man do I really suck that bad? I start analyzing myself like, oh, I thought I was giving like a good interview so I think you want I think I do those separately not all want depending on the person I wouldn't do that with you I like three percent I like that that's good um let's see, you ought to see what anyone else has to say I think it's a good good suggestion anyone else man um so what? I actually had this incident when I was training someone the other day and she was house where your goals lose weight, you know? So she was she was opening up, so I did was just again dropped the script, dropped everything, and what I did was just get to know her very well, so I was like, you know, just ask for her experiences within this answer her, her past thoughts on it, what she thinks of it, what she thinks her future and finish, we'll kind of be like, get to know the person, and then once I got to know where I was able to kind of find, I will come back, I guess I can trigger points with trigger points to know what she finds funny, what kind of like gets her angry, what makes her happy so getting to know the person a lot more, okay, so asking, you know how you said open ended questions kind of throwing one of those in there, you know, get another person. Mohr yeah, that's amore question, but yeah, I think they're all great suggestions, and I'll just share with you what's work about the best for me if someone's being cold or I feel like they're scripted or whatever, maybe they're not opening up as opposed to I don't think it's good to like tell them like, hey, you're not really opening up personally, but I don't want to make someone more guarded in the middle of an interview I think, um, if that's happening, what I do is think of why are they not opening up how my being that's having them be closed off? So for me, the best way to get anyone open up and be vulnerable or just share is that for me to do it first and so I'll say something like, you know, when I was, you know, when I was and third grade, I got picked on really bad, like I got picked last for playing in the dodge ball game with my school, and I remember being so angry and upset and feeling like a loser when I got picked last in the dodgeball team, and I just really struggled with that growing up, you know, I was really driven to prove people wrong because I was picked last in this experience. Could you share something? Or maybe you felt like you weren't really being accepted or you were picked last in something that really upset you are really just made you, you know, confused or upset about anything in your life? Could you share some of that? And so what I'll do is I'll talk about it first, and I'll be I'll create the openness if I'm just like answer this answer that you know, tell me this tell me that without being open why would they be open back to me when I'm just like this hard shell or something right? So you know, you want to cry on the podcast or you're going go like crazy, but I'm just saying like share a vulnerability be open in some way so that people feel that warmth and they can be opened back too that's the way that I would do it and that's the way it's worked for me it may not work for everyone but I think it works in any conversation if someone opens up to you first, do you feel like you can trust him a little more right if someone says something that's like vulnerable would you say like okay, I can maybe I could share a little bit about what I've experienced right? Um and also you want to set them up toe win so I think I have this in here somewhere but want to set them up to win me see what I have here next, make sure um I'm gonna be talking about it later, but you want to set them up to win before the interview so what I ask people I'll do a grounding before the interview every interview before and I say, okay here's what I want you to expect like people get the best responses from the episodes I do when people open up when they share the struggles when they share the secrets when they dive into a story and it's not a surface answer. So I'm committed to making this the best interview that we can possibly make it together and I want this to be an incredible experience for you and in order to do that we're gonna have to go there are you open to that and I'll ask them are you open to going anywhere and everywhere? And I'll say do I have permission to ask you anything and everything I need teo to make this the best interview we can possibly make it that's the question I ask I ask for permission and that way if they say yes you can ask me anything you want to go anywhere and everywhere cool I know that he or she is ready to do whatever it takes to make this a great interview maybe that's like were laughing the whole time maybe it's were crying maybe it's were both I don't know, but I want to know where it's gonna go and have the permission to ask anything and them not be shocked or guarded. Um I also ask them a question which I think is really important to ask every guest is there anything off limits that we talked about so maybe someone doesn't want to talk about their divorce or their, you know, a death in the family or there's some might be something that's really hard to talk about that, like, you know what, that's? Not why I want to go over right today don't talk about other things. Cool. I respect that. I won't ask it just to let you know that my audience loves it and they're going to share it. Mohr when if we did dive into that, sometimes I'll try to persuade them to open up and everything. So everything is on the table. Um, but sometimes it's not. I think those two questions start off are really important. Are you committed to making this the best interview? We can possibly make it for me in order to do that. Um, do I have permission to ask anything and everything to make this the best ever? And is there anything off limits? I guess. Kind of three questions, david, have you, like, had any challenges in this a particular part of the interview? And if so, like, what did you do besides those initial grounding questions? Like, was there any particular experience you could say, like, oh, I turned it around at this point or something? Like that I mean, there was a couple interviews I did where there's like those two interviews that I did but I didn't think I was gonna post because I was like, man, I knew you didn't do a good job um I ask those questions in the beginning and I felt like it was more I was off like I wasn't able to like focus and stay in the moment and asked the right the right questions so I always I take a hundred percent responsibility for every episode how they end up and I just realized like I didn't create a great enough relationship with them beforehand for them to trust me open up I didn't ground them enough the right way and I didn't set it up the right way where I wasn't being president listening the right way so I don't blame any of the guests I have on I take responsibility and I'm like man, I just wasn't feeling it today you know it's like I'm doing so many interviews constantly I'm running my business I've got employees and you know, running around the country so it's like sometimes I'm just like man, I wasn't there today um one of their answer that question but you win the one on one basketball um you know it's interesting uh or did you let them win? Uh it came down to the last point and he and he won but there was other factors involved, so I'll leave it at that okay, so I've got the audio clip here and I'll just share with you guys what this audience this clip is interviewing someone you can see kind of how I asked these questions as well. Eso let's talk a little about who you are you're director of how many movies have you directed? I've directed seven movies now he's like main feature movie studio features in the last seven years so about a movie a year on only thirty five is that right? Yeah thirty five and uh but I feel like you know, when you make a movie you don't feel like that much time has passed but then you realize oh, shoot him thirty five field twenty eight but theo but no, I mean seven movies different genres from documentaries too, you know, like the justin bieber movie to the step up dance movies to g I joe action in films s o we have ah, big range of movies that I do and but it's been a fun fun writes amazing what's the new movies coming out you have yes, right now I mean it's an interesting challenge I'm going to movies at the same time so I have two very different movies I have jem and the holograms okay, just based off of the eighties cartoon okay that's one audio we've got two more otto's want to share with you guys again this is kind of like early banter right? This is me kind of like telling them what they're doing what they're up to it's it's creating the relationship to make them feel comfortable in the beginning was supposed to like tell me your deepest darkest secrets in the beginning that may not work for people I don't think of what's gonna work for people and I'm talking about what's happening right now in his life like he's creating these movies he's created past movies that's the director they just had on and you listen to this morning right and that's kind of how they got it started how did you notice where did you notice about how he was talking what did you notice about his his energy show of hands who wants to share yes nathan you could tell he's pretty relaxed you can hear him laughing even with you and I can hear the smile in his voice okay cool so probably you greeted him with a smile on a handshake maybe when he came into your studio that morning so I don't know I mean you're the teacher but it just occurred to me that even before you start recording it's probably important to start it off on a good note absolutely so when someone comes into my studio obviously is different over skype you got I try to pull up the video first on skype and have like ten minutes of like hey what's going on how you doing? Hope everything's good beforehand and ask those questions but if it's in person on they come to my studio I'm offering food and drink we've got like a spread usually for people that come back I want him to feel welcome um you know my assistant will do whatever she can will get make him tea coffee we like really wanna make him feel special kind of like when you come in a creative live they really hook you up make you feel special that's the experience I want to create like make them feel like okay, cool I feel at home I feel comfortable to share anything I want teo it's not just like I let's get in the studio and record its building relationship going on report early on um so thanks for sharing that let's go into the second audio since you were twenty since your first film that was on you know, in theaters when was that first film? What year was that was in two thousand eight so that there's a period of time when after the steven spielberg staff after getting connected to a big movie it's soniya come connect like five movies at different places studios around a town from warner brothers sony to all these places I actually did make a movie for five years and well I didn't make anything for fight I would develop those movies you know work with writers to get it into shape it's called development hell is not is not producing that's that's developed that's developing your I mean your attached hey breck so when those movies get greenlit your the director but as a director that's part of your job is to shepherd the project but you can shepherd something for ten years you could step in for him and you don't ever go out oh my goodness so those five years is it you know, twenty two year old kid coming into this world and and and sort of coming in with a bang and then actually not making with a record of every year goes by you're like oh this this next year we're almost there were like so close on this project for questioning and doubting yourself people are questioning you people like oh yeah that's that kid that five years ago does something that hasn't done squat so you feel that pressure you feel that ah I went through a lot going through there but you but I survive and you persevere through that you have you know, great friends a great family who are there to keep you on your during that point and ah and so my first movie was so actually what happened was I got a script gonna play one more to final questions one is with all the stories you've told with everything you've said you put out a lot of great content if it was all erased, everything was gone and you have a piece of paper where you had one final video sixty second video that you got to put up on youtube channel is the only video that people ever saw of you ever again yes, it was a three truths that you know to be true about your experience from making movies life everything you've seen and done three truths that you would give back to the world hears the final three things that you need to know about what you can do to be a you know about the world what would you say as your final video? Three those three three truths about what you've experienced in life, the things you know about it and what you would want people to take away if that was your only message you can give them um well one would be okay you have to listen to it to see what he says. So um so that's kind of like the beginning, the middle and the end of the floe building the report the beginning is kind of like laughter we're kind of like, hey how's it going, you know, but I'm building up that report and they can feel comfortable then I'm asking questions more about their story. In the journey through out at the end, I asked a few different questions. It's, kind of like, give me the meaning of what, like is all about you. If this is your final message that you want people to hear about what you think, that's the question, I asked one of the and one of the three truce, and I just want to hear what they come up with. Everyone has something different, but I'm tryingto trying to prep them for these moments, to try to really give the essence of what they believe is true in their heart and what they know. S o for me, that's, the process is really giving that in creating experience.

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