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Start Your Profitable Podcast & Build a Brand

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Purchase the Right Equipment

Lewis Howes

Start Your Profitable Podcast & Build a Brand

Lewis Howes

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6. Purchase the Right Equipment

Lesson Info

Purchase the Right Equipment

Let's, go into equipment again. You guys saw that? My, you know, I just recorded this. You're going to hear the quality of it, uh, later today, but I just used my iphone and you can definitely do that. I remember one time I interviewed a guy named bob harper, who is the host of the biggest loser, this show on tv, and I was like, I love to interview I worked out with him did crossfit a lot with him, right? We're in the same gym in west hollywood, I was like, hey, man, I'd love to interview you for my podcast was, like, cool let's, do it. I've got ten minutes like, I'll be ready in ten minutes. I was like, okay, I thought we'd schedule this and we literally, like, went in the office, look, shut the door of the crossfit gym, and I put my phone on the table like just between us, I wasn't holding it up to him. I just put on the table press record. We're talking about this far away and there's, like, you know, bar bell slamming everywhere. People are coming in and out of the office it's like...

the audio's, not good at all, but it still came across as authentic and a great conversation so people and I told people, hey, listen, we just shot this in a gym, so there's some noise, it was kind of cool, though, is like, oh are in this experience where we're in the middle of the gym, right? So people will forgive you for that if it's not the best quality, if it's if it's still great content, you just gotta set people up because I have, you know, some of the best equipment, you know? This is what I use right now, I have another mike that I use for a while, but I'll get into in a second, but I use this and literally the reason I like this is because I can set it up here, it's kind of like the helicopter pilot, but I can set it up here, and I can move around, and the mic is still with me, whereas my man back here who's got the mike down here holding it, you know, when you're when you're working with a guest in studio look silly when you're working with a guest in studio, and I would just have ah, stand money course, just be right here, and they'd be sitting, they'd be too far away from it, they would be like, talking to the side, and so I just started to get the headset, so I just put it on the guests so they can they can move all they want is still to be right there for me that's what works and you can also relax and sit back in the chair as opposed to leaning forward over mike the whole time. Um, because I always have to be like, like pointing to speak into the mic, you know, make it a simple is possible for your guests if you doing interviews like that and tell them before him, even when I say you get close to the mic before I had this, they would for the first second and they pull away, so I make it as easy as possible. I love the headset mic, um, I'll get you guys the numbers for this, like the serial number for this and a little bit, but here is some basic stuff you can spend fifty bucks and sound really like a pro, right? Ah, you can spend three hundred bucks and sound like you're recording artists and there's so many good things. I mean, I love to just go to guitar center and like, play with it at all because I'm kind of a nerd now and I'm always looking for new stuff, but you can literally just use the iphone and sounded great on the mic I'd like to take a travel mike with me. I take this now with me because it's easy to pack up when I could just wrap it up. This is thie. This is all I need. Is this mike right here? This headset and it could be a little simple. Micah's well, I don't need that. Um, and then I I use this is called the focus, right? This scarlett too. I too, scarlett to I to I don't know if you're zooming in here, but you guys should see this scarlet focus. Right? Scott, this is, I think, one hundred thirty bucks, one hundred fifty bucks. And this is what connects into my laptop. So I connected to my laptop with court back here. I don't mean the cord, and it goes right in my laptop usb port. This allows me to adjust the audio levels for my my mic. And if I have a guest, I complied. Another one in here and it's. Pretty simple. You just adjust the audio and each one where you wanted to be the right levels. And you have that I like to just take, uh, I used to just take a travel mike, though without this and it was fine software. The thing I've been using since day one is a free software called audacity you could use garage band which I believe is free as well I don't use that but I use audacity it's completely free it's so simple it's literally like voice memo on your iphone you just press record and that's it and you export the file um and and you can get that on dot audacity I believe audacity dot com to get that studio set up so you want to think about where do I want to record from because if the room is not quiet enough you're going to hear an echo you're gonna hear tennis so if you want to really step it up the next level you could have the whole egg create things on the walls and make it a nice studio just wanna make sure that it's quiet as possible because if you're mike is not quite enough it will pick up I have a studio in my my place I've got like a three bedroom place so one bedroom is for me another bedroom is foreign office and the other bedroom is for my recording studio um you can do it in office you can rent a space but I try to just do in my place as much as possible this is my studio this is where I do it this is one of the rooms this is the headset mic that I use and then this is the version with the other stand like called a hell pr forty and I like this for a while. But then I was just like leaning over so much that I wanted to go to relax and and lay back a little bit. So I switched from that. But this is a studio that I use pretty simple. I don't have the aid creates on the wall for me, because it still sounds good enough and and that's, how you go from there.

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Podcasts are a powerful medium for sharing your message and growing your brand. Learn the formula for launching one in Start Your Profitable Podcast & Build a Brand with Lewis Howes. 

Lewis is the host of the popular School of Greatness podcast and in this class he’ll show you how to start a podcast that makes money and grows your brand. 

You’ll learn about:
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  • Purchasing the right gear 
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You’ll uncover the anatomy of a great episode and learn about the specific, repeatable steps you can follow to produce them. Lewis will discuss the methods he used to launch his own popular show and detail how you can do the same. 

Podcasts are a fun and effective way to grow your brand, build your authority, sell your products, and connect with customers. Get a complete education for launching yours in Start Your Profitable Podcast & Build a Brand with Lewis Howes. 


Liz Todorovic

Wow! This was the first time I watched a tutorial in this format - and LOOOOVE It - The audience was great , love the interactive format and the small group , because everyone gets better interaction face time with the instructor . Of course , I love anything that Lewis does- and would love to thank him and Creative Live for the free month we received as a gift at the Summit of Greatness 2018. Also, before this I actually never heard of Creative Live, so I am grateful to have found out about you guys. Thank you to Lewis and Creative Live - I will for sure taking full advantage (in a nice way :) of my free access. Beautiful!!

Jason Torres

Absolutely EXCELLENT Creative Live course. It's funny because I was going through some old emails and I found a promo email to this course when Lewis was first promoting it. I missed out on it the first go around and so seeing this email made me curious if it was still being offered, and it was! I purchased it and went through it in two days (it would have been one day but I had other work to get done :-) Lewis is so amazing as an instructor, I really love how he gives great insight but doesn't see anything as being a "secret". He's all about getting things done through hard work and simply experimenting. He truly shares all in this course! If you are familiar with the podcasting world to some extent and are curious as to how to monetize your podcast, this is for you! Take it and enjoy! -JT

Yannick Amemavor

I just want to say thanks to Lewis Howes and the Creative Live team for this great course! Truly inspiring with great great value. Now it's time for work. Much love from Paris Yannick