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Day 1 Workout Begins

All right, guys, so today's work out we're going to go for time so we're going to set the amount of time that you're working and I am going to be a little flexible about this just because this is our first kind of interaction together as a group on I want to make sure you guys feel super successful at the end of the day, right? Ah, we are going to put fifteen minutes on the clock we're going to do something called a am wrap a m r a p it stands for as many rounds or sometimes in some situations repetitions as possible a m r a p m wrap right and we're going to set the clock for fifteen minutes I'm going to say three I already is like here we go I got this okay, fifteen minutes and once I say three to one and go, you guys were just all going to start working at your own pace. You guys were going to perform twenty air squats, then you guys are going to perform ten push ups then you guys were going to perform five squat thrust box jumps, so I'll repeat that again twenty air squats, ten push...

ups, five squat thrust box jumps and you're simply just going to keep spinning the wheels until I call time I would like you guys to keep track of how many rounds you get that's going to equate to a score and izzie equate to ah total volume or a total repetition count any questions? Twenty ten five twenty ten five air squats push ups squat squat thrust box jumps yes you guys ready? Because nervous I see I see some I I see some ready stay ok, let me see I got this wash specifically for you guys so I can have a timer let me make sure I know how it works. Okay, I'm on it. Okay, guys ready? Here we go three, two, one and go keep track of your rounds keep track of your rounds these ah, weight in your heels chest up I back nice and flat open the knees out a little bit more even more good. I want you guys to imagine that there's walls on the outside of your knees and as you guys were sitting down you're actively trying to drive those walls open and out. It'll help you maintain pressure in a good direction. Good wait flat on the floor or wait flat in your feet make sure the feet aren't rolling out to the sides when you do that we want to kind of find a balance between the two excellent keep going keep going make sure you get over for now drop down I made it so much harder, tio but and step down make sure your opening that hip all the way on top so tall how tall can I be good and then step down and use this first round guys that just start getting the rhythm get the motion going nobody needs to be super fast right now here we go there we go nobody needs to be crazy fast used this first round of feel it out and then as you guys get ok I know what this feels like now I'm going to enter my second round and just try to make it smoother how can I make everything smoother you know see if we can fix this walls on the outside of the knees pushing out against those walls excellent make sure we're standing tall on top the box you guys are two minutes in good okay and then you guys that are in your third round let's start to see you no one's in the third row are we still in the second round see how fast it goes in my mind let's go a little bit lower and your push up keep going lower lower how low can you go I want one inch from the floor go and he's out mohr chest up good and when we jump out to that plank position make sure we're still holding nice intact we don't want to see any saggy hips or back no saggy hipster back or three minutes in guys god okay now that are we thought this is third round yet excellent let's start speeding it up a little show me what a little speed looks like in these squats no I know let's go a little bit lower hip crease bolognese let's try to gas it up a little bit a little more fuel little bit more fuel you could go faster god excellent nice over your hands a little bit more feel more pressure in your knuckles feel more pressure on the knuckles when you're doing the push ups try to feel the pressure evenly across the palm if you're just waited in your heels of the palm be like that's a problem I need more weight in your knuckles top of your hand good jobs then tall in the box for me so squeeze that but a little bit I got you when we get tired the brain starts to disappear I understand jim bob if greece bolognese keep sitting good push those knees I'll keep the chest up trying not to fall too much here we go there you go just keep those arms out in front of you and then keep him a little taller it'll help you maintain your position well you guys look great we're five minutes and now look at that way are fantastic how do people exercise for an hour? I'd understand good and now as we start to get tired this is when the heat is on make sure you guys are just starting to fall into these spaces right will always want to practice good positioning excellent chest all the way down all the way down that's his stand tall in those boxes for me but everybody steps down good it happens to everybody yes and here's what we're going to do guys ten christmas is coming early we're going to stop at ten minutes you guys have three minutes thirty seconds left on the clock three minutes thirty seconds left on the clock christmas came early the tactic of yours or it could be you'll never know you guys will never know these out keep moving good think good positions guys good position guys there you go atta boy good job saying those heels don't let yourself go forward I know it's getting tiring we're almost there we are almost there thank you there you go stand up tall in the box we got two minutes ten seconds left on the clock hang in there here's the gold guys I want you guys to try and get another two full rounds in there let's see if we get two more full rounds how fast can I move well stay in good shape sit down lower oh not a squat oh there we go good job keep going keep going we're almost there good can you move faster? What does that look like ninety seconds guys hang tight with me we're almost dead very nice up front I like what I see keep moving just find a rhythm slow down but don't stop slow down but don't stop good job up front I like what I see watch the foot watch the footing both feet fully on the box there we go both feet fully on the box we got fifty five seconds left on the clock fifty five seconds thirty seconds left on the clock hanging in there try to finish your around twenty seconds fifteen seconds everybody goes tell the buzzer and three, two one time! Alright guys. Nice job, let's. Give each other a high five real quick high five high five your friends guys, get a sip of water. Nice work! Nice work, let's. Put the boxes back to the side. Let's, pull out a ad, matt from the corner over there and let's let the heart rate and breath settled before we go. Horizontal! Excellent! Yeah, we're gonna fix this for two growing pains at school. It's okay, all right, guys, catch your breath catch your breath. Get some water. Quick, simple water. How many rounds that we get through the squats in your fifth? How many rounds I was on? The fox is on boxes on the fifth, I think I was in the six how about over here? I didn't puke that's a score that is definitely a score. So, you know, just keeping this score in the back of your mind or maybe going home if you guys keep a workout. Logger journal something I definitely recommend to all my athletes. You guys can go ok on this day of august. I don't know what the exact date is. Twenty seventh. I think I did. Ten minute and rap. I did twenty air squad's I did ten pushups. I did five uh uh squat thrust box jumps and I did. I didn't puke. I did, you know, five rounds, plus my twenty squats, and then I can retest this may be, say, three months down the line, and I'm on a regular fitness program now I'm running, taking classes somewhere, weight training at a gym, whatever. Right? And I could retest this three months later, and I could do the exact same work out in ten minutes and let's say, I got ten rounds and I still didn't puke, right? So you can actually measure your fitness based on this workout, using it as a baseline. How you guys feel feeling good? Ready to wrap it up a little bit, so let's, finish up with some a trunk abdominal work, everybody is going to take your at matt and we're going to now sit down on the floor so I do apologize you guys were going to get a little little uh gritty here but that's ok so let's do this so the at matt has a ah higher humping a lower hump we want that higher hump side facing your body right so it looks like perfect and we're just going to put it right up against the hip and that hump is going to help support the lower the region of the lower back so from here we're going to do the first federation which is the straight leg generation everybody's going to put their legs nice and long and graceful in front of them and if you want a bonus point we're going to make it look really pretty by pointing your toes right? You're all beautiful ballerinas pointing the toast okay so hands now I like that we're gonna go ahead and lay over the ad matt arms long reach behind your head reach over your ears and then you're going to sit up and touch your toes for ten reps ready go pushing your low back into the at bat for support pushing the low back into the aba and if you guys are feeling comfortable let's speed up the rhythm a little bit cool it will speed up the flow speed up the rhythm point your toes in touch point your toes in touch I am a beautiful ballerina and once we've had ten let's bend our knees, so now we're going to just simply put our feet flat on the floor, our knees, they're going to be pointing up towards the sky and let's, do another ten same reach behind the years and now reach past your feet so lay down, reach over your head, pastor ears, and now reach up past your feet! I'm sorry, sure you can try and squeeze your knees is not fully necessary, as long as your knees aren't going out, squeezing your knees will add another late layer of difficulty surely welcome to try that excellent keep going, and once you hit ten for the folks at home who don't have add matt thing, they use a pillow or give a recommendation to calendar. So folks at home without an atm at you can simply take let's say you know a hoody or sweater or pillow, and roll it up a little firm and tuck it into the low back doesn't have to be too high just has to be a little bit of support so that the trunk has something to push into and you're going to get a little fuller engagement of the abdominals. Last one guys now what we're going to do is we're going to drop the knees and open him up to the size so your knees they're going to be facing out your bottom of your feet are going to be stacked side by side we call this the butterfly position and same thing arms long over the head ready reached behind your body and then reach up pasture toes going let's get ten can you go fast? How fast can you go? How fast can you go? How fast can you go? And once we're done with this ten we are going to do a lightning round we're going to do ten, ten and ten on your own pace straight leg knees bent butterfly right into it as quick as you can't show me how much speed you can get in there would good. Show me your zen face no one struggling you guys got this very nice and the knees bent for another ten and then butterfly out for the last ten we are almost done guys, you guys are doing a greatjob zen faces and faces it's work lady all right, guys, that concludes us for today. What was the most difficult part about today's workout blocks jumps agreed I think three swats because getting down on that position is something that yeah it's difficult yeah, right stretch already right right right. The squat thrusts. Everyone had an element that was a little bit difficult. Something for you guys to take home and ponders be like, well, why was that movement so difficult for me? And how is it that I can make it better or more efficient? So for you, it was, uh, the squad and we see that a lot of times with our newer athletes because they're not used to taking themselves repetitive. Lee repetitive lee excuse me through that full range of motion. So one of the things that we can do to try and strengthen that bottom position for you is just help you build some more time in that place, right? So one of the things we can dio right? You're standing tall, you enter into your squad that doesn't feel very comfortable. What you can actually do is take your knees, our elbows against your knees, put him out, lock your hands in and just see how much time you khun stay down in that hole, right, ten seconds at a time. Fifteen, twenty thirty you know, up to an entire minute, and then you'll find really quickly over time. The more time you spend down there, the stronger and more natural, more comfortable it's going to get.

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