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Day 3 Warm-up & Footwork

So I know we have some the spectrum of not sore at all. I got this, teo, I am super sore, so today will kind of be an interesting kind of blend. A lot of times when we're working with our groups, what we'll see is when the migration of the week starting the week everyone's feeling fresh and towards the end the week, we'll kind of do a everybody hands out, how are you feeling? This is not good, this is like, I'm hanging in there and this is like, I am awesome let's do this and so based on kind of where that kind of thumb lies, hand falls, you know what will cater or will be able to scale kind of workout to your ability today and if you're feeling like, really beat up your kind on the edge of the cold, you know, usually our suggestion is don't push it too hard, so we always say, oh, in the workout, make it your own right don't try to fit yourself into this mold of like, I got to do my you know, I got a be the, you know, king of the playground today, so whatever work out we prescribe, jus...

t be like, ok, I'm gonna I'm gonna die a let down a couple notches and I'm going to make this a little more active recovery so we can always take every workout you know again that concept of scaling up at the same time scaling back down cool alright guys so let's kind of get in the middle here everybody market position facing me and here is kind of what we're going to do we're going to play around, which is some gentle joint mobility something a little different than what we've been doing the last couple days so everybody is going to start with their hands out to the side, right feet about hip with apart shoulder with that same thing as position right? But squeeze drips down shoulders back, head to neutral and with your thumbs pointing up, we're just going to go ten little circles to the front really nice and easy think about squeezing your shoulder blades together I should not be able to see my hands out of the periphery of my eyes, right? Usually can you want that on the outside edge of the periphery and then go ahead backwards for ten little circles not really counting kind of feeling an out six, seven eight, nine, ten now I want to go forward again and this time let's make the circle's increasingly bigger and we're going to go for ten, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine and ten and then backwards little circles to start one to three same thing right behind your ears getting a few snap crackle pops in there and ten k arms out let's go thumbs down same thing I don't want to see your hands or you don't want to see your hands ten little circles forward nine and ten backwards right now back forward big increasing circles keep the thumb pointing down and then backwards what's going on because I see I see you guys here and hold it in you remember I know everything I know I've seen everything I've witnessed over one hundred thousand workouts all right ok so that's the shoulder now here's what we're going to do hands out palms up shoulders back right still assuming the position and we're simply going tio look to our left and we're going to rotate our right hand down so is going to go hand down here and then I'm a look to the opposite direction hand down here that's one and we're simply going to go something around ten and every time you look to the palm it's like you're presenting something and the opposite palm is going to go down and you're simply going to think about rotating through the neck and rotating through the shoulder so what you go in present let's do three more two and three good all right here's where it gets a little interesting hands on your hips from here, you can go ahead and assume a little bit of a wider position squeeze your butt and we're just going to think about little circles through the hips, right? So we're going to push it to the left and then we're going to push our hit through and forward squeeze that, but it's going to go all the way to the right all the way behind and you're just thinking about swiveling through the hips and what you're going to do is pay attention to kind of what's going on in there, so if I had a corner and it feels a little tight, I'm going kind of really squeeze through that corner a little bit, maybe spend some extra time in there and then go through so we're going to go ten in one direction, probably somewhere about seven, eight, nine and ten and then back the other direction. Yes, I use this I'm preparing you guys is getting towards its thursday wait till you see what we do tomorrow morning that's gonna be awesome, all right? And ten k cool guys fi side by side now we're working our way down and then we're going to go to wrist and ankles, so hands right on top of the knees for a little bit of support, chest up nice and tall, so don't around the back and from here we're simply going to go ten ni circles so ten in one direction I'm going to the right right now and really kind of deliberately moving those knees and nice little circles and we're just trying to warm up our joints are you guys feeling like you're getting a little warm and then we're going to go ten in the opposite direction and everything's ten just to make it easy for everybody you can do fifteen if you want there's no set number ten just happens to work for me I start getting lost after the number ten okay and standing tall so now let's go ankles and we'll finish up with risk so you everybody stand tall, present the left leg and just go ten little ankle circles in each direction your your ankle or the bottom of your arches because of all the jumping so what happens is when the body gets tense, you want to start to call the floor so you start to get really tense in the bottom of the foot from all the jump rope box jumping good now switch sides do you really build a good crab? But yes, you d'oh I'm sorry for the online view or the question was why why are the bottom my feet sore? So the answer was if you're doing a lot of jumping, pushing a lot of force of the foot the footsteps starts toe, the arch reacts and you end up getting really sore. We've got muscles kind of everywhere, so they all respond to the different movements that we're doing. It's okay, last one guys, let's go ten wrist circles in one direction, ten were circles in another nice and easy, all right, and the last thing we're going to do today is called a samson stretch so here's, what I'm going to imagine if I'm standing to the side, I'm going to imagine a wall kind of at the level of my hips wall at the level of my hips and what I'm going to try and dio is I'm trying to raise one me so right knee goes up and I'm going to try big, sweeping step step over this wall, my left leg is going to come and follow through him and a step over this wall now this wall has a door underneath it, I need to get back to the other side, so the way I'm going to do this is I'm going to slide my left leg nice and low when a sweep and arch and watch this, I'm gonna rotate through and on a finish up with a nice tall what we call samson stretch front leg is in a lunge position. Back leg is in a straight leg lunge position I should feel little stretch throughout my body and I'm just going to stand and recover we'll see that one more time. Alright, excellent. All right, so I've got this wall at the level of my hips I'm gonna start off coming nice and tall so my right knee comes up I'm going to get ready to step over so big circle through the hip right here step right and now left leg follows through and step great. Now I got to get back to the other side of my wall because I got to repeat this movement there's a little door in this wall that now I'm going to step through with my left leg. So I'm gonna long lunch right front shin is vertical just to keep good position and from here I'm going to slide through and you should feel a big stretch coming through the inside of your hips. Think about sweeping low you guys are catherine zeta jones inside that movie entrapment got it all right, sliding through, you're gonna pivot, dropped the hip and then reach up towards the sky and stand ok let's do that three more times moving in that direction and then I'm going to make you switch legs, explain and then reach and stretch good big circle through the hips big circle one more time and then we're going to switch sides and I'll do it together with you guys at least a couple all right now if we lead over with our right now we're going to turn around and lead over with our left and so that one the way that one's gonna work is I'm gonna think wall on my hip I need to step over that wall I'm going to come through we'll step over the wall don't lose balance I need to go back under the wall through the door reach rotate sliding rotate drop reach up again step through and again to do that again wallet the hip I need to step over the wall find my balance step over the wall slide to the side come down through rotate reach step okay let's do three more times on your own yes we're moving in the opposite direction if you did you're right side or you lead with your right side now you're going to be leading with your left side so today's warmup has purpose because of the next skill that we're going to start to cover it is called a turkish get up and simply put what we're going to be trying to do guys is we're going to be laying down on the floor with an implement at arm's length so imagine my arm is always drawing a straight line or perpendicular to the floor it's always going to remain perpendicular for I'm going to navigate my body around so that I come up and standing and then I'm gonna work myself down to a position where I'm lying down on the floor again all right? So just of you I'm going to give you guys and viewers at home kind of demonstration right here real quick I'm lying down on the floor, right? So here I am don't crush the mike. All right? So from here I'm lying down on the floor, I'm gonna take my weight imagine my fist is a weight I'm going to simply get up uh uh I'm standing now I'm halfway and I have to simply return myself back down the same way, so that is called a turkish guest room and we can do that easily right on either side, right? So I'm standing and I like to keep eyes up to the prize, it helps me keep a sense of balance and where that implement is so it doesn't start to drift enroll away from us and then we're going to come back down, hands down, slide and back down on the floor so we're gonna have to go through this piece together let's everybody do it without an implement first everybody down on the floor make sure you give each other proof plenty of space and we're just going to play around with the skill little bit so we're going to put in an imaginary dumb bell or kettle bell or weight of some sort in your right hand so everybody likes flat on the floor right arm up I want you to think about your thumb pointing behind you so above your ears so thumb pointing above your ears purpose elbows are locked out legs down and so everybody we're gonna think same same I learned that because they had that same same on the bunch of t shirts in thailand I really don't know what that means but it works here so I'm gonna think same arm same leg same same so if I'm up with my right arm I'm going to be up with my right leg so bender right knee all right and put the feet flat on the floor good excellent so left left arm is going to be out at an oblique angle against the body so maybe about like forty five degrees down from the torso good you guys were going to get ready on my count of three two roll up and onto your elbow on the left side ready one two, three up good now push your palm's into the floor keep your eyes up on your fist ready push up so now we're posted up now you guys, we're going to get ready to put pressure into that left palm, pick your hips up and slide your left leg underneath you into a lunch position ready go pick the hips up slide the left leg and now simply stand pushed through that hand stand tall and now we're going to return that guys the same way we came up so left leg down into a lunch position behind you get ready to put your hand down and slightly behind you ready go left hand down slide your leg back underneath so that you sit down onto your hips down onto your left elbow and then slowly roll on your upper back back down onto the floor you guys won't do that again all right we're going to go a little faster this time ready we're going to go left hand out ready to post onto the elbow one two three post you should be same leg same needs same arm up onto the palm pick your hip up slide the leg behind you get tall and stand k reverse lunge with a left me left hand down slide the left leg back under hip elbow roll onto the upper back okay you guys ready to try this on the opposite side? All right so now we just did right hand now we're going to do left hand so left hand up to vertical thumb pointing behind your head right arm out ready one, two, three roll and post onto the elbow palms up pick the hip up right leg behind you get tall find your balance stand ok, now we're going to reverse it right knee down right hand down right leg back through down onto the hip down on to the elbow and roll onto the back. All right, guys, here's what we're going to do, we're going to give you guys about five minutes and we're gonna freestyle this next part a little bit we've got a bunch of weights on the floor here we have everything looks like we got ten pounds down up to twenty pounds and we even has some kettle bells and I believe the kettle bells go slightly heavier than our heaviest dumbbells and we're going to say for the next five minutes we're just going to play around a little bit with the skill of the turkish get up I want you guys to accumulate something around let's say five to ten repetitions on each side if you guys hit ten and everyone looks like they're kind of ready to move on well, everybody advance to the next skill set that we're going to talk about today together that sound good five minutes guys grab away, I'll be around to help you guys out don't don't everybody go for the tens now e so guys here's the one thing situational awareness we want to be very aware of where our partner is if in doubt bailout is always the rule right? Better the weight fall on the floor than yourself but also let's not try to drop it on our partners ok, so let's go when you're ready good on your own you guys you guys want to do this with me? We can so same same arm same like chris, same arm saying like so if your right arm is up right knee is up eyes on the prize the whole time and then you guys can either stay with the same side or you guys can go one on the left one on the right really try to control yourself down when you guys go down it's common to want to just do kind of a reverse waited crunch and just let your abs kind of absorbed the load that works really well when the weight is light but as soon as I put one hundred fifty pound kettle bell in your hands it starts to get really heavy and that movement has a very low ceiling. All right, excellent five five on each side five to ten on each side. Something around that we're just gonna play around a little bit were like one minute forty five seconds in the idea today is just to teach you guys how to challenge the body through different planes of motion while trying to control and balance this implement and I was trying to keep that elbow locked out at all times so think about what that top alarm that's always perpendicular did the floor you're always trying to reach up towards the sky trying to push that way up towards the sky turkish get up is really good at developing a sense of stability throughout the body sense of coordination it's really great a building total body strength that trunk strength especially as we get up into some heavier loads and it looks cool and we all know that's the most important excellent we're three minutes in two more minutes if anybody wants to try what it feels like to do it with a kettle bell why not so to hold a kettle bell and support it what you want to be able to d'oh is to take the kettle bell and just put it right across the middle of your palm a little bit at a diagonal and that way when it's overhead it gets cupped and you're gonna have is actually the kettle bell the head of the bell sitting a little bit to the outside of the forearm and it's just gonna cradle and rest there yeah right in the right in the nook right here so here this is my rack position you know I'm going to get a nice from purchase on it kind of close that palm you'll find a place where it kind of just settles in there right and then from here up overhead yeah close up the hand on it nice firm purchase would let's try that for good measure on the other side because I'm about to call time on you guys yeah same arm same leg excellent there you go and back down all right and that's time okay guys let's do this how did that feel better than you expected it's also for the viewers at home you know we're always talking about advancing skill sets challenging the body through different planes of motion you know making things you know bringing things into our tool set so we can later have these skills to be able to draw upon if we want to create other forms of movement but also a great thing about the turkish get up is just this is a nice way to get warmed up right at a very light load we're taking our body through very complete ranges of movement were challenging the joints were loading ourselves up lightly so it just kind of preps us for the rest of the session of the rest of the workout so guys today we're going to introduce yet another skill it's actually called a complex and simply what that means is we have several distinct movements that we combined together that to the kind of the naked eye looks like one seamless movement with very smooth transitions and this exercise guys I have endearingly termed the woman maker in the world is also commonly known as a man maker but why why the man right so let's call it the woman maker today and what we're going to dio is we're going to take america his favorite exercise which is called a burpee and we're going to add some weights to iran take america's favorite exercise the burpee and add some weights to it does anybody know what a burpee is? Do we know what a burpee is? What is it? Can you demonstrate a burpee for us? Chris is like I just suddenly forgot what e don't know yeah who right? So we're going to simply take that grade school movement I believe the burpee transcends like every single generation I remember doing burpees when I was in grade school along with square dancing and in the electric slide on from illinois guys I learned it all in grade school so I remember doing that along with the electric slide and square dancing back in grade school and I'm still doing it today as an adult so the yes no the electric slide actually there is a studio right here in patrol hill where they have where they have ah kind of square dancing or not it was square dancing but country line dancing on a weekly basis but you didn't know that all right cool check it out so here's what we're going to let's put all of our implements back we're getting serious is coming off a really warm all right guys so everybody let's start with the base layer first let's do the burpee so we did the push up the first couple days today we're simply going to do a, uh, push up and then a dynamic transition into our squad and then we're going to jump up together, right? We've done all the skills already now we're going to piece it together so everybody hands down on the floor fingers pointing forward, jump your feet out do a push up, come up jumping if you then and then simply up in the air and that's a barbie let's do one seamlessly ready and go excellent now we're going to add a couple layers of movement to it all right? We're going to pretend we have weights in our hands again so that imaginary wait whatever it is we've got it in our fist we're going to put our weights down on the floor everybody follow me jump yourself out to ah high plank push up position do your push up, come up and now from here before you guys jump back in don't get ahead of me you may want to spread the feet apart just a little bit for this still not so wise so you can't squeeze your glutes is they tight now? Everybody slide your right arm next to your body into a row position back down stabilize that hand left hand up row position back down now jump your feet in now we should be in our squat stance ideally I'm sorry that's bad coaching right and q you guys can you put your feet flat on the floor in the outside of your hands cause we're ready to get into our squad now we're simply going to stand up and pull the way to your shoulder stand up told the way to my shoulders and now before I complete the motion we're going to squat all the way back down everybody knows what a good squat looks like right? We're gonna open the knees out said the but backto low stool and we're going to stand in press whoa, whoa what just happened? One do that again ok? I'm going to talk you guys through it already weighed in your hands hands down on the floor jump out plank position push up up roll left right jump the feed into the outside of the hands get ready to squat heels down on the floor stand and pull that way to your shoulders squat and press now do you want on your own ready go excellent now we're going to do it with weights everybody grab a pair of dumbbells pleased I think we only have two sets of tens guys okay guys so now let's try it again with the dumb bell so just be careful now that we've got some dumbbells in our hands when you guys go for that roh it's going to feel a little off balance so you really have to stay connected through your center let's try it again on your own count ready? Three, two, one and go pull it to the shoulders right, then squat and press good let's do it one more time. And then now that we know what it feels like with some wait let's, try to make it a little more seamless. Ready? Go! Excellent. Any questions so far, guys excited about this. No way women yet. I know you will be in about fifteen minutes. So, um, ok, guys let's now talk about our next skill. The box jump everybody grab a box, please waits to the side. Hey, whatever you want, you guys know how to share so well, I love it. You wantto trade this small wage for the okay guys, check this out. Here's what we're going to do so we've already talked about the box jumper for viewers joining us today we're going to go over how to set up and move through these different positions of the box jump again so starting right in front of your box sure, maybe about six inches away we're going to get into a good position right? Just being nice and stacked and tall we don't need to be super tight for this we want a little bit of tone so we don't land on the box heavy and hard like a sack of sand but we want to think about being light like a tiger rar right? So what we're gonna do here folded the hips a little bit hands are going to go back and then as you jump use your hands to generate some momentum and I want to land two feet on top of your box ready and go excellent and stand tall and what I care about here when we're on halfway through the movement on the top of the box is to make sure everything looks nice and tall open at the hips I'm open at the knees I'm standing with a very proud chest right? And then I'm going to simply step back down all right ready? We're going to go jump again and go jump and then today guys, I'm gonna let you jump back down see what that feels like ready go jump and so that's the second layer so the first piece is for athletes and viewers who are like maybe jumping down it's just not so good for my joints, right? I don't like that much impact it doesn't feel comfortable so stepping down is our first scaling adoration now what we're going to do guys the second piece of excuse me was the adoration for athletes were like oh I'm gonna jump up jump down I I like that I can get a quicker cadence this way I could move a little speedier through my work out now this third generation is we're going to jump up john down jump up right so we're going to be very reactive against the floor once we touched that floor we're going to jump right back up onto the box we're going to try and stay as close the box is possible to minimize that distance and maximize our efficiency okay ready and go up down, up wear we go and down all right so you guys have your three jumping choices to choose from are you guys ready for your workout? Yeah chris question on way do if we decided you jump back how does that what the question was what do I do if I decide to jump back up how does that change the workout? It does not it just will make you move a lot faster right it's going to make you the cycle time transition time is going to be a lot shorter so instead of finishing the work out and well we're going to cap it depending on what my clock says in a minute here at fifteen minutes or you're going to finish and seven minutes and forty five seconds right, that's extreme, but it'll just shoring up your time question uh, what's your advice as faras pacing so like with chris this question, right? Like, do you recommend just starting out going as fast as you can and that sort of level three implement and then scaling down as you get tired? Or do you recommend starting out slow and then scaling up if that's a great question. So the question was, how do I how do I know what level to play at? Do I go in kind of with the level three scale and just kind of try to do the prescribed iteration the hardest liberation or and then work my way back down as I get tired? Or do I start slow and I build back up and I my best answer to that is if this is your first time doing the workout always be conservative, right? And then as you're kind of getting into it, I like to use the first round is kind of like a warm up, like, ok, I'm feeling out the movement, I maybe well prepped, but, you know, my corners many are very clean yet, so I'm going to go in and be conservative and then kind of as I get into that second round, I'm like, ok? Now aiken smooth it out a little bit and then as I get into that third round I'm like all right, I'm ready to go and I can kind of ramp it up and then what happens is if you're into this model of training into this style of work out you're going to start accumulating data over time right every time you do this work out it's it's like a recon mission you understand a little more about your body you understand about how you breathe when you're inside the workout you understand kind of what your mind is going through and as you build that familiarity you're going to be able to go you know if you perform this workout again and four five months you'll be like level three no problem going to go straight into it in terms of pacing yourself or work out right we have a saying we go don't search for the intensity let it find you right don't search for the intensity let it find you that means when I go into it I'm just going to start working out because I know the intensity is going to be there and it's going to catch me somewhere about three four, five, six, seven minutes in right so go in go on a good pace and always think about how can I move better how can I have a better quality of movement to answer your question? 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